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No names no email no contact info at all.

Received a letter via mail to urge me to call with the VIN number of my vehicle to extend warranty coverage. No business name was provided and no return address on the letter or envelope. Feels like these fraudulent attempts at gleaning personal info from people are growing more emboldened by the day--especially as this came in the mail.

Messages sent:

-Hi daddy! I had so much relief the other day! What do u feel ab round 2?

-Damn! She must have gave me the wrong phone number! Did you like the pic tho?

-Ohhh! I'm happy I came across you! Would you want to meet up later?

-I just finished a fancy drink & a luxurious bath, want to take a looksie?

-I was wishing to end the night off with a bang. What r you getting into 2nite?

-I have been daydreaming about a naughty night with a very naughty man.. Could that be you?

-I really could use some help later. Do u think u could relieve some of my stress w/ a picture?

-I bet you r so attractive! I wish I could wrap my hands around you and make u experience wut I do rite now. I have a better idea-are u free?

-You can't possibly be 2 busy 4 this ;)

-Can I give you a call?

Received email from paypal confirming an online purchase of $449 with recurring charges of the same amount to my pay pal account. Second email received stating my pay pal account has been temporarily restricted due to no response from me. I no longer have a pay pal account as i closed it at the end of october-beginning November. I have not has access to this account since then.

Received same

Return address 2200 32nd St 2265 DallasTX

Return address 611 Pennsylvania Ave SE 1400 Washington DC This is an UPS Store

Both mailers had postage paid envelopes National Processing Center PO Box 612265 Dallas TX

Both mailers had the same USPS imprint US Postage Paid Permit 072 75147

Per BBB this is the company Central Processing Center Americas Recommended Mailers Inc and National Processing Center

TX attorney General filed a lawsuit against Americas Recommended Mailers Inc in 2006 they had the address PMB 220 325 Pennsylvania Avenue SE Washington DC or 325 Pennsylvania Avenue SE 220 Washington DC

So be sure to file BBB complaints with each company and ask the BBB to combine these listings

Return the postage paid envelopes to help support the USPS. Be sure to include the address portion of the mailer and request for the name & address to be removed from their mailing list

If you happen to locate an email for these companies please share. Also, be sure to request removal via their email and attach the mailers image as reference use your USPS informed delivery image

Seniors received call from someone who had an unknown number and did not give a name but mentioned the seniors are getting their property tax back and wanted to come to their house to "assess". Seniors did not feel conformable and did not give any information to the caller.

- Palm Harbor, FL, USA

Calls to me from different places including out of country, telling me to have my attorney call them right away or press 1 to speak to a representative. " Otherwise you will lose your right to retain an attorney." Off & on I have received 1/2 dozen calls. I have not done anything they've asked as I'm sure this is a scam.

- Pleasant Hill, CA, USA

First they asked if [my name] was my name, to which I answered "yes."

Then they asked "can you hear me?" to which I answered "yes, I can hear you."

Then they hung up.

I received a message notifying me that a suspicious charge of $499.00 was charged to my account. I am to return call to , 646-741-2394 to talk to someone. No account was given and no name of company.

I received to voicemail and never returned call to play out further.

- Lexington, KY, USA

Phone message left on voicemail

States avoid disconnection press 1-billing

Press 2-disconnection

I blocked this caller before

It’s a scam

Requested me to sign up for mortgage insurance

- Lancaster, KY, USA

Through an advertisement in craigslist I was approached by someone about purchasing an item. She had mentioned she would give me the cost of the item plus $50 to hold it in security until she could get a mover to pick it up. I was notified I would be receiving a cashiers check for set amount. The day of the check was to arrive the person I was communicating with notified me that the mover of the piece of furniture would need his fee delivered via PayPal or another form of payment. I notified the person I had contact with stating I would only pay cash. I also mentioned I believe this is a scam. The Fed ex cashiers check that I received was for $1980 instead it should’ve been $200. I notified the Better Business Bureau and was notified it was most likely a false check. Please notify others of this action I was smart enough to catch on.

