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Mystery shopper

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Mystery shopper Reports & Reviews (97)

Victim Location 66614
Type of a scam Employment

Applied to be a mystery shopper and received a $2,320 check in the mail from a restaurant in Indianapolis. There were no instructions with the check but came in an envelope. I am now receiving emails with instructions on what to do with the check. I looked up the restaurant and called them asking why they would want me to be a mystery shopper for them. The owner stated that their bank account has been compromised and the check is not from them. I did not cash the check but wanted to let others know.

Victim Location 14103
Type of a scam Employment

said ive been chosen to partake in a mystery shopping trip and will be paid $198 per survey.

many misspelled words in the email. however they did show most of my walmart credit card number in the attention line

Victim Location 35023
Total money lost $4,625
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was offered job as a mystery shopper and was sent checks in mail and then told to cash. From that point I would do a shop and then rest of money I would have to send Moneygram from that location to someone else in another state. Each check was $925.32 and I have done this 5 times. Today I check my bank account and there is a withdrawal for $925.32 which means I was scammed. So now these other 4 amounts might come out and I am out of MY own money. I filed a police report with my local police too. It was a foolish thing for me to do and will never happen again. This was also an online application. 

Victim Location 85306
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Mystery Shopper sent me a check via FedEx for $2000. Saying to deposit and send money to western union recipient. Also keep 170 and split rest with two recipients.

Victim Location 63801
Type of a scam Employment

Sent me check to deposit in my bank account then call them to mystery shop

Victim Location 70361
Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

See the Attachment.

I contacted First Kansas Bank and was told that the check was fake.

Victim Location 37075
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I received invitation for secret shopper via email. Said that would send a check with commission included and I would shop the walmart and western union. Please send your email and personal info(address phone number etc). They a check for 2900 and wanted me to cash it and send the money of 2700 to an address in poland. Very disturbing. I sent an email and they sent back to complete assignment and then hacked into my email. Did not attempt to take money yet but I am not sure if my computer has been hacked. I did run a scan at staples and put alerts on my accounts.

Victim Location 93955
Type of a scam Employment

I received a text from mystery shopper manager, Robert Walsh requesting me to be a secret shopper and I replied with information he requested which was my name address date of birth email address and my age then a few days later I was sent a cashier's check in the amount of $2,400 from a Georgia bank and was instructed by text to confirm I received this check then I was sent an email with instructions to cash this check and send $2,100 to Larry Parnell in Manila Philippines I found this odd so I did research to find this to be a scam I have not cashed the check and I have not verbally spoke with anyone in relation to this fraudulent business but I have retrieved a phone number which they are contacting me it is out of Florida and the number is 813 616-4382 also I have an email address which is [email protected] I researched the bank listed on the check, made contact with bank and verified this is a fraudulent check. The real check was issued and cashed on 08/01/2013. I also researched the address in CT. On Research Dr. And it appears to have numerous businesses related to it. Survey sampling inc., graywolf, survey sampling international llc, and liquid lunch. The person affiliated with this address shows Richard T. Stoner and utilities are under the name Victor Yelevich. There is no information associated with the email [email protected]

Victim Location 32526
Total money lost $1,980.99
Type of a scam Employment

I received email from Victoria Donald or Victoria England and then a cashier’s check#295210, of $1980.99 that to be sent to 2 receivers their name and their address as below: Beverly Britts her address is:2051 N President George Bush HWY, Richardson, Texas, 75082 that I sent her amount of 893 dollar, the second receiver was Shirley Lane her address is:209 Enterprise BLVD, Hewitt, Texas, 76643, I sent her amount of 893 dollar; I used Money Gram to send the money to both of them the charge for each transaction by Money Gram was $12.50 Victoria asked me to take $170.00 as my commission for working as mystery shopper for money gram stores. I sent the money on 12/11/2015; then when I check my account on 12/15/2015, the TB Bank, where I have my account informed me that there was not enough fund for that check and the check was returned. I called the Hot Line with your office yesterday. Victoria Donald cellphone# is 803-574-2206 and her email is [email protected] and also has this email:[email protected] Victoria again sent me another cashier's check#358213 for amount of $ 2,380.99, I deposit it on 12/16/2015, but I did not send it to the receivers because I discover the fraud that was happen to me. TD Back made a hold on my account.

Victim Location 33029
Type of a scam Employment

Below is the email I received.

Hello ,

We received the information your submitted on our website and you have been Accepted as one of our Conducting Agent. You will be evaluating Walmart store & Western Union Stores in your neighborhood,

kindly check out for one Walmart store & Western Union store you will like to evaluate , make sure the store you will chose is close to your area as much as possible, you will have to send the name and address of both stores, Please note that you are to act Cool, Calm and Confident through out the period which you will be carrying out your survey at the store, in order not to arouse any suspicion. you will be shopping at Walmart store and also make a transaction at Western Union , you will write a report about the customer services , you will send

your report back to us via Email, you will have to use the following pointers to prepare your report :

1) How long it took you to get services.

