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My Expert Advise Reports & Reviews (22)

• May 09, 2021

I fell for their scam in 2018. Now I am being told I will be charge $7200 for the total of 5 yrs coverage. To cancel I must pay them for the time that the program was in use. I never agreed to a $7200 or 5 yr contract. The amount I agreed to pay was $199.98 to get them off my computer


Victim Location 46528
Type of a scam Tech Support

A sudden, boldly alarming warning screen proclaimed that a virus had infected my computer and I should call a Microsoft support number to have a technician take care of the problem. Shocked and disturbed, I complied, only to be told by "Shawn" that the company I had reached was My Expert Advise,which was hired by Microsoft to perform such tasks. I am ashamed of how gullible I was in my fear, but needed to get necessary work done on the computer and had no idea until much later that Microsoft doesn't work that way. The technician did "restore" functionality to the computer and installed Symantec anti-virus software. The payment that was requested was for 3-years of "protection" and the company's number was easily visible on the desktop screen. Several emails were forthcoming, but my unease had grown to such a level that our"contract" was voided. However, my unease persists because My Expert Advise may have installed a permanent remote access control and gained access to passwords. I am sick about how they could manipulate by causing unnecessary fear and basically behave as "a wolf in sheep's clothing." Their website appeared legitimate, which is all the more offensive. Although the downloaded file has been deleted, I am afraid their presence is still in our computer threading its way into private corners. This company does not live up to what it claims and is an ongoing threat. (Below I was unable to attach copies of email correspondence .)


I've been under contract with My Expert Advise for the last 2 years. The contract is now up for renewable which prompted me to start looking elsewhere. If they've installed a permanent remote access control I'd like to see if I can find it. How did you find it? Is there a file name that I can search for?

Thanks in advance for the help,

[email protected]

Victim Location 18045
Type of a scam Tech Support

I first received a phone call a year ago recommending a security update for my computer and its network, for a "lifetime" fee of $999.99. An electronic check withdrawal was arranged, that time! They sound competent, convincing and professional. They would eventually contact me by email and phone for follow-up tech support and to check my lap top(s) for intrusive malware etc.

A year later, almost to the day, I was called to review my hard drive and my windows update. They, again, provide a site for me to type a code provided, and they control each lap top separately. Various panels were displayed showing me the "errors, warnings, etc" which are plaguing my drives, and which need to be cleaned out and "firewalled."

Their technicians are well-spoken and sound professional and competent,. They provide familiar cultural first names, though sound "Asian subcontinent/ Indian." Options for the "second lifetime" support and service were provided through "Wide Tech Solutions." The fees are paid through a faxed check, drawn to the order of "Wide Tech Solutions Inc." Receipts and the service telephone numbers are provided and placed in your drive files.

The fee was $2999.99.

Having dealt with them before, I was convinced. But, I became suspicious (or inspired to inquisition). When I googled their company names and telephone numbers, I found an "F rating" by the BBB, and other complaints and scams of this type by other scammers reported, including a website for the U.S. Federal Trade Commission for such scam reports and information.

I stopped payment on my check within 24 hours. Now, I became disturbed, embarrassed, and angry at myself.

No further communications were initiated by me. They, subsequently, phoned me several times with most from ID numbers I was familiar with. They had advised me that they would follow-up upon disconnecting my laptops and phone call.

I did not respond and "blocked them" over the next several days on my home remote and I-phones.

One time a message was left on my hard line answering machine. It reminded me that I was provided with "their services" and they wanted to contact me to call them, at my convenience, to follow-up on the changes they repaired on my lap top(s).

Their website is impressive and typical for such a business. The prices they advertise, however, differ significantly from those quoted at the time your laptop drives are demonstrated to be infected. The term "Advise" uses an "s" than a "c." Either this is proprietary, or a bad error in spelling and/ or editing. The online "warnings" about their business name, telephone numbers, etc. were convincing that I was taken in with otherwise "free online" hard drive 'cleaners' and windows updates, which a little effort on my own part could download - NO CHARGE, let alone thousands of $. "They" were paid once, last year. This time I precluded the payment in time.

I was "taken in" twice, though self-corrected after my second foray. I hope I was wrong about them, but I am embarrassed. I did not wish to lose money for "free web software," in spite of the "professional" handling and time given to "inspect and clean out" my drives (about 1 hour for two lap tops). Many scammed people, of several age groups, have stories online, where advice to avoid scams repeats this same message outlined.

Nevertheless, on this year's contact, I had a bad feeling - after-the-fact, and the online searches indicated that their business has notable suspicions, and the environment of scamming, generally by many companies and individuals, throughout the US by mail, or by online became very disquieting and disarming to me. It has to stop!!

