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Online Class Geeks

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Online Class Geeks Reports & Reviews (60)

• Oct 21, 2022

Exams were passed

I was worried about my exams as there was no time for preparation, but I found them while seeking for best online service. I am impressed with such a quick response. Once I asked the team to do my online exam, they started working on it immediately, and my exams were passed. Highly recommended.

• Oct 20, 2022

Impressed with their response

I always considered exams the worst nightmare but Online Course Geeks experts proved me wrong through outclass assistance of their experts. When I approach their team and ask them to take my online exams, I’m impressed with their response. It was an amazing experience. Truly amazing service.

• Oct 19, 2022

Authentic service

Incredible response by the team; I wonder if their experts manage to deal with such worst academic matters. They are so skilled and work smartly. I think every student should approach them for online services. They provide highly authentic service that will make you achieve much appreciation from mentors.

• Oct 18, 2022

Amazed at the achievements

It's been Half a year, and I am amazed at the achievements through the assistance of experts from a top-notch company. Online Course Geeks provides inspiring online exam help, and they prove their fame. I will surely recommend them to every student. If you want to achieve something big while being in your comfort zone, go for Online Course Geeks.

• Oct 16, 2022

Best results

I decided to quit my exam, but Online Course Geeks made me change my decision by making me achieve the best results. I hire someone to take my online class, and they nailed it. I got the best results ever and also told my fellows about the amazing service I took.

• Oct 14, 2022

Amazing experience

It was such a stressful phase when I faced back-to-back failures in my academic career, and then my sister recommended that I pay someone to take my online class. I approached Online Course Geeks, and it was an amazing experience; I would like to continue this interaction in the future too.

• Oct 12, 2022

Best strategies to improve our progress.

I have availed of such an amazing service anywhere else. It's the best company with the best quality services. Their experts do my online class and make me prominent among others. My friends and I have been taking their services for so long, and every time they amaze us by showing the best strategies to improve our progress.

• Oct 07, 2022

proud of me for my achievements

A friend of mine recommended that I take my online class under the supervision of an expert from Online Course Geeks, but I was afraid of the results. Undoubtedly they have nailed their job and keep customers happy through satisfying service. They made me happy as my parents are proud of me for my achievements in online classes.

• Oct 05, 2022

Guaranteed results.

I can’t resist myself to say that this is a top-notch company with excellent services. They are very polite and co-oparative.I am pleased on there online class.As,Their online class service has amazed every customer by providing inspiring privileges and guaranteed results.

• Sep 28, 2022

Helped me throughout the academic session

I was stuck in a hectic schedule and found no way out, but I suddenly found Online Course Geeks, whose online class helped me throughout the academic session, and I was amazed at their incredible services. Highly recommended service. I've made it my constant and will surely approach them in the future.

• Sep 22, 2022

Completely Scam ,Scam, DONT USE THEM

I used this company for my last class to complete my degree. Then Allison Murphy ask for 1500 dollars for a VPN program I need to buy because my school detected their IP address. I told him this is your company, it your responsibility to keep your system updated. He then refused to complete my class. Today I received a copy of a email address to my university with my class, name, address and login information and my advisor name telling them I committed copyright infringement and he was going to send it if I did not pay $1600 dollars. I panicked and freaked completely out. I didn’t have the money to pay and I told him. To be honest If I had the money I would have paid it. I finally hung up after pleading with him. Then he text back asking for $800.
I finally just turn the phone off, because at this point it’s nothing I could have done and I had no money to give. These people are compete scammers. Don’t use them just do your own work. It’s not worth it! I’m literally having a nervous breakdown behind this company.


Hello ****

This is Arthur Black from the Legal/Compliance Department of Online Course Geeks.
Following is the email which is being sent today on behalf of my firm. I can be reached at (424) 402-1571.

Thank you.
Completely Scam ,Scam, DONT USE THEM

• Sep 22, 2022

I do not know but also don’t believe so, honestly I think it’s a scare tactic to get you to pay them. I however contacted my academic advisor and told her everything. She told me not to worry and everything would be fine we’d figure it out. This company tried turning it into me wanting my work done when all I asked for was tutoring help. I would suggest changing passwords though. And do not respond to them anymore.

• Sep 21, 2022


I asked for tutoring help with my class 24 hours had passed and I hadn’t heard from the tutor so I continued to message “Chris” I was very skeptical and when I started asking questions about their number being the same for him and his tutor, and that if I didn’t hear from anyone by the end of the night I was reporting them to my bank for fraud; they then started threatening me and telling me I was being rude and that I need to watch myself because everything has an opposite reaction. Eventually I said I didn’t want their tutoring help anymore and wanted a refund. I was told no because he had already started helping me, which was a lie. I stopped responding and after awhile I received another message from “Chris” asking me to please get in contact with the tutor when I did he then informed me of a copyrights fee I had to pay which was $899 and all I had to do was pay that and I would get it refunded back to me at the end of my 12 week tutoring session but $49 of it would go towards taxes so I would only get 850 back. I told them I didn’t have that kind of money and that I no longer wanted their tutoring service. I reported them through WhatsApp, and cash app, block them on my phone and started a dispute with my bank. 12 hours later I receive a text message from another number stating that they were going to contact my University and started threatening me by sending me a picture of an email to my teacher. When I didn’t answer they proceeded to send me fake text messages that wasn’t from our original text messages and stated that they were going to add them to the email if I didn’t give them the $899 for copyright of work. Which makes no sense because no work was done and you can’t copyright a tutoring session especially when nothing even happened. All they want is your money and to scare you by saying they’ll contact your school

• Sep 22, 2022

Did they contact your school?

