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Medical Supply

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Medical Supply Reports & Reviews (27)

- West Jordan, UT, USA • Jul 11, 2024

its claiming to be a medical supply company trying to get us to authorize Medical UV light for the patient so they can charge her and her insurance for it. but the patient does not need this, she did not ask them for it, she does not know this company and its FRADULENT MEDICAL FRAUD,. they are asking us to agree to diagnosis codes and provide notes . WE DO NOT AGREE - This is fake and the patient is being scammed

My mother has been getting calls from 213 261-5271, Medical Supply, claiming that she has not filled out her Medicare questionnaire and will lose all her Medicare benefits unless she gives the woman over the phone all the information she needs which is her social security number, Medicare card number. She verbally badgers and intimidates my mother. My mother is 78 years old.

- Saint Augustine, FL, USA

Three (3) calls today from "Medical Supply" trying to get me to file a claim for an orthopedic brace for me aching knees or back. Point of fact: I have neither malady. Both my wife and I suggested, using very colorful, language that they cease and desist from calling us. During all calls we informed the callers we were on the "National Do Not Call" list we considered these calls nuisances and they were disturbing our evening; we artfully suggested where they could place their brace and hung up.

- Delaware, OH, USA

They call several times each day and ask for me by name. They claim to represent MediCare then later say they work with Medicare to pay for their product. They claim I have a bad back or knee and need a brace. They refuse to give any information on their company. No address, no email address, no web site, phone numbers: 614-407-5507, 614-407-5576, 614-407-5580

All have a very foreign accent. They at first say I qualify for Medicare to pay for a brace then ask for my information to make sure I qualify. I signed up for the National Do Not Call List and have repeatedly asked them to put me on their Do Not Call List. Nothing stops these people.

I have been getting calls from this company every day asking me if I am having pains or his company can give me some benefits. I ask him not to call me again and he was very demanding that I buy what they was selling. He told me he was going to be calling me again Tuesday and Wed, and said he was calling from a Medical Supply. I got his phone number from my caller ID and reported it to the FTC

their phone number is 470-233 7609.

This number keeps calling me multiple times a day for days now. It is either a man or a woman with a foreign accent. They keep asking, "hello, hello, are you there?" They want me to order a back brace, a knee brace, a neck brace; all kinds of medical stuff. They claim they are calling from Medicare. I can't fully understand what they are saying, so I just keep telling them that I do not need the items or else I don't answer. They need to stop.

- Columbus, OH, USA

I’m not sure this is worth reporting but I have no way of actually identifying this scam caller. This caller from Medical Supply knew my name, age and social security # and was attempting to get me to sign up for a DNA test “authorized” by Medicare. The calling number was 614-407-5576 and according to the search I made is out of Westerville.

- Lakewood, OH, USA

 I started getting calls a few months ago saying our prescription for the back pain was ready for pickup. They have just started recently calling me from what look like other companies on the caller ID, but when I pick up thinking it's another business, it's Medical Supply trying to get me to get a back brace they say that Medicare now covers. They were also saying for pain medications as well.

- Cleveland, OH, USA

Receive several calls daily regarding medicare eligibility for DNA (genetic) testing kits and/or knee braces that will be paid by Medicare. Unsure if company is located in the USA because phone reps have foreign accents. They use several different fake phone numbers and will continue to call even when told that you are not interested and you are aware of the scam. Obviously targeting seniors. Extremely aggressive and annoying.

Person says they want to send me medical supplies. I have told them repeatedly that I do not want medical supplies and do not need them. When I ask them to not call back or to put my number on their do not call list, they threaten me saying I will be sorry and I will regret it. The caller also has threatened saying I have broken the law by not accepting their services and not wanting them to call back. They are very aggressive and call many times every week. The caller does yell repeatedly while threatening.

Have received numerous calls from Medical Supply wanting to know about knee and back pain. Req my mother, using her full name. Req her Medicare #. I have done everything but yank this person through the phone to get them to stop.

Harassing calls, at least 2 per day, to my elderly parent’s phone number. They have made numerous calls. I asked them at least 2 times to take them off their list on 9/23/2018, and that I was going to report this # to Federal Communications. On 9/24/2018, at 10 AM, they called back. Using these #’s: 980-221-9266 & 980-221-2517

-221-9266 under Medical Supply.

DME -Medicare call stated they could provide a back brace and knee brace. Was verifying home address and trying to get more information out of callers for them to send this back brace. Caller refused to give any information to scammer.

Getting unwanted calls from a company the calls itself 'Medical Supply' trying sell back braces, wheelchairs and other health items. These scammers call from various phone numbers and always have a foreign accent. I can hear the other telemarketers scamming others in the background. They always say you qualify to get free medical supplies through medicare, but try to get credit card and social security number. Beware - it's a scam to steal your ID.

Phone call at six a.m. offering me a back brace paid for by Medicare. Asked if I was experiencing pain--told her only in my left ear from talking to her. I was a little rude and she hung up.

- Gig Harbor, WA, USA

Call from "Medical Supply" claimed that Medicare had given the okay for them to send knee and back support supplies. Asked tons of questions invluding new Medicare number. Unfortunately, was sucked in and gave the last four of my Social before I realized it was a scam and hung up. Very worried re: SS #.

Multiple phone calls per day from Medical Supply offering products paid for by Medicare.

- Marlboro, NJ, USA

I was called twice by the above number. The person spoke with an Indian accent and said he was calling on behalf of medicare for help with pain management. I told him I was not interested and hung up the phone. Two days later they called again. When I said that Medicare does not make these types of phone calls, and that he was a scam, he hung up on me.

- Farmville, VA, USA

I receive calls multiple times a day from multiple different numbers claiming to be from Medicare and Medicaid trying to sell me a back brace. I have threatened numerous times to press charges and get hung up on every time. I'm beyond tired of it!!!

- Bumpass, VA, USA

i received a call from a person calling himself Dan saying he was from Medical supply connected to Medicare.

Said i was to receive a free back & knee brace since my records show I have Sciatica problems, having heard

that term Sciatica made me think he was from medicare.

After a few questions he mentioned it wouldn't cost me a thing that the back brace & knee were free. He also mention a agent would contact me for more info with in 24 to 72 hrs. again that didn't feel right, what made me hang on a listen to this man was I was in pain at the time & wasn't thinking with a clear head, Agent never called.

Before we hung up he asked for the last 4 digits of my Social, which i gave him, stupid mistake, Needless to say I lost a lot of sleep that night worrying about what he could do. Since I'am a Senior on a fixed income, what we have

is all we have!! Please help!! My husband & I are up in age & we can't loose everything, which is very little before we pass. Thank You for taken time to read this.

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