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Ordered Under Armour shoes and shorts 6/22 and never received my order. Contacted my Debit Card company to report a claim. My Debit card company informed me my claim was denied.

I was taking for $54. file to claim with my bank paid me back then as of yesterday December 9th 2020 the Bank said I filed a false claim took out $54 and gave it back to PKT commerce.
This all took place beginning of June LL Bean ad ordered one pair of winter boots and one pair of moccasin sheepskin shoes All I got in return was a stupid pair of Ray-Bans that broke as soon as I opened them.

Did not get merchandise Ordered boots 6/15/20 400226xxxxxx3671 Tried to dispute this with my financial but I am not having good luck with this. This seemed to be a scam website and I may be out $122.00 because of this website I found On FaceBook. Kathleen Olstad


Were they using something that looked authentic from L.L..Bean?
They got me too for a pair of boots and some slipper moccasins. It was about the same time as you were around June 15th somewhere in there too.

On June 18, 2020 this company took $99.09 for a singular saw machine that the information I screenshot it the information and the information she said that the money didn’t go through but the next day they wind up taking the money out of my bank and I already disputed it with my bag with the merchant won’t get back in touch with the bank so I can get my money back so I need my money

Scammed $200 on for Root clothing - sent me a cheap pair of sunglasses so they could prove they sent me something - in dispute with my credit card company $200

I bought an inflatable water slide in June. I was told it would take 15-25 working days to get my order. When my order didn't come, they asked me to wait longer due to Covid. It took until September before I received the wrong item. I got "Ray Ban" sunglasses. I have been requesting a refund ever since. I sent the pictures they asked for to verify my claim. They are still refusing to issue a full refund. I'm not sure what to do now.

I got caught up in this scam back in June and have only just got my money back into my account by my bank. I paid 120 for shoes from a fake Russell and Bromley site on Facebook & received the fake ray ban. I threw them in the bin after I had taken photos of them and the packaging. My bank told me what I should have done was return them. However they told me to contact ray ban for them to confirm the glasses were fake. This I did and sent them screenshots of the glasses and packing, Ray ban replied they could not confirm the glasses were fake because they had to examine them physically. They did confirm that the packaging was not theirs. This was enough for my bank to refund me my money although the merchants have 30 days to appeal. I’m hoping they don’t have the gall to do that but who knows.

My wife also fell for the PKT ecommerce Merrill shoes facebook scam. When she hadn't gotten her shoes, and no way to contact the company, we notified Chase credit cards. They cancelled the card, started a fraud investigation, and credited he the $70. We recently received a letter from Chase reversing the credit because she had "received a benefit" from the purchase. I called Chase, and they said we would have to notify PKT that she didn't get what she ordered. I could not get the CSR to understand that there was NO WAY to contact this "company." Not only did we get ripped off by PKT, but by Chase as well.

PKT ECOMMERCE offered shoes for sale on an advertisement with Facebook. I purchased two pairs at the cost of 65.00 for my husband. I realized after the fact that they were not the company they appeared but from China.
After not receiving the items for quite some time and emailing the company with no response and/or just sending a tracking number, an item finally showed up. It was a pair of knock off Ray ban sunglasses it a small box. No shoes. I'm trying to work with my card company to remedy this situation but wonder how this company can be allowed to continuing selling in America or anywhere else.

Ordered a Dewalt Tool Combo Kit in June 14,2020 from what looked like a Dewalt Refurbished tool site. Was told it would 15 to 25 days for delivery due to covid. On June 19 requested a shipping number for my order and received one. On July 15 requested more shipping info on my package and received the same tracking number as the original with a shipper out of mainland China. On July 20 sent another email asking why Refurbished Dewalt tools would be shipped from mainland China and threatened contacting fraud division of my credit card company. As threatened I did contact my credit card company and charge was reversed. September 8 was rebilled for the Dewalt tools because PKT told credit card company order was delivered. What I got was also a pair of knock off Ray Ban sunglasses. Mt credit card company tells me that Master Card is now handling my dispute. Today October 28 Master Card rebilled me for the Dewalt tools $79.99 and all I got were $10.00 knock-off sungalasses.


I was served up an "Under Armour" sale ad in my Facebook feed during the stay at home order. The sale was excellent, the link clicked through to a site that seemed legit, nothing seemed off and my order went through perfectly. I received a confirmation email and a tracking number and still haven't received anything. Order # 223002041
Order date: 6/20/2020 Amount $71


I never received my order I was charged $76

The web site used the Merrill logo and product description for hiking socks. I placed an order for 6 pairs of socks June 6, 2020. I was told the charge would be shown as PKT ECOMMERCE PURCHASE and given a tracking number. A few weeks later, I received another email indicating there was a problem with my delivery and another tracking number was issued. August 3rd I received a package containing a cheap version of RayBan sunglasses and no socks. I have sent 3 emails to [email protected] requesting an update to my order with the last one telling them I am reporting them for fraud to the credit card company. I will take the suggestion of another individual and report them to Merrill as misrepresentation of their company name.

I ordered some Hunter Wellington Boots back in the winter and received eventually a cheap pair of mens' fake ray bans. I contacted them endlessly but never received any replies and it's now almost October and I still haven't received my boots.

I ordered 2 pair of Keen sandals form a site on Facebook, which is still up but leads to another (new) scam website. They delivered a very cheap fake pair of Rayban sunglasses! This company is getting away with scamming people because they do provide tracking information to our financial institutes. I am working with my bank now, and directing them to this website. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP TAKE THESE SCAMMERS DOWN!

After waiting for 4 months, instead of a jacket I received a pair of Ray Ban knock offs.
Total lost $90.00 someone needs to do something about this phony company operating under the name Patagonia ?


I ordered a pair of LL bean slippers advertised on face book from PKT early in June 2020. As time went on I emailed customer service several times assured my item was in transit. This past Saturday Sept. 19th. my ordered arrived with a pair if fake Ray Band sun glasses. I'm very dissaponited and will try to get my money back from my credir card company,


I too was scammed. We need to all file an international civil lawsuit and shut these crooks down. They scammed me too sending fake knock off Ray Ban sunglasses. I never opened the package but it was NOT the boots I ordered. I felt the sunglasses inside and heard others were scammed. I lost $138. They can be traced and found. I imagine they are laughing about the “ stupid Americans “. Our government needs to pay attention and care about it’s citizens by helping us find these crooks. They’ve stolen millions and so far have gotten away with it. I long for the day they will be caught and punished for their crimes.

I too placed an order $108 25/6/20 and after waiting nearly 3 months and several follow up emails I also received a pair of fake Ray Ban sunglasses. I too ordered through a Facebook add, surely Facebook are able to close this website down before more people’s hard earned money is taken from them.
I have had several emails back and forth with support team only to be offered 10% refund then 20% this is a joke and has to be stopped.

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This site can’t be reached

Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with PKT ECOMMERCE, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

This site can’t be reached

Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with PKT ECOMMERCE, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.


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