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Merck Employment Scam

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Merck Employment Scam Reports & Reviews (19)

• Aug 01, 2022

Merck Ziprecruiter Scam

My experience was just like the rest of the complaints listed. It started with a text that led to me downloading skype on my laptop.. After going thru an extensive "interview process" that included a briefing on the company then a series of legit interview questions, I was asked for personal info: ssn and front/back of my drivers license. I asked for a secure email/portal to send that info to and was given a personal outlook email address. This raised my eyebrows so I started researching the interviewers name and the number I initially was contacted from, that's what led me to this Merck scam page. There were a few things said that should've screamed red flags but I didn't look too deep into it. Didn't think a scammer would go to these lengths with "legit" interview questions just to scam you until I started recapping the whole encounter. Hopefully this page helps others avoid being scammed because I came close. I may have been scammed out of my time but not my personal info.

• Jul 20, 2022

Avoid Merck Canada Co. Inc. Scam by Eugene Gusman and Steven C. Mizell

On July 20th, I received text messages from Eugene Gusman from Merck Canada & Co. Inc. He contacted me for a fully remote customer support specialist role which was for $19.30/hour in training, and $27.50 post-training. I was asked to sign up for chatwork for a text-based interview.

After signing up for chatwork, I was contacted by Steven C. Mizell, and he started an online-based interview. Something felt off and I immediately started googling. I found this site, read the scam reviews, and realized that they're preying on employment seekers. I immediately exited the chat, blocked Michael, deleted Steven from my contact info, and deleted my chatwork account.

Don't hesitate to exit yourself from this scam, otherwise they'll just trap you in their scam with their sunk cost tactics.

• Jul 18, 2022

Merck scam

I got this text saying that they are looking for customer support specialist role and they found my resume. And if i was able to do the interview with steven on Chatwork then interview started he told me about company asked some questions about me then he told me i was hired. I asked him job offer pdf he sent me one looked very real. Then he told me that i will need some equipments such as printer, macbook and all . I sent him a message that i know you are scamming me and then he blocked me😂. Guys don’t fall for this scam

• Jun 10, 2022


RED FLAG! I am the latest victim of this Merck group scammers. Yesterday June 9, 2022, a certain Jon Davies from allegedly Merck & Co, Inc. got my name from Indeed, & was shortlisted for an online job brief & interview. Was asked to install ChatWork app to be the medium of interview & briefing exchange. Was later referred to a Steven C Mizell (I checked Google & a legit person w/ photo was actually shown as EVP chief HRO) but in the ChatWork app he was just a blank head. ALL too similar scenario , I was introduced to "the company" but the work details was so whirlwind & YES ALL THE SAME, I was offered a $19.50 for 2 wks trng & $27.50 upon employment, but the position was overwhelming (considering that I am not a tech guy), they even emphasized the "stress & pressure thing". Then follows the whole context of the interview blah blah blah, & later was mentioning I have to secure a set of MacAir & set of softwares, 4 drawer file cabinet (for what considering that am working from home setup?), also the same format to submit time consumed at work scheme, & also a photocopier/ fax/ scanner. interview was a jiffy & in minutes flat got a high mark passing result & was already welcoming me as part of the company. The worst part was that he asked me & I have provided my full name, address, mobile & home phone numbers & email address. I was out later in the evening but was surprised that he was even responding at 4 am (this morning June10) when I said that I would be away . . . Isn't that something or what? . . .

• Jun 27, 2022

Today I received the same text SMS from the same Jon Davies.
eyes open guys !

