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Microsoft Spoof

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Microsoft Spoof Reports & Reviews (35)

• Aug 10, 2022

Victim Location 19067
Type of a scam Tech Support


We would like to thank you for choosing to protect your computer with this top antivirus program that has been highly recommended by users for years. We also appreciate your continued trust in our 24/7 technical support at (855) 643 2264, as we've helped you resolve many technical issues throughout the year.

We have charged $ 582.82 for the service you have subscribed to, which is specified in your account, for the 12 months that will follow. We would like to thank you for choosing to protect your computer with Windows Defender, which has provided you with protection from malware and viruses for over a year.

Email: ******************* Name: **** ****** ID NO: ******* Date: 03:19PM Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Name of Item: Antivirus compatible with windows defender

Sub Total: $ 582.82

• May 30, 2022

Victim Location 07604
Type of a scam Tech Support

Alert comes on computer that it was hacked. I should call Microsoft at the above number. Indian lady comes on to tell me that I must follow her instructions to remove virus. Then she tells me to download this program to see if my Ips has been tampered with. I called Norton to check my computer and this person had installed a tracking device to steal my information but thankfully Norton removed everything in time before they got all information.

Victim Location 75230
Type of a scam Tech Support

been getting SEVERAL electronic calls on both my cell and land line telling me that they were Microsoft and to call them ASAP regarding my internet service at 361-201-7268 or they were going to shut down my service. I had been through this similar scam a year or two before. I did call Microsoft and of course they knew nothing about the calls etc.

Victim Location 28114
Total money lost $195
Type of a scam Tech Support

Have a new Chromebook PC. (still learning how ro use it). Suddenly the screen went crazy, lots of loud noises. Screen said PC had been "attacked "for want of a better word. Told to call Microsoft Toll free number I did. Charged $295.00. Said they fixed it. A few days later, same thing. Called again, told $195.00 this time, paid fee. "Sam Miller" said I would get $295.00 back.

Decided ChromeBook needed to know PC had been hacked. Called, was told Microsoft had absolutely nothing to do with ChromeBook.The whole thing was a scam. Told me to report it to banking institution. *** *** *** *** *** *** **  returned all funds to me.

On Feb.18, 2020, they took $195.00 back. Said it was legal. Far as I'm concerned they are mixed up in the whole thing and are just as dishonest. *** mailed me "proof" that it was legal. I never saw any of these papers and certainly didn't sign anything.

Cannot attach anything, sorry.

Victim Location 41059
Type of a scam Tech Support

Scammer left message today (1:40pm) stating that "...Microsoft computer has expired today. All Microsoft services on your computer will stop working by end of day. Contact Microsoft toll free at 1(855) 623-6499."

Type of a scam Tech Support

HI I would like to report an issue with Outlook. My phone was stolen last month. *** * *** *** *** *** ** * *** I am just trying to survive in world. My phone gets stolen 3 of my email accounts hacked with private info. I've been trying to recover them ever since. They took the info out of my phone to exploit me. I have tried numerous ways to get ahold of Microsoft support. Email chat support now even a phone call where the person had the nerve to ask me to drove to Walmart get 100 Google play card. Clearly a scam. I'm just bringing to ur attention.

*** *** *** ***

Victim Location 29708
Total money lost $7,000
Type of a scam Tech Support

On May 17 I was browsing on computer and pop up came up then locked my computer.. Then I was told to call a number which was customer service for Microsoft . 1800-642-7676 a Microsoft page appeared on my screen. I called the number a lady came on cl;aiming to be from my bank to inform my visa credit card had been hacked and a charge of $4000.00 was schedued to be taken out from previous day and would clear in a few hours , so we had to act fast she gave me a reference number FTFU54206790 supposedly from my bank *** *** *** ***.

I was then told she would transfer me to Microsoft agent Glenn M1537. I was instructed that if he did not know the code to not give any information to him.. He had the code so I was led to believe it was a legitimate call. I was to do what evernhe instructed me to do from there on out. Unfortunately they scammed me into purcharching Walmart and Google Play cards in the amout of $500.00 each then to scratch off the codes and he would be fixing my account. They even hacked into my bank and transfered all my money to my checking all unauthorized. Then I was told withdraw c the cash to purchase gift cards , I did he kept on the phone with me all day then told me he was working on it and would call me back in 2 hours . never happened instead they had manipulated me and stole $7,000.00 from me wiped my entire bank accounts and maxed my credit cards.

