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A young man named Kamari left a message, saying he was from the Garnishment dept, about a "lawsuit pending against" me. He gave a rec #, then corrected it to "case#" He said he was from the North Star "med-a-ta -stish-un" group (i.e. he was confused about how to pronounce the name of the business), i think he meant "mediation." I could only find a debt collection related group for North Star in New York, (it didn't match the phone numbers on my voicemail) and there were nothing but complaints for the phone numbers, i was given in the message, at scam alert sites).

I called and got a defective phone tree that doesn't transfer you when you follow its instructions; you have to wait for someone to finally pick up : that man identified himself as "Jim Bell." He alleged i owed a payday loan from 2013. He claimed i wrote a bad check -- which i know to be completely untrue. I denied it, thought about it, and then pointed out that if i had such a debt, and i'm saying i do not, that it would be many years past Statute of Limitations and it would be crazy for anyone to make a payment on a debt like that (restart the debt period). He claimed it was a bad check and no Statute of Limitations applied.

He's wrong, by the way. i later researched and found that there is a Statute of Limitations on a written contract (which a check is considered for a payday loan transaction, and different from laws on a bad check deliberately written, for immediate goods or services, with no intention to pay) -- at least in my state, and it is 3 years.

I repeated the voicemail info that said i had a lawsuit pending against me, he verified that; i asked for the courthouse where it was filed and the case number. He then admitted no case was filed, but he would definitely be filing suit and garnish my wages if i did not pay him now or otherwise make payments (make myself liable for the alleged debt).

I told him filing suit against me, on an alleged debt WITH AN expired SOL, would bring me into court with an attorney and a counter-suit, and he would be violating federal FDCPA. He repeated, falsely, that SOL did not apply and then began to berate me about not paying, cheating the people who allegedly loaned me the money when i "was in a time of need", etc : lamenting my supposed lack of morals.

He launched into pseudo-biblical quotations about what the Lord says about all this! Incredulous, i asked him if he was bringing JESUS into this and did he know what Jesus had to say, in the Bible, about money-lenders? He went on "preaching" in a highly repugnant manner about my supposed SINS. By this time, he was constantly interrupting and talking over me.

By now, i just wanted to be sure he had been given my current address, so he couldn't claim they were unable to find me and file for a judgment "by default" --as i have every reason to believe he has no proof of valid debt against me in the first place (i know there is no bad check). When i told him i definitely wanted to be served at the correct address, so i could be in court with my attorney and a counter-suit, he said they already had my address and read off an address where i had not lived in 12 years, long before this alleged debt. When i laughed and told him that, he then reeled off 3 other old, invalid addresses. I pointed out that he could only have gotten these off an internet locator service and further illustrated that he had no valid info on me, making it sound like a scam. He named my supposed employer: i don't work there.

Supposedly, he intends to sue me, on an expired SOL (apparently with no original proof of debt, since i know there's no payday loan 'bad check'), with a threat to serve me "at your place of work" (which he proved he hasn't checked and doesn't know)? He's either an [censored], or he was threatening legal action with no basis or intent to follow through: that's illegal.

i did make sure i gave him my current address and phone # (he has no valid reason to claim he couldn't reach me and harass family with calls, and he has no basis to try to get a judgment "by default" by presenting false info and claiming i can't be found to be served). i want to be in court to refute that, if he tries to manufacture basis to sue me, although it's more likely it is all lies to coerce payments.

He kept saying he was only trying to help me as he lied and lied, finally said he had another call and hung up on me. i called back to get "the legal name and address of the company" and he gave me an address in Ft Lauderdale, FLA but i cannot find any such business listed there. The address is for a huge office building and i don't have a suite number, and i can't be sure i have the right business name. I had to call back a third time to verify the business name, since he hung up before that, but couldn't get anyone to answer.

He will try to appeal to your conscience (when he has none, himself), your possible religious guilt, your fear of being embarassed at work, your fear he can take you to court/garnish your wages -- he didn't try the old lie about being sent to jail or 'debtor's prison' but he tried every other lie of debt scammers.

The below is not legal advice. It’s just the information I got in my attorney generals website.

This company has been calling me for about a year and threatening to sue for time barred debt. This means the debt is too old and past the statute of limitations. When the debt is past the statute of limitations it is ILLEGAL for a debt collector to sue. These people buy the debts for cents on the dollar and try to collect them. And that’s fine but they CANNOT SUE YOU. They scare people into paying them. Check the statute of limitations in your state and do not give them ANY FINANCIAL INFORMATION. I know it’s scary but stand up to them. Yes they can call to collect but they CANNOT TAKE ANY LEGAL ACTION AGAINST YOU FOR A TIME BARRED DEBT.

- Minden, LA, USA

The guy said his name was jim bell and if I didn't pay him 390 for a payday loan I never took out from bayside

Loan that he is going to sue me and garnish my wages. I asked for him to give me the number to the company I "owed money too" he refused I asked for a validation of debt he lied and said muiltple had been sent out to me. That he would email me a copy. I said email is fine but I also want a paper copy. He hasn't sent anything yet

John *** from Northstar Mediation Group has been calling me to say I

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