• Jun 06, 2022

Scammer's phone +14697518804
Country United States
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order
Initial means of contact Text message

Merck Canada & Co Inc scam

Someone contacted my via Text message claiming to have seen my Resume on Indeed. He then asked if i have Chatwork app on phone or laptop. Then proceed to Chatwork to discuss with hiring manager. After some minutes of introduction to the company and discussing Job description he congratulated me that i got the job. He then told me i need some equipment and softwares. He said they'd send money to me to purchase the items but must be from their accredited vendor only. Then requested to send me money for equipment and sign up. The moment they requested for account limit know that It is a scam. Be careful out there


PURE SCAM! I was contacted via email from CareerBuilder for an interview with Merck Group for an Executive Accounting job position. It was scheduled for today, 09.14.2021 at 10 am central time. I am somewhat skeptical about Skype meetings and blocked my camera from any viewing of my home. I then attended this Skype meeting to only learn that it was a message-only type of interview with a gentleman by the name of Dr. Dennise Hammond. Once greeted by this individual, he asked for my email address to send me a description of the company and the job duties for me to read briefly. I thought this request was odd since an email was sent to me for the interview; however, I provided my email address. Within seconds of sending my email address, I received a 7-page job detail which included a little history of the company. During this Skype message-only interview I was asked 5 simple questions regarding my ability to work under pressure, work with a team, understanding of privacy and code of conduct, previous job/position, and why should I be considered for the job. Once I completed the questions he then ask me to hold online while he presented my interview answers to the company board of directors for review and that he would be back in a "jiffy". While waiting I googled his name and up popped this Merck Employment Scam 2021 page. I immediately logged off Skype and blocked all email addresses for these individuals!


There was a fake email address attached to the CareerBuilder from someone who was using CareerBuilder as the hook to make you think it was actually from CareerBuilder.

I to received an email that I was a good fit for the job and to do a Skype interview. I was to download Skype Messenger. On Wednesday I was on at 8am in which Dennise Hammond (which was a white male) at least that was the picture in the icon. He send me job description but never turned on camera. He asked me a series of about 5 questions and I responded. He then said my responses would be graded and he would let me know. I passed and he offered me the job starting the next day with training. He claimed it would be a series of articles, however instead he send me the email below. I then became suspicious but answered anyway. He then told me that was great and end of day 1. I was to be paid $25 hour in training and then $50. Yeah right. On Friday I received a check for $4500 to purchase a mac laptop and equipment (see 2nd pic). SCAM

• Jan 25, 2023

That EXACT situation happened to me, check & all, but it was “from” Cigna! I have since experienced three more attempted scams through different “companies.” If it involves receiving a huge check for anything, be VERY skeptical!

I am soo glad I found this. I was contacted by Denise Hammond for an interview but was told I had to download Skype. And I thought it was sketchy because the email had no contact information but her email address and things you can use to Skype her. I was skeptical because I had to download Skype and initate the conversation with her. Fast forward.


Received an email from an outlook source named Denise Hammond. Had me log into Skype and do an interview. She wouldn't do a face to face and had me text my answers for the interview. Offered me a job way too easily. It seemed odd for such a large company such as MERCK Group. Cant find this lady anywhere online and her emails have no Merck signature or Merck email address. It's a scam.


I received an email with a lucrative, work-from-home, job offer from Merck on 8/2/2021. The hiring manager was Graham Boucher. They asked me to install Skype and scheduled the interview for 10:00am 8/3/2021. The interviewer would be Kenneth Horst. So I did as they asked. I had time after receiving the email to do a little research. I could not find either gentlemen when I googled them. Odd. I went to Merck's website to see if the position existed. Nope. When the interview time came I was prepared for a face-to-face via Skype meeting. I was then informed it would be a text interview instead. Curious. While I waited for him to begin I quickly Googled Merck job scam and that's when I discovered that's what this was. I closed out of Skype and uninstalled it and deleted the emails.


I just had the same thing happen to me, almost word for word, action by action, but they had me download Telegram to conduct the interview.. Names were different. James Marks was the initial contact. Williams Smith was the interviewer. If it seems too good to be true it most likely is.