Victim Location 07480
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a text at work yesterday saying that my microsoft program on my computer was renewed for 299.99 on my card. If I did not want this to occur, to call them back. I did so, and was told I had to be in front of the computer. I called them back from home and foolishly allowed them to access my computer remotely. The sites they used was showmypc2, ultra viewer 6.2.exe, and team viewer.dmg. They were on my computer for a while, I saw them access the microsoft software, but only viewed it and closed it. They them told me to wait for a phone call from the billing department to arrange my refund. "Billy" called me, (they all had Indian accents), and told me he had to access one of my credit cards to refund the money. I asked for a check and he said that they were moving out of the country and were unable to do so, and could only refund through the credit account. He opened a website from Chase and told me to input my info. I told him I was not going to supply my social security number and he insisted that I do so. I refused, and he became nasty and told me he was not returning my computer function to me, and by that time, he had all of my personal info, including the ss number. He did have control of my computer at that time, and I was unable to do anything on it. I was scared at this point, threatened him with the He became even nastier,and again said he already had all information on me. I hung up on him and turned off the computer. He attempted to call me back several times, and I would not answer. The phone number from where he called was 1-812-565-8927, from Columbus In. I immediately froze my bank account and all of my credit cards.

Victim Location 75043
Total money lost $2,650
Type of a scam Tech Support

The person said his name was Ryan Brooks and gave me I'd. Number which could of been fake.

Didn't want me too explain and thing too the store clerks and wanted me too lie about what I was getting it for.

Wanted me too stay at the location until they got what he needed.

Then go too another location and buy another card.

It went from 50.00 dollars, 100.00 dollars, too 300.00 and 500.00

Until he got 2,650.00 out of me.

Send you fake receipts too your phone like you where getting it back.

An check your account its pending but nothing comes back.

The numbers are 1-833-446-8444 online number and the number they call you back from is 1-262-592-4774.

Then dont want you too call back if the call is dropped.

Want you too stay on the phone while you go into the store and uses your identification as proof your sending it off.

Saying its your money it will be put back on there.

It's my fault I was in a rush moving around not looking up information while being rush someone was going too hack me all alone I was the person who call them.

First tinder buying a computer and didn't have viral protection. Lesson learn. A wife, A mother of 6 just got hacked on 04/24/2019. May God help us all. Please

Victim Location 45159
Type of a scam Tech Support

These scammers have spoofed a local number so it shows up as a name in my address book. When I answered the first time it was a robo call saying it was a lady from Microsoft. I think the name was Kathy but it may have been another name. This is not Microsoft & it is not their number nor does it belong to the scammers.

Victim Location 45245
Type of a scam Tech Support

I am a home health aide, and my patient received a call around 6pm on 4-16-19 and the call was from Mark who said he was with Microsoft and that they had overpaid her $2,000 and they were going to put $2,000 into her account, and they wanted her to go to Walmart and get 2 $500 gift cards. He asked for her debit card info, and she gave it to him.

Victim Location 07470
Type of a scam Tech Support

Pop up on my computer stating I had a virus and please call (888) 229-0684. They claimed to be Microsoft support. Very heavy accent. The man asked for my IP address which I already new how to obtain. I told him I had an account number. I rattled off a made up number and alpha. I asked him if he was able to pullup my account info. He said yes and proceded to try to get my IP address. I hung up.

Please investing or post so no one falls for this.

Thank you

Victim Location 47060
Type of a scam Utility

12 calls in the last 2 Days - caller ID has our own name and phone number! A recording says she is Kathleen from

Microsoft, they will be disconnecting our license within 48 hours. our IP address has been compromised from several countries, and we must change our IP address and license key. press 1 to speak to technician

Victim Location 15146
Total money lost $7,450
Type of a scam Tech Support

I was working on my computer to freeze my credit accounts. I was going to freeze my Equifax Account and I typed in the website that I received in my AARP magazine incorrectly. I believe the account was and I typed in My computer showed a message that I was accessing a pornographic website and to call an 866 number and if I closed the message my computer would be locked down. I wish I had kept that but I didn't. This computer is a new one so I wasn't quite sure what this message was. In hindsight...I should have just closed it. I got someone on the phone to help and they told me they were from Microsoft and then we got disconnected. They called me back on the Microsoft support number (800) 642-7676. They then connected to my computer and did a scan and showed me where hackers were trying to get into my network. They said I needed a firewall from Microsoft but they didn't want my credit information so they told me to buy a gift card for $449 for a lifetime firewall support. Made sense because they didn't want my credit card.

After I got that and they set it up and showed me an invoice. I may still have that on my computer at home. As they claimed they were encrypting my machine with the firewall and alert showed saying it was a security breach and they needed send it up a level. They contacted the Manager Jack Wills and he told me that I was going to have to have a service technician come to my house and install a firewall system for 24 hours to remove the threat but that I need to give them $3,500 in Target gift cards as a deposit for the machine and the technicians that came would give me a check for that amount when they retrieved the machine. They showed me the machine on the screen and its value at $20,999. That was why the deposit had to be that high. I got the gift cards from Target and the technician Leo Shelby stayed on my phone with me through the process. Once I gave him the gift card information he said he sent to billing and then he came back and told me that they didn't go through and he would connect me with Target to check as to why. Another mistake that I let him connect me. "Target" told me that their server was down and the cards were not valid and they would refund me my money. Again not asking for any credit information. What I found out much later was that the cards did go through and they really hadn't connected me to Target.

