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Mike Iannarelli

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Not the One

Scammed me in The Bette and Joan Feud Facebook room saying he had full season dvd set for $50. Stall after stall and lie after lie and of course it never came. City of Wooster , Ohio police department and law offices has many social media platforms and pages . I suggest like I did posting there. Also several reporters in that are do stories on scam artist.

• Sep 14, 2022

Glad to see people still keeping track of this [censored]. I wish we could get someone in authority to do something about him.

Uh, he's such a pig faced piece of garbage. Did you get any reply from the Police? Did he present himself as Mike Ianarelli or someone else until he wanted the money?

I too was scammed by Mike Iannarelli. This was a number of years ago.

My father is a huge Timi Yuro fan and I saw on Mike's Facebook page that he was going to be pressing some concerts of hers that wouldn't be commercial releases. Great, I thought, a gift for my dad that very few other people would have. That was $30. Then shortly after he announced some DVDs of rare concert footage of Timi, so I stumped up another $50 for those.

As time dragged on I started asking politely about them as it was nearing Christmas and nothing had arrived. Mike assured me that they had been delayed but would be sent in the New Year. Nothing arrived. When I asked again he said he'd had a nightmare with the guy making the DVDs so they were further delayed. Eventually I realised that I was never going to get my $80 of goods, posted as such on the Timi Yuro Facebook Group and naturally he blocked me. Of course these delaying tactics meant that by the time I tried to file with PayPal I had missed the window of opportunity for a refund.

What fooled me was the fact that he has done the liner notes for legitimate Timi releases so I thought he was a genuine guy, rather than the utter [censored] scam artist he really is.

Being in the UK there's not a lot I can do. I did try and file a complaint at some US online site, can't remember where, but never heard anything. I guess I'm posting because misery likes company.

I'm so sorry that happened to you! I really wish someone in the business could see what a scammer he is and get the rights to the Timi Yuro stuff away from him. When you look him up and see that he does have the Timi Yuro rights, you think- oh, maybe he's legit. It gives him just enough believably that he's able to make people believe other things he says. It makes me sick to think how many people he's done this to over the years. I honestly don't know how he sleeps at night knowing what kind of person he is.

His FB account has been deleted now. I guess he realized that we were going to keep warning people about the kind of person he is. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean he has stopped scamming people, it just means he's doing it under a new name now. I know his account was deleted and he didn't block me because first of all, he has no idea who I am and second, I have a few ways of checking up on what he was doing there. But like I said, he's still out there scamming. He's been doing it for so long that it's probably the only thing he knows how to do at this point. I guess he's trying to keep his neighbors and former classmates in Wooster from knowing what he does on the internet and what kind of person he really is. Lol. Everyone just needs to beware of people they meet on fan sites, particularly anyone who claims to personally know the celebrity or that tries to sell dvd's or cd's (especially claiming they used to belong to his mom, that was one of Mike's big tricks I saw in the Guiding Light & Connie Francis groups. "I have these, they were my mom's - do you want to buy them?") you never know, it may be Mike in disguise!
So, keep your guard up people - he's out there just looking for his next victim!


I emailed the reporter that did the local piece on him. That was probably 5 years ago. Nothing ever came of it.

I did actually, back when the Stephen Dorff group happened. Once we had researched him and found out so much about the scams he's pulled over the years. I emailed a reporter there with the story and links to all of the FB warnings about him we found. Nothing ever came of it that I know of. I never got a return email, but then it's possible that reporter either didn't work there anymore or just didn't get the email. Bigger chance that since they wrote a couple of fluff pieces talking about how great his is, *eye roll* that he knows the people that run the paper and they just ignored it. Or they contacted him and he claimed it was fake. Who knows. I tried at least. Hopefully people will wise up and stop falling for his scams no matter what name he's using.

Zigzag, you monitor him really closely. Have you ever thought about reaching out to the paper in Wooster Ohio that did that fluff piece on him and telling them that he's a scamming turd? It's not exactly Watergate but it would be a good thing to pop up when you google him to hopefully protect future victims from his scams.

Christian Slater fans beware! As of July 1st, now he’s claiming to know Christian too. I KNEW he had moved on to scam another fan base, I just had no evidence of which one until now. I wonder if he’s hijacked a Christian Slater fan group, started claiming he and Christian are lovers and created a fake Christian account to interact with the fans yet. That’s what he did with the Stephen Dorff group. Ugh, such [censored].


Can you get into the group and warn them that he's a grifting jackhole who has no relationship to Christian and he us going to take their money if they don't ignore him?

He looks like his mom and dad, are brother and sister. Something seriously wrong with you Mike Iannerelli.

Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

This [censored] Mike Iannarelli screwed me out of $50.00, he claimed he was selling some TV show DVD sets. I sent him $50.00 via Facebook pay. His account is now deactivated but he has my $50.00. I contacted Facebook pay they are NOT willing to help me in this situation. Mike claimed his Mom died and that he bought her these DVD sets while she was in a nursing home.

I wished I had found this thread prior to sending this [censored] money.

He lives in Wooster, Ohio if you want to see if the local police can do anything about your money.

