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OPM Wealth OPM stands for Other People's Money

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OPM Wealth OPM stands for Other People's Money Reports & Reviews (6)

• Apr 04, 2022

Swindled Out of $43,000 OPM Crooks

I hate admitting how stupid I was to fall for this fraud. My own desire to have a better life for me and my family, my desire for my own successful home-based business, my interest in crypto currency education, and perhaps my own greed made me a perfect victim for these thieves. They should be prosecuted for larceny and fraud. I have to blame myself for stupidity, failure to do my due diligence and naivete. I wanted so badly to change my life situation that I followed their lies and deception completely. I was funneled to there loan broker(Lending America) where I took out loan and fees of over 43K thinking I would be able to manage the loan repayment with the profits from the business. There were no profits. no business at all, the only thing I got was being swindled and a huge debt crisis that has thrown me and my family into a nightmare of debt and financial insecurity. I paid for the so-called Plutus plan(33K) and the 10K advertising package. as well as loan fees. The only thing I got out of this horrible experience was a quagmire of overwhelming debt and the realization that this is probably the stupidest thing I have ever done in my life. SJL

• Mar 30, 2022

Plutus Plan/OPM Wealth Scam

I engaged with this company because I saw the videos on the OPM Wealth website and trusted that the people running this company truly wanted to help other people. If that was ever their intention, it never worked out for me. I actually believed in them all the way up to the time that the Plutus Plan website was shut down. I actually had bitcoin within that website that I wish I could extract. I assume they just kept it.

When I signed up in August of 2020, I was hopeful. I had enough extra cash at the time to take out a small loan and purchase the apollo package with a marketing package. The marketing package was supposed to guarantee 12 sign-ups. They went through hundreds of potential customers, and not one signed up with me. They promised that they were going to distribute profits, so everyone won, and I never saw that either. Their content was subpar and not worth the amount I paid for it, but it would have been if I got my 12 guaranteed customers.

The company had been hurting for a while. Scott's family had illness after illness and I felt for him as he dealt with blow after blow. But I think the company crashed when one of their workers suddenly passed away, and there was no way for them to access the information he was working on. Which included the distribution of funds. I should have noticed the signs that the company was quickly going under. I still believed their lies, which I cannot believe they marketed/brainwashed me so well that I believed them up until they crashed.

I spent $10,500 initially on my packages (the subpar material and the marketing package) from a personal loan with an APR interest rate of 23%. I'm still making payments and will be for the next 3 years. I would love to be part of a class action lawsuit where we can get as much of our money back as possible. Including the bitcoin I had in my back office.

• Mar 03, 2022

OPM scam

My story is similar to the ones above. October 2020 I saw their advertisement of individuals laying out checks they have received from this online business, so I got started. I was assigned to the zoom chat with Isaac and Charity which led to funding for the packages by crediting or borrowing from whatever means. I withdrew from my job savings for the Poseidon package, which cost $14,500. then you are encouraged to join Coinbase and deposit the funds in the cryptocurrency wallet which is controlled by their tech guru named Majesty. Majesty then instructs you to download the exodus wallet, and deposit the bitcoin into that wallet. I was also instructed to sign up with the Plutus plan ran by Steffon and Scott and continue to upgrade by purchasing products and plug into their weekly group education session. Currently, the website is no longer accessible and they won't answer their emails. Now that I am retired, money is tight and my next step is to file a complaint with the FTC to get my money back. The fact is this is just another scam to victimize people, and their claim that "they will do all the work for you" is just a ruse to pull in people. Their email claim that I have so many new contacts under my accounts, and soon as they buy into the products I will be getting my investment in no time. However, I still can't access their website, and trying to get in touch is not working.

• Jan 24, 2022

I joined at the Zues level and was made promised that never saw the light of day. When I sent emails I would get no response. When I tried to log into my account, I noticed the website had been taken down. I even tried to contact the company that got me signed up and billed me, they were of no help. We need a class action suit against Scott and Stefan. They have made off with our money, reinvested it, are enjoying the profits and hiding. They need to be penalized for putting me in debt. Their middle mad advices me to borrow against multiple credit cards because I would make it back in about 3-6months and not take a hit. Well I am stuck getting second job to pay for those credit cards.

• Jan 10, 2022

OPM wealth, they steal other peoples money! !

I joined OPM in March of 2020 at the Hermès level , costing me 2,000 USD . I then was told that I needed to purchase a traffic package that cost me 2500 USD plus the 300 USD for a maintenance fee . This was during the beginning of COVID shutdown and it was a big hassle trying to get into a bank to wire money to coin base to convert that money into bit coin . Of coarse there were fees involved in that process. This coming March it will be 2 years being apart of the OPM / Plutus Plan family and I haven’t yet seen any return on my investment . As of September 2021, I haven’t been able get any response from anyone associated with OPM wealth. I even try to log into both my OPM / Plutus plan accounts and it reads that it doesn’t recognize username or email anymore. Let’s get these predators and make them pay us all back .
OPM wealth, they steal other peoples money! !

