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Nike Inc. Research/Evaluation Team

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Nike Inc. Research/Evaluation Team Reports & Reviews (9)

• Feb 17, 2024

These [censored]s tried to say I stole money from them after confirming with them I had received the check. My bank tried to process the check, the fraud team came in to investigate the account it was coming from and said there hasn't been any money in that account for over 6 years. They were very detailed about the job they wanted me to do, and accused me of stealing the money AFTER I told them I had deposited the check and was waiting for my first assignment. They are currently attempting to scare me with intimidation by claiming they're going to get the authorities involved and had the audacity to ask me how much of the money I've spent. How do you spend money that isn't available to you?

• Feb 16, 2024

I was contacted by nike inc research eval team and told the same thing as the others. I was given a break down of everything to do with the money and due to the fact I take surverys on many other sites and am actually paid i had no real reason to be suspicious in my eyes. I went into a local check cashing store and was locked in and the man called the police i am now facing felony forgery charges due to whoever these people are claiming to be nike.

• Jan 18, 2024

I applied for the position from an add posted on social media via Facebook. The individual alleged name Donald Colton sent me email and text messages stating that I would receive a check for $3750. I will include all of the details of conversations attached to my email and text.
Nike Products Tester/Evaluation Team
Nike Products Tester/Evaluation Team
Nike Products Tester/Evaluation Team
Nike Products Tester/Evaluation Team
Nike Products Tester/Evaluation Team
Nike Products Tester/Evaluation Team
Nike Products Tester/Evaluation Team
Nike Products Tester/Evaluation Team

Glad I got sense enough to google. Hope this helps someone. I just received this info TODAY!
They almost got me
They almost got me
They almost got me
They almost got me
They almost got me
They almost got me
They almost got me

Kept sending texts asking for banking information for payment.
Realizing that it was a scam, I continued to have a text conversation
with an individual named Brian Ronald from Kings Landing, CA.
He stopped texting when I told him that I was collecting information
for my Spam report. The number that he was using is 530-421-8406.

Got a text to be a product tester to do assignment than a email but everytime i didn't respond to a message kindly i would get message every time once i did that i got this check dororthy jacks my phone would scan it so i told my phone wouldn't scan it they keep text me if did it keep getting the same thing they get asking me again and again i got to point i was annoyed the app told to go the bank they were heistant they like can you try it again then like go to bank to rectify it and defend it in case they ask i was like if legit why do i need to do all that so i scan check at the library went to the bank clerk had her suspension told them everything than she found it was fake if i cash i would owe them that much money was shocked immediately i block every number every mail they sent severed all contact willing my part so nobody fall for the scam i was lucky not many people are i will do my part to help take them down.


Thought it was legit want to the bank told me it was fake check and they would stole from my account my app couldnt scan it there were rushing me texting me everyday when told about the bank they were heistant i did it scan found ifascam block then and delete any email from them.

- Southaven, MS, USA

Nike Inc. Research/Evaluation Team sent me a cashiers check told me to cash it at my bank but it’s a fake check

- Leesburg, VA, USA

I found an add on the Facebook page group called Jobs For Loudoun County indicating there was this job position for a mystery shopper for Nike stores. However I don't have the original post advertising the job. To my knowledge the post included the job description, salary, and email contact info only. I followed up with an email regarding my interest In the position and asking for more details. The response to my email was as followed.

Dear Applicant,

Your email was received recently to be considered in our Nike product/apparel tester program. As a tester you get paid to carry out market research and submit sample reports on the quality of our consumer products and service tested.

To confirm your application and get you started, reply with these following details:

First & Last Name:**

Physical Address:**

Apt, Suite, Floor #:**



Zip Code:**

Cell Phone #**


Address of closest Nike Store:**

Address of closest Walmart Store:


You earn $400 on each completed assignment.

Only job seekers who follow Ad guideline would be considered for this position. No commitment is involved and you would have flexible working hours.

A swift acknowledgement of this email will be appreciated and be sure to look out for our response.