As of five days since the recent initial offer-contact, they have attempted to call me; only one formal message provided. They are blocked. My bank accounts have not been docked for the check that was "stopped" by me with my bank. These scams must be corrected, exposed, prevented...and their "victims" protected from the consequences!!!


Victim Location 39209
Total money lost $399.98
Type of a scam Tech Support

On my computer when a screen comes up locking me out of my computer. I called the number and they said my computer security system was no longer functioning and did I want to purchase a system where I would not lose my information. I did but found out later this was a scam. They keep calling me back trying to get more information from me, probably to scam me again. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.

Victim Location 80524
Total money lost $539.10
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

On Sep 28, 2018, Symantec contacted me for antivirus protection. I signed up for 5 years of Symantec Endpoint Protection & Support thru 27 Sep 2023. On Jan 16, 2019, I received a phone call from a person (name I could not understand but sounded like the person I originally signed up with) saying he is from My Expert Advise/Symantec Endpoint Protection. Due to satellite issues, the company was going out of business and they wanted to refund my money. I thanked him and told him to refund the money against the credit card I originally gave him. He said because they were going out of business, they did not have that option. The only way they could refund the money was to deposit it directly into my account. He then transferred me to a Senior Account Manage who said his name was Steve Rogers. He explained to me that they would not have any of my bank information, I would open the bank account and they would deposit the amount of $599.00 to my account. I (stupidly) did this. "Steve" asked that I make sure that I knew my balance so that I could tell the money was deposited. Well, the next thing I know, over $8,000 was deposited. "Steve" started whining saying that he was going to lose his job since he in error deposited more that I was due. Now he said I needed to go to Target or Walmart and send him the amount that was over the amount I was due. I told him I couldn't do that: no car, no transportation. "Steve" proceeded to tell me that there is no trail: no one would believe me. I can't go and claim that someone did this to me: no one would believe me. Next thing I know: ALL MY MONEY was removed from my checking and savings account. Of course I told him that I thought he couldn't do this and the next thing I know, he had taken all my money,. And it is not even my money, it's my daughters! I started crying saying I am handicapped and he has just stolen all the money available to me for me to live. I also told him I should have known it was a scam, etc, etc. I continued crying and reiterating that he said that he couldn't fix the problem and that all he wanted to do was refund me the money for my Symantec Endpoint Protection. I told him to get off of my computer; I wanted nothing of him or his company on my computer. All of a sudden, my money appeared back in my bank accounts: both savings and checking. He removed the toll free number. I was still crying and yelled that I thought he couldn't put my money back. I continued to tell him I wanted nothing of his company on my computer. I have attempted to remove the Symantec Endpoint Protection program from my computer: it won't allow me to remove it as I have to sign on as an administrator. I will be calling Norton Antivirus for their assistance. As of now, my money is still available in my checking and savings accounts. I will pursue this through my credit card company also. I will also request a termination of the services and balance due to see what action I get.

Victim Location 28325
Type of a scam Tech Support

My 82 year old Mother was on her computer and a message took over the screen indicating a large number of Viruses and Problems and that she should call 800-700-0290 (or similar, this was the number left after the event). She called the number and after following instructions, someone took over her computer, told herr she had all kinds of Viruses and gave her counts of items. Then they proceeded to uninstall "Norton Security", that was 4 months old. They then installed "Symantec Endpoint Protection, Firewall & Support" and charged $299.98 for the service. Thankfully she reported this to family, and we have contacted the Credit Card company. I have just called the number left by the company "855-700-0290" and told them in no uncertain terms that they did waht they did, took advantage of a 82 year old, and will not ever charge to her Credit Card, or call her back, or I will personally report them to the FBI, which I still may do. I believe the amount charged is chosen low so that they can avoid most federal charges.

Victim Location 81620
Type of a scam Other

Instead of typing in the address bar, I google searched and clicked on the first entry and it immediately locked my computer with a voice saying that Microsoft has locked the computer due to a virus and malware and to call a number. Should had realized it then because the number did not work. So they had another number on the page and I called. Seemed legit, his name and he was from microsoft and connected to my computer to unlock it. While on the phone, he showed my things that were exe files and malware. Showed me all my passwords and my social security number that were about to be taken by an intruder but the new microsoft update stopped the attempt. Showed me a trojan horse virus on my computer from a few months ago. Seemed very legit, explained that they needed to remote access with a technician and would take about 60 to 90 minutes. They needed to set up a firewall and clean the viruses off of the computer and install Symantic Endpoint Security, (which is a good security) They were all about sounding legitimate: gave me support email address, number to call, and even an email thanking me for choosing them and asking for feedback! Well I paid $199.98 for the service and even got a receipt. I then called my IT guy for the company I work for and he said it was a scam and shut off the computer. I did this and they kept calling saying they lost connection. I called my credit card to have it reversed and then actually talked to them when they called me back and told them that it was a scam and I was canceling my card. He then told me that he reversed the charge and I have not checked with that card yet and will still change numbers.

