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Perfect Wellness Experience

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Perfect Wellness Experience Reports & Reviews (19)

My experience is much like those that have reported before me. I signed up for a trial and then got charged $89. I did manage to speak with a customer rep and she said they will refund 50% as I told them I did not intend to subscribe. I got no product when they charged me and no refund. Now their phone does not go through and their website is down! How do we hold them accountable. I am furious !

This is the company that charged the credit card.
Big scam. do not give your credit card to them

I was one that got sucked into getting a free trial and only pay shipping for $4.95 and was billed for something else I didn't order. I have tried several times on email to cancel with no reply back. The link to their website shows a 404 Error as well. I spoke with my CC company and they said to try and call the contact numbers and if they do not respond or refund that I can claim a dispute to get my money back. BE WARNED THAT I WAS ALSO CHARGED AGAIN FOR $137.87 CND. I got an email saying thank you for your purchase and that the transaction will be from Blume Select Tech, but when I checked the charges, it came from Now I have to contact another company to see if charges can be reversed, if not, I have to do another dispute for this one. WHAT A HEADACHE! I am sure to get a new Credit card number after these disputes are filed.


I ordered the trial, IT DOESNT TAKE YOU TO AN OVERVIEW SCREEN UPON CHECKOUT! two other products were added to my cart. I was charged for these products. I noticed right away when I was suspicious after not seeing an order confirmation screen. I emailed and had no response. I then called and was told sorry about your luck. try the product then make a return if needed. If I return, I am sure no refund will ever be made. These companies make me sick and I feel like an [censored] for buying into the lies. Good job on praying on the insecurities of human beings. I hope this company experiences terrible Karma...


Bought an item for 4.95 and was billed for something else I didn't order. On top of that I'm Canadian and it was all converted to American so I ended up losing double. On my statement the 4.95 was 5.59 as well. Won't answer their phones OR their emails. The link to their website shows a 404 Error as well. Single woman on disability and they steal from me. BE CAREFUL


Total scam. They initially charge you just for shipping being a small fee like 10$ or less, but then 2 weeks later they will charge your card with 160$+ without any authorization.
Complete scam, not only this, but the pills they send are not legitimate. Claim to be 30 day dose but only good for 15 days.

Don't give them your card information. Buyers beware.


I meant to add. On top of this, their website gives a 404 error, customer support is not helpful whatsoever and will literally insult you over phone.
Nothing but red flags.

I fell for the free trial of $4.95 shipping and was charged $73.20 and $7.56. COVID has me homeless do to the increase of rental costs. Truely devastated
I've tried calling without success


This was exactly the same thing to happen to me just a bit extra cost. I wish I had looked up reports before trying to buy something

I wish I saw these before. I also got scammed big time, same story. I thought that I was buying the famous gummies only and I got charged 66 us$ + another 16$ for some products that I didnt even ordered.
I also tried calling them to ask for more details and of course to cancel the order and the a very rude guy said that it was to late to cancel since I called him 4 hours later. But I had tried calling so many times before and nobody was picking up the phone.
I'm trying to resolve this with my bank, I reported them as scam.
Do not give them your credit card, do not buy anything form them.


I cancelled my free trial offer via email prior to the required date - got charged $102.80 US DOLLARS for the free trial when I called they said they don’t take email cancellations - these companies [censored]en suck! Never ordering online again DO NOT TRY THEY TASTE TERRIBLE AND WILL COST YOU AN ARM AND A LEG


Offered gummies for $4.95. Total charge to my card is over $90.00. CSR told me I was wrong and wouldn’t do anything to rectify the problem.


Offered product for $4.95. That amount was increased to $8.50 without notice. They also sent couple other products and charged my card another $90.00.
When I contacted them by phone, since the website gives 404 error, customer service told me that I was wrong and they would not do anything to rectify the problem.


FAKE ADD - No cancelation policy - advises money back guarantee in 3 different places and they will not honor it. My card was charged twice ! I called the same day MINUTES after I placed the order to be sure the other options were not secretly added to my order. There is NO OPTION to NOT order the additional al items. After the order was placed, a receipt of what was ordered nor the charg was NOT provided. At least not until the following day. The guy I spoke with the same day minutes after ordering said I was ONLY charged the $4.95. I checked my credit card while on the phone with him and he was correct but hours later my card was charged again for another item. When I woke up the next day, I immediately called. They said they cannot do anything because their cancellation policy is only valid the same day of purchase. They also said I would be getting recurring charges and I cannot cancel my account until March 11-2022. I am SO ANGRY at myself for falling for this scam.
Shark Tank weight loss


On Jan12--22 I paid 318,52 and 16.78, to
I originally ordered 2 Bottles , I got charged for 6 bottles.
I have received ZERO - NAIDDA!
Except I got another notice thanking me for an order of Hemp Skin Cream.
Dated 29.Jan,22 for 89,95 US, I never placed such an order and I am not going to pay for same, There is somet hingh screwyn going on heree.!e


You can try apple cider vinegar gummies, Oprah was featured $4.95 for shipping .to try.,4.95 charged to my card on Jan. 7,2022 at 4:34 pm from MISTTRIMSU*MIST TRIM. Then at 5:10pm another charge for $47.90 so I called 855-484-0501 about charges, said couldn't get money back but would take $20.00 off, and I could keep the product when it came… 5:47 pm, the $20. It was credited back to my account. When the package came through the mail there was no packing slip or info just the ACV gummies bottle the name Green supplements 1-833-625-0241 Clear Cleanse bottle distributed for Wellness Nutrition 1-855-709-0471Garcinia Cambodia bottle no phone#. Then on Jan.23, 2022 I received a message from my back at 4:07pm that $89.95 was taken from my account from GLOSSY STYLE LIFE. Hadn't used my card. Called my bank they couldn't find out who this was, so they closed that card .then I called 1-855-484-0501 to see if they had charged my card and sure enough they had said they couldn't do anything since they had already charged the card, she wasn't nice about it that's when she said it was for a subscription. I told her to cancel everything connected to my name and remove it from their list. I did get an email saying it was cancelled.

I thought I was getting a free sample vinegar gel vitamin. Bought in end of Nov 2021. Instead I got things I didn’t even order. Sent two emails to there help telling them I revived and I don’t any of it no more orders noreply was just charged $89.95 twice =$179.90 for no product there very nasty to speak both times to really mast ladies. To me this is one big a scam according to them I needed to speak to someone before the 30 days on the phone. Don’t order from this scam company ???


They were terrible hey? Bunch of scammers. If they were at all ethical and sold a good quality product they wouldn't have to create fake ads and fake advertising promising fake "money back guarantees". Very pissed off. At least I can wake up in the morning and look myself in the mirror - I cannot imagine how they can do that with a clear conscious. I wish them well.

- Yorktown, VA, USA

I thought I was receiving a free trial of CBD oil for just the postage charge of $4.95. I received the oil and a charge was made to my credit/debit card. Two weeks later on 09/15/2020 I was charged an additional $89.99. Apparently I signed up for a subscription that I didn't realize I was signing up for. Regardless of the fact that I was hoodwinked out of $89.99, I never received any product except for the "free" trial. I sure could use this money back because I am retired on a fixed income. If I am not mistaken, Mike from American picker's was used as the spokesperson.

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