• Sep 12, 2022

Scammer's phone 929-232-7086
Scammer's website
Scammer's address Unknown
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Other
Initial means of contact Text message

Help with online class

Online class geeks is a scam! Paid $400 dollars then wanted more for VPN. Now I have been doing the run around for the past 2 weeks to get refund! I have talked with several people from online class geeks and I get told to pay more money to get a refund?
Help with online class
Help with online class
Help with online class
Help with online class
Help with online class

• Jul 21, 2022

No services delivered.

This company offers assistance for classes for a fee but does not come through.I needed their services for an exam ,Hired them to get my Final Exam which was due in a couple of hours, I can't say they were really helpful with the whole process. Paid 870$ for premium services and they did not deliver i did contact them and asked for a refund and i was asked to make a payment of $500 for the refund to go through, i did also make this payment to them through crypto(usdt) they still didn't deliver and are making me run around for a refund, whilst checking around to see how to go about this and get my money back i was able to run into a verifiable hacker and IT expert on reddit and i explained everything to him and he asked for some details associated with online class geeks and to my surprise he was able to retrieve although it did take some hassle as he was able to get it back via hacking through online class geeks, but of course he did it for a fee, all that matters is i was able to get my money back from this scam company. if you have lost a reasonable amount of money and you would like to take a shot at retrieving your funds you should do well to send an email to him at : [email protected] . you could reach out and get your funds recovered for a fee

• Sep 06, 2022

Did the individual who you emailed assisted in getting your funds? Did he try to scam you or just trusted the individual?

• Jul 29, 2022

May want to report them

• Jul 21, 2022


These people took all my money I damn near spent 1,375 on my exam . When they were taking my exam for me in the middle of it they said something about IP and not that we not in the same area . I said cool that was my first mistake because I ended up paying the 395. After finishing the exam they asked for additional 400 dollars to “log off” because my school would know where they are located . My [censored] paid them again only for them to tell me my school called them and that I’m in trouble and I had to pay for copyright which was 500 . I don’t even know if they are telling the truth about my school calling them but I just know I just got scammed and they keep calling to see if I will send them the 500 to cancel the case this crazy I don’t recommend this to anyone . This taught me a valuable lesson ! I just hope my school doesn’t find out and won’t be expelled I’m literally in tears right idk why I did this in the first place .

• Jul 19, 2022

Scammer's phone (234) 352-4493. (669) 259-4043. (724) 923- 6042; +1(669)209-2349
Scammer's website
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Tech Support
Initial means of contact Website

They are all liar

First on the website someone will ask you about various learning services and then ask you to pay right away. Then they will give you your school account and password. Then a scammer with an Indian accent will contact you. And lie to you that he will do his job. But he didn't. They will just trick you into paying more money in various ways. Then they will run. But once you insist they get your money back, they'll ask for more money for various reasons. Don't give them. I got scammed out of $500. Don't trust them.

• Jun 21, 2022





• Jul 19, 2022

They are liar, and keep harassment you

• May 27, 2022

Initial means of contact Not applicable


Scam scam scam look at some of their reviews they have a hole operation on where Brain is real name is Andrew Mathias and his partner Samuel will get you to do half the work then tell you that your portal is continuously detecting and tracking IP and you have to rent a software / VPN which cost more money. Which is one of many of their scam. They did not finish my work became I didn't gave in to Brain and Samuel scam. I sent money through VENMO this was the first red flag. So I reach out to them and this guy name Brian text me about finishing this course for me, and he said yes they can do the job. I should have known it was a scam when he asked me to send it through Venmo they did have my course and have for more money to do the rest. Which was not part of the deal. I have screenshots of all the text between brain Sam and myself. They kept stalling to compete the course until I gave them more money. Long story short it's a scam they will ask for more money, and they will not give your back or complete the course until you do. Stay away from them.

• Jul 19, 2022

Yes, they are 100% scam. They steal 500 dollars on me.

• Mar 11, 2022

Scammer's phone 346-325-1532, 669-280-6965, 669-259-4043
Scammer's website Online Class Geeks
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Phone


Paid for services that in the end they weren’t able to provide. Tried to make me pay for IP services and when I refunded and asked for a refund I was told by Mr. Anthony I needed to pay $395 to get my refund of $299. These people are scammers and take advantage of people in need!

• Jul 19, 2022

I will add another number which is +1(234) 352-4493

• Jan 12, 2022

Scam do not follow them

These guys are entirely scummy; I thought these guys were here to help me with my studies, but they kept asking for more money through Zelle and Venmo. I did get all my money back from those scammers, but they still have my number, and once in a while, they text me about discounts for taking classes or helping with tutoring, which is not the case. They are not here to help you in any way. Report them to the FTC if you need to cause they will take whatever they can from you.

• Nov 18, 2022

How do get the refund back ?

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