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- Ypsilanti, MI, USA • Feb 06, 2024

This message was left on my voicemail. They also left a message the day before saying to have my Social Security number ready when I called back. I did not call back and I blocked the caller. “ Call new again in reference to pending claim by law I have to make you aware that the filing will become public record soon Please be available What identification at both your home and job tomorrow If Canal locate you, a direct refuse of the comply will be set on your behalf Every attempt to contact you has been documented The number you must call prior to being located is 8 7 7 7 6 2- 6 3 1 8. See you soon.…”

• Jun 02, 2023

I received a random text message.

Good day (business name). My name is John. Please I need your service for Landscape installation. Are you available to work?

Sends me an address in a city close by with photos that appear to be copied from Google because I could see the arrows on the road. He also sends photos of landscape designs he is wanting installed.

He asked to visit the address, take measurements and submit an estimate. He found my information on home advisor but I am not listed with them and states he has no budget.

He can only pay by check and is out of town with his sick grandmother.

Knowing this was a scam I sent a text reply with a high estimate and we are unable to provide service until the check clears. I also requested a photo copy of his ID since we are not meeting in person. He refused replying, "that's personal no I can't sorry"

I conducted a Google search on his phone number and email when I found a complaint already listed. He also attempted to call my cellphone several times but failed to leave any voice messages.


Had a voice mail stating that I was approved for a 37,000 hardship loan and to call 209-706-2354

Came to house. Say complaints in neighborhood about high gas bills. Ask to see your gas bill. Have you call a number and tell you to say you want to switch gas company. I asked who worked for. I cant put my hands on the name but i looked up. It was a temp agency. I called police. Had other complaints, didnt have permits. There were several of those people. Police rounded them up. Several months later my sister saw on facebook, same type of thing happening again in our borough. We have a lot of elderly here.

Have charge that I did mot place

Call is to inform you that a package has been seized and confiscated which is under your name by US a legal course of action red flag issued under your name so to avoid legal consequences and to know more about the investigation please press one and speak with the available officer…”

This is the voice mail left on my phone. I got 3 calls from 3 different phone numbers. All stating the same message from CA, VA and MS

Received a letter again—have gotten similar, even for vehicles we haven’t had for many years—concerning our “Extended Vehicle Service Plan”. We don’t have, and never have had, such a “plan.” We’ve leased our vehicle for years and are not concerned about this for ourselves, but for others who may feel such a notice is legitimate—it really appears to be. There’s no company name or address included, just a phone number, though our address and vehicle information is correct. We hope that the Better Business Bureau can do something to prevent financial harm being done to perhaps many innocent people. Thank you!

I keep getting these different texts… I didn’t order anything…561-698-2570

I keep getting these different texts… I didn’t order anything…561-697-2570

Received mail title MEDICARE Planning

To call Faye Rozenblad 570-974-3649

Is this a legitimate business

At the bottom says Medicare but not associated with Medicare

This was the message I received from them, “Move forward with the next procedure at this time you are forcing your right to take care of this matter outside of your county we may be contacting your human resources department to follow proper protocol to deliver your paperwork on the property again the client is willing to rectify this matter if they hear from you today their number is 603923492 for reference your case number S88264912…” I blocked my number and called back one of the 3 numbers I have from them, and asked the girl who answered why they are calling and who are they calling for, she said they want to buy my timeshare, even though there messages have been about coming after me at home or at work for some fake debt, when I went back at her with who are you calling for she hung up and now they won’t answer their phone at any of the 3 numbers. Definitely a scam.

I received this email out of the blue. I don't have any idea what they are referring to. i don't believe I've been actually charged but what is the point of an email like this?

Hello Sharon Larson ,

One of our account department staff Marie Baldwin has authorized your payment for the order number YmjtHQ4V-O6jy7gr-AXNUZBJN. Consider this letter as draft receipt for the order.

Order Number: YmjtHQ4V-O6jy7gr-AXNUZBJN

Client Name: Sharon Larson

Email of Client: [email protected]

Total Paid: $625.87

Mode of Payment: Auto Debit

Date: Thursday May 19 2022 Ordered Item

Purchase of Monolith

You can cancel or modify the order before the process completion.

You can send cancellation letter to our regional office

1290 University Drive, Chicago, 60610 IL

You can also keep cancellation request over phone 816 647-0281

Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G Successfully Dispatched

517 S Olive St

Los Angeles, CA 90013 US

(918) 223-3122

[email protected]





DATE 05/27/2022

TERMS Net 30

DUE DATE 06/26/2022


05/27/2022 Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G Foldable Dual

Screen Phone

1,799.89 1,799.89

BALANCE DUE $1,799.8

This number started texting me photos and then soon after nude photos. I explained it was the wrong number and they kept texting inappropriate things. I finally blocked the number.

Individual asked if this was me (my name). I answered yes.and they hung up.

Received this text message: your card has been Debited with $2799.00 for Canon r5 DSLR order id KQRN9Dx4n2 on may 23/2022to AMAZON. call us at 855 601-9107 if you not

It’s the same story as the girl with the blonde hair that’s been going around except now they are sending nude pictures and have a brunette.

I received a wrong number text message late at night.

The text read: “Tristan? Its Dakota. We spoke at Aislinn's bbq nd exchanged phone nos. Im back in the area rn if ya still want to actually go out if you're not busy, are you up to it?”

Really odd. I did not text back because I recognized this as a scam right away. My friend said it could be a sex trafficking scam and to not text them back. Just report and block the number.

I want to warn others of this that could become victims of something much graver than losing money.

Manuel Franco Lottery scam today.

Text from [email protected]

Winner of $768 Million in Powerball Millions Jackpot

Winner of $768 Million in I'm donating to 200 random individuals. If you

get this message then your number was selected after a spin ball. I have

spread most of my wealth over a number of charities and organizations. I

have voluntarily decided to donate the sum of $50,000 USD to you as one of

the selected 200, to verify your winnings send a text to the agent in

charge. Here is the number of the agent Ms Carolina Smith in charge (+1

205-216-1953), text him for confirmation and delivery of your winning.

keeps on telling me that I have to send them money to receive my inheritance or they will cancel it and send it back to unclaimed property

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