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NIH Reports & Reviews (15)

- Colfax, CA, USA

Received a call from NIH saying I received a grant from the government. Individual grant . How do I check if it's real?

- Hartselle, AL, USA

I received a phone call from someone who stated I was approved for a government grant of $14,556. They asked for either bank acct number or debit card number so the money could be wired into my account. They also asked for my driver license number.

Man claiming to be offering my mom a government grant in the amount of 14,566.00 stating that he needed her to purchase a google play card with the amount of 250.00 on it at a local Walgreens to receive the grant and stated that he would also be refunding the 250.00 along with the grant. This man got very upset when I told him it was a scam and that I would be turning it in to the and began to curse at me.

- Cranford, NJ, USA

Pay initial fee for reg 400 , and then a 1000 tax fee

They tried to get me to purchase a Google play card in order to receive a $14,566 government grant.

Someone called me claim they were the NIH saying I was receiving a $14,588 in grants from the government due to having no criminal record and clean background ect.

Well it's baisicly like any other some guy named mr green with strong Indian acsont said I was chosen to win the amount of *** dollars because I been on time with taxs never been castrated and that all I needed to do was go to a Walgreens or rite aide and deposit *** to then and I'll get it back because it's like finishing the thing I don't know but I haven't gone to a rite aide because I'm not that galibale plus if you are chosen wouldn't they just give that to you and already know who you are pls if you may help get to the bottom of this .

- Bangor, WI, USA

June 30th 2018 i received a call from a lady who informed me that I was eligible and was to receive a grant for $14,000. I really did not believe what was going on but I did anyway stay on the line. The lady had a thick accent and new most of my information then transferred me to a claims representative which was another foreign speaking lady then after she confirmed my information and got my routing number and banking number because she kept on pestering me and me being a dumby gave it to her. Then I was transferred to a third person which was a gentleman with a thick accent and he told me he was the claim representative and he wanted to congratulate me on my $14,000 I was told to drive to the parking lot of dollar general. When I did I was told to go buy a Google play card for $399. I didn't buy the card cuz it would have overdrafted me. Even tho I was promised it would be taken care of cuz the $14,566 would be in there. So needless to say after I got done talking with the third person I walked into the Dollar General store tho my gut told me don't do it don't do it don't do it. So I did not. I hung the phone up on them but now I am very nervous because they have my account number and my bank number

- Hartland, ME, USA

Person has called multiple times. When they talked to victim, they made it sound like the real NIH, saying we were eligible for grant from them for being healthy and having no car accidents reported on insurance.

Neal Johnson told me I was receiving $14,066.00 for being a good citizen and not filing bankruptcy, nor using any weapons. He also asked a variety of other questions. He knew my name, address, and wrong DOB. I gave him my correct DOB. He said that if I used the money in any bad way, I would have to pay it back. In order to get the money, I needed to go to any convenient store and purchase an Apple I-Tunes card for $350. I was to stay on the phone with him and give him the confirmation number. He would leave the $350 on the card and then put the $14,066.00 on it. I told him I was on a fixed income and didn't have $350. He asked me if I could pay $250 and he would personally put in $100. I told him "no". He said he would call back in a couple of days.

They claimed to be the director for genome research and said that I was selected to be rewarded by the government because I had consistently worked and paid bills on time. Also because I had never filed bankruptcy and because I haven't cost the government extra money. They were going to get the information needed to transfer the grant money to a reloadable prepaid card and "wire" the money within 5-20 minutes. When they figured out I knew it was a scam, they refused to answer the phone anymore.

Called consumer and indicated she had a grant however they needed money upfront.

- Hermitage, TN, USA

Someone called me and said that Obama was giving out grants and he choose me i didn't have to pay the money back so i gave them all of my information thinking this was real until he told me go put some money on a apple card 430dollars and he told me then thats when the money will be wired to my account im just scared because they have my account number my ssn my driver license number my address and everything

Received call that said I won grant money! $14,506 but I would need to go to Walmart and get an Apple voucher and put several hundred dollars on it to receive the grant. Today my dad spoke with them and the grant is increased to $40,000 - I just need to pay $1200 in Apple vouchers. The indicated that once they received payment a deposit would be made into my bank account. They asked for my driver's license number and the last 4 of my social security number. I gave them my DL but not my SS last four digits.

- Port Orchard, WA, USA

I received a call from someone saying that I am being awarded a government grant. I listened at first because I am currently a student and have received a grant before. The guy forwarded me to a grant specialist or something and his name is supposedly George Harrison. He started to ask me if certain information was correct and then he asked me for my monthly income. I asked him doesn't he know that? He kept saying he had to verify. I told him that I still wasn't sure why I was getting this grant and asked him what do I have to pay. He told me nothing. He said out of 8,000 people I was lucky to be selected to receive this grant. I asked him what the grant was for he said for being a good citizen. That I could use the $14,566 toward anything I want as long as it wasn't illegal. I told him that I still didn't believe him and he told me that he understood and to go to and search his name but it wasn't coming up. He kept saying that's not possible. he had an accent just like the initial caller Indian decent, I think. The initial caller told me my grant number is WA23329 and if we lost connection to call him back at 254-477-8094. The Grant specialist told me that his name was George Harrison and he told me to write down the address 915 2nd Ave. Seattle, WA 98174 with the Department of (NIH) National Institution of Health and to call him back at (206) 538-5498. He said I was receiving an Individual Grant and then the phone hung up. He has called me back 5 times since I have started typing this. I haven't picked up because I wanted to do more research. So if he was going to ask for money he hasn't had the chance to.

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