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Microsoft - Imposter

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Microsoft - Imposter Reports & Reviews (36)

- Castorland, NY, USA • Oct 19, 2023

He claimed to be John Ricard from Microsoft and said my computer was hacked. He took control of my computer but I am unsure if he was able to steel any information.

- Walton, NY, USA • Sep 28, 2023

I received an alert on my computer when I mistakingly pressed a false website that I thought was Fox News

• Aug 31, 2023

I was applying for a job and got a pop-up message that said my computer was locked and to not try to attempt to shut down the computer. They were using the Microsoft logo on one of the screen and there were multiple windows of messages and a robovoice that also dictated the warning. They provided a number to call and my first instinct was to call. My second response instinct kicked in when the person answered the call and didn't say anything about them being with Microsoft, just "Tech Support". He asked me what the message was on my computer, and after I paraphrased it, he asked me to read it verbatim. That's when I hung up.

I received this email on March 2, 2022:

"Thank you for using our services.

This email is regarding your purchase of Microsoft defender. Please check below for more details of invoice"

Customer Id : 1166552

Invoice Id : MS-854721-155991

Email : xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Invoice Date : 02nd March 2022


Microsoft firewall defender.


1 Year Subscription

Valid till

02nd March 2023.

Quantity 1

Amount $399.99

Discount $50.00

TOTAL $349.00

"Dear Partner

if you find above information incorrect please contact our customer service executive to resolve the issue.

If you didn't make this purchase or want to cancel you purchase you can contact our customer service executive he'll help you get a full refund of your amount.

Please contact out customer care representative within 48 hours of receiving this invoice details.

Customer service representative contact: +1(845) 265-0438.

2022@copyright reserved Microsoft Accounts"

I called the customer service contact and argued with the woman, after 5 minutes of arguing that I never ordered or even use defender, she tells me the product is already on my computer and I am be charged $399.99, then tells me to turn my computer on to remove it. I screamed at her and told her I didn't need her to remove the product from my computer and then she hung up on me.

received an alarm on my computer that my computer had been locked due to suspicious activity. Called 1-844-326-0256 as directed and talked to someone who had difficulty with the English language. He kept saying he wanted to help me He instructed me to turn off my computer several times. Why would Microsoft have anything to do with my Apple computer ??.When I told him that I would have someone to look at the computer He kept repeating back what I said. This is very alarming to me No problems with my computer after I hung up. We live in a dangerous technical world

- Racine, WI, USA

Yesterday and alot of other days, I have caller ID my phones rings and shows I'm calling myself. I pick up and a recording start saying this is Katerine from microsoft and that my computer has been compromized by oversea hackers that as far as I let the recording go I hang up.

- Wichita Falls, TX, USA

I received a telephone call identifying it as from my husband and listing our own land line number as the caller but the caller identified itself as "Microsoft" telling me our computer IPO address was compromised and they wanted to change information to make it "safe." I hung up and called BBB.

- Media, PA, USA

The caller left a message on my answering machine that I would be charged automatically if I don't renew my subscription. When I called them back, the man said I would owe $599 for a five year subscription to my Microsoft/Windows firewall. He asked me to go to my computer and he will help me fill out forms that would cancel my subscription. I told him I won't fill out any forms and to consider my phone call to be the cancellation. He insisted that was the only way to cancel and that my credit card would automatically be charged. When I asked the company name he hung up on me. I called back and a new man answered the phone. I told him that I just bought Microsoft Windows 10 in February so it couldn't be expiring. I asked him the name of his company and all he would tell me is that he is calling on behalf of Microsoft Windows. I asked why I would be charged anything since I just got Windows 10 in February. He then said the call was not meant for me. He apologised and hung up.

This is worse because it is a live person that knew my name after pressing 9 but began as automated call. Live person with Indian accent.“Hello, ________, I am from Microsoft. Your computer has been hacked. They are after bank acc***nts... I can help you to remove it...

When we asked for a case number, department number or which computer name, or which location, where to start, or to read his report, the caller could not specifics but said “I have a lot of computers to fix and I do not know, it is a dell or apple. “

When I asked if I should start with my “Fujitsu or lenovo” PC which I do not have, he did not care where I start.

We did not allow any computer access but we are reporting this scam because someone woke me up from a nap and I was offended.

Warning message you’re computer is at risk pops up on my computer. So, I called the Microsoft # guy gets on phone wants to fix my computer for 300.00 in google play cards. Very persistent. He keeps me on the phone I give him the #s in cards but he says #s are incorrect and asks me to buy more and I ended the call. He hit me for 300.00. I was stupid to fall for it. Had my computer cleaned up for 50.00 with Microsoft and the hacker had installed a program that would allow him to go back in and gather personal info. The two amounts quoted by hacker to debug my PC was 1000 and 500 which I said I couldn’t afford so he took it down to 300 since I was over 55 yrs old and stated that the $ would be refunded to me the next day because my computer was still under warranty. What a [censored]! He called himself Roy and spoke with an Indian accent. Hope this helps? It occurred end of February.

They are Tech support Scamers They Scam Morethan $5000 To $10000 Each Day They Target Seniour Citizen Who"s Dont Know Anything

About The Computer They Scam morethan $500 each Customer

- Upper Marlboro, MD, USA

A guy named Kevin called and tells me that my contract with Microsoft is expiring and if I don't want to renew and get my money back,I have to call him back when I get on computer so that he can send some forms to fill out to get refund. I really didn't know what this guy was talking about. I never signed a contract for $300 with Microsoft for 3 years.

- Kingston, PA, USA

Phone call was received. The recorded message said I overpaid my Microsoft account and they needed some information to process a refund. I don't have a Microsoft account. I hung up and blocked the number. They may have called the wrong number. I am sending this. I recently had my identity stollen by my debit card. The message didn't say where they were calling from.

- Wichita Falls, TX, USA

A recorded message identifying itself as "Microsoft" claimed that there was suspicious/unauthorized activity on my computer. It advjsed me to call this number, +1 (888) 497-1141, to obtain help in ridding a Trojan horse/virus from my computer. I have not called and do not intend to. I have had this call several times over the last two weeks and am suspicious that it could be a scam.

- Wichita Falls, TX, USA

I received a call and it said it was Microsoft and my computer had been compromised and that I need to press "1" to speak to a technician. The call was a recording and I did not respond by pressing one. The strange part is the caller ID that the call came in from was my own number with my name and when they said this technician's name is was mine.

- Wichita Falls, TX, USA

Kathreen called from Microsoft telling that my ip address had been tampered with. Push 2 to let them fix it. Call came from my own phone number and name.

- Dallas, TX, USA

They Contact me telling a have IP Address Infected with bad virus .!!!

Microsoft has been calling me 10 times a day claiming that I have a security breech with my firewall with my ID address. They will not stop calling me. I cannot get them on my settings to block the call. I spoke with a woman with a very thick accent that was rather hard to understand. But I did understand what she was doing and saying about my computer.

Caller claims Microsoft License is out of date for Windows OS.

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