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Miji Online Store Reports & Reviews (26)

Bought it, paid 82usd, gave the full address, and it never arrived! Says it was delivered, but it wasn't… in the emails they apologize but never return the money. Thieves! Does anyone close this page?! I'm just sorry they're far away… but the karma is s[censored]. Steal those who don't already have much! Now I don't have the money or the things I order and no one is responsible… PayPal keep helping thieves…

I have had the same experience with Miji Online Store. saw their ad on Instagram. I also tried Paypal but every time I fill in the form it just bounces back to the original screen. I clicked on a link from Instagram to buy the items, that obviously never arrived. I just got some nasty tat like bluetooth headphones and crappy watches. I have ben put off from ordering from independent sellers online now and will only order form Amazon from now on. It is such a shame as I am not a believer in big corporations and really wanted to support the small independent business. I know it's not good for my mental health to hate and it's only stuff after all, but I really hope they fall into a bed of nettles and when they eventually die from whatever kills them, I hope they go straight to whatever Hell their faith leads them to believe in. Just saying...

I have ordered three big items and I have received a [censored] Bluetooth now the have blocked me from emails.i have made numerous complains and sent many emails this people are terrible they are scammers.

I ordered 2 Jan and after many times of offering 25% then 40% then back to 25% refund, I reported to Paypal and they have rejected my claim as the package is showing as delivered. I received the package today and received whitening teeth strips instead of portable shoe boxes, composter and a few smaller items.

Tried to go back to paypal now I can show that the label even states $20 teeth strips but as the dispute is now closed its bad luck.

Im now going to try through my bank and see how I go :S

$125 for teeth strips not happy at all

Ordered an item on 07/12/20. Payment was made however it is now 28/04/21, and still no sign of my order. They said it was delivered...Err NO it wasn't. After emailing them several times, they've offered me a cheeky 40% of the price I paid. I contacted PayPal who informed me that the package was delivered! NO IT WASN'T.

Ho comprato un oscilloscopio ma mi hanno spedito un paio di occhiali dozzinali.
Grazie a Paypall ho ricevuto il rimborso di quanto speso...

Questi signori truffano spedendo articoli senza valore solo per avere una " prova di avvenuta spedizione "...


Been order woodworking multi function planner power Tools last year 12th December 2020 since now still not delivery not yet so been email them 5 time so they keeping say flights x shipping longer time to delivery to me but l found out that they are different address x fake x l ask them get refund back but they say good excuse can't get refund back cos pay for cover flights x shipping fee so can't believe they are scam x rip my money never order them again
[email protected]


I ordered a Woodworking Multi-function Planer Power Tools. I saw in my paypal account that I had been charged, but I did not receive the machine. The tracking code says that the machine was delivered but neither I received it nor the post office delivered it to me. Possibly has the same tracking code or has been sent elsewhere. I can not even understand what is happening. Probably miji online store steals the world.
I do not know if I will receive the machine or if I will get my money back. Most likely I lost both, and I do not know what to do if I manage to get my money back. If anyone can help me I would be grateful

By March still had not been delivered
Tracking number not given but managed to get it by interminable emails.
1st kit said to one delivered - Australia Post could not trace it.
2nd kit tracking stalled.

I thought this was a Chinese company, and the tracking shows China stopping points in the tracking. But the website and phone number quoted is Nigerian.

Have now reported both to AP who have been very cooperative.

But I doubt I'll ever see the goods.


Never received a tripod, and paypal closed the claim arguing that Miji showed a proof of delivery, but they dont want to show me that, neighter a refund

Paid for tool box December 20 waited till 23rd January to ask about it gave plenty of time never recieved replies to any then reported to paypal recieved a cheap nasty Bluetooth headset through the post no info on it. Paypal 12th March denied.they had proof of posting they had sent the cheapest thing they had for proof of posting so no refund.

ordered the best doorbell in the world of these clowns,after months of waiting and numerous emails to them asking where it was just to be told to be patient i get a cheap tacky bluetooth head phone,have taken the matter up with pay pal but reading on here dont fancy my chances.have ordered amassage chair and a tool box from similer firms,or supposed firms from abroad wonder now what i will get.i brought this stuff of advertisements on face book,surely facebook should know they are scams so shouldnt let them advertise on there.pic enc is my supposedly best doorbell in the world

I need my money back I've received a wrong order not even worth of what I paid for from MIJI ONLINE STORE I NEED MY MONEY BACK.

i just received a wrong order from Miji oline store Netherlands it was not even worth of what i paid for im so disappointed i paid using payapal scams

Ordered couch and table in December. Never received they said it was delivered but I never received them . Contacted paypal on it they just told me case closed. They proved they shipped. So now I am out the money and no murchandise either. Very disappointed in this company and paypal. They just took their word for shipment. And never really looked in to thix scam company..Will never order on line again..

Ordered table and couch said was delivered. Well not to my address..Been fighting with them and paypal for refund over 2 months..What a bunch of scam artists.. would never order from them again.Bunch of crooks and paypal should be ashamed for closing my case. And not looking into them better..Now I am out the merchandise and my money...

J'ai commandé une table à café et j'ai reçu un jonc plaqué or et en plus ils ont eu le culot de mettre un prix 128$,paypal ne veut pas me rembourser car ils ont le tracking number qui dit que j'ai reçu mon colis,comment une table à café fait pour pouvoir entrer dans une boîte aux lettres,attention il y en a 2 autres qui font la même chose .

Last December 7th, I ordered two "auto grinding bean to coffee automatic cappuccino espresso maker" that I paid by paypal. Invoice No. 68083-UNW13907 and 68083-UCT61402. To this day, I have no information on the delivery of these. However, today I received two packages with products that I did not order: "fashion watches" and "headset". I suspect that these deliveries will create false delivery information, since one of the packages contains an error in the postal code that I made when placing an order. Conclusion: the "Miji online store" is a scam. CAREFUL.

I ordered Xmas gifts large Robots and I received tracking numbers but never received the items that was ordered and my post office said my items have not been delivered or they can not find the items by the tracking numbers my items were charged to my PayPal account for over $60.00

I'm buy on line Robot Solar on 28 November 2020 to now I don't have nothing receive to now my invoice ID

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