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PC Solutions Reports & Reviews (21)

When my computer froze up, this company's phone number was the only one provided. Agent spoke with a foreign accent, gave directions on buying a plan from them at substantial cost. I could see no other alternative other than bringing it i8nto a computer store which would try to sell me a plan too.

I want know if this company is legitimate. They claim to be licensed by Microsoft.

- San Francisco, CA, USA

This person sent a text pretending and looking at as it was a text from Verizon and said that Verizon wanted to make sure I was using my security plan to the max. It then went on to say I should do a scan on my phone through my McAfee. I was just checking my phone and messaging stopped. I then received an email that said “Thank you for your order confirmation and it was an invoice (#XWQ5784TR5) for $398.99 for a 5-year subscription of McAfee Security 360 Plan that was debited from my account. I never signed up for this!!! There was a phone number 1-888-284-2817 to call to cancel this within 24-hours. I called for hours and all it did was ring busy and by late yesterday the call went to a silent void. I called Verizon and they had not sent the text, they talked me through the whole process and reiterated they were not part of this issue that it was spam and directed me to call my bank.

recieved email for fake renewal of norton security for 499.99 call back number : 218-656-0186.

fake invoice for 499.99 (norton) call back: 218-656-0186

- Commerce Township, MI, USA

This is what I received:

Your WIND0W SECURITY has been auto - renewed for a period of 3 years. The deduction of $289.83 will reflect in your account within 24 hours.

Thank you for your payment. We strive to serve you better.


Issue Date

Expiration Date




Mar 03, 2021

Mar 02, 2024



Payment Made To:

PC Solutions LLC

3651 Holmes Street, Dallas, TX-75215

We are an association to the MICR0S0FT operations.

We value you:-

For any query or support or to cancel the subscription and report a dispute please call us at our

Toll Free Number +1 844-770-0732

Invoice No – GGS0302213786

Also, in case of any proven dispute you may have your full refund settled with us. And if you are not able to reach out please do not worry, we will call you back as soon as we can. Please wait for us so that we can serve our motto by serving you better.

- Ashtabula, OH, USA

I received a confirmation email for a supposed purchase of my "N O R T O N Plan" and that my payment of $431 had been received and my account debited. The email didn't contain any links, just a phone number to call "In case of any dispute or query or to cancel the subscription..."

My assumption is that if I was to call that number whoever is on the other end would ask for credit card information to reverse the charges, at which point they would probably actually just steal the info.

- Sterling, VA, USA

Dear *************,

It was great doing business with you. Your payment of $431.00 has been received for the auto renewable of your N 0 R T 0 N Plan. Your account has been debited with the charge and it will reflect within a few moments to 24 hours.

Invoice No – 786054879DDF6920IC8


Start Date

Renewable Date



N 0 R T 0 N Plan _ 5Years Program

Feb, 26, 2021

Feb, 25, 2026



Payment Made To:-

PC Solutions

3651, Holmes Street

Dallas, Texas

75215, United States.

We Value You: -

In case of any dispute or query or to cancel the subscription please reach out to us at

+1 (845) -363-8997 Or +1 (720)-687 3685 to settle the issue and claim full Refund within 24 hours.

Thank You.

Received an Email stating my account had been charged $499.99 for the auto renewable plan of your Norton plan. If you wish to refute or stop payment call us back on helpline channel. 12096004 954

- Dupo, IL, USA

I received an email saying that " An amount of $449.48 has been debited from your account for the auto renewal of your Norton family." I never ordered this. Checked with my bank and they said no funds had been taken from my account. They were trying to get me to call them to get a $100 gift card for my troubles. They were phishing. I did not bite.

It's another instance of what has already describe as occurring from PC Solutions of Dallas TX. Thank you.

- Tucson, AZ, USA

It is to inform you that your Win-Def has been auto - renewed for a period of 5 years. The deduction of $391.27 will reflect in your account within 2-3 Days. Thank you for your payment. We strive to serve you better.

We value you:-

For any query or support or to cancel the subscription and report a dispute please call us @ Toll Free +1 (469) 431 4006 . Also, in case of any proven dispute you may have your full refund settled with us. And if you are not able to reach out please do not worry we will call you back as soon as we can. Please wait for us so that we can serve our motto by serving you.

Thank You.

#PC Solution#

This is clearly a scam as I do not have an account nor ordered any services from this firm.

