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Novad Management Consulting

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I have received several letters from both ISN and NOVAD - clearly a SCAM. Never saw that loan number ever - never signed a loan document. Have been in mortgage business for years and these [censored] surface like rats.

They have only one concern and that's to rip you off. They are just a little more skilled at trying to confuse many into sending them their drones. They are still in the fog, can't see what's really happening. They are the same as those selling Puppies online to people and ripping them off.

Do Not send them anything, Do not ever provide your personal information to anyone...and for god sake WAKE UP! USE YOUR FREE WILL!

I have received two letters from NOVAD and one from ISN saying my loan is going to a new service. Going from NOVAD Management to ISN Corportation-Western Operations Center. One of the letters told me I needed to send my mortgage payment to this one address. They have my maiden name on the letter which was changed with my mortgage company when I got married, they also have the incorrect loan number. The do have the correct address.

I had to make a phone call to my mortgage company for something else and while I was on the phone with them I mentioned this and they said there are a lot of people getting these.

My mortgage company Carrington Mortgage advised me to not send any payment to the clearly FAKE mortgage lenders. I was told my account was still active and at no time had my mortgage been sold or transferred.

In the letter,

There was no mention of what the mortgage balance, monthly payment amounts or bill pay options were. only to send your payment to the address listed, no over the phone or online payment was listed either.


I’ve received two letters from Novad Management stating they are the current servicer of my mortgage. It states that ISN Corporation will be servicing my HUD subordinate mortgage loan. I contacted my mortgage company and they stated they’ve never heard of this company and to ignore it. This is the second letter they have sent and stating I should forward future mortgage payments to ISN Corporation


Both of these servicing companies are a SCAM! Disregard both letters, DO NOT send payments to ISN. PHH should have and still should send a letter to all of their Mortgage clients informing and warning them of this act! Especially to elderly clients who may not understand and will send their payments to ISN!


As a Licensed Mortgage Loan Officer, I can confirm this is a legit letter being received. It's a 2nd lien. Essentially, at some point you decided to agree to a Loan Modification on your mortgage. The terms of the Modification would have been that once your 1st lien mortgage is paid off, your 2nd lien would come due. Your 2nd lien is being held by Novad and is being transferred to ISN. Most people think its a scam because they don't pay towards their 2nd lien as it is deferred until you pay off your current mortgage(1st lien). You will continue to make your payments as you do to your current mortgage servicer. The partial claims are due when the loan matures, is paid off, or the property is sold.


A letter was sent to my address, saying that my mortgage loan had been transferred to NOVAD Management Consulting, LLC

And to send my payment to them. When I called my mortgage company the loan had not been transferred, and giving them the name of the company that sent the letter I was told that they were aware of this company scamming and to not send any payment to this company.

and I also call this company and did not speak with anyone at this number(877) 622-8525 and this number 1-833-732-4553


I received the same notice. Crazy thing is, I satisfied my mortgage back in 2020!
I have no mortgage. This is a total scam. I called ISN, and once I told them that I have satisfied my mortgage, thier response was "oh, no worries, it was just a computer generated letter". They are just trying to get people to send thier mortgage payments to them, and have them default on the REAL mortgage.


This is definitely a scam. I do not have a mortgage with either company nor am I familiar with them. The document itself is sketchy as the "letterhead" is clearly a copy of a copy as the letters are fussy and blurry. As for the notion that this is due to the a loan modification, that is also not the case. Always check with your mortgage company if you're not sure. I'm not even bothering to call mine because this is obvious bull[censored]. And just in case you're still not sure, the number listed for ISN Corporation is 833-732-4353. When you look this number up, this is what is given:
Numbers starting with 833 are locationless special numbers that are not registered with a real operator. They can call via internet based system or call centers. This number service is registered as Toll Free.

833 7324353 telephone number was registered to our Unknown Number Inquiry Service on 2021-09-25 and was searched 81 times.

A real company will have a real number associated with a real address. This is ISN Corporation's address (see photo below).


i got the same letter dated September 22 2021. i have never heard of either of these companies. my mortgage company is totally different. i called my mortgage company and i was told that there was not any notes on my account about my mortgage being sold. and i looked at the loan number on the letter. i received a notice of transfer letter and i received a welcome letter. neither one of these letters have my loan number on them, it is a totally different loan number.


Received a letter on September 28, 2021 stating that the servicing of my mortgage was being transferred from Novad to ISN Corporation-Western Operations Center and I should direct all my payments to the address provided. Never heard of either company and have been with my mortgage company long enough to know that they would initiate communication if anything were to change. Confirmed with my actual mortgage company that this was a scam and also looked it up through the website and details are the same as others have reported.