At that point they sent me to get more cards so that they could send the technicians with the machine. At this point I had been on the phone with them from around 10:30 am Saturday, September 29, 2018 until about 1:30 pm. Getting the gift cards was difficult so I kept having to call my credit card company to all. I got 2 at Rite Aid and the other 5 at Giant Eagle in Monroeville, PA. Leo continued to stay on the line with me through the process and I gave him the gift card numbers as soon as I got them to make sure they were good.

When I returned home from this trip, they told me they had got disconnected from my network and that hackers had increased their hold on my network so now I needed a bigger machine and $3,500 more. At this point I figured out this was a scam and contacted my nephew for help. I refused to get anymore cards and I was texting my nephew which I believe they could see and they hung up.

They were very convincing and basically kept repeating they were from Microsoft...all gave me their names and ID's and they even gave me the names and IDs of the technicians that would be coming to my house. I guess that was what made me think it was legitimate. They also always stayed on the phone with me and connected to my computer. They told me it was to keep my network secure. My guess they were making sure I wasn't reporting them. Another stupid mistake. I am now out $7,450 but it was my own stupid fault. I am very computer savvy and was watching that they weren't opening any files on my computer so that also gave me a false sense of security. I was buying the gift cards the stores were always asking me if this was credit to them...but Leo kept telling me not to tell them why I was buying them because they would try and tax me for their use. Another dumb thing I did. They also knew I was in a hurry to get somewhere so I think they were using that as additional pressure to make me do what they wanted. I was trying to get it done so that the technicians would come and so I could go to my appointment. I was on the phone with them all day until they finally hung up on me at around 6:30pm. It was the same people throughout the same process and they said they prided themselves on that. They were also pushing me to get it fixed because Microsoft's reputation was on the line.

Moral of the story...I was totally stupid.

If you need additional information, please don't hesitate to contact me. The phone number I gave you is my home number so I may have to call you back after I get the message.

Thank you! Please prevent this from happening to others.

Victim Location 07440
Type of a scam Tech Support

The voicemail said that my Windows license has expired. I should call 888-332-9444. I knew it was a scam, but called to see what they said. When I called it said to type in, which I did not do knowing it was a scam.

Victim Location 84660
Type of a scam Identity Theft

Caller said my computer was being hacked and people were stealing my personal information and they needed to get on my computer so that they could see what was going on. They said they were from Microsoft Technical support and it was vital that they logged in- I stayed on long enough to get the web address they were using to get remoted into peoples' computers before I disconnected the call so I could add it to the file for reference. I knew better than to let them remote in though.

Victim Location 45410
Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a call on July 30, 2018 from a man posing to be a Microsoft security technician. His name is David Hester. Employee ID

# MISC00122. He said that Microsoft's monitoring revealed that my computer had a security issue. The matter was supposedly rectified through remote access to the computer. Payment was required by way of a Wal-Mart gift card or with Google Play cards. There was a LOT of pressure put on me to make this transaction. There were 3 Wal-Mart employees who warned that this was a scam. One of the employees was a store Manager. She said I should call the Police, which I did on Wednesday, August 1. The Officer quickly stated that yes, this was a scam. This man called again today (August 1) and kept insisting that this was NOT a scam and that a tech already did some work on my computer and I had to pay for it with a gift card. After that call, I contacted the and was told first of all that yes, this was a scam because Microsoft does NOT monitor computers, and I was encouraged to file a Scam Report.

Victim Location 07028
Type of a scam Tech Support

Says all your computers have a license ending and you need to call back to verify to keep them safe.

Victim Location 07726
Type of a scam Tech Support

They called my elderly mother 10+ times a day. Insisting her firewall is down and she has to pay $300 over the phone. Otherwise they are going to shut her computer & phone down. They use several versions of this Michigan exchange. They called her a stupid old lady. They do not speak English too well. If you call the number back, they answer it as “support”. When asked who they were support from, they said “Microsoft”.

Victim Location 07039
Type of a scam Tech Support

Fake call from "Microsoft tech" saying there was a problem with my computer.

Wanted me to reboot and do other stuff.

Said his name was David Jackson (although his english was very poor with a strong India accent).

Made up some hardware id code (

Provided a call back number which answered Microsoft tecnical assistance... but seem fake as I couldn't find it to be a MS number in any searches.

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