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Open Business Solutions

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Open Business Solutions Reports & Reviews (37)

Victim Location 47591
Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

In August 2017, we received a fax with the letterhead showing Yellow Pages Indiana. It stated that this was not a bill, and that we needed to verify our information. We were under the impression that it was our local yellow pages, did not make any changes, but faxed it back in to the number provided. We have been receiving bills for services we did not authorize, but any time we try to email or call the number listed, it just rings. I have sent an email also to this Kathy Bryant, but no response was received. We receive collection threats at least once a month, but again, I can not reach any one to dispute this.

Victim Location 62301
Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

We were sent a fax from yellow pages stating "this is not a bill" and requesting us to review and update our information. One of our employees signed it and faxed it back. we then received a bill from open business solutions stating we owed over a thousand dollars. They said the fax was a contact, but the employee who signed it does not have any power to sign a contract like this. we now have been receiving phone calls trying to get us to send them money. they are now threatening to send us to collections.

Victim Location 83638
Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

They originally sent a form for us to fill out that had a "Yellow Pages Idaho" and it said that it was not a bill, we were not obligated to pay anything, etc. and one of our part-time staff members filled it out and faxed it back without asking administration. They then sent an invoice for $2376.00. We faxed them a letter saying that we are not interested and they sent a letter back stating that we had to pay and you can only cancel before "services" are invoiced. Please see the attachment for further details.

Victim Location 84115
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

This company (Open Business Solutions) keeps mailing me and calling me about an invoice they say is due. I do not remember ordering their services for advertising in the yellow pages usa. The address to pay the money to is in Germany? Have you had any reports on them or know if they are legit? I would never had signed up for this unless I mistook them for the local yellow page ad.

Victim Location 68127
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

We received a request by fax to provide updated mailing address information for the yellow pages. The form stated "This is Not a Bill". It was a little difficult to read the small print at the bottom of the page. Therefore, it looked like the yellow pages just needed updated information. So I faxed the information back to them thinking we would not be billed. However, it ended up the verbiage at the bottom of the page stated that we would be obligated to them $99 per month, payable one year in advance. The termination of the contract is required in writing by giving notice at least three months prior to expiry of the contract term or it will be automatically renewed another year. I looked online and noticed we weren't the only business scammed by them. I received an invoice in the amount of $1,188.00 on 09/01/2017. I filed a complaint with FTC. I felt scammed so I have not paid them and don't plan to. I talked with a Connie at 1-855-579-2910 a few months ago and she sounded like it was being taking care of, however, I've continued to receive notices and now it up to $1,388.00 (including L/C). I think I need to get our lawyer involved.

Victim Location 44708
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Open Business Solutions has been calling us weekly and sending letters about every 3 months saying we signed up for the fake yellow pages and now we owe over $2,000. I have been telling them I know it's a scam and I won't pay them and they keep threatening to turn me into collections. I told them to go ahead and then I received a letter stating that they would settle on a lesser amount but I have to pay right now. I have been ignoring them but like I said they call weekly and now it's bordering on harassment and I am very frustrated. I have kept every letter they sent and will be attaching them all (if it will let me). I can Email all the photos if that is better. It's interesting because they are all from different people in the company and from different addresses that don't exist.

Victim Location 44708
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I have already submitted this business but was not able to attach all 7 of my letters I've received from them. Like I said before, this is harassment and I want them to stop calling and sending letters. I am attaching one more image and if you want more than please email me and I will send all in the email. Thank you.

Victim Location 70508
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

They send a vague fax form asking you to confirm your business name and address info. Once you confirm your information is correct and fax back, you receive an invoice of $1099.00 stating you signed up for two years of online service at $1099.00 per year! They also use a symbol similar to the real yellow pages on their paperwork but they are not!

Victim Location 93436
Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

Will send you a fax regarding yellow pages. To review your contact information and sign off if correct. It states that it is NOT a bill.

3 weeks later will send you a bill. I have called the company multiple times to dispute charges, they will NOT call me back.

Victim Location 48035
Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

Believing this was just to update our information to the Yellow Pages, I filled out our name, address, and phone number, signed the fax I received, and sent it back. Little did I know I had signed a piece of paper that was a contract, and started getting my business billed for almost $1,200.00. I called to cancel, they said I have to do it in writing. I did that, and I still received bills. I called, emailed, wrote, and still nothing. I then decided to start ignoring them. Until today, I thought everything was done. I received a letter from Stewart, Mathis & Associates for $3, 564.00. I called them to tell them this was a scam, and I wasn't going to pay for it. They just pretty much laughed at me.

