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My Doodle Crush

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• Jun 10, 2021

Buyer beware - In May of 2021, our puppy was delivered ill without disclosing this to us. The breeder knew because they gave us a 3 day antibiotic prescription at the airport upon delivery. We didn’t think much of it but the puppy never stopped coughing. Took her to the vet and she had full blown Bordetella and cost us $2500 in vet bills. The breeder said we over paid and offered $300. Bad experience and my kids were heart broken. The employee Sarah was a sweetheart and very professional through the whole experience. She was getting direction form Ryan the owner, who is very unethical.

• Apr 19, 2021

I bought my dog, Oakley, from them back in early 2020 and the experience was great, so I reached out again in hopes to purchase her full sibling from the same parents. Ryan said the waitlist for that litter was full, but that he had 9 week old puppies available and his family/friend, Kelly, was already heading to Ca and could deliver the puppy to me for free. After paying a $500 deposit, Ryan claimed that Kelly had already left and my puppy couldn’t be delivered for free, so I paid $750 for a pet nanny to fly with the puppy in the cabin. Ryan arranged for the puppy to be driven from the airport to my home as well. The day of travel I didn’t get any updates until it was about 30 minutes past her expected arrival time. I reached out to Ryan twice before getting a response. I was contacted by my “deliver driver”, Kelly, that the flight had been delayed and she did not have the puppy. This didn’t make any sense to me because the puppy was supposed to be with a pet nanny, not on her own in cargo. I contacted Ryan and Kelly but they were very vague and ignored all my questions. I couldn’t pick the puppy up myself because they refused to give me any flight information as Ryan and Kelly both claimed they didn’t have it. The next morning I found out from Kelly that she picked the puppy up from the airport 4 hours after telling me she didn’t know where she was.. When Kelly brought the puppy to me she told me that the puppy went from Utah, to Pennsylvania, and then to California and was shipped in cargo because they couldn’t find a puppy nanny. I was never updated or given any alternative options as I would NEVER choose to ship a dog in cargo.

When I got the dog she was significantly underweight. I could feel all the bones in her body. The puppy was sick with kennel cough and giardia. I didn’t get the puppy’s DOB until after the puppy was delivered and found out that the puppy was actually 12 weeks old, not 9 weeks old like I was told. My other dog ended up getting kennel cough too and was throwing up blood. Ryan did pay for our vet bills for both dogs when I sent them, which was the only thing that went right during this entire process.

I then got a care package in the mail from a breeder in Honey Brook, PA. This confirms that the dog did not come from my doodle crush as they are located in Utah. I suspect they lied about the flight originating in Utah, which is why they wouldn’t give me the flight info and planned to ship the dog from a different breeder located in PA to Kelly on her vacation in CA. I was never told that my puppy was coming from a different breeder or that the puppy was located in PA. After doing some research, I believe this dog came from a breeder called Beni Goldendoodles in Honey Brook, PA as their website has “available puppies” listed with the same DOB and stud (father) as the information I was given from Ryan about my puppy. They also list that they provide a care package and the products in the photo match the items I received. I saw several negative reviews on this breeder suspecting them of being a front for a puppy mill. When confronting Ryan about it he literally said “nothing to explain. I’ve done so much to accommodate you. I’m done.” As if paying for the vet bills for two sick dogs that was his fault in the first place is enough and I don’t deserve an explanation.

I’m disgusted by their deception and I hope this review helps anyone considering purchasing from them to look elsewhere.

• Feb 17, 2021

This company is horrible. I purchased a Goldendoodle from them last March. They delivered her a week early (for their convenience) and the puppy had Parvo. Within 15 hours she was in the Animal Hospital. Eventually, she didn't make it. I was out the $3,000 I paid them and $3,000 for the Vet and hospital. It was terrible. They refunded $1,000 and promised me another puppy. Even though they have allowed me pick a puppy, they ghosted me. Not returning calls or texts. These people are unethical.

• Mar 03, 2021

Also, we later learned that the vaccinations we were using were defective and recalled. The company never notified us. Since then, we have been using a more reputable company for our vaccinations. This was a nightmare and tragic experience for us and we have taken much precautions since last year to ensure that it never happens again.

• Mar 03, 2021

Hi Donna, this is Sarah with my doodle crush.
I want to start by saying their are two sides to every story.
Donna, you recently reached out to me and I reserved a puppy for you. When it came to time to schedule pick up, I mistakenly forgot to follow up with you. Next thing I know, we have a bad review and you sent me an upset text message. I immediately and repeatedly texted and called you after realizing my mistake.

Turns out you blocked me. I then reached out on another number, in which you picked up, I told you who I was and you quickly said you’d call me back. I asked you if you still wanted the puppy, and you said no and hung up.

My point in this is, yes, I definitely dropped the ball and forgot to follow up to set up pickup, which I am very sorry for. I wish you would have simply called or texted me to remind me to set up the pick up. I’m surprised, because someone eager to receive their puppy would have done just that. Seems like I was the one ghosted in all this.
On a brighter note, you still have a puppy with us and I welcome you to contact me back.

• Aug 11, 2020

I recently purchased a puppy and they are refusing to give me her paperwork aside from some awful quality pictures of the papers and said “there’s no reason for us to have them.” When any vet I have called in my area is requiring the papers. Unsure of the reasoning for them to keep them but now I can’t make an appointment and am risking my puppies health.

• Feb 27, 2021

My puppy is super healthy and the sweetest, Winnie is her name 🥰

• Feb 12, 2021

Papers for what? They gave me all the papers needed, shot record, microchip number and their 2 year health guarantee. It’s not a scam if you got your puppy and just aren’t happy with not getting papers that google told you that you should get from breeders.

• Jan 31, 2021

I bought my puppy from them and she is very healthy and such a blessing for our family! They gave me my puppies shot record which was exactly what my vet needed. Not sure what you’re talking about, they were great to us, answered all my questions still to this day!

• Jan 01, 2021

Hi there! My husband and I recently contacted this breeder and would love to know how things are going with your puppy? Are they healthy? I'm a bit worried that we are being scammed or that they are puppy flippers...

Victim Location 94117
Total money lost $300
Type of a scam Online Purchase

GoldenDoodle Puppies


$300 deposit

Full on scam

They use photos of puppies online

We have never taken a $300 deposit from anyone that did not receive their puppy. read the terms on our website.
Our non-refundable deposit goes toward the full balance which is paid when a person comes to pick up their puppy. Or it is applied toward future litters.

Exactly how can we " scam you out of your $300 ?

Every customer is always welcome to travel to us to get their puppy. But if they chose to have the pup flown to them, we will not ship the puppy unless we have received full payment. I don't know of a single breeder that would. We are not in the collection business

If you have trust issues, and our terms are not agreeable to you, then can appreciate that and we suggest you look elsewhere to get your puppy. But that doesn't warrant the " Full On Scam " from your post.

As for photos, we use photos that we take ourselves, or that our guardian homes take, or that we are granted permission to use, when we are advertising an upcoming litter, so people have an idea of what we think, based on genetics, that unborn puppies or similar puppy will look like. besides, no company has ever complained about us using their photos.

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