His FB account isn’t deactivated. He probably blocked you. He has edited his name on FB though. Instead of having it as “Mike Iannarelli” he’s now “Michael Iannareli”. He removed an L from his last name and is using his film first name to try and avoid being outed at the scammer that he is apparently.

I've been scammed too, by this low life. He got me for $50.00 for some TV show DVD sets. He claimed his Mom died and he bought this for her because she was in a nursing home. I paid him $50.00 via Facebook pay. I contacted Facebook pay they are useless in helping me out. I will take this matter further. This [censored] needs to be jailed.

He’s using Michael Iannarelli now. Trying to appear legit with the full name and black & white pic. Doesn’t work. Still looks like a slime ball. I wonder who’s fans he’s scamming now. He’s covered Guiding Light, Timi Yuro and Stephen Dorff so far that I’m aware of. And technically, he’s still scamming the Timi Yuro fans since he apparently owns her catalog of music. That part just makes me sick. Ugh.
And I know, it may seem petty to keep sharing when he changes his name but this guy scammed a lot of people, myself included, out of money. I see this as a way to warn people about the type of person he really is, if someone looks him up, I want them to find this page no matter what name he uses. I wish I had found this page sooner.


Yep, Joeyk, he’s a complete liar. I have proof from a member of Stephen’s family that Michael “Mike” Iannarelli is a liar and Stephen doesn’t know him at all. He’s edited his name on Facebook and removed an l from his last name since he was outed as being a liar. I’m assuming he has a crush on Stephen and that’s why he was faking a relationship with him. I have no idea what the point of that charade was. But, I know he scammed a lot of people out of money in the Stephen Dorff fan group he had on Facebook before he shut it down and blocked us all. My guess is that he’s still scamming people somehow, it’s what he does apparently. He’s done it to Stephen Dorff fans, Timi Yuro fans and who knows how many other fan bases.
If you search for “Timi Yuro Mike Iannarelli” on FB, you get several posts that he’s tagged in. You can see where his last name was spelled Iannarelli at the time.

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Ok I asked this guy about Stephen since it sounded like he knew him from a comment he made about of his movies. His name has one l though. Mike Iannareli. Says he grew up with him. So he is full of c[censored]? I talked to him briefly on messenger and now he blocked me.

I seriously doubt that's even his actual picture.

I actually appreciate your dedication to tracking down this gross human stain and keeping us up to date with his latest scam. I wish I'd been aware of his form as well so I definitely hope people search and find this before they send him any money for his latest scam. And Mike- we know you're reading this. Next scam try for a less attractive celebrity. The only thing Stephen Dorff would do with you is vomit on you in disgust.

Just putting this here in case anyone runs across him on Facebook scamming another person or group with this “new” name of his. He’s not going by Mike Iannarelli anymore. He’s Mikey Relli now. Trying to hide from everyone that he has scammed apparently.


Lol! Oh, it’s him. I found his high school yearbook photo last year after getting suspicious about him in the Stephen Dorff group and you can tell it’s the same guy, just older He just looks like a slimey scammer to me. Makes my skin crawl knowing what kind of person he is. Ugh.

That's not him, is it? He's using some stock photo because that guy is attractive and Mike Ianarelli has a face that was bludgeoned with the ugly stick.

Wow, I wish I had googled this sooner. I thought it was so weird that the page disappeared and I was unable to contact Mike. I honestly thought maybe I did something to piss him off and he blocked me from the page. I loved that page, I always wondered if Mike was legit and now I know it was all a big game. What a Con he is. I also sent him $20 for two autographed pictures back in May, I just figured he was too busy dealing with his health issues, What an embarrassment to Stephen Dorff and his family.


I was also in the fan group. I can't find it now. I guess I was removed even though I didn't do anything. I also sent him 10$ for an autographed pic of Stephen that I never received. I figured something was up. Hindsight and all that..


It wasn't just you, you didn't do anything, it was all him. Everyone was removed from the group as he shut it down because he knew it was just a matter of time before everyone there found out the truth about him. He's monitoring this page and he knew we had figured him out. As soon as more people started posting here and calling him on his lies, he shut the page down and blocked everyone who had been a member. He's still on FB and probably still scamming people in other groups. Hopefully some of them will decide to google his name at some point and discover the truth about him. He should be so embarrassed, knowing that Stephen and his family know what he did and the things he said and claimed to be true. A normal person would be mortified in that case. But he's not normal, he apparently has serious mental problems and he probably doesn't care at all that they know what he did. Just .like he doesn't care that he scammed us out of money. If he cared, he would be contacting all of us that he took money from to refund us.

I gave 10$ for a signed autograph from Mike and never received it he stated the building caught on fire and that I would receive it. I had a feeling it was a red flag and I trusted him shortly after I was blocked from the official stephen dorff fan page


I gave this man $40. Ten dollars twice for autograph pictures and another $20 for a dvd. This man is a fraud and my gut told me he was. Now I know better.


