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Pacifica finance

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Pacifica finance Reports & Reviews (30)

Scammer's phone 8446170719
Scammer's website
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan
Initial means of contact Email

9/10/2020 I applied for a loan with Pacifica Finance ( phone: 8446170719. They were to deposit the funds into my account. They stated, for verification purposes, there will be deposits made into my account and I would have to return to them via gift card. I was able to return a total of $1401. However, the funds were reversed and never cleared, nor have I received any loan funds. My bank sent me copies of the 4 checks that were mobile deposited by Pacifica, fraudently using my banking credentials and forging my signature on fictitious checks made out to me. The bank closed my account. Pacifica scammed me out of $1401, and I owe the bank $749.

Thank God for your guys web site !  

Note--  please whoever sees this please very important go to this website just take a few minutes out of your life to type in this web address right below this sentence.

Somebody actually went through the same exact thing that happened to me just recently.

I needed to get a few hundred dollars.  A lady from Pacific Finance had said you are approved for the loan your seeking "Congratulations for up to $5,000".

I still have her on my voicemail this is from mid August. Still fresh.
  I wasn't even looking for that much and I wasn't even looking for a thousand which some guy that was working with her had said now our minimum is a 1000. What I wanted was simply a couple hundred. I was desperate and I agreed $1,000 they said if you want your credit better  first you have to do a few transactions we walk you through the purchase of a few gift cards . 

We deposit the money in your account this in turn will improve your credit $1,000 loan we promise to you and approved for you .

 I did what they asked because I was vulnerable and desperate . they used my account taking advantage of me.they did five fake check deposits that were all fraudulent and somehow took out of my bank account almost 5,000!  I never gave authority to do what they did. they're supposed to deposit $1,000 not taking a whole bunch of money out through their bad checks in there !they ruined me . I never authorized it any of this however my I bank at the time for some reason did.

Bank is trying to make me be held accountable"!  

 I used to like that bank ! I feel like I've been treated unfairly. Why would I authorize somebody to put in bad checks that I don't even know about that they are going to put in and let alone they are fake and how would I know that Pacific finance that did the fake checks would take all the money back out I never even seen one of their fake checks that were deposited!  its all held against me and I can't even bank with them anymore I'm fed up with it. I feel like I've not only been betrayed by Pacifica finance that still operates business out there. But I have been betrayed by my bank to ! : (

On top of what  is already going on what I went through its Ludacris. I tried to reach out .I try to explain.

I had  close my account and not bank with them anymore because they keep saying that I went over my overdraft limit . Which I believe was 500 not 5,000! Exchange Bank Sonoma County California . At the same time we're going through catastrophes of ongoing fires . Plus covid-19.

Here are their names of the scamers and here are their phone numbers and here is their website: "beware they are fake " 

Names & Numbers :

Lina/Alina 512-240-6533

Melissa      346-222-5351

Jack Turner and also John


This is fraudulent scam co and need to be caught for their crime! need to be reported to the FBI!

Here is the email they used:

[email protected]


               Ann in california

They tried to steal all our savings by offering us a loan. They put a bad check into our account which froze our account and has now closed it! They are a scam loan company out of AustinTexas..DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM!

Victim Location 11001
Total money lost $1,750
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Scammer offered $5000 loan. Ask for bank account number and was told to buy many prepaid gift cards from CVS

Patrick James said I was approved for 1000 and 64 per month for 18 months asked for my bank info so I gave them an.old account

Victim Location 65263
Total money lost $400
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

They call said I was approved they ask for all my information and bank account numbes they gave me a code number to give to a manager that was post to call me back in an hour 3 days late no call back and I try to call them back and line will ring twice then a busy signal

I was approved for a $1,000 loan but they had to a verification for it they deposit money into the account and told me to go the nearest store and get a STEAM card of a certain amount and sent the code back to them now. I did realize that they are trying to get more money out of me. After doing the math I only owe them $100 and then I should get my loan. However they are telling me it’s there money, which it’s my money now. All the other numbers match and if I continue I’ll lose up to$600

Scammer's phone 18446170719
Scammer's address 1201 Main Street, Dallas, Texas 75202
Country United States
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan
Initial means of contact Phone

Emily Lopez started calling me saying that she was a loan supervisor who said i was approved for a $2000 loan and i would pay $94 a month to pay it back but first they transferred money into my account that i had to put on a prepaid card to get the loan! I was also told that I had to put money on another prepaid card to raise my credit score they liked to had my whole account but it's not my real account but it's ok they'll get what's coming to them!

