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Military army

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Total money lost $8,000
Type of a scam Romance

I meet Craig Paul Booher though facebook, to introduce him to this new company I started which I was just friends with..(We talked through facebook and for him a device. Within a few months he meantioned he had fallen in love with me, BUT I'm married and have 2 kids. Never told him their identity. After learning this I introduced him to my sister whom was single. He started talking to her getting to know her as well as talking to me AS a friend and with sweet words. He started calling her baby, sweetheart. It then started where he had fallen in love very bad and just wanted to leave the army to marry her right away, she decided to send him $500 to help him get out with a bit of money. He had told her his account was locked because he could not hurt family members while he was in the army they would steal him blind. To get to his account he would move to Canada and take a trip to the U.S with us and open his account and right away all the money that we didn't know we would be giving him he WAS going to repay us. In all we gave him $8000.00. But was having problems getting out,( He claim to be a Major and knew lots of what the wrong things his boss was doing and his boss refused for him to leave). So the day he decided to leave his boss was very mad due to the fact that he had been hiding from him all day (he was stationed in Libia). So when a helper nurses in charge in the military decided to tell on him where he was hiding in the grocery store, the boss went a hit him on the head so hard he needed stitches but was put in a box for punishment at that point we also learned he had a bodyguard that protected him all times. So the bodyguard got him out and brought him to medical where we learned he had a fever of 105 and blood presure was low. It's at that point we learned the bodyguards name was Frank Lyod. He would tell us everything that was going on with Craig to fevers, IV solution to getting stitches on his head, from getting him out of being in a box at that point they said we needed to contact this priest that was in his journal so I did call and finally got a hold of him after 15 times of the phone ringing. The priest got back to me and asked who is this and why have you been contacting me right now, so I explained why and what was going on and we needed his help A.S.A.P. so the priest started by going to see how Craig was and how he could get out. The commander (boss) did not like it that he was black so he asked him to leave and also assaulted him by hitting him and taking his money and cell phone. When the priest was able to try a bargain with the commander somewhat would do and how they would escape from the medical center. Within two months the priest went in and out of Libia to beg the commender to let Craig out. It didn't work so we where told later that the last time he'd gone he brought both men a priest is uniform to wear for there escape and asked a young men to drive them to the border where the priest would be waiting for them. Later I found out the the men name was Christopher. They did escape and drove to a safe place between Libia and the border where yes the priest was there and they went to the priest is place for hiding and again after a month or so we found out that they needed to leave quick ( we sent them $3500.00 )for the flight immediately, (though everything we always had contact with them EVERY DAY). Then because the device was on and it had a special blue button on that the commander know where and what steps they were always doing. So once Craig wasn't to bad and started to talk to us again briefly they started heading out to London for there next flight to come to Canada. They got on the flight, it was 7 hours then arrived in London Craig needed to go to emergency because his lungs couldn't take the air in Libia was so bad it had infected his lungs and he needed a emergency operation which would take about 6 hours. We had not heard from Craig so the priest said ok I'll contact the Embassay and see whats going on. The priest let us know what was going on and where Craig was, within a couple of days he got the operation and recovered slowly his bodyguard had to clean him up, wash him, help him to eat which took about a few months for him to start eating. Then just as he was getting better and his straight we heard the commander was on his was to get them very mad. So again we went back and forth talking to both and telling them what was going on every minute to be safe. It's at that point the priest contacted another priest in London and asked him to go and get them and hid them in the convent for a while. The priest would tell us he was sending them money to eat ect. After about a while we found out they had to leave there and take a plan due to the terrist attack that just happened in London was affecting them and they needed to go. So the bodyguard started watching where the commander was what he was doing ect.. yes spiging on him. Finally the commander was told the go back to Libia because things were going nuts. So he took a early flight to go but paid off some solders to watch over the boys so they can get them and bring Craig and the bodyguard back. Well Craig and Frank went to go on the plan and found out Craig needed to pay his hospital bill and later when they tried again found out Craig needed a wheelchair and oxygen tank because of his condition. So again they begged for money and we sent out $450 and paid with the priest helping us all the time. After he got better he was put in jail and in jail Frank freaked out and started calling for the commender to come and get them , we asked him to stop he had told us he did but found out later Craig said no until the commander answered he kept calling. And just as they were going to board the commander got to them and brought them to the place where they where stationed at the moment in London. Frank went in the prison for punishment and Craig in the hospital where guards where watching him 24 hours. It was at that point where the priest had to go to London and talk more to the Commander and found out the only way he could get out of the army was to sign out and to go in court to resolve everything and explain why and what reason he wanted out. The court took about 3 months during lent for us and very long. The priest had the go twice back home and pick up papers and important documents Craig had left at his place to free Craig from the army. We where told the commander had paid the judge and jury, and at the end Craig was free but again at a coast of money. We did give with again the help of the priest. Once everything was over Craig was able to leave and that is after we paid again for the flight and his release. Frank was sent to Africa on base to serve. Craig did get on the flight to Dubai and on his way to Canada, once there we always asked Craig to contact us and tell us he was safe and ready for the next flight to Canada, he did not go fare and he told us the Arabs had picked him up and where putting him in jail due to the fact he was American and white and his passport had expired. So again we asked the priest to check on him since we hadn't heard from him. The priest told us all this and we had to figure a way to help him out, once free from jail he went into hidding for about 2 weeks and later found out the farmer barn was being fixed and all this time Craig got to know one of the bosses ( called the good boss) he helped him out in hidding him then went on a family trip to Arab. The good boss and us helped out to get him out of jail. He called it Miracles we helped out pay for a passport, pay for him NOT staying in jail for 15 years of his life, or killing him because he was white and American. As we though it was done again Craig was able to get on the plan he was missing $600 back due to the fact the flight luthian was cancelled and he needed to take a flight from Dubai to Toronto to get here he had lost all his cloths, NO MONEY and new passport we paid for.. But he was missing $500 to take the flight. The good boss and the priest helped out sent him some money but it started to be at this point my sister and I were seeing it didn't make any sence and THAT NO MORE MONEY WE WERE BROKE , so we refused to send some even if he begged us. During all this time the priest got beaten up, stabbed, sold everything he had, his cloths, had a surgery to his knee and was living at his cousin place. Dropped his phone in the toilet so needed to use his cousin's phone to communicate with us. and because of all this he was sent to Rome to study. Craig contacted us once or twice after but never showed up in Canada after promising to come for special events ect..

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