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Pepsi Reports & Reviews (52)

• Dec 24, 2021

Scammed from the "PBG" investment

On Facebook someone hacked my old coworkers account ( I was unaware) they told me they had this investment thro through this and i sent over 1500 in cash turned into bit coin, my I.D picture and locked me out of my Facebook. Please help.
Scammed from the 'PBG' investment
Scammed from the 'PBG' investment
Scammed from the 'PBG' investment
Scammed from the 'PBG' investment
Scammed from the 'PBG' investment
Scammed from the 'PBG' investment
Scammed from the 'PBG' investment
Scammed from the 'PBG' investment
Scammed from the 'PBG' investment

• Dec 11, 2021

A woman claiming to work for you guys told me about your fake investment thing. Knowing I can use the money for Christmas. I sent the money. Once they involved a ridiculous fee for the return money I knew it was a scam and told them I'll just take the lose cause I'm not sending no more money. I said the Pepsi company got free money or Lakisha Moore did. I knew it was the Pepsi company that got it.

• Dec 06, 2021

Face book scam for Xtra money lady by name of Tiffany munakiri is on Facebook saying if you give $50 she will send you $1500 I fell for it sounded good turns out just a lie

• Dec 04, 2021

I just now received the same scam info through someone pretending to be in a group that I am a member of on Facebook then I received all of this fictitious documentation through Facebook Messenger. Really? Look at the misspellings, typos and incorrect grammar in these documents who in the world would buy this? It is laughable. I reported it to Facebook and now here. SMH. Bottom line trying to get access to my cash app account

• Dec 01, 2021

All of a sudden, she's unavailable on messenger now!

• Dec 04, 2021


• Dec 01, 2021

This woman creates a post on FB in a group I'm in, and has been trying to get me to go buy an eBay gift card to "invest" and get more money! She isn't anyone I know, but is really pressing me to go to the store, keeps asking me "How many minutes to store?" Even told me she believes in karma and wouldn't [censored] with hers by flaming on anyone. Smh! The registration numbers are all the same, looking at everyone's screenshots.

• Nov 20, 2021

There is a person on FACEBOOK with the same scam. I have all the persons Facebook account and Drivers license that is promising to get ppl so much money.

• Nov 16, 2021

Country United States
Type of a scam Bank/Credit Card Company Imposter Scam
Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

This person is claiming the same as everybody else. Saying that this .investment works.I know its a scam. I just wanted her to be aware that I know.

• Nov 11, 2021

Was contacted by a person named Lucrease Bass on FB. About this Pepsi Investment thing. Thought it looked like a scam. I almost bought into it but they got too pushy and insistent. So I reported the whole thing to FB and now here.

• Nov 05, 2021

I am being scammed by one of my actual friends irl I don't know but they are using the same pics as everyone else

• Nov 13, 2021

The person that talked to me sent me the same investment evidence I think someone or a group of people is going around hacking fb but Im not sure its just what it seems like to me.

• Nov 04, 2021

This man is trying to get peoples cash app information.

• Oct 31, 2021

I have someone trying to scam me from your company, they are trying to get my PayPal or cash app info and I'm not doing it this person is really starting to bug me about when I'm gonna have the money to receive more money from you immediately like as soon as I give them $50 they're going to give me $2,400 or you're going to give me $2,400 or $2,600 I think it's up to now so trust in mind I'm not going to fall for this game I wrote about it in college as a paper so goodbye

• Oct 29, 2021

This lady going around sadly she claimed a few people please do not fall for this

• Oct 13, 2021

SCAMMMM! Do not trust these people

• Oct 03, 2021

On Facebook. Saw the post about the Investment.

• Oct 10, 2021

Nikki suttle wanted google and face book password for 1000

• Sep 11, 2021

Another Facebook scammer claiming to be from this Pepsi company and asking for my venmo PayPal or cashapp... how pathetic these people are! EMILEE SHETLER IS HER NAME...BEWARE!

• Sep 04, 2021

Please do not fall for this scam
I have received these messages all morning from someone I barely know via Facebook
You have to invest to earn your supposed rewards from Pepsi
Saying one hundred dollars invested through this carddelivery website will then result in fifteen hundred dollars to my cash app
Sorry for the way this is written out but it kept rejecting what was in this text box lol

• Sep 04, 2021

It kept going, it was entertaining at least but this is insane. I wonder how they ended up with this ID

• Sep 02, 2021

Just got someone claiming to be from a Pepsi Bottling Company, Bank One Investment Co, online trying to get me to agree to give them my cashapp info. I was confused as I had solved the FB puzzle online and thought they were trying to get my banking info but they insisted they just wanted to deposit 1800 into my CashApp acct. As I researched this furthur, I saw it could be a scam so I pretended to be in interested by asking more questions of this Isiah Page from this Co. I have not given him any of my real info and wonder if I should test it by using a fake acct number to see if he really is trying to scam me or actually will pay me the $1800 for solving the puzzle? Please respond as he is adamant that I am one of the winners. Thank you. My email is [email protected]

• Dec 27, 2021

Don’t go there! It’s a scam , plain and simple scam. I wish Pepsi Co would make an actual response to this thread!

• Aug 28, 2021

Hi. You have another scammer claiming to be representing a part of Pepsi. I attached pictures. I have pictures attached if that would help you. This scam was found on Facebook Messenger. Meka Ellis, Wayne high school of Fort Wayne, Indiana, was the information that I got on the individual.

• Aug 25, 2021

Was told to invest my money and within 5 minutes I would get a $1800 return

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