So i was applying for online loans when I get a text saying I qualify for $1500 blah blah same story as everyone. I called my bank to let them know and they have a flag on my account so no one can take any money but in the meantime I've been calling them back at the 3 numbers they gave me and texting them nonstop at the numbers they texted me from. I just played George Ezra Shotgun (listen to that catchy tune if you dont know it) for 15 minutes on repeat to them. They were not very happy and agter about 3 hours of me harassing them they ended up blocking me from all the numbers. But here they are if anyone wants to give my new friend Richard and John a call. 469-210-1318; 469-213-1706; 844-617-0719. Let them know Eva says hi.


Hoping This is not a scam because I've been trying to contact them on why they haven't deposited my money after they have all my banking Info.. I do not like scams. To me certain voices you hear that you can't understand good Is always Scam Praying that is not the case. Ramona Hate that it happened to you.

Pretty much same as all the above, filed for a loan got a call from pacifica finance John at (346)261-2483 ext 202 approved for $3000 had to verify my online banking and because there were no funds at the moment they insisted on me at least depositing the $115 monthly payment I would be making so they can "verify" I will have the funding or to use someone elses account At that point I knew they were a scam and I told them I'm NOT going to do any of that and that I was going to report them, I also got ahold of my online bank and had that acct cancelled and got a new one


I applied for an online loan. Got a call from pacifica finance llc. They pushed to loan more money than I needed then asked for all my bank info. The said they would send money to my account and I would have to go to Walmart or any gas station to send the money back to verify my account was legit. The man "Matthew Thomas" said he would call me at 3pm when I got out of work to complete the transaction. I didn't get a call so I went home then 2 hours later he texts me to complete and I said we would have to do it the next day. He got very upset and said I was lying and was trying to steal his money, they never deposited anything in my account but he acted like he did. He started harrasing me texting me 16 messages in a 8 minute time frame. I felt it was strange since the beginning. I came to my senses thank God. I blocked them and changed all my bank info I also called my bank and let them know. Beware of this Scam.


Applied for an online loan and started receiving text from several different people about calling and finalizing my loan. Called them back and talked to 3 different people and when they started talking about putting a small amount in my account and that I would have to send it back to them I told them to just cancel the loan and forget it and the last person I talked to started threatening me with taking $400 out of my account as a cancellation fee so I went ahead and then on Saturday morning I received a call from another person wanting me to cash app the $495 they put in my account back to another person and then he started demanding I transfer another $495 to them. I immediately closed my cash app and called my bank and closed out my account and the bank is investigating it. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM/FRAUDULENT SCHEME THEY HAVE.