Victim Location 91106
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Initially received a fax stating "Not a bill" just a verification of information for directory listing. 2 years later received statements via fax and email stating we were in collections for thousands of dollars. When told we did not have a contract with the company was threatened with a law suite.

Victim Location 98272
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Billing for listing in Business Yellow Pages USA that was not ordered.

Victim Location 93551
Type of a scam Phishing


Victim Location 12043
Type of a scam Phishing

Received a blurry fax that I thought was from Yellow Pages asking me to verify information. It stated clearly that this wasn't a bill in all capital letters. Soon after I verified the information I got an invoice in the mail for $1,188.00. I started to pay it but then I noticed I was supposed to send payment to Germany, which sounded odd. So I started looking on line and found nothing but complaints about this company trying to get money from people.

Victim Location 34442
Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

Sent fax stating THIS IS NOT AN INVOICE in huge letters...requested to update our listing, which we did since our address needed updating....Then sent us an invoice for $1188.00. They claim it is a national directory for Yellow Pages....They also use a Germany address to try to collect.....Eschersheimer LandstraBc 42, 60322 Frankfurt/Main Germany

Victim Location 98409
Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

Started as phone calls. Then turned into faxes. Then turned into letters.

All started by saying our business owed money for Yellow Pages Listing.

Victim Location 19462
Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

Open Business Solutions sent an unsolicited fax to one of my offices. It clearly states in bold print "THIS IS NOT A BILL" It looks like a change of address form. Unfortunately, due to it being faxed the fine print is distorted and not clear. One of my agents did sign the form thinking it was a change of address form and later we find out it is a two year agreement to be in the Yellow Pages directory. It was not sent to the owner or manager of the office. I have already denied paying the invoice in writing to Open Business Solutions and letters were sent to the Attorney General of PA and the DIstrict Attorney of Plymouth Meeting. How can a form that states clearly "THIS IS NOT A BILL" turn into a bill. It is clearly deceptive and fraudulent. Thank you for your assistance with this matter

Victim Location 36323
Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

Around the middle of January, our office, undoubtedly, received a fax asking verification of name and address of our business. It was solicited as a Yellow Page confirmation and stated on the "verification form" "THIS IS NOT A BILL". The verification was signed by a file clerk, who is no longer employed with our agency, that the information (our name, address and phone number)were correct, then faxed back. She did not ask the owner or business manager about this, as she did not realize it was what would later be called a "contract" by Open Business Solutions. Within a few days of this action, collectors from OBS began calling and sending invoices in the amount of $1,188.00. Immediately, the owner of our business Mr. *** called to find out why he was receiving this bill. He was informed of the fax and after inquiring, told how to cancel. Mr. Young did exactly as told to cancel the said submission. In the days to follow, he kept receiving emails and calls, threatening to be turned over to collections by OBS. Mr. *** began asking immediately for documentation of the contract Ms. *** allegedly signed and was not granted this request until approximately a month later. It was then he realized this was just a "validation of correct information form" and informed the company he would not be paying the requested amount due to the fact he had done as told and immediately cancelled and also due to the fact that Ms. *** was not authorized to make purchases with his company. To no avail the continuous daily calls and faxes have not subsided, nor the threats of collections and reports to credit agencies such as Equifax. Upon investigation of this company, OBS, our business has found several of the same complaints and harassment reports from other businesses. WE DID NOT agree to any binding contract to have our business advertised in the yellow pages nor would we have. GOOGLE IS FREE. Thank you for your time.

Victim Location 85251
Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

They send faxes and letters by emal, also called by phone. They are using a yellow page logo.

Victim Location 46322
Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

We received an invoice from Open Business Solutions which we sent back and refused to pay and told them it was unauthorized. They corresponded again saying we cannot cancel and they show an order form with a signature I do not recognize and a fax time stamp of 7:52pm, when our office closes at 4pm. The mailing address is of our Industrial Park and does not even have our unit number on it. Upon contacting Open Business Solutions, they refuse to rescind their invoice. We are suggesting this organization is a scam. We did go on their website and do not see a listing for our firm. We also see numerous complaints against Open Business Solutions.

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