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Medicare Scam

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Medicare Scam Reports & Reviews (27)

- Lilburn, GA, USA • Nov 22, 2023

Medicare/ Medicaid upgrades.

Supervisors hang up . Call again and again and again. 16-20x per day . It's fraudulent because I am not of that age . They call my business number with local area codes, names or businesses attach to screen read out with the calls . Someone should be imprisoned.

- Hyattsville, MD, USA • Sep 26, 2023

A telemarketer offered my senior citizen father a medical device for diabetes for free. He has no medical condition requiring it. They attempted to get his primary care physician to authorize it, which the doctor did not do. Then my father started receiving the product, Libre 2 by Abbott in the mail as a subscription. The invoices are from DME Station Inc. 11800 28th Street North, Saint Petersburg FL 33716. Phone number is 219-525-5133. A web search of the address is a company called DDP Medical Supply. I called and told them to stop but they are still mailing the product. The company billed Medicare $512.10 for the product and received $588.50. Subsequent calls to DME Station, Inc were not answered and the voicemail is full. The answering machine for DME station gives the address 9111 Broadway Merrilville, IN. I couldn't find a website for either company alias. Watch out! They prey on the elderly!

• Sep 07, 2023

Phone call where individual said I qualified for Medicare Part 3 and knew that I was of the qualifying age (I was not). Proceeded to say I could get signed up and I was assuming I would have to pay but they never said that. Generally, when you sign up you have to pay. I hung up.

• Aug 18, 2023

calling 95+ year old woman, asking "can you hear me"; stating that they are from medicare medical; asking personal health conditions

• Jul 26, 2023

She asked if I had Medicare a b or c I said yes and asked my zip code and transferred me. Then a guy asked about my date of birth and told me I was stupid. And that I am

- Rockville, MD, USA • Jun 07, 2023

Today, 7 June 2023 at 4:32pm I received a call from a number, identified on Caller ID, as Untd St Govt at 302-757-1238. A man with what sounded like a South Asian Indian accent said he was calling to ask me if I had received my Medicare Guide this year. The following conversation was difficult to understand, not because of accent, but because it did not make sense. At one point he asked me to confirm my name, address, and zip code which were all correct. He then told me I was entitled to free braces which I could receive if I talked to someone who could arrange the shipment. I agreed to talk to the next person and I asked her what was the name of her company and if it was a provider for Medicare equipment. She said it was Care Plus Corps but was careful to say she was not Medicare because it was not legal to call on behalf of Medicare. She said the braces were for knees, ankles, and hands and I could receive then for free as long as I had not received any braces in the past year. I said it all seemed interesting but I would need to think about it. I then ended the call.

I understand that you get a call saying you qualify for a back brace or a knee brace – totally paid for by Medicare. The scammer may pretend to be from Medicare, or they may claim to be the maker of durable medical equipment (DME). They say you qualify for the equipment for free, and they repeatedly call until you relent and allow them to submit an order to your doctor for the equipment. Or you may say no, but the company ships the brace anyway. Other times the equipment just shows up on your doorstep and Medicare receives the bill. Often consumers have a difficult time returning the unnecessary equipment.

This is objectively, one such call. Please acknowledge this report.

- Tracy, CA, USA • Jun 01, 2023

I received a call with a local area code. I answered and the person said “Hi I am ___ calling on a recorded line with Medicare. Can you hear me?” or something along those lines.

I answered “Um, Yes.”

After that the call was silent and I remembered soon after about hearing a scam that utilizes this type of contact.

- Staten Island, NY, USA • May 16, 2023

The person (provided name Robin Johnson) called my elderly parents claiming to be from Medicare, using phone number 786 864 5142. He told my mother to provide him with her medical insurance information so he can send her number of braces for the injury she had seen her doctor for a while ago. He told het he would transfer her to another person and trained her what to say. When she declined the services, he threaten her to cancel her Medicare insurance. When I called him and requested an explanation, he hang up on me.

- Shirley, NY, USA • Apr 04, 2023

recorded phone call for medicare

- Amarillo, TX, USA • Mar 27, 2023

I kept receiving calls for Medicare final life insurance.

• Mar 08, 2023

We are not sure where to go about this issue

but hope you can point us in the right direction. Person has been receiving 20 or

More phone calls daily from different numbers telling her they are calling from Medicare and then telling her

They are sending her free products in the mail such as Covid 19 test kits, back braces, arm braces, etc. when she tells them they are not needed they send them anyway. She has received approximately 60 Covid tests in the mail in the last couple of weeks. They even forged her doctors signature on an order for shoulder and wrist braces that were sent to her. We know these products are not free and Medicare is being billed for all these unneeded products. We hope you can tell us where we should turn about this problem.

• Feb 06, 2023

About 3 weeks ago I called 1 800 865 5013 from a TV AD to order FREE Covid19 tests for people like me who are on Medicare. I thought it was a real Medicare AD. I have not received the order. Of course, I gave my Medicare number. I am praying this is not a scam, but now feel it is. I don't know why I didn't order them from our local Publix Pharmacy.

• Feb 02, 2023

I received a call today from a person stating they are from CVS pharmacy who stated that I am qualified for free massaging orthotic braces paid by Medicare. I knew this was a scam from the start because I have no need for something like this nor would I be interested.

Callers from various numbers claim to be Medicare representatives. They ask if we have the "new gold medicare card with more benefits". They really want to sell Medicare Advantage. Even if we tell them we don't qualify, we get up to 10+ calls a day.

Caller said with Medicare and they were issuing new cards.  Gave him my Medicare number.

Got a call from someone claiming to be from medicare

This "Business" has contacted me Several times over the last Year or so. They are using a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) so they disguise their phone number to look like others. The one above is registered in Del Ray, FL to Midtown Surgery. They offer to put you in touch with a Salesman offering either a Supplemental Insurance for Medicare/Medicaid Recipients or the offer to other Services connected to Medicare/Medicaid. They want your Information to use and then they send False billings to Medicaid/Medicare for "Services" rendered to You! Fortunately, They are contacting me due to my Deceased Wife having had Medicare and this is how I know it is a SCAM, cause nobody in my Household is currently on Medicare nor Medicaid!!

Someone calling from unavailable 32959 number stating they are calling from Medicare to update 2019 acct and new cards for my mother. Asked for SSN, address, medical information, prescriptions, etc. When I realized she had given some of this info I got on phone to question legitimacy and was given to a supervisor that basically reiterated it all and when I suggested we call back he hung up. The call was disconnected several times and immediate call backs. Seemed to be nervous when no longer talking to seniors. Unfortunately don’t know how much info he got from my mom who has some dementia .

- Springfield, MO, USA

Caller said to be calling from Medicare and wanting to provide a knee brace. I had just been to orthopedic dr and was fitted for a knee brace two days prior. I was caught off guard and did not realize this as a scam at first and gave them my Medicare number. As soon as they called back for more info, I told them to forget about the brace. I didn't want it. They won't leave us alone. They called over 20 times today and have tried to get information from my wife, also. The phone number on caller ID is different each time. Please be aware that they are getting your medical information somehow and then trying to take advantage of you.

- Moberly, MO, USA

I received a call from someone named *** saying they were from me Medicare company. He had my name, address, phone number, and date of birth. He wanted me to confirm my medicare number and wanted me to give him more information because he claimed he needed verification for my new card. He also told me there were 3 new benefits that he would like to offer. He sounded very legitimate. When I spoke to my actual medicare company, they told me this was a scam because they would never ask for that information over the phone.

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