- Winter Haven, FL, USA

We've been getting these calls from PC Solutions for years. We tell them remove us from their calling list. They never do. It always takes having them repeat themselves a few times to get the company name out of them. They always show up on our caller id as unknown or unavailable. I just threatened to have them arrested if they didnt stop calling us. We have no windows 10 using device. My old laptop is windows 8, our cell phones are android or apple. They want money to remotely remove viruses or malware from our computers. We have never had any business with them nor will we ever. My brother has been in the computer repair and technology business for 20+ years. Hes in IT at our local hospitals. Zero need for an outside company. These people are scammers and only want your money.

- Los Angeles, CA, USA

I talked with an woman with Indian accent who said my computer had a virus and not to open anything on my computer and because of the risk of exposing my financial info they wanted me to get a $100 target gift card and they would repair. I figured they were legit because they had my info so I did get the card. The next day they called and said my email address was given to them by cyber crimes dept saying I had 160 complaints have been filed against me for sending life threatening emails. They would clear my name but needed 2 more $100 gift cards. I then looked up the phone number and found it was already reported as being a scam.

Received a call to my cell phone, clearly from a call center as there was a significant amount of noise in the background. Claimed my computer was giving off an alert of being used by someone to take actions over the interet without my permission. I pressed them for details, such as the type of computer I was using, how they identified me, etc. They indicated i was on a PC and rattled off some long ID number claiming to be my computer. My only PC is a work issued devise. They wanted me to join them on a website so they could look at my computer and fix the problem. At that point I hung up. I confirmed with my employer this is a scam.

- Belews Creek, NC, USA

Received a phone call on 6-11-17 from a woman identifying herself as Anna with PC Solutions telling me that my computer had been compromised by hackers. She gave some name of a virus that was supposedly on my system and that she could remove the virus. I told her I wouldn't give out any information to her and asked her to give me her name and number and that I would call her back. I figured it was a scam. Then today on the local news I saw a segment warning of just such a scam in the area. She gave me the phone number (516) 210-0398 and told me to ask for Anna when I called.

- Rock Hill, SC, USA

Consumer received two calls from PC Solutions stating they were calling to provide her a refund and needed her checking account information. Both callers were men with foreign accents. Consumer disconnected both calls after informing them not to call back.

Consumer states she never did business with PC Solutions.

Usually it is a male that calls. On August 21st it was a female. I have been getting these calls for months. My husband and father-in-law get them also. This is my 2nd report to the about this company. The caller claims to be working for PC Solutions. My most recent caller said her name was Andrea Gurung. She said she was located in Enfield, Connecticut. The phone number that came up on my phone was 810-410-7837. I asked her the phone number if I had questions and wanted to get into contact with her... she gave me: 516-217-0348. The first thing the caller does is to tell you to go to your computer and to turn it on. Then says you are having problems with it. Yesterday, the caller said my computer was "generating some online malicious [inaudible language]." The callers always have a middle-eastern accent and claim to have very American sounding names. I asked her which computer had problems. She read to me a 31 digit "License Security ID number." I hung up on her after that. I am sure they will call again.

I have been receiving phone calls for the last few months from a man (with a middle-eastern accent) asking me to go to my computer. Each time up until today, I would say "good luck with that". Then I would hang up. Today, he called me at exactly 10:00 am Central Time. This time I probed him for more information. He said, "Hi I am calling about your computer." I said, "What is your name?" He said "David." I asked, "Who do you work for?" He said "PC Solutions." I asked, "What is your last name?" He said, "My name is David Miller." I said, "Please remove me from your calling list." He said, "This is the first time I have spoken with you." I said, "No it's not. I remember your voice and your name." He said, "No, I have not called before." I said, "Yes! You have. PLEASE, remove my number from your list. Goodbye."

I also know that my parents in-law have also received phone calls from a man with a middle-eastern accent telling them "Go to your computer." My Father-in-law does not own or use a computer.

Luckily, none of us have fallen for his scam. However, he most certainly has to have succeeded somewhere along the line with someone or he wouldn't be continuing to do this for so long.

This "company" calls multiple times every day c!aiming my computer has bugs and they need to fix it.they say they are with PC Solutions in the computer maintenance or software maintenance department. It changes. They want me to let them take control of my computer so they can fix it. The man has an Indian accent and said his name was Dilon Max and his supervisor or tech manager was David. Dilon said he was in the Chicago branch but the caller ID said Ohio. There are several different phone numbers they call from but he refuses to take me off his call list until he fixes my problem that i dont have.

Got a call from PC Solutions that something was wrong with my computer. Gave me a fake ID Number.

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