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PC Care

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PC Care Reports & Reviews (3)

- Grants Pass, OR, USA

for days they call 2 and 3 times a day. saying your subscription is about to expire with pc care call 928 212 1653 to renew or they will bill you one hundred ninety nine dollars. i call the number they insist you have a subscription. i tell them to take me off there calling list. again the next day i get more calls. i call the number again very upset you can hear alot of talking in the background. this time i say how can i get them to stop calling,they hang up. i keep calling over and over finally when i call they are not answering saying number is not in service. then i get a call from 720 996 9883 saying very nasty things. i call the number back telling them i am recording the call, the nasty talk starts again. i hang up. three more times i receive calls from the number 720 996 9883, i hang up each time. i dont know what they are trying to sell or get, but now that he called from another number talking nasty i had enough.

- Eagle, ID, USA

This company called to tell me they wanted to put approximately $300 on my credit card. I had no idea who they were and told them to cancel the antivirus they said I had. (I had never heard of it.) They wanted me to go online to fill out a form in order to cancel it. I asked them to send

it to me. They would not. They said I had to be online. They wanted to take control of my computer while I was online. I told them I would

decline any charges they placed on my credit card and they hung up on me. In conclusion, I note that this is the same experience others

have had with other phone numbers listed on their complaints. Don't fall for this. They obviously want personal and credit card information.

Lastly, I have checked their web site and it does not respond (error) and shows it is "offline".

- Leavenworth, KS, USA

Christopher initially called me on a restricted number. He later called me on 2 separate numbers: (323) 774-1206 and (217) 481-7954. He told me that his company owed me a refund for tech services I had previously paid in the amount of $379. I HAD paid this amount to Tech Live a couple of years ago. Apparently, the software they used was no good (don't recall words he used). I told him to just send me a check. Oh, no! They could directly deposit it into my account -- I just needed to pull up my online bank account. I knew that he wouldn't be able to see more than the last 4 digits of my acct. #, so I did this. He then requested remote control of my laptop in order to make a deposit. Somehow, he used a DOS program to make the deposit, BUT he asked me to type in $400, which I did. I noticed that it suddenly became $4000, and suggested that I correct it. He started yelling OMG, OMG!! It says $4000?!! It cannot be changed. Now, mind you, I ACTUALLY SAW a $4000 deposit in my online account. Christopher then said that the error was on my end and there would be consequences. I told him that I had NOT typed 3 zeros, only 2, and that I would return the difference. I said that my bank could just wire transfer it to him. Oh, no, we are an international company and they were being monitored. They couldn't allow the auditor to find out they had made this $4000 mistake! I told him that mistakes happen, and as long as it was resolved it would be fine. He proceeded to tell me that I needed to go to Target and buy 4 gift cards (3 for $1,000 and 1 for $500). I told him that didn't make any sense. As a matter of fact, there were multiple times I said things didn't make sense -- I should have listened to myself!! He stated that they had some type of arrangement with Target to get their money in cash instead of merchandise. Of course, he said that I couldn't tell them about the mistake -- just tell them it was for my personal use (another red flag I ignored). So, like a fool, I went to Target to purchase the cards. A manager asked me several questions, even if someone had called me asking for the gift cards (I wasn't supposed to give the reason, so I said No). Then, the transaction was denied, so I called my bank to verify the money was there -- and it was. I don't understand WHY the bank didn't place a hold on the funds for a few days, but instead made the funds immediately available. I STILL have no idea how someone can make a bogus deposit to your account and have it actually show up in your account. Honestly, this was the ONLY reason I went along with this guy. I was able to process the transaction without it being denied because it showed the money was in my account!! There is NO WAY I would have done this otherwise. I was trying to do the right thing and return their money because I knew it wasn't mine.

Well, I returned home and got another call from Christopher saying his manager said the whole $4000 had to be returned in order to correct the accounting error, so they had RETURNED the $3500 to my account, and needed me to GO BACK TO TARGET and purchase 4 $1000 cards instead! I absolutely REFUSED. So, he said I could go to Walmart instead. That it had to be taken care of ASAP or he was going to lose his job, etc. BTW, I DID check my account and saw the $3500 deposit. This is the part that baffles me and the ONLY reason I fell for this. Thankfully, my daily withdrawal limit kept me from losing another $4000!!

After talking with my bank and placing a hold on my debit (I would have done this the day before, but it was Thanksgiving--part of their scam I'm sure since it gives them extra time), we are waiting to see What happens with the bogus deposits come Monday.

I personally need to stop trusting strangers and pay attention to all the red flags!!

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