Country United States
Type of a scam Other
Initial means of contact Not applicable

Unfortunately scam artists like Mike Iannarelli have no boundaries. They show no guilt or remorse for their behavior or their actions. Fortunately over the years, some have been lucky enough to get their money back. Others not so. Maybe if we give mike Iannarelli a chance to redeem himself? and pay back all the money he stole from his latest scam from the fans of Hollywood actor Stephen Dorff. Let’s say we give him 72 hours to make contact and refund the $$ from each individual? Seeing as he likes the celebrity lifestyle. When 72 hours is up, not only will he be social media famous. He’ll be Ohio famous. All his friends and family will see who he really is. Tick,tock,tick,tock...


I don't think that will work. Has there ever been a case of a scammer feeling remorse and changing? He's obviously been doing it for a long time and hides being secret facebook groups now so those that know about him can't warn those who still trust him. And is he really well known enough to be named and shamed? He works in a niche market. Which is why he's been getting away with it.

I sense another name change coming for our favourite pig faced scammer. May I suggest... George Glass?


I guess he scammed so many people using his real list name “Newmyer” that he changed it in hopes no one would realize he’s a lying [censored]! One thing you can’t hide from is your high school yearbook. Thank you The other photo is from the news article linked below where he pretends to be an upstanding member of the world and not a lying troll.


The more I learn about Mike Iannarelli, the more disgusted I get. When I first found this page a week ago, I was angry at being scammed out of $10 but reading how many people have been taken for much more money from him is infuriating! I'm lucky that I only lost $10. He tells about how he runs the musical estate for the late Timi Yuro, I'm sure he conned his way into owning that too. I wish her family and fans knew what kind of person has control of her estate now! I found that he did a GoFundMe in 2016, claiming it was to get Timi Yuro a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I would love to know what he really did with that money!


More evidence of a name change, his mom's obituary.

In the Stephen Dorff group, someone asked him about his profile pic once. It was of an Italian restaurant sign “Iannarelli’s” - they asked if he had a restaurant. He told them no but family members of his did. I’m guessing that’s why he picked Iannarelli for a last name. Who knows what he’ll pick next! He’s a professional con artist and needs to be put in jail!

Just found this

Wow... Unbelievable... Thanks for sharing!

Elisa I went into the vinyl vigilante site you mentioned. There is a guy who went to school with him, and he says the name below was his original name and he’s changed it to Iannarelli. I have seen that name before but didn’t link the two because I was looking for Iannarelli. So the name below is the conviction for credit card scam.

Cupcakes, I'm pretty sure his name is indeed Mike Iannarelli, so I doubt he is the one you read about being sentenced

Wait, so Ianarelli isn't even his last name? What a loser. You'd think Stephen Dorff would have been willing to help out his boyfriend with those court costs. Even though I'm pissed that I was conned out of money by such a tool (the guiding light episode con) and wish I'd been aware of this before, I take a lot of pleasure out of learning what a pathetic slug he really is. I'm fairly certain he's got nobody in his life and frankly that's his punishment. It's gonna have to be because I'm clearly not getting my money back.

Thank you Elisa S for sharing this information. I am absolutely disgusted with what I have Just seen and read! Looks like many have tried to bring him down. He is relentless. He has no feelings towards anyone who he scams. He’s sick! Mike I know you are easing this. You are a sick, vile individual who crossed the wrong people. Your time will come I can assure you?

He scammed Timi Yuro fans too... Or at least that's what they wrote a couple of years ago on the Facebook group called The Vinyl Vigilante

He's a troll. There is no way Stephen Dorff would have anything to do with him. I mean, have you seen his face? His parents were obviously siblings. I sent him $50 for Guiding Light episodes and received nada. I used to post comments on his YouTube page warning people not to give him money but the little turd removed them. I never understood why he'd put so much time into posting those episodes for free and yet be such a dishonest tool on the other hand. I can't believe he's trying it with photos of Stephen Dorff. And wasnt he trying to convince everyone that he was Frank Beatty's agent? Someone who hasn't worked in the industry for decades and who has NO online presence? He definitely chooses celebrities that there would be no way to verify his lies.


Wow I’m in the Stephen Dorff group and got a message that told me to look Mike up because he wasn’t who he said he is I didn’t believe it at first but when I did and found this page I was shocked how sick to lie about being in a relationship with Stephen for so long this makes me very angry at him and to take people’s money and lie to them how low can you get


Have had similar experiences about Mike. I gave $10 for a signed picture of Stephen and never got it. He claimed the guy printing the pictures lost his shop in a fire from the riots. I started to get really skeptical about him really knowing Stephen, as there were never any pictures of them together. Suddenly, Stephen was on Facebook responding a lot, which was crazy since he said he has no care to be on social media. Mike made it a point on every post to remind us all he knew Stephen and was in a gay relationship with him. Definitely an unhealthy obsession going on. The group is now gone and so is his account. Not sure if I’m blocked or if he deleted it. I requested to follow him on Instagram so I could confront him and suddenly that account is gone too. I’m certain he’s blocked me on there.


Mike is lying and I wish there was a way to tell everyone in the group. They all seemed to be believing every word he said. Check your messages on here!

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