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Optime Logistics

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Same as above reports, but the breeder has changed her name to Macey Thompson same phone number [email protected] I will assist in any punishment from these actions for her and this bull[censored] shipping company...operating out of oreagon for my screwing...$515.00 tried for another $999.00 for the crate thing...


I found a cat advertised on Rocky Mountain Maine [censored] that I was interested in. Some lady calling herself Rosalind Thompson texted me from phone # 209-215-2743 wanting me to send her money on Zelle to her email [email protected]. The website advertised free shipping and a free crate along with purchase as long as we used their preffered carrier-- Optime Logistics. Later they contacted me with a tracking # and a link to their shippers website. The tracking # said something like needing an air conditioned crate. The lady kept texting me saying it was urgent, the animal is in a small box at the airport and they couldn't do anything unless I sent the shipper an additional $1200.00 via Zelle to [email protected]. They were telling me 95% of the money would be refunded to me when I picked up the cat and they got their crate back. The email address for the shipper sounded too strange to be a business. I googled and found this website where others have reported their similar experiences. So I did NOT sent any money to this business but I still wanted to warn anyone thinking about sending any money to these jerks. I also filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau and I hope everyone else that have been affected negatively by these businesses would do the same. Get them investigated, caught and prosecuted.


Hello, they got me to. Maine c o o n kittens. The contact's name is Christy Washington. I paid through Zelle $1480.00 for 2 kittens. The day before I'm supposed to pick them up at the airport this optime logistics company contracts me and tells me I have to either buy or rent an air-conditioned shipping crate for $1300.00. I will do whatever it takes to stop these people from devastating good people that work hard to get pets or whatever. I'm livid about the whole situation.


They are very professional, safe, on-time, real and genuine delivery please.

You are a liar and probably work with those [censored]... Hope you all burn for what you do!

- Titusville, FL, USA

Claim to be the shipper for “Golden Cockapoo Puppies (also a scam). They wanted me to rent or buy a crate to ship the puppy ($950 or $1220). After I returned the crate, they would refund money. However they wanted Bitcoin or Walmart gift card, PayPal, Zelle or Apple Pay.

- Crescent City, CA, USA

Purchased a puppy from a Breeder that claimed he was in DC. He did the shipping. Gave me the link to the website and the tracking number. I searched around the web before contacting them to see if they were a noted online presence. Appeared to be very legitimate but I now know they were a hoax. No phone, no address, no location, but they did have the tracking number and the "itinerary". It appeared legitimate. I was astounded when they said the breeder's crate for the puppy was rejected, they need a special environmental control crate to keep pets safe. My daughter bought a dog this way so I know it's true. I spoke with the representative on a chat, who explained they were willing to sell it to me for $2700 plus or rent it for $200--but I had to put up a $1550 hold on it, and would receive $1350 back when we received the puppy. We were both very leery but my husband and I agreed that it just didn't seem possible the breeder could be connected to a shipping company. Shows how gullible we were. I contacted the breeder who was impatient, said he was at work, couldn't talk, asked for me to take care of it and he would reimburse me. I refused and left it alone, later contacted him and asked for my money back. He was all blubbery and telling me he had three children and would never want them hurt, why would he want to hurt my family? Please get this beautiful puppy who will bring love to your home. Feeling bad for and wanting the puppy, I decided to take the risk, and as soon as the money was sent, the chat I was still in with "Kim" began to devolve. The receipt I was supposed to have to claim the dog never came. They also demanded a copy of my drivers license to claim the dog. So now they could carry on with identity fraud. My husband and I are retired, and the total of $2500 including all the PayPal fees, etc., is more than our two social security checks together. We took it from savings, but we don't have much, and of course wish we'd not become involved. These people need to be stopped. I'm willing to do anything to help BBB, any governmental agency, etc. to help stop people like this. I did submit this same information regarding the breeder: Mountain Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. I took screenshots of all written transactions between us online and have all the emails and texts I received.

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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Optime Logistics, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

This site can’t be reached

Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Optime Logistics, but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.


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