2)Ambiance/Outlook of the Shop/Outlet

3) Smartness of the attendant

4)Customer service professionalism

5)Reaction of personnel under pressure

6)Information that you think would be helpful

7)Your comments and impressions.

Payments will be mailed out to you, which you will expend in carrying

out all that will be required of you including your compensation and

Transportation fee. All Other Instructions will be sent out to you as

soon as Evaluation commences.

Please reply this Email and give us the name and address of the

Walmart and Western Union you will be evaluating so that we can mail

out the payment as soon as possible.

Type of a scam Employment

Job Bank, job posting, Mystery Shopper, wanted you to register, which is normal, except when they asked me for my SIN# and my PayPal account information, red flags started to go off. I believe this is a scam. Then I thought I went on the BBB site and it was not sent me to Mystery Shopper and wanted me to join the [email protected] Sent email asking for info on how to be a mystery shopper, sent email back to me asking for money. Again, red flags. According to info on BBB legitimate mystery shopper sites don't ask you for money* ** *** *** I did not send any money or give them my SIN # or PayPal account info, I was sent an email from the [email protected] and replied back telling them that I was going to report them.

Victim Location 94526
Type of a scam Employment

I received a e-mail about becoming a secret shopper, I applied, and then they sent me a check for2,944.00 told me to deposit in my bank I was to keep $300.Then to shop and evaluate wal mart and the remaining money to split the money in half and go to two different money gram money transfer locations and send the money to two different people in Houston Texas. It said the money was going to two more secret shoppers, G and Kenny gray ,then when I was done I was suppose to send my reports to [email protected] The check was from first national bank in fort Collins,co and was signed by Michaela Nuney,cant be sure I got last name right because it was kind of scribbled. The envelope that the check and instructions came in, said it came from Kelly Gould, Tecumseh senior high school, 901 n. 13th St. Tecumseh,okla.74873 The check also said on it remitter; Howard Wasserman

Victim Location 40621
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Mystery Shopper (Secret shopper) Received a check for $2900.00, supposed to deposit and send a Western Union payment to a person in Poland, amount $2700.00. I don't consider this shopping. I belonged to a shoppers outfit at one time and it was nothing like this. going to the police on Monday, they are closed for regular business on the weekend.

Victim Location 60625
Total money lost $2,340
Type of a scam Employment

On September 4, 2015, I received an email saying that I have been selected to participate in a mystery shopping experience. I do not remember if I actually signed up at one of the websites from a long time ago. On September 9, I received another email saying that they mailed me the check and gave me instructions to deposit the check worth $2340.00. The packet came via USPS Priority Mail Express. According to the return address, it came from Coldwell Banker Res Broker 2095153792, 175 Park Avenue, Madison, NJ 07940 The initial assignment stated that I will shop at a local Walmart store for no more than $50.00, then wire $1000 using a MoneyGram and another $1000 using a different MoneyGram location to send to another mystery shopper. This check is supposed to be broken down to the following expenses:

Assignment salary = $250

Walmart = $50

Amount to be transferred to a Javares Peyton = $2000

Remaining amount for money transfer fees.

So I deposited the check 09/10/2015 and the money became available the next day (09/11/2015) and I carried out the assignment. I took out the $2040 cash and wired it to a Javares Peyton from 2 different MoneyGram location with the following reference numbers: 81962145 and 71670365. The next day, the person that has been contacting me wanted me to do an urgent task of wiring another $250 stating that the other mystery shopper needed it to finish his assignment. It was then that I started to think that this transaction is shady. I went online and googled and found a website with warning signs on scammers. I filed a complaint on the Federal Trade Commission. On 09/14/2015, I received a response from Federal Trade Commission with a link Fake Checks - to assist me. This link, however, is only helpful in spotting fake checks. I have already carried out the assignment and had removed cash from my bank account. I felt so helpless and depressed thinking that there is nothing more that I can do. On 09/15/2015, my bank removed the $2340 and it was then that I really realized that I have been scammed the amount of $2340.

Victim Location 96898
Type of a scam Employment

I Applied for employment as a mystery shopper on line. A day later I received an email saying I was selected and would be assigned to and would be paid for my evaluation of am a large retail store. I received a cashiers check for $2550.00. $300 for my assignment. $70 to shop at the store, $50 to make two money grams to be sent to two different individuals on similar assignments. One in Maryland, one in Oregon. I called the bank that issued the check and they said it was a Fraud!!

Victim Location 02420
Type of a scam Employment

I had applied on line for a Mystery Shopper Job. They sent me a check for $1,860.00. I was to deposit it into my bank account. Told me to keep $250.00 for my weekly pay and take $50.00 and go to Walmart and buy something. I was to then get a prepaid money card and send them the rest back ($1,560.00). I knew it didn't sound right, so I called the first. They confirmed it was a scam.

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