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My Quick Wallet Reports & Reviews (28)

• Dec 12, 2023

This company is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life I was told by two people that I was preapproved and she said stay by the phone for the next 30 to 45 minutes just in case they have any questions then five hours later, I get an email from them saying I’m denied so I call any number I can find that is related to them and it all says the same thing that I was denied and I need to hold if I have additional questions and then a little while longer, it says ple[censored]d for a supervisor then it tells me to leave a voicemail and they’ll get back to you when you never get a voicemail. It just keeps circling back around and around and around. I have emailed them multiple times with no response. This is a total scam, everyone needs to know that these people are not legit and I don’t know how anyone with a conscience could work for this company

• May 12, 2023

I tried for a loan they took my social security number and routing number for my account but said I was denied worried about it now they got my info

• May 08, 2023

I had applied with this place because I needed money to help pay for rent. I wish I had read these reviews first. This lady had called me and said she needed to log into my bank account and she assured me that they do not keep any login information lol yeah right! I told her "no, I am not allowing you to do such a thing". Then she said if I cannot allow her to do that, I can log into my bank account and she can watch if I allow her to remotely connect. I still said no because I do not want her to remotely connect at all! She then said the last option is to upload 2 recent bank statements to an email address to verify. I did that but now she said I have to wait till they verify everything to be approved? Now they have been harassing me by calling my work phone number and personal phone number. I can't get rid of them! I had emailed and called them to close my account and nothing.
Has anyone been able to close their account with them?

• Apr 17, 2023

Called ask for loan ask for my card number and social security number never heard of this

• Mar 27, 2023

So I was online looking into loan companies, as I am in a hard spot and between jobs right now. Rent and bills coming due. This place called me, MyQuickWallet, and it all sounded too good to be true. When the guy asked me to link up so he could see my actual online banking information, I knew something was wrong. No other place ever asked me for that. So I told him I was no longer interested, hung up, and called my bank's fraud department. They put a hard hold on my account and card, and immediately got me to an agent in the bank to help me open a new account and card. This is a very real sounding loan place. Please DO NOT fall for this. It is a Scam and they will take your information.

• Mar 08, 2023

I applied with them for a loan and was approved once a gave them access to my online bank information and signed my documents with them I was wanting for my deposit never received it when I tried calling them at the listed number above I was redirected to a automated system that wouldn’t let me speak to someone so I used a different phone to call and they answered my call and told me I was declined now

• Mar 03, 2023

I applied for a loan through the website, got a call from the representative who had all my information and then wanted me to repeat all my information back to him. He had me download an app to share his screen and from my phone like an [censored] I put in my login information to my bank account. Then he said he got all the information he needed and that I would get an email about the $750 loan I applied for. The moment I got off the phone I knew something was up, I quickly called my bank to close my checking account and had to reopen a new account. Then I had to setup a direct deposit with my job to my new bank account. They had all my personal info, routing, account number, social security number and home address. It’s a scary world out there to know people can be so evil to take advantage of others.


750 and you're only taking 10 dollars out for principal per payday?! Crooks!


My Quick Wallet loan company is Robbing people with high interest rates that are 9 times the original loan amount.
This company is very misleading and dishonest.
And this has to stop!


We got a loan from MQW, like everyone else it was $750 .. I usually read reviews, but didn't that time. The guy took all our information, said we were approved, and now the website just says 'loan closed'. So if you're reading this, and are considering it ... learn from the rest of us, and DO NOT use these ppl for a loan.

• Mar 03, 2023

I had the same thing happen to me. The guy took all my personal information. Had me download an app to share my screen in order to get my bank login information. They told I was preapproved for $750 and that I would get an email within 45 minutes about the loan. These people are crooks and very convincing. I now have to go to my bank, close my account, and setup direct deposit with my job through a new account. The scary part is they have all my other information like address and social security number. These people need to be taken down! There’s such evil people in this world that would do anything for money.

P.s.s. Me again!
The first thing I want to say, is that I am not stating these ppl are scammers etc. I am simply posting OUR experience with them.
We talked to them this morning 8-18-22. The guy said it wasn't approved due to "bankruptcy" .. we have never filed for bankruptcy. I told him that there were a lot of posts about this company, and he straight up said, "like what, for stealing or scams?" Now what does that tell you!? He already knows! So we asked him to remove our banking information from the site, and he said since the file was closed, they can't. So I said "in other words, you collected our information, then closed the account?" He just kept repeating that he can't open the file unless we call BACK. Which made NO sense. None. I finally told him I wasn't there to argue with him. In short, please people do your research - and if you feel you've been duped in any way, file a report with the Federal Trade Commission, your state's AG has resources, there's resources with the Gov at consumer complaints. I hope this helps someone else out there.

P.S. They did not take any money out of our bank .. I'll probably be advising our bank just in case.

I borrowed from them in a desperate situation. They have been taking money out of my account every two weeks for over a year now. You can never pay it back. I e paid at least ten times over what I borrowed. Modern day loan sharks. Really it’s just greed and a total disregard for humanity. They prey on Desperation. Do NOT BORROW FROM THEM!

• May 08, 2023

So you actually got the money?

The exact same thing others described just happened to me and like an [censored] I just gave them ALL of my information. I seriously want to cry.They said I pre-qualified for a $750 loan which I desperately needed. She asked for all of my information, then said I would get a call within an hour. I logged in to my account with them immediately after she hung up and all my loan document information had been erased. I tried calling them and I wasn't able to speak to anyone. It only said I was denied. Now every time I call it goes to voicemail. These people are bottom feeders and just trying to steal personal information along with bank accounts and debit card info. I reset my password on my Online Banking. Now I will need to close accounts and card for security reasons.


I did the same as others and fell victim, although no money was taken who is to say they won’t on my next pay day. So I changed my password and login information so they can’t get in at all. Good thing I have multiple accounts. Do not fall for this as it’s a joke honestly and a waist of time you can not get back .


My Quick wallet is a scam. I had a bad experience with them. I fell victim to their scam. I did not pay attention to information concerning them. Their rates are extremely high and they want to much personal information. They needs to be put out of business.


I don't know how they got my number, but they keep calling me!


I called them after trying to apply online I was able to type in the amount I wanted to borrow Which I was approved for the 750.00 I was happy cause I really needed the money The guy I talked to (after giving my information like a dumb butt)said he was sending it over to be sent to me But low and behold I got nothing and I also never got a phone call in an hour or anything sent to my email all I can say is this place is a huge scam and a lot of bad words!


Did they take any money from your account? The same thing just happened to me

They said I pre-qualified for $750 loan. She asked for all of my information, then said I would get a call within an hour. I logged in to my account with them and all my account information had been erased. I tried calling them and I wasn't able to speak to anyone. It only said I was denied.


I had a bad experience with them too like everyone else they tried asking for my bank username and password I said no and told them anyone who asks for that information is a scam and hung up. I called my bank just in case they somehow hack into my account cuz they have my personal information and they changed my username and password. I'm glad my bank protected me just in case.


I really wish I would’ve read the reviews first before I put in my application. I wasn’t paying attention and yes all the things everyone is saying are true. I feel dumb because I actually went thru the steps and verifying and after she said I was approved for $750 she said I’ll receive my funds by the morning. Then I read all these reviews so I called back to cancel and before I could the automated system said I was denied.. but how so now every time I call from my phone I can’t speak to anyone but if I call from another phone they’ll let me thru. At this point I’m waiting for my bank to open so I can get another bank account and debit card. This was one big scam and a horrible decision on my end


Did they take any money from you?

It's a scam to get your bank info that's all.

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