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Victim Location 85747
Type of a scam Phishing

I have received several phone calls from this robo call today (x4), though different numbers showed on caller ID, two unlisted, one from (210), one from (617). The lady (robot calling itself Jenny Martin) on the other end said I am calling long distance can you hear me and I said various rude things and hung up. One the last received call I said, ""My hearing aid is broken", and the robot said, "I'm sorry", and hung up.

Obviously this is a trend.

Victim Location 90278
Type of a scam Identity Theft

This was one of those"can you hear me I need to adjust my headset calls"

Victim Location 80231
Type of a scam Phishing

My toddler accidentally answered phone trying to bring it to me and a male said "I'm calling from customer service (didn't give name of company) and then said "Can you hear me ok?". I didn't respond but he continued taking and I hung up immediately after.

Victim Location 48103
Type of a scam Identity Theft

"Can you hear me?"

Victim Location 77375
Type of a scam Phishing

I am on do not call registry. Calling cell phone on 01/27/2017 12:09pm CST. Fake lottery win.

Victim Location 77375
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Other

The scam goes as follows. You park your pickup in a parking lot at a major department store. When you come out, the person that owns the car parked immediately in front of your truck just happens to show up at the same time you do and exclaims that you have parked on top of his car! You look and sure enough, your bumper is just under his. Then he proceeds to say that he would be willing to settle any damages right there. I fell for this the first time and gave the guy $200.00 although I didn't remember his car being there when I first parked. But it happened again tonight when my wife and I were Christmas shopping. When the guy came up to tell me that I had damaged his car, my wife remembered that there was a pickup truck in front when we first parked. Obviously he had pulled his beat up car in front of my truck to the point that his front bumper was under mine. From now on I will always check to make sure what car is in front of me when I park and if necessary, even take a quick photo.

Victim Location 22209
Type of a scam Employment

I answered a job ad (Part Time Organizing/Filing/Record Keeping) on Craigslist by sending my resume via Craigslist generated email address. Got a reply this morning from a name Larry Scott at [email protected] address. He described the position - that I can work remotely, that he himself travels to Quebec, Canada constantly, how I have to buy gifts for foster kids, for example. Then he requested that I re-confirm my email address, and tel no that I provided in my resume. I was suspicious and did not and will not reply. I also found out that his original ad on Craigslist has been flagged and removed already.

Victim Location 72758
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Callers from number listed say they work for "IRS" and are calling to inform you that a lawsuit has been filed against you for tax collection.

Victim Location 28207
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Caller claimed IRS suing

Victim Location 85051
Type of a scam Tax Collection


Victim Location 38118
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Caller with foreign accent stated that I was approved for a loan. I haven't applied for any loans

Victim Location 78414
Type of a scam Phishing

Request for a report on Vehicle being sold by going to a fake website that the scammer provided.

Victim Location 83642
Type of a scam Tax Collection

I received a voicemail from a automatize system stating that there is a court hearing this afternoon and if I do not call them back then the sheriffs department will come and arrest me they said I have 5 allegations against me and if I do not call the number 1-716-200-4948 back then all they can do is wish me good luck. That is all that was on the voicemail. They called me twice from this number and only left 1 voicemail.

Victim Location 46219
Type of a scam Tax Collection

Called and stated that they were the IRS had and pending lawsuit against me. The number that they called from is 18185322017.

Victim Location 83647
Total money lost $2,800
Type of a scam Debt Collections

Getting several calls from a 208-318-5544, gives claim number. This caller has called my phone, my husbands phone and my brother-in-law's phone, all saying I owe money from some payday loan back in 2013. I did get upset and started asking questions. Like when did this happen, what it was I owed. what I got back was a very belligerent answers like so you're refusing to pay, garnish wages, ect. I wanted the answers to my questions so I could talk to my lawyer first before I pay anyone money. that was when they said so you're refusing to pay and then just hangs up.

I did talk to my lawyer and he believes it is a scam. and was told to give them his number.

Victim Location 37917
Type of a scam Debt Collections

360-980-8896 called me regarding my IRS return and looking up various ways, Scam Fraude

Victim Location 30075
Type of a scam Tax Collection

206 area code (actual number varies) calls and threatens lawsuit if taxes aren't paid.

Victim Location 37363
Type of a scam Debt Collections

I have received several phone calls on my land line in the last couple of months from persons indicating they are calling about an "enforcement action executed by the US Treasury."

The callers identify themselves as "David Gray" or "Steve Martin." The caller ID simply indicates "Denver." Each has left a voice message the content of which is extremely similar. The message indicates that "ignoring this [message] will be an … attempt to avoid [an] initial appearance before a magistrate judge or a grand jury for a federal criminal offense." The callers have left these two call-back numbers: 352-561-2042 and 716-707-0608.

Both callers have a foreign accent.

I have ignored all of these phone calls and do not pick up when I see "Denver" appear as the caller ID.

Victim Location 64855
Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

330-984-4971 i keep getting the message on my phone ,to contact this number for a ss disability benefits application. is this a scam .because i have received this message 4 times on my phone and once on my e-mail. i have not put in any app. for this service .because i'm already on ss.

Victim Location 89159
Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

The scam is an email saying that it is sending you a $1.000 gift card, but they need you address. It says it came from

[email protected]

It came in form of email. Saying "Smile Here"s_your_ $1.000_Walmart_gift_card_Thank You. " Click here.

I did not click. I know it's a scam.Please tell people not to click. I believe it is a possible home invasion tactic. It also ask for my home address.

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