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- Denver, CO, USA

Claimed they were calling from the IRS

She gave me her name-Watson badge ID 75327 and said that I owe $8300 to in taxes under case AL92130817. She said I have two options either I pay up or I go to jail.

- Denver, CO, USA

The man on the phone (Indian accent) said I had been randomly selected for a government grant that I was eligible for because I had no criminal record or bankruptcy. I was told I could get $9000 through a wire transfer or bank deposit and all that was needed was my SSN or bank account number.

A gentleman called saying he was the CEO of Fed Ex and that I had won $960,000 and a mercedes. Asked for a money gram of $1,100 in order to process the winnings.

- Arvada, CO, USA

I received a call and when I said "Hello" I heard a man say "Hi, this is so-and-so and I'm calling about your healthcare, can you hear me". Instinctively I said "Yeah, I can..." and the other line hung up. I'm afraid it could have been recorded and used as authorization for something.

- Denver, CO, USA

347-518-1432 (New York, NY number) called a left a voice message stating, "About a lawsuit which has been filed on your name so before we go with legal matters and send this to the local county court kindle call us back on our number which is 347-518-1432. I repeat 347-518-1432 thank you and goodbye."

They called back right after the message was left- it is a group of middle eastern foreigners who claim they are the IRS. I knew right away that they weren't because 1.) I am not in any sort of legal/financial trouble and 2.) They started to cuss at me when I wouldn't give them any information they were asking for. I know the real IRS would not do that.

Do not answer any of these calls, let them go straight to voice mail. And if the message states you are in legal trouble. Check to see if the number is valid or you can always call the real IRS just to make sure.

- Denver, CO, USA

received a call indicating I had won a $7800 government grant. All I had to do was send them a itunes gift card for $200 to receive the money. They said when I had the money I could call them back at 253-243-9660 ext 122

- Denver, CO, USA

Called requesting a copy of our 401K plan for an audit. When asked to send an email request, sent a email using the address above. Here is the email:

The U.S. Department of Labor, Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) administers many provisions of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), which is intended to protect the benefits of participants and beneficiaries in private-sector pension and health plans. We also advise plan participants of their rights under ERISA and how the law might apply, in general, to their situation.

Per our earlier conversation and your latest message, the following information is requested for the XXXXXXX 401(k) Savings Plan:

*Plan Document

*2015 and 2016 contribution information to the Plan (safe harbor and/or discretionary contribution calculation formula and list of eligible participants with dollar amounts contributed)

If the documents are too large to upload using the embedded link, please contact me at 816-285-1828 for alternate instructions.



This message may contain information that is privileged or otherwise exempt from disclosure under applicable law. Do not disclose without consulting the Employee Benefits Security Administration. If you think you received this message in error, please notify the sender immediately.

Called back and was hostile when asked to mail a request.

- Englewood, CO, USA

received message claiming they were with the IRS and this was a notice of tax evasion. They said if i didn't call back within 24 hours the police would be at my door in 24 hours to arrest me.

- Bennett, CO, USA

"IRS NOTICE: For more information contact on +1-2027381840 otherwise we will proceed further with legal steps and will forward your arrest warrant to your local police department. "

- Englewood, CO, USA

They knew my name, called me by my last name. They said that we certainly had damages from the current storms and asked if we'd like a quote & I said thank you but no.

I tried to call the phone number back and it said it was not in service - that's what got me suspicious.

- Aurora, CO, USA

Got a call this morning from the number. A man with a southern asked "Hi, is this [my first name}?". I said "Yes, speaking" and he immediately hung up. I tried calling the number from a land line, but it gave a busy signal. This was concerning due to recent reports of "Yes" scams.

I received a missed call and voicemail from the number indicated. The voicemail stated "This is the Internal Revenue Service. We are calling to inform you that the IRS has filed a lawsuit against you. There is also an active warrant for your arrest. Please call 844 819 8492 to stop your active arrest warrant and get more details about the lawsuit filed against you." I called the number back. A man with a middle eastern accent answered "how can I help you". I told him "I'm calling about the voice mail you just left". About 10 seconds of dead air followed so I asked "hello?" Then was hung up on. I called back, it rang twice, then was sent to voicemail that said "nobody is available to take your call, please leave a message". 2 hours later I called again and it went straight to voicemail. I left a message stating that I was reporting his number.

Received a call and the caller ID said Social Security Disability. When I answered I was asked, "Would you like to go to the Bahamas for free?" When asked who they were they said a recording service and that they can offer this to the rest of my family. They asked for personal information as well as personal information for my family.

- Parker, CO, USA

Sounds like an Indian accent trying to find me. They have my name and I don't know how. They state they are calling from the "US Government Department" trying to give out grants or something. I have reported them before on several different numbers. They hang up on you if you ask for a manager or to take you off their list. They called me 4 times yesterday on this number and once this morning and I have now blocked them.


- Denver, CO, USA

When the phone is answered a recorded message says "Hi this is Allison from the warranty department. Can you hear me okay?"

- Littleton, CO, USA

Caller said they were from customer service and asked if I could hear them. I replied yes and hear a click. They then went on to describe a vacation package. I repeatedly asked questions and realized the call was a recording. I believe they recorded me saying yes.

- Parker, CO, USA

I received over 9 calls from this number between 8am and noon before I blocked it. They sounded like they were from India and all they said was: "I am calling from the US Government Department looking for *they new my full name*" when I told them to stop calling, or asked for a manager, or asked them to take me off the list they would simply hang up and another person would all back not too long after. After blocking one number, the next day after receiving two calls I blocked that number too.

The scammer identified himself as John Adams, and said he was a Supervisor of the DNC department of the phone company. He said he was calling because we'd complained about telemarketers calling our business and he needed to place us on the do not call list. (DNC= do not call)

He got my name, my job title, tried to get my birthdate, and got me saying "yes," "correct," and "sure" a few times.

- Parker, CO, USA

This particular scam was a robo call asking if I could hear the caller. This was followed up with a request for information related to a "Free" night at a Marriot Hotel. The last question was related to signing up to be placed on the 'Do not Call' list by pressing number 3 on my phone. It wasn't until I read an article related to the "Can you hear me?' scam that I realized I had been duped.

Consumer received a call stating they were with the IRS and the consumer owed them money. The consumer did not provide information, and simply told the caller that the IRS would have sent a letter and to never call them again.

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