• Aug 04, 2021

Victim Location 53150
Type of a scam Worthless Problem-solving Service Scam

I have been scammed out of $33,000 from an online high ticket digital marketing Ponzi scheme called OPM Wealth (OPM stands for Other People’s Money). The owners of OPM Wealth are Stefan Dessalines and Scotty Agee. From what I gather on their Facebook profiles, Mr. Dessalines lives in Los Angeles, California; and Mr. Agee lives in Hayden, Alabama. Mr. Dessalines' email address is [email protected] / Mr. Agee's email address is [email protected]

~ PLEASE NOTE: After adding the additional credit card business loan fees ($3,850) and credit card liquidation fees ($1,755), and setting aside initial monthly payments to fund the total OPM Wealth business to pay my monthly credit card bills for at least 4 months, I was scammed out of a TOTAL of $42,850! (See explanation below re: funding and credit cards.)

~ In March 2021, I learned about the OPM Wealth opportunity and watched their sales funnel explaining the basics of the program. After signing up on their website, I was told to watch the first 2 videos explaining the program. Once I did so, I then was referred to an OPM Wealth coach.

~ The OPM Wealth coach reviewed my business goals and then directed me to watch 15 more videos. (See attachment with links to all 17 videos.)

~ After watching video #10 explaining the Compensation Plan, I learned that the best option to earn the most money from the OPM Wealth program was to start at the “ZEUS” level for $27,500 (it later became $28,000 since they charged me an extra $500 for an administrative fee). I was then told to select a “TRAFFIC PACKAGE” and I had the option of $2,500, $5,000 or $10,000. I chose the $5,000 traffic package. In total, I paid $33,000 directly to OPM Wealth. However, as it turned out, there were more “hidden fees” that I was unaware of until I got into the financing part of the program.

~ Since I didn’t have the personal cash to invest in OPM, the company referred me to their Financing and Credit Repair provider, Curtis Nalley, from Lending America (American Consulting, LLC). I was told that since I had a great credit score of 821 at the time, that I could easily get credit for the investment. I assumed this would be for a small business loan. However, it turned out that all that Lending America (American Consulting) did for me was apply for multiple credit cards in my name. Even though I only needed $33,000, I later learned that American Consulting had applied for over $72,000 in credit cards in my name.

~ As I got into this scam further, I learned that American Consulting would charge me $3,850 to apply for these credit cards. And then for me to access the CASH from the credit cards, I needed to work with a credit card liquidation service, which charged me $1,755 to liquidate $37,245 from 3 of the credit cards, for a total of $42,850!

~ None of the initial OPM Wealth 17 videos explained that if I pursued their ‘Financing & Credit Repair’ services, that I would be charged such outrageous fees. And what’s worse, was that my personal CREDIT SCORE went from EXCELLENT at 821 to FAIR/GOOD at 674.

~ After the credit card liquidation service sent me the $37,245 to fund my OPM Wealth business, I then was referred to a CRYPTO trading contractor associate hired by OPM Wealth to transfer my US dollars into BITCOIN. Apparently, OPM Wealth only works in BITCOIN. They do not take US dollars.

~ On May 3, 2021, the CRYPTO trading contractor transferred $33,000 of my US Dollars to BITCOIN. And then one of the OPM Wealth owners, SCOTTY AGEE, assisted in the transaction by accepting my $33,000 in BITCOIN and setting me up in the OPM Wealth program under the ZEUS plan for $28,000 and $5,000 for their traffic package.

~ The premise of the OPM Wealth program is that the company pays for co-op advertising and the company’s sales funnel provides approximately 50-60 leads. From those 50-60 leads, the OPM ‘COACHES’ call those leads, set up appointments, and close about 4-5 sales on our behalf per $5,000 in traffic package invested. As a ZEUS member, we do not ever have to call any leads or speak to any prospects or OPM clients. The OPM Wealth ‘COACHES’ do all the work for us. This OPM Wealth scam was advertised as a ‘done-for-you’ system.

~ Since May 3rd after investing $33,000 into OPM Wealth, I have not received ANY leads nor any customer sales from my $33,000 investment. Initially, I was told that I would be receiving leads within the first week or two. As of AUGUST 4th, I have not made any profits from the program. I have sent numerous emails requesting an update as to when I will be receiving leads and sales, and NO ONE is responding to my emails. There is no phone number to call.

~ I have spoken to my assigned coach, and a couple of other OPM Wealth members, and they have not heard anything from either of the owners, Stefan Dessalines nor Scotty Agee. The OPM Wealth coaches have sent several Skype and email messages and neither Mr. Dessalines nor Mr. Agee is responding to any of their contracted COACHES, nor are they responding to any of their OPM clients. No one has a phone number to call the owners, either.

~ As it stands now, I have no means to pay for the monthly credit card payments that I am now faced with. I am in a dire financial situation due to this exorbitant debt I’ve acquired from the OPM Wealth Ponzi scam. I have no financial means to pay my $42,850 in credit cards back.

~ I would like the OPM Wealth Ponzi scam to be thoroughly investigated by the Better Business Bureau. I cannot afford to hire a personal consumer fraud attorney myself, and I feel that this warrants a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against OPM Wealth. From what I’ve learned from other OPM COACHES, there are hundreds of people like me that have been scammed out of thousands of dollars by OPM Wealth.

~ I would like to receive full financial restitution for the full amount I was scammed in the amount of $42,850 ASAP.

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