Victim Location 01020
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Tech Support

Criminal hackers claiming to be Microsoft Technicians from ‘My Expert Advice’ is a scam. A pop-window on my computer prompted me to contact these people because of ‘malicious software detected on my computer’, so I contacted them, payed them to take over my computer and install a warranty program that will protect my computer, but little did I know. After a few weeks my computer started acting up and slowing down. A few days ago, I received and email from ‘My Expert Advice’ stating their number has changed. Then I decided to google the company because that email was very unusual. Come to find out this company has been reported before for being a scam.

Victim Location 83442
Total money lost $109.98
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was contacted Feb. 24 2018 being told that my Microsoft was not fully protected proceeded to lead down a path that I had maleware, phishing on my computer. So I let him in using a software of security connect to be able to share my information with them. I am on disability and problems with memory so I am not completely positive on exactly everything that was said or done to be sure. Anyway he told me that I could get everything I needed to protect my computer and identity with the software Symantec Endpoint Protection for 199.99 but I told him I was on SSD and could not afford that so he told me I could get it for 99.99 + 9.99 for some kind of fee. Anyway, I did do it and I do believe he wanted me to give him a debit withdrawal from my account. This transaction took place on 3-1-2018. Now I have been getting a phone call from a *** *** 1-902-370-0508 *** *** *** ** *** he download a TeamViewer software so he could access my computer to get me a refund and to delete somethings that was not compatible with my computer and he did do some kind of a deletion but it was to quick for me to tell what it was. Then he wanted me to log into my checking accounts to be able to refund me my money so I did the screen went black for a few seconds and then he would come back on and said that he couldn't get the bank to accept the refund. I have two bank accounts and he did the same thing on the second account and it didn't work either both times was a real quick black out then he asked me if I had and credit cards I told him no. And he said everybody has a credit card but anyway I said I had a Paypal account and I logged into there and it was blacked out for quite a long time 15-30 minutes I think then he said that it went thru and I would be seeing the refund on it within a few hours. Ha how many times do I need to be stupid when I got off the phone I changed all my passwords and I needless to say never got the refund. I have several documents that supposedly are legal documents. If I can get them to attach I will.

Victim Location 96744
Total money lost $385
Type of a scam Tech Support

An alert virus/malware window popped up while on the computer. It stated that the computer had possibly been infected by a specific virus and to call the number provided for help. A man that described the business and services received remote access to our computer. He directed me around the computer so that I could see how to assess our computer protection or lack there of and who/what type of malware had access to our computer because of it. He sent a service agreement and contact information. He then "cleaned" the computer and installed a Symatec security program. When alert windows popped up a few weeks later concerning viruses and our computer was running so much slower than before I contacted the service provider to utilize the 24hr support. The number was no longer active and the website had a new phone number listed. After speaking to an Apple Advisor I was able to see how on the date of service there were hundreds of "unknown" downloads sitting on our computer. Who knows what else they did or took.

Victim Location 34216
Type of a scam Tech Support

Someone offered tech support/computer protection after a recording came through the computer saying that we needed to call a particular number to prevent having issues with the computer. I quickly looked up the name of this organization and found many complaints online as to its fraudulent nature.

Victim Location 66701
Type of a scam Tech Support

Popup on computer stating to affect devise is compromised and this was from Microsoft. I needed to call the number immediately to run a removal of the malware. I called and spoke with a man named Sandy, work ID given was MT8210, who was very knowledgeable and told me they were contacted with Microsoft to handle these messages. I was then transferred to a technician, named Nick, who accessed my computer to remove the malware. I had to pay $99 for the service. I immediately cancelled the credit card I used when I researched the site My Expert Advice and found this to be a scam. This is a pressured scam as presented that you must use their service or all your devices you connect to your internet will be compromised by the malware. Now I receive multiple automated calls daily that my devices are at risk and need to return the call. I do not use the laptop they accessed anymore and do not know what information they may have gained access.