I got a voicemail first from a man and then the voice changed to a mean woman's voice. She said she had documents to delivery to us and had made several attempts at our home and place of employment but they were all undeliverable. She was very aggressive in her VM and I know this was definitely a phishing scam. Please beware of people like this... luckily I know enough to google the phone number and found multiple reports.

- Cincinnati, OH, USA

Repeated Phone calls: All with the same message in the same voice.

Date ??? Phone 1-281-839-2112, Baytown, TX-contact them because of fraudulent activity on my social security card number-they will cancel my card.

Date 8/8/19 Phone 1-310-598-5746, Beverly Hills, CA, at 4:33pm-contact them because of fraudulent activity on my social security card number-they will cancel my card.

Date 8/19/19 Phone 1-850-359-5068, Jay, FL, at 9:15am-contact them because of fraudulent activity on my social security card number-they will cancel my card.

Date 8/21/19 Phone 1-713-258-7861, Houston, TX at 12:40pm-contact them because of fraudulent activity on my social security card number-they will cancel my card.

- Aurora, OH, USA

Person kept texting me from this number 814-302-2431 trying to get me to order a vin check report. They sent me an email address but I deleted b-4 I thought to report this.

This phone number called my moms cell and left vm stating she needed to call back to verify last 4 of her SSN. The message sounded like a robot voice. When I called back they asked what color panties I was wearing and many other sexual questions.

I have received several mailings from an address in Texas. 2200 West 32nd Street, #2265, Dallas, Texas 75261.

The mailing comes from a shopping center which includes a post office & other businesses, I believe. The mailing does not list any identifying information regarding this business. No name, phone #, email address, web site & I can only assume that the #2265 is the only identifying information. I did not request their mailings & do not wish to receive any. Don't complete their "application" or give them any personal information.

- Lubbock, TX, USA

This is from a voice message. They threatened to take away my social security number if I did not return the phone call. They said I could never get another social security number. The person had trouble with words like they weren’t sure how to pronounce the words. They threatened I would also be arrested.

- Somerset, KY, USA

I have been bombarded with phone calls for about a mth now. They call from different #s, but it's always been a man with a very foreign accent. It may be same person every time, no clue. He doesn't say who he is with "business", but immediately goes in to asking if I've received my new red/white medicare card, that the ins co is making sure everyone has received their cards. The times I have spoke to him or them, I have given different answers. The 1st time, I was confused & almost gave my ins information which is thru Medicaid not Medicare. Had card in hand, then my gut told me to stop. I started asking questions & I think that because I was coming off with so many questions so fast, it did seem to throw him off. I ended up telling him I thought it was scam, my ins co ALWAYS sends any information for me thru the mail, they have NEVER called me, and that I wanted them to NEVER call me again. Last week I had appt with Soc Sec office. After a few more calls from that man, I decided to write down what I could from caller ID & a briefly describe what was said both times, cause those 2 calls just days before my appt. I took the info with me & gave it the worker. I asked if she had anyone else saying they received same calls. She did say there is a new card out, but no one should be calling people about receiving it. I told her to keep the info & do whatever she deemed necessary with it. Now yesterday at 6:36 pm, I got same call again, this is info from ID caller: Name Unavailable, # 474-710-4880. Soon as he started I told him I didn't get Medicare, so no I didn't get that card. To stop calling me cause I put my # on National Do Not Call List. He was breaking the law by calling my number, then I hung up on him. Today @ 12:16 pm, here we go again. Caller ID info: Cell Phone BM, # 441-599-5859. I cut him off short & said, "listen you keep calling me nonstop & I want you to stop pestering me. I've told you I do not get Medicare so it would be really hard to receive any card from them. I think this is a scam! As I told you before, my # is on the National Do Not Call register, so stop calling!" He apologized then he hung up.

I am so fed up with this nonsense, can someone please make that dude go away?? I can't block his # cause he calls from different ones, so it wouldn't do me any good. I'm pretty sure this is the same guy & I doubt he's in the US. A lot of these scams are from other countries who thrive on making money off of us. I guess they think we're all rich over here, right.

- Minneapolis, MN, USA

Caller asked if it was me. I said yes and they said it was a wrong number. I called back and it said number was disconnected or out of service. Concerned my yes response was recorded and will be used for fraudulent charges and account so.

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