I received a text on 4/29/2021, from James Mark from Merck Pharmaceuticals stating my resume has been reviewed online for position of Administrative Assistant/data Entry that they were really impressed with background and invited me to interview to reply if still interested. I received 2 emails one from 305-721-2538 and one from Mrs. Dana Mix at 952-213-4221. After setting up a google hangout account as advised. I was then contacted by David Greenwell via google hangout for the interview process. I was provided a verification code of MP-00752 to provide to initiate the interview. I was given description of the positions hiring for and was then asked for full name, sex, location and cell number. I was then given the requirements for the positions being offered and asked which position i felt I was best suited for and that I would be asked a series of questions, I was given brief background of company, the duties and responsibilities attached to the position and was advised to read each question carefully and reply with DONE at the end of each response. i was advised I would be trained at home at a hourly rate of 18.0per hour, hors are flexible not to exceed 40 hours per week being paid weekly or biweekly via direct deposit and i would be either full employee or independent contractor. I was told 2 branches were being built in my area and completed in 3 months and the location nearest me would be disclosed next week and specifically told to note that location. I would be given choice to continue to work from home or transfer to branch when facility was completed. I was asked series 10 questions in section 1and then8 questions concerning payroll and schedule in section 2 then section 3 there were 5 behavioral questions. I was advised my responses had to be sent to head dep and to stay near device online for 20 minutes while staying logged on, 25 minutes later I received reply i scored 7.2 out of 10 and was offered the position. i would receive a check to purchase software to be purchased at vendor they supplied only, a free mac laptop and was asked if my bank holds funds deposited more than 2 days, to deposit the check keeping $150.00 for myself as a sign on bonus and to wait to receive name of vendor to purchase equipment, for supervisor to reach out to me for training, that training would be 2 weeks and i would be introduced to all the online/work from home employees. I was then asked for full name, address, cell# and preferred email and would fax to Head Regional Co-Coordinator of my region I would be earning 30.00 per hour regular pay and 18.00 training pay and would be compensated for all materials needed to work from home. gave me link for, Peach Tree premium 2019, Norton Ghost, Peachtree accounting and time tracker. I was instructed to deposit the check and send photo copy of deposit slip immediately to David Greenwall. i was then contacted via text message by Benjamin as my supervisor on 5/4/2021, from #305-787-3084


Same thing happened to me from a 407 are code number, had me download the app then I decided to google and found this review where their scamming people to get their info saying they will pay $#0 n hr for a customer service job which is too good to be true.


I was texted this morning from a person named James Mark, stated he is with Merck Pharma... asking if I was still interested in the position I had applied for. I couldn't specifically remember applying to Merck but I have applied for many remote positions in the last few weeks... I was instructed to open Google Hangout for a chat interview. I was given information to start the invite with a Paul Smith, email is [email protected], and was then interviewed, very professionally online. Only asked basic questions, gave them no important information and after about an hour of answering basic employments questions I was asked to hold while my results were tabulated. I was then offered a job, one I would accept... I then had to end the interview due to an appointment I had to attend. I was instructed to return to the chat once I returned, I did so... but no response. I had a bit of a strange feeing throughout the interview but it seemed very professional and standard. Never asked to grant sharing of my computer, never asked for anything very personal... I am now confused, was I scammed?


Victim Location 34613
Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted via email that my application was accepted and to participate in a google hangouts interview, passed it, was offer of employment with Merck Group, called scammer via hangouts, no answer (red flag), ridiculous pay per hour (red flag), letter of hire received with grammatical errors (red flag), Company logo on letter was crooked (red flag), letter twice stated in same paragraph to provide proof of ability to work in USA (red flag). Was told a check would come in the mail to purchase software (red flag) and an HP Laptop would provided. I would be contacted with a tracking number, etc. told to log in at 8am my time to start work the following day. Asked me during hangouts conversation what I would do with the check (red flag), Googled LinkedIn Job Scam and found this same scam reported verbatim by another victim different company.


Victim Location 31029
Type of a scam Employment

There is a scam where someone is using the company name Merck to hire you to work form home. I was so excited by the chance that I sent them my personal information. When I realized it was to good to be true I called the company and they said that they do not offer those types of jobs. Well, now the scammer has my birth certificate and my ID. I was contacted on I was given a full interview and I even went though training. Turns out it was all a scam. The company is mailing me a check to buy "office supplies".

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