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Pacific Collection Group

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Pacific Collection Group Reports & Reviews (15)

- Tooele, UT, USA

On 09/09/2019 I got a collection notice from Pacific Collection Group. They said that I owed $977.30 for magazines and that I had made 6 monthly payments in 2016 of $50 before cancelling my credit card. Well I've only had one credit card and it's through my credit union. I have the statements in front of me and there are no charges for the magazines they are talking about. The person I talked to said she had proof I made the payments. She was very rude about it and said that she was going to send me to the attorney and have me sued. I told her to go a head and do it. She called me from a number in Indiana and I thought that was strange because the collection letter is from California. So I did some digging. The address on the collection letter is a Security business. I called the number and they have never heard of Pacific Collection Group and verified that the address on my collection letter is the address of their business. I have filed complaints with the FTC and Utah Attorney Generals office. On my credit report it states that the collection company is Central Billing. Centeral Billing has a different address and phone number than Pacific Collection group.

- Puyallup, WA, USA

I got a call from this company to pay a debt that I don't owe from Readers Subscription Service from 2016. I don't know this company, but I had a magazine subscription service cancelled on February 26, 2016. I contacted the company I did business with and they agreed to send confirmation of cancellation to me and claimed no affiliation to this collection agency. I am following the procedures as if this is real and disputing it legally, but is this a real company? Will they really mark my credit score? I saw no record of this debt on my credit reports.

- Petersburg, VA, USA

I received an letter from Pacific Collection Group stating that I owe 1,000.40 from Reader's Subscription Services from 2016. The address they are using is an address I have not lived at in 3 years and I cancelled this magazine subscription in the allotted time. They are threatening to add the debt to credit report, considering they cannot provide any details of this company or an contractual agreement. It is absolutely crazy they are trying to collect an debit for items I have not received.

- Providence, RI, USA

I received a collection letter from Pacific Collection Group indicating that I owe over $1000 to Readers Subscription Service. I have no record of having ever ordered anything from that service. I have contacted the Office of Consumer Protection in my state (part of the state Attorney General's office) and filed a complaint. They also advised me to file a complaint here on to report this as a scam.


I received in the mail a communication from Pacific Collection Group dated, stating my account had been turned over to them by Readers Publications.Inc. They refused to give me the contact information for the original creditor.I had signed up for the magazines for 19.90 a month a few months later I got a call about paying a smaller amount a month 14.95 I have had many contacts with the magazine company and it was told to me it was to replace the original one. I got charged for 2 magazine subscriptions. I called them and said I was not happy with the lying and their way of how they are doing business, and said I no longer wanted the magazine and wanted to cancel. They said they would send me a cancellation letter . I have not seen that letter. The name on the collection letter is different than what the magazine company name was when they were taking the monthly amounts out of my credit card. After I called to cancel they stopped taking my monthly amount out of my credit card. So assumed that it was cancelled. I also received many calls to re do my subscription and said each time no and to stop calling me cause I had cancelled it already. This all happened in 2016. PCG says if I have no proof then I did not cancel and I must pay the full amount due or they would take legal actions and they would send me to collections. I asked for the phone number for the magazine company to contact them and they would not give it to me. I have perfect credit and have never had anything go to collections. I believe this is a scam!! I can not locate the name of the magazine company on the web. One is Publishers magazine and the other National ,magazine

- Little River, SC, USA

In May, I received a call from Pacific Collection Group (PCG), whose address is 473 E. Carnegie Dr Suite 200 San Bernadino CA 920408. I was informed that the call was from a collection company and they were trying to collect a debt for a creditor, Readers Subscription Services (RSS) in the amount of $996.29. I have never heard of RSS, and I have not received any communication from them, nor did I ever sign up for magazines with RSS. I told the lady who called from PCG that I was going to contact the magazine company and she told me that the creditor would not talk to me and, if I sent a dispute to RSS, they would just forward it to PCG. I told them that I wanted proof that I owed this creditor. She told me that I needed to go through my records, that I would have that information. I received a collection notice on May 17, 2019 from PCG in amount of $996.29. I have never had a subscription with Readers Subscription Service. I told PCG that I wanted documentation that I had actually signed with RSS, and since every call seems to be recorded, I wanted the recording. I did not receive any proof that I owe any company for a magazine subscription. I called National Magazine who told me that Readers Subscription Services hasn't been around for a long time, and that they are getting a lot of complaints from people regarding Pacific Collection Group using Readers Subscription Service as the creditor.. National Magazine also said my account was with Family Readers Service not Readers Subscription Services. My account with Family Readers Service started 8/25/16 and cancelled October 26,2016 and that they were paid in full and I have that in writing. On July 6, Central Billing LLC, a new billing company for Pacific Collection Group flagged my TransUnion credit report (and possibly Experian and Equifax) on behalf of PCG which is handling the collection for Reader's Subscription Services. I have not received any communication from Central Billing LLC - just a collection notice on my credit report. This is a scam! Central Billing said that I gave RSS personal information. The information he said I gave, some was incorrect and what they did have can be found on google. The man from Central Billing LLC said if I don't pay it he will keep the negative marks on my credit for 7 years! He told me I was the scammer, that I order magazine's and then I don't want to pay for them.