I to was contacted by Jason Scott said I was approved for a $2500 loan but he upped it to $5000. Gave me the same line I'll pay blah blah for blah blah blah months. How stupid was I to even entertain the thiught of this even being legit but I did. When your in a situation and finances are thin looking for help I guess nething sounds good. So I continued with their process Jason Scott had my information already I just had to verify my information once again. He gave me a loan application # along with the company's toll free 800 # he even top it with a cherry with his own personal extention 219 if I had any further questions. I was then told that his supervisor would be calling within the next 2 hours for me to make sure I answer the call. I got no call so I called the 800 # and was answered by a man named Tony. Before I could say nething he says my name and that a supervisor would be in contact with me shortly and hung up. I was contacted by a female named Jessica she then told me all went well and I got final approval for $5000 all that was left was to verify my bank info. I was asked if I did online banking I said yes and my [censored] logs in for her once she sent a text to the link for my bank. It was the end of the day for her apparently being she is EST and I PST. She said by 10 A.M. PST (my time) the money would be deposited I to my account. Funny thing I had to I guess remind her about the agreement forms she said inthe morning to my email. With that I said if she could send them now and I would have them ready in the morning. She called at noon from 5122737162 she had me go to CVS and look for an EBAY gift card and I was to load it with money from my debit card. She said that their corporate account was now linked to my card and that the $1000 dollars was on my account bur I had 15 minures to complete the transaction. I then got iffy while she was still on the line with me I right away jumped to my bank app and checked for myself, thank you LG for your multi-window feature. There was no $1000 in my account but whats even better was I didnt even have my debit card on me which I always do I never leave home without it but this day I did. Things certainly do happen for a reason. When I told her she got attitude with me. I had to check her and that I would do the transaction after work. She was okay then and for me to call her when I was finished with transaction. I got home and looked them up on Google and my gut was correct "SCAM" all the way. I never went to do the gift card bit I changed my password on my online banking and contacted my bank and informed them about the situation. Fraud department is looking into it. Yeah this Jessica chick called me at 5:30 in the morning of courae I did not answer I was sleeping she then texted me asking me to call her when I wake up. I never did call nor answer ne other calls or texts from these lames. Close but no cigar plz others out there if its too good you know it can't be true... Hello its not. Be aware ask questions and even more so look them up yourself. Be safe to all. This is the verification link that they used


Online Banking Information
Name In Bank

Justin grey
Pacifica Finance LLC this is what he wanted do that he can send the loan we requested...he never called back but he has all my info

Pacifica finance stole all the money out of my account thru my zelle app...they made me believe it was FDIC's regulation that I give them my online banking password to verify it was me...DO NOT FALL FOR IT. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. MY BANK IS ACTUALLY PRESSING CHARGES AGAINST THE PERSON THAT RECEIVED MY ZELLE MONEY...I hope they all rot in hell

Scammer's phone 18005981575 3462785775
Country United States
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan
Initial means of contact Phone

I applied for a loan with a different company who used 3rd party websites. I received a call the next day to verify loan info. They asked me to send a fee for processing via card which i did. I was told to hold on and the money was being transfer to my account. A Mr. Jordan came on line and tried to tell me i had to send $20. Following their receipt of my money for this a Mr. Sam Carter came on the line to say i needed to send another $50. He tried to supply me with reasons like low credit My score was low which i new was a lie then, my account was overdrawn i was looking at my account which was not in the negative. Never got money deposited into account never returned my $20 to account.

Scammer's phone 5122560862 5128067419
Scammer's address Austin,TX Kyle, TX
Country United States
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan
Initial means of contact Internet messaging (e.g., WhatsApp)

A man claiming to be with Pacifica Finance messaged me said I was approved for a loan of $1,000 and the payment was $64.00 month 36 month starting Sept. He said they would be sending me documents but did not.and when I called th he number got no answer at all


Victim Location 45601
Total money lost $30
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

They deposited a fake check remotely in my account wanted it sent back to verify it was really my account check was bad got charged a fee and they never submitted loan they had me sign for it’s been reported

Victim Location 39305
Total money lost $431
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I applied for a loan online. Pacifica Finance contacted me. I did all the paperwork and at the end he says to make sure this is your account we need to deposit two transactions into your account and you cash app them to me. I was skeptical but my dumb but went along with it.

I got an alert saying that my account was overdrawn $430. I contacted them and he tells me not to worry about it, it will be taken care of.

I told him I was doing a police report and reporting them to anybody that would listen until they are prosecuted.

I have bought $430 worth of sense today but NEVER again.


Victim Location 98908
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

A man named Jason contacted me from a place called Pacific Finance and told me I had been accepted for a loan up to $5000. It was going to be $128/ month for 48 months. He gave me a confirmation number of pf19219779. His name is Jason Scott. His phone number is 800-598-1575 ext 219


Same here his name is Patrick James 18446170719 ext 220 ID pf09220779 but I gave them an old closed account.

I was scammed the same way told me to go to Wal-Mart get a gift card for 400 which they deposited in my bank then said I didn't do it a timely manner so they wanted me to do it again if I wanted the 1000 they offered me they got me once never again same phone number too

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504 Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78701, USA



This site can’t be reached

Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Pacifica finance, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.


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