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Online Ammo Store Reports & Reviews (12)

• May 01, 2023

Rip off. Scam

I purchased 10 cans of #10 percussion caps and was billed $129.00 and I never received them. The word is out that no one has them in stock but y billed my credit card knowing there were non in stock. Like I said in the beginning this is a rip off and a scam

• Jan 04, 2023

Scam for Sure!!

Apparently based out of Houston, Tx... They got me for $142.97 via cash app! Ordered percussion caps and 2lbs of pyrodex. Sent a screenshot of the payment and havent got a reply back for the same number I had dealt with. No emails, no nothing. No one answers at the phone number. Aggravating for sure! Hoping cash app will come in and save the day, but I highly doubt it. Hope karma comes back 10 fold for them [censored]!
Scam for Sure!!
Scam for Sure!!
Scam for Sure!!

• Jun 03, 2023

Got ripped off as well. Had to pay with Zelle and they got me for several hundred dollars' You should contact [email protected] The run the website and can shut it down if it is involved with illegal activity. These thieves have moved to San Diego- Fake address of course and are still running the same scam. No one knows where these people are at Evans Tata$ James Sloys? probably fake names as well

• Sep 30, 2022

Scam me 645.00

I thought i purchase a canick tp9 whiteout and after i purchase it they try to scam me again to pay an extra 450.00. I asked for a number to call and never got a response only threw text messages i found it weird. So i try to look them up and found this. Pictures of the shipping company ammo store trying me to pay 450.00 and i payed ammo store 645.00 threw zelle. [email protected]
Scam me 645.00
Scam me 645.00
Scam me 645.00

• Aug 27, 2022

Apple Pay to a phone number

I ordered some percussion caps, wads and powder. The website said that it can only complete orders for over $100. They had me pay through Apple Pay and they said they have not received it. I called the number that I sent the money to, the person says that they know what I am talking about. Like I called a personal number. Yet I have all the screen shots of the money being sent. Complete scam. They got me for $126.91. If this is being going on for a while, how is this site still up?
Apple Pay to a phone number
Apple Pay to a phone number
Apple Pay to a phone number
Apple Pay to a phone number

• Aug 23, 2022

Ripped Off by

Ordered Percussion Caps in Jan. Had to pay with Zelle. No shipment. It is now the end of August. Their phone has been disconnected and they refuse to refund my $.
Avoid this website. I should have known better. (Buyer Beware). Ripped me off for over $200.00. The website is still up. I have filed complaints with my State and federal Agencies. Interesting that James Sloys is the customer service rep for this company. See post above. These guys cant even speak or write English-


Avoid these creeps!

After paying what should have tipped me off as way cheaper than competitors, they come back and say they can’t ship the order without a $500 refundable insurance payment. Told them they should reveal that information prior to the original transaction and I wouldn’t have made the purchase. Nothing but crickets now! They won’t reply to my request for reimbursement. This isn’t a refund, they never shipped the product!


Ordered a case of percussion caps well over a month ago. Never received them. They will not return phone calls or respond to emails or refund my payment.


My ordered came through, though it took so long for the delivery. I was scared after 5 days my order was not delivered. Thank you so much for your kind words, I count myself lucky after waiting for so long. I look forward to worain in the future!

• Aug 23, 2022

Are you the same James Sloy who is the rep for the Houston Store?

- Arvada, CO, USA

Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Victim Location CO 80004, USA
Total money lost $274
Type of a scam Online Purchase


On 24JUN I placed an order for 9mm ammunition on the website They e-mailed me an invoice for the amount of $274. Like an [censored], I sent them the money via VENMO. These clowns said Venmo rejected the payment and so they didn't get it. I went back and forth with these [censored] and Venmo to determine the payment WAS sent and it was received. I showed them the replies from Venmo saying this and they then claimed their account was locked. I told them their problem was with Venmo and I expected my order to be shipped. They said the best they could do was offer me a 50% discount on an order of $500 or more. Sadly, THIS was when it dawned on me I was scammed. These POSs stopped responding to text messages and e-mail. They list an address in Florida that resolves to a Real Estate Investment advisor and the phone number *************. BIG RED FLAG I MISSED was their demand ot use Venmo, Zelle, Paypal or another method that doesn't provide recourse to the consumer like a credit card would.


They did same for me.
But thanks I was finally refunded after 5 months.
At times if a Venmo account is frozen and one send money to it, the money will never be received.
So if the company in question do not do the necessary steps to unfreeze the account, your money might never reach them.
It's a common issue with Venmo.
So they called and explained the reason they didn't receive the Venmo I sent.
Then they refunded me back.
But 5 months is long tho.

To test the website, I ordered a bow for just 200$ and payed via Zelle.
This time I received my order.

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