- Wooster, OH, USA

I called to find out the nature of the debt. These magazines have been cancelled since 2017 or before.

I gave my credit card number to pay the debt listed at $1038.68 a payment of $700 would clear the account. They charged it as a Cash Advance to my credit card which would not authorize the transaction.

I called the woman on the phone said it had to be a DEBIT CARD, BANK CHECK OR MONEY ORDER.


- Salt Lake City, UT, USA

I received a bill on 5/23/19 from Pacific Collection Group for the amount of 959.48 for a magazine subscription I had for a brief time in 2016 from the Great American Readers Company. I had canceled that account, but now this collection company is threatening to report a negative credit rating if the balance is not paid in full. Both companies are trying to tell me it doesn't matter that I canceled my account that I am responsible for the full balance. I believe this is a scam between the magazine subscription company and the collection agency.

This Company is trying to collect a supposed debt from back in 2015 (4yrs later). I never received notice from this actual company. The person I spoke to did not sound legit and feels like a scam. When I tried telling them that this supposed company they were collecting from told me they never sent out a collection notice because the account was closed, their supervisor began to trace the number and said that number was a scam. Really weird!

PCG sent me a collection letter threatening me that they are going to send me to collections if I don't pay $960.89 from a creditor named "Readers Publication Inc." I have never heard of the creditor nor have a ever received or agreed to any services. I already sent them a reply asking for specific information about the debt and about PCG. I've attached the original notice. There has been no other invoice or notices prior to now.

- Los Angeles, CA, USA

I received a collection notice from PCG last week in the amount of $959 for Readers Publications, Inc. In my adult life, I have never knowingly subscribed for magazines and after looking up this creditor it appears they don't exist.

- Wyandotte, MI, USA

Every year since 2016 I’ve a letter or phone call a stating I owe 867$ To the creditor Readers Publications Inc. and payment needs to be sent to PCG I dispute the validity of this debt because I’ve NEVER ordered it received anything or any item from Readers Publications Inc. They laugh at me when I call to disputed the debt they claim I owe. It also states they will report thus debt on my credit report as a negative impact on my report. I’m reaching out in hopes this SCAM is dealt with properly and shut down immediately.

- San Bernardino, CA, USA

This is the second time in four years we have received a letter from this company. They are claiming that we owe $972.59 to Readers Publications Inc. The last type of publication we received was over 12 years ago and it was magazines that we canceled that long ago. It was not Readers Publications and when you search Readers Publications it does not exist. Readers Direct Publications did exist but was closed in 2014. The web address is separated between Pacific and Collection which points to a scam too. Four years ago we wrote a letter to this company stating that this was a scam and that we did not owe money to the listed company (which was different 4 years ago) and that they needed to re-evaluate who they were collecting money from. We never received anything further. We received a message on our voicemail last week from an unknown company saying that "this was an attempt to collect a debt" but did not leave any information about who it was for or who owed the debt. At this point we assume that it was this company. I am sending a letter threatening law action for harassment.

Sent a letter saying I owed a past due debt and needed to send them something in writing that it wasn't my debt. The creditor is united publishing Inc. Some business I've never dine business with.

- Custer, MI, USA

A letter was sent to my old house that I grew up in. I moved out of that house in 2010. We now have a caretaker at the house assisting my Grandmother with Dementia. The caretaker mentioned that I had a letter which was very strange. I moved a long ways a way and have not used that address for anything in many years. This collections group has never tried calling me, they only sent a letter. I called them with the Account # that they provided. Couldn't tell me who they were collecting for and that if I didn't pay they would have to report me to experian, that my credit score will drop. I searched them and found nothing, I checked the and still saw nothing. Their website has said that they have been around for a few years which is strange to me that they did not show up on the search engine.

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