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Mashcole property management

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I am a mother of three young kids (ages 6yrs, 5yrs, and 5 months) living in a rent-controlled apartment complex in Los Angeles. On July 25th there was a flood of sewage water into my apartment from the unit above. Since then, over a month has passed, the unit isn't fixed, and my family has been effectively imprisoned in a temporary unit with no keys and no end in sight. Mashcole property managers abuse loosely worded civil codes and regulations, rent-controlled and section eight systems, and PREY on their lower class tenants.

Our flood started a little after midnight, I urgently called and texted the property manager who said a plumber was on his way. My family stayed bundled up on the living room couch watching the flood destroy our belongings, waiting for help. 9 hours later, a plumber came but couldn't stop the leak because he couldn't get access to the apartment above - although he could have legally because it was an emergency. The plumber later told me he never received an emergency call from management.

Mashcole managers refused to help us find a place to stay while the unit was actively flooding, even though that is their legal obligation as a rent-controlled complex. They stated that the bath and bedroom were unusable, but the living room was fine so we could stay in there.

Robin, a Mashcole manager, and former child actress who starred in movies like Annie, told me the company doesn't "do hotels" and that she wouldn't even place us in one of the empty units in the complex. She told me to take the kids to a homeless shelter or have myself, my two young kids, and my then-four month old baby stay in the living room of the unit until they fixed the leaks.

A maintenance man saw how bad my apartment was and finally opened up an empty apartment upstairs for us (against management's orders). The owner and management company have refused to give me the keys to the apartment we've been in since July 29th, or to allow me to bring up any furniture.

I emailed them multiple times explaining that I feel like my family's being held prisoner and that they're directly interfering with our daily tasks because I can't leave this unit without keys to both secure our valuables when we leave and guarantee that I can get back in. I received no response. I asked almost a dozen times for the keys before finally I was told the owner didn't want me to have them.

Since the owner and Mashcole company won't let me bring anything upstairs, I have to go up and down multiple times, day and night, to get food for the kids and baby formula from the fridge. These stairs are sagging, have soft spots, and are of different heights which makes every trip while carrying the baby a potential tragedy.

While still waiting for repairs to begin, a second flood occurred, and again, management stopped responding to my emails and calls. I reported new leaks in the kitchen, bathroom, and living room, but got no response from management.

While the drywall was down I noticed various types of mold and I had the mold professionally tested. Extremely elevated levels of mold were found, but since the management company only legally has to make the mold "not visible", they have chosen to paint over it and spray KILLZ industrial strength spray to mask the odors. Leaving the mold issue for the next tenants to deal with as well. So DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH MASHCOLE.

P.S.: They have no problem breaking the law

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9/13 - UPDATE : A third major leak has occurred, flooding both the bedroom and the bathroom again. Again, management failed to respond.

9/14 - UPDATE : Instead of fixing the unit that caused the latest leak. They boarded up his unit, with a soaked rug and flooded bathroom.


- Valley Village, CA, USA

Just under 2 years ago our building as well as several of the other buildings in our cul-de-sac were bought by this company, mashcole. Within a few weeks our property manager whose name I will gladly tell anybody who asks, fired the person that did repairs on the building and repairs immediately stopped happening. We had an infestation of black and brown widow spiders that took her 6 months to finally take care of. They have called over landscapers to dig up all of the flowers and grass and Lawn and not come back so that the lawn was left in shambles. They have stopped paying the bill for recycling so the recycling has very rarely been picked up. They have placed locks on the nozzles for water in order to prevent us from watering the plants to try and recover the lawn. We have followed up with each and every person that has been hired to do maintenance on our buildings and each of them have given us the same story that they have been specifically told to not come back in order to make our living conditions worse. When attempting to follow up with Julia she has claimed an excuse for each and every one. This woman specifically but her company as well mashcole who is completely unreachable have made the living conditions of my entire neighborhood a safety hazard. This company needs to be shut down. They are creating living situations that are illegal and refusing maintenance in order to make them unlivable buildings. I repeat this company needs to be shut down.

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