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Ohio Edison

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Ohio Edison Reports & Reviews (16)

I received a call from Ohio Edison. It did not sound right. My caller ID showed Ohio Edison and phone number 888-544-4877. Received calls yesterday and today. The automated system said my service was to be disconnected in 3 hours. It said to avoid disconnection I could speak to someone. I believe I pressed a number to speak with someone. I questioned them. I just paid the bill yesterday. He asked my name address and how much the payment was. He said because I paid it online it was a third party. He said I should file a claim. As soon as he said that I hung up. He was probably going to ask for a credit card number. I just paid the bill. I wanted to report the call.

Had recording of Ohio Edison about order for shut off. Was scammed into sending money via zelle to process immediately to stop shut off from happening.

Zelle name -jaazanias delfin

Number - (401) 426-8938

- Vienna, OH, USA

Robo call- Hi this is a courtesy call to inform customers who are eligible to receive a discount from Ohio Edison electricity bill if you paid your recent on time please press 1 on your phone now and speak to a friendly representative again please press 1 on your phone to talk to an account representative and receive up to 15 percent discount off Ohio Edison

- Brunswick, OH, USA

Entered by - LJ - 4-17-20

I answered a robocall on my home phone. I did not listen to it too closely because I knew it was a scam. The recording stated I was sixty days past due. Ohio Edison will be turning off my service in forty five minutes. Instructed me to press one. I knew not to press any numbers. I hung up. I called Ohio Edison and reported the call. The phone number in my caller ID was 330-305-2971. I knew it was a recording.

- Masury, OH, USA

Called business and told employee there was a shut off notice for the Ohio Edison electric. Gave # and said to call. Called and had to leave a message with call back #. They called back & his name was Todd Harper, upper level mgmt for Ohio Edison. Just seemed off and put us on hold. Needed ach # and bank name. Hung up on him once it seemed like a scam. He called back. Called Ohio Edison and said theres no shut off notice and this is an ongoing problem!

Recorded message from Ohio Edison, said we have a past due balance and our service will be shut off after 30 minutes if not paid.. We have Galion City Utilities as our service provider. This call came into our business, left the following phone number 888-500-2194. I stayed on the line to speak to someone, eventually the call was lost. Caller ID on the phone said Yanushewski R. Message did not state amount owed and it was recorded.

- Brunswick, OH, USA

Monday November 18th a man and woman were knocking on doors in my complex. Don't know how they got buzzed it in. He finally got someone to answer and was asking to verify this ladies electric bill. Claiming they were from Ohio Edison electric company. Been with this electric for many years, never known them to solicit. Makes me believe its a identity theft scheme. If you live in an apartment please people dont just buzz or let anybody in!!!!

Robo call- Hello this is an important message for all Ohio Edison electricity customers if your last 3 months monthly invoices were $100 dollars or more you may qualify to receive up to 25 percent discount on your electric bill please press 1 on your phone now to speak to your representative that’s the digit 1 on your phone press it now to receive up to 25 percent discount on your Ohio Edison electric bill

- Vienna, OH, USA

Robo call- Hello and thank you for being a valued customer of Ohio Edison the following is an important update regarding all Ohio Edison electric accounts if you have not missed a payment for the past 3 months you may now be eligible for a discount of up to 20 percent on your monthly Ohio Edison bill to check your eligibility for the discount please press 1 now

- Painesville, OH, USA

I have a business and am reporting a utility scam call we received. Caller ID shows North Canton OH and phone number 330-818-7063. The caller stated he was a technician calling from Ohio Edison. He did not give his name. He stated he had a work order to come to our location to turn off the electricity for non payments. He said we sent two termination notices. I asked to what address. He gave my street address and suite number that was correct. He gave the exact address of the building. Multiple business are at this address. I did not know at first it was a scam. Not until he mentioned billing. We never get an electric bill. I said I don't own this building. We never got around to the amount. When I asked questions he hung up.

Scammers called saying they were from Ohio Edison and there was a shut off scheduled for today unless I showed proof of payment with confirmation numbers Etc. They knew the address and had a legit Ohio Edison recording for their phone number they wanted me to purchase a MoneyPak card at the store in the amount of $400 to avoid a shut off. I immediately called the Ohio Edison number on my actual account invoice to verify and there was no shut-off notice.

- Cleveland, OH, USA

Scammer knew our address. Said we had to pay our gas bill immediately (it was late). Said I had to get a utility pre-paid card at the 7/11 or Walgreens and call them right back with the information. I couldn't pay online or with a debit card because I only had 1 hour to pay or gas would be shut-off.

This was actually a business that was targeted, R & R Mechanical.

Robo call- Hello and thank you for being a valued customer of Ohio Edison the following is an important update regarding all Ohio Edison electric accounts if you have not missed a payment for the past 3 months you may now be eligible for a discount of up to 20 percent on your monthly Ohio Edison bill to check your eligibility for the discount please press 1 now

- Youngstown, OH, USA

Received phone call/said they were from Ohio Edison. Calling about our meter. Meter is to be disconnected and taken away for nonpayment for last 3 months. Told them I have an updated bill that says there is no balance due, past balances have been paid. Was told they were on their way within the hour to disconnect because we were sent 3 collection letters which I told them we never received. They gave me the phone # above with a case # and told me to call back. I called Ohio Edison and they said our account was paid and they don't use case #s like this and that is not their phone # and they normally don't call accounts like this and we should report the call to the authorities. The local police said if no personal information was given, just ignore the call. The phone # has been busy from the time I hung up with them one half hour ago.

- Cleveland, OH, USA

I was called on 8/5/2017 stating that my business address was late in paying the electric bill. The representative gave me the account number and stated that I owed $492.00. Alex Romano was the name given. I will admit, he was very professional, seemed very informed and we spoke for about 30 minutes regarding my site and its electric coverage. Something just didn't seem right though. He then stated that I should go to a Dollar General store, get a $500 cash card, scratch off the back and pay delinquent payment or they would be shutting off my business's power within 7 minutes.I told him that I needed to check the bill because it didn't sound accurate. I hung up with him, he gave me an extension to use when I called back. I double checked with my office manager (I own numerous businesses). That site HAD NO ACCOUNT with Ohio Edison. When I called back, an official Ohio Edison greeting was on the phone and linked me to his extension, but he didn't answer.

My employee called back today (8/7/2017) to verify it was a scam. She inquired about why a cash card for a payment as that isn't a normal business practice. Franco, the representative, told her she was and [censored] and should pray to her God for an answer when she questioned the false account and payment. He also then told her she had a "sexy" voice and he would *** her all day long. She politely told him he can just do that to himself and hung up.

Complete Scam.

- Holland, OH, USA

I got a call today from a guy that sounded like he was in a call center in India. He said he from Ohio Edison and asked to speak to the person in charge of the electric bill. When I told him it was me, he told me that I was about to be disconnected because of nonpayment and offered to take a credit card to take care of the payment. I hung up and called Toledo Edison. They checked my account and said I was current and told me that Ohio Edison does not have a foreign call center to do collections and that it was most likely a scam.

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