Victim Location 45040
Total money lost $499.98
Type of a scam Tech Support

Computer message that my computer was being infected with a virus and I needed software protection. They proceeded to take control of my computer and installed software for the price of $499.98

Victim Location 17543
Type of a scam Tech Support

my computer became locked and a red screen appeared with the appearance of it being from Windows Microsoft. It had the following phone number on the screen Windows Tech Support 1 561 717 2774 when I called the number, someone named Addy (a man) answered and the scam began. He said they would fix the problem but had to take over control of my computer. They installed a new number which is still on my computer 1 800 333 1734 and said that was the number to call now. I was to stay off my computer for about 60 to 90 minutes while they fixed it for me. they also asked if i had other devices. luckily I said no. they changed my security provider and also deleted programs that I regularly used, also blocking me from using the controls myself. they charged me a fee of $499.00 plus an additional 9.99 for their warranty. I used my Discover card for this charge but this AM froze the acct, and called discover to tell them about this scam. they advised me to notify the BBB about this. I have since done a system restore on my computer and reinstalled my Norton security. I received a call from the 1 800 number this AM. they are calling again at 1 this afternoon. Please advise me on this. Thanks

Victim Location 63122
Total money lost $150
Type of a scam Tech Support

Contacted through a large red alert and an additional voice alert message on my email. Computer at Security Risk! Do not try to log off, etc.

I could not remove it from my screen. I called the 866-245-3208 and described the alert I saw in red, was directed to get a firewall installed and he could do that with Symnatec Endpoint and Support for 1 year for $149.98. After vascillating I purchased, it was installed and the errors seemed corrected, their phone number was placed at the bottom of my screen to call 24/7, whenever I needed assistance. It was only later when I went online to find out more about My Expert Advice that I read it was a scam. I called my credit card company, changed passwords, and am submitting this to maybe help others.

Victim Location 56554
Type of a scam Online Purchase

A popup came up on my laptop saying my pc is about to crash unless I get immediate security to protect my IP address..... I could not get out of that screen! So I fell for it & they got me for $110.00 But I notified my credit card company right away about it!

Victim Location 08361
Type of a scam Tech Support

On 3/15/18 while online there appeared a pop-up that warned me that my computer had been infected by a virus and I was to call an 800 number immediately to have this virus removed. While I was skeptical I did call the number. I spoke with a male (Garry) who told me that my computer was infected and my passwords were at risk. That my current antivirus/security app (Webroot) was not capable of handling this virus. I would need a cleaning and installation of an updated antivirus app (Symantec Endpoint Protection). Not knowing any better I took him at his word. He was adamant, intimidating, and used what I would call pressure tactics. Total cost $389.99. That evening I also spoke with (Bill) in billing. The next day 3/16/18 I received a follow up call from (Sherry) of Customer service. She verified their direct call back number 800-333-1634. Told me to call only this number if I had problems. She stated that I might receive other calls relating to this installation. I was to ignore those calls as the callers were liars. This made me even more skeptical than I already was. All three persons I spoke with had foreign accents which sounded like Indian accents. I contacted the tech support people at Geek Squad. They stated that this was a common occurence. A Tech Support person came and checked my computer yesterday 3/20/18. He verified what I suspected, which is that my (Webroot) antivirus was more than adequate to protect my system. I did not need the updated security app that My Expert Advise offered. He removed the (Symatec) app and restored my (Webroot) app. I contacted my credit card company to stop payment.

Victim Location 92648
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Tech Support

A pop up appeared on my computer claiming my computer had been compromised and to immediately call the number provided. I stupidly called believing they were contracted with Microsoft. They wanted remote access to my computer and wanted me to pay them money. I later learned from a legitimate tech company this was likely a scam.

Victim Location 08534
Total money lost $300
Type of a scam Tech Support

My father fell victim to this tech support scam for businesses. While browsing Yahoo! Finance, a popup ad locked his browser with the atypical "your computer is infected call this number now!!". He called them and gave them remote access, they did the classic system viewer confidence trick, and watched him enter his credit card information while still remotely connected. The software they sold him was Symantec Endpoint security, and as far as I can tell, the software is legitimate. However, it is wholly unnecessary for him to have; it's for system administrators of computer networks to protect their endpoints, which my father does not have- he has one computer. This company is using highly unethical business tactics to secure sales, and Symantec seems to be okay with that. At the very least, they made away with his credit card info, but I have not yet assessed the full extent of their meddling with his computer. Some more fishy stuff about them: their company is not listed on Google; searching their phone number pulls up hundreds of scam reports and even a different tech support company; their listed address of the Flatiron Building in San Francisco- what no-name tech company would base itself out of a historical landmark in downtown SF?

Victim Location 95476
Total money lost $500
Type of a scam Tech Support

Company put a popup on my huband's desktop purporting to be Microsoft, saying his computer had been hacked. The computer was locked and a phone number was given to call Microsoft. He did so and was told the security software did not work on Win10 and they would clear the virus, malware etc but he needed to buy 5 years of Symantic Endpoint Protection. He gave them his credit card number (stupid) and they installed something purported to be Symantic and said that the computer was clean. He soon realized it was a scam and cancelled his credit card, changed passwords and brought computer to a repair shop (which found 26 viruses). They did not delete Symantec but I did when the computer returned.

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