Regards, Nike Inc. Research/Evaluation Team.

Unfortunately, I fell for this and responded to the email with the answers to the questions asked in the email. On a side note I thought it was a little odd that I was asked my age and not my birth date. so I did not answer that question. The follow is the email I received after responding to the questions

Thousands of companies work to improve their services and businesses every day by using Testers who anonymously go into stores and report back to the companies about their shopping experience. Usually customer service, quality control, cleanliness and organisation.

Being a product tester is fun, its flexible and comes with a lot of perks. Let's get you started on your first Testing Assignment.

To excel or to become a successful tester, you must be good at paying attention to your surroundings and remembering details. Remember the name of each employee you interact with, the clothing being worn, if you are greeted politely with a smile. You might be asked to rate the product given in terms of quality. You might be required to ask assistance of the employees and rate their helpfulness. If you forget important details you may not get good ratings. It would be a good idea to take notes after each assignment. Keep a notebook and pen to record information you are likely to forget later on. You can keep notes on your phone if it helps.

Follow the instructions exactly as they are given to you. This is mandatory and you must remain anonymous or it defeats the purpose of secret shopping.

During your first tester assignment you will be evaluating our clients' service at Nike and Walmart Stores you have close to you. This particular exercise will be to determine operational compatibility.

Nike is looking into complaints in customer service delivery from and not limited to: reported lapses in services rendered by management and staff.

Customer's complaints were based on pointers which have been analyzed and prepared for evaluation below.

(i) Rude/Impolite treatment from customer service attendant

(ii) Slow services and delayed response time

(iii)Poor overall services

(iv) Unresponsive sales attendants Required funds to shop with at the stores you would be evaluating their customer service delivery would be made available to you, You would be shopping from the Nike Apparel and

footwear collection You can select from any of these:









In the event whereby highlighted items are not available in the store, you are to make purchase in the specified categories above.

Your evaluation begins from the moment you walk into the store, Select, Purchase and Try-on selected items. Items purchased at the store are yours to keep.

You are required to read and follow this instruction carefully and report promptly with results of your survey.

Your report would include:

I. Unqualified Staff

II. Slow services

III. Rude Attendants

IV. Excess charge

V. Late opening hours and closing before time

VI. Time of arrival at store location

VII. Time of departure

VIII. Indicated customer service lapses.

Walmart Evaluation

You are required to visit the Walmart store closest to you to make purchases(details will be provided to you) . While you do that, you should bear in mind the reason for your visit which is basically to survey the store and point out customer service lapses.

NOTE: You must not disclose for any reason that you are a tester or let them know you are evaluating their store. You are to remain calm and confident during the process of the assignment so as not to arouse any

suspicion of an ongoing survey. Prompt submission of your report will entitle you to an evaluation bonus. This would be included in your pay for the next assignment.

While making purchases you would be making the below listed observations.

Store Name & Address (If multiple stores were visited, kindly specify).

Name of the Cashier/Attendant {If Visible on Tag}•

How long it took to get checkout•

Smartness of the attendant•

Customer Service Professionalism•

Specify if there were any restrictions due to the amount of money tendered.

Your feedback will help our clients increase the quality of business service delivery and be the best they can be.

Salary and commission:

Salary:$400 Commissions:

You are entitled to a stipulated evaluation bonus upon survey execution in specified time frame.

You will be Allocated and Mailed required funds to carry out your evaluation exercise via check in mail.

You are to respond with an acknowledgment mail to indicate availability and processing for your Shopping Packet which will guide you in execution of your survey.


Please ensure you respond to this email in order to show your interest and also ready to get the necessary proceedings. Also send a text to 619-359-3244 to confirm your cell phone number for better and fast communication.

Regards, Nike Inc. Research/Evaluation Team

after this email I felt uncomfortable about responding and decided to do some research on this " company" and couldn't find anything in a google search.

what I found in my search was this same exact "company" was reported here as well with almost similar email responses .

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