Received a letter stating that the servicing of my mortgage loan is changing, with an address to send the next payment to. It says my current service is with Novad Management Consulting (which is untrue and makes no sense) and it's switching to ISN Corp Western Operations Center. How pathetic.


This company sent me a scam letter indicating that my mortgage was transferred to them but when I called my mortgage company, they said it was a scam and they did not transfer my mortgage and I should disregard. When I went into work the next day, i told my co-worker and lo and behold, she received the same exact letter in the mail a few days earlier


I received a letter from Novad that was sent on September 22, 2021. The letter was to inform me that the servicing of my mortgage was going to be transferred to ISN Corporation and to start sending payments to them.

The problem with this is that Novad has never serviced my loan, the account number is fake, and most importantly my actual mortgage company knows nothing about this.


I believe the previous responders may be ill-informed. I received the same letter. If you received a loan modification for your federally-back loan (i.e. FHA)-- it's legit. The arrears were not waived nor absorbed into your loan. Instead, a Subordinate lien was created and attached to your property.

The arrears were calculated and an agreement between HUD and the borrower was created. Terms of the agreement required you to pay back this amount at the end of your mortgage term or when you sold your home--- whichever comes first.

This company manages the subordinate liens for HUD. There are no payments due because technically, the loan is not due until you've paid off the 1st lien or you've sold your home.

This is legitimate - Your federally-backed loan's subordinate lien has been transferred from Novad to another servicer ISN Corp. This is not the transfer of your 1st (Primary) lien.


Thank you. This answer, makes perfect sense. I think the confusion may lie in that many of our banks simply told us that additional fees would be tacked onto the end of our loans and would be due at payoff time or if we sold the property. Not that it was an entirely separate "lien" serviced by another company subject to be bought and sold. Not like you normally think of taking out a traditional 2nd mortgage anyway. The 2nd letter does more clearly states in bold letters. "This does not affect the servicing of your primary first mortgage loan and you should continue to make payments to your regular first mortgage servicer."

This is a scam going around, using peoples lack of knowledge regarding their modifications against them. Yes, HUD will step in to collect at the end of the 1st lien, but these are letters telling borrowers to pay them now instead of their current mortgage company. My mortgage servicer has confirmed this is a scam, along with many other's here in this thread. These people are not ill-informed, and blessed they didn't fall victim to this latest scam.

correction: *Posters

I received the exact same letter issued on September 22, 202. At first, I was upset because I had been communicating with my mortgage company, and they never mentioned anything indicating that my mortgage loan had been sold, which was alarming because I was considering refinancing my current loan with them. I was not familiar with the mortgage company that was listed, which did not make any sense. After the dust settled, I decided to do my normal process of researching. It is a scam that appears to be legal. Also, I noticed that the postage was 3rd class/junk mail.


Just received a letter from NOVAD letting me know that beginning on October 8, I will be required to send my mortgage payments to ISN Corp. We are not associated with either of these companies in any capacity. Scam.


We received the same letter ! We received a letter from ISN first, then a letter from Novad a week later. The Novad letter says that they would no longer be my mortgage servicer after October 7th - my current servicer is Wells Fargo. The same date is listed in my letter - October 8. I have not received any notification from Wells Fargo that my loan has been sold or transferred. The letters seem shady - no website info, no payment info listed, etc. I'm calling my mortgage company to see what's going on.

I first received a letter from this company (Novad) saying that my mortgage loan will be transferred to a company by the name of ISN Corporation, 2000 N. Classen Blvd., Suite 3200, Oklahoma City, OK 73106. The situation is, I don't know anything about either of these companies, and neither one of these companies hold my mortgage. Please be aware of strange companies trying to 'hi-jack' your mortgage and you send money to some company you know nothing about.

See attached, but I redacted my name, address, property address as I want that to remain private.


Telling us our mortgage is being transfered to new company on Oct 8th, new company is ISN Corporation, But the loan numbers to not match, nor the mortgage lender. Novad telling us to mail payments to the new company, ISN. Letter almost look official, do not fall for it.


I received a letter stating that my mortgage loan was being transferred on Oct 8, 2021. The problem is that the Current Servicer is not my mortgage company, so the new servicer could not acquire the loan. Because I am in bankruptcy everything has to go through the courts and legal paperwork must be submitted by the mortgage company to the court and the attorney must sign off as well as send me a copy of the the paperwork.

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