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Marsha Ann Spencer

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Found through social media offer to help with credit card bills after learning I'm been in out the hostpal with medical debit. And trying move back home at the same time. Didn't want do a bank transfer or anything not didn't really questions it as going through alot. I was allready about give up my life the lowest point but it seem like some false hope. She gave me her banking info to only transfer to my card so I can pay my back log bills etc. Let me do a couple transfer totaling about little over 6,000. She than told she had covid 19 and can't go out wanted me to pick some iPhones up for her at local Apple store or something. Told her thier wasn't one near by. Than said to get apple card. That's when things started seem werid but didn't think of it. But I couldn't go out as I'm very sick and coivd going on. Did hear from here from her to the next day asking if I got it done. Then asked me do a cash advance on my card and offer pay my car loan. I told her I'm happy with what she done for now and if once you everything clears I would order a new card and help her out. She kinda of dropped to the next day got more aggressive. So I end up blocking her and she got allmost violent texting the next day treating me she have me [censored]ed up etc. That's when I started realize it was a scam. But everything was spent on rent mostly. Now my card is over drafted by 6000. Probably will lose my car over this .

I replied to her post on Whisper. She was offering to pay people's debt. I wasn't trying to get my debt paid but learn how people do it.. or figure out if it was a scam at least. She sent me "proof" of paying other peoples debt but the images were altered. She had edited the date on them. I gave her my information cause I'm broke anyway, I had $15 she could steal maybe. I kept chatting with her like normal but it felt like a lot if stalling. She made the payment to my card and asked if my local cvs, walgreens, and apple store were open. I said only drug stores and she asked I buy $1,200 worth of Ebay gift cards to give to her workers during this shut down. Now why would a person with money need to give their workers gift cards instead of a bonus or something? Or just buy the cards online? Though everything was telling me this was some bull[censored], I really wanted to believe there was some good out there. You'd have to be real [censored]ty to scam people already in debt. This person is really [censored]ty. I don't know who this woman actually is but this is the pic that was sent.

Her phone number (916) 382 - 2984 but I believe she's using a computer, like with Skype

I was sent this

This person claimed she would pay off my debt and wanted login info. She proceeded to deposit money into my bank account and wanted me to do something for them. Claimed a worker of her's needed the money and didn't have an account to send it to but I needed to send it via Apple Pay or Zelle. I filled a fraud claim with the bank and they said it looked real but to not touch the money. When I didn't respond to the incoming texts, they claimed I lied and said I would be sorry and that my family was in danger. This was on 3/18 that it began, on 3/19 I have since filed a police report and am having to change all account info. Today on 3/21 I received a text from an unknown number that their worker died from the Corona Virus because I didn't act fast enough and that the they would not spare the rod. 213-986-8457, 407-676-4294 & 724-990-0654 have all either sent me a text or called me in regards to this.

She tried to get me to send her my info to clear up my debt as well...and then told me she had “no time for games“ because I kept telling her I didn’t feel comfortable giving her my full name, full bank account number, and online login username & password for my’s really upsetting and disappointing that someone is scamming people who are such a scary prey on people like this, is a new level of crappy. I’m so sorry!

I was on the 'Whisper' app on Monday 2/24. I saw a post offering to pay off the credit card debt for the next 3 people that asked. I was highly suspicious at first, but also curious.
I asked them what the catch was. They said 'no catch'. The conversation continued progressing to the point of exchanging cell phone numbers to begin to text.
Over the course of the text conversation I felt like it was a scam, so I stopped communication and blocked the number, I no longer can find that number.
Then on Tuesday 2/25 they reached back out to me from a new number 406-686-2240. They sent me a screen shot of our previous conversation and claimed they had phone issues and this was their new number.
I started off incredibly sceptical. But over the course of the conversation I was worn down, and when they gave me their routing and account number to pay off one of my cards I started to trust them.
The Routing number was: 021000322 and account number was: 004838138959. I put in the info and it went through. So I changed my login and password info for 2 of my other accounts, and let them login
and make payments in my behalf as per their request. Once I got confirmation that they payments were scheduled I changed my logins and password to something completely different, and confirmed no other activity occurred
on the accounts. As of this morning the 1 card that I entered has gone through, the other 2 are still pending payoff. Now the person I am working with 'Marsha Ann' asks me to do an errand for her.
She wants me to use the available credit she just gave me to buy 3 iphones and send them to her. This is as of about an hour ago today 2/26. I have told her I am waiting for the credit to clear up before I can,
and she has understood this, and is waiting for that payment to clear, and that she will 'pay back this debt' again once she receives the iPhones. She has not yet told me where she wants them shipped.
She is waiting for me to pay for the phones first. That is when I knew this was a scam. I've changed all my account numbers and even my phone number. Now she has texted me on my new number from 213-986-8457. How is that even possible?

- Redmond, WA, USA

She is claiming to help pay your credit card debt. After she give you the account info and you put the payment thru for processing, you will get the amount you posted as available credit on you account even though it's still processing.

She then asks for you to buy her employees gift cards with the money.

The account she gives you is a stolen bank account and there is no fund in it. So if you go buy her the gift card, your card account will be overdrawn when the payment doesnt go thru.

So I met Marsha on a app called Whisper. She replied to post I posted (don’t remember the content) by sending me a private message. We exchange words about our lives. She said that she was a single mother, recently divorce, and wasn’t looking to jump back in a relationship. I was cool with that. I decided to go with the flow because I’m single and not really looking for anything seriously. After exchanging pictures we moved from whisper to texting. Marsha went in a lot deeper on what she was looking for. She said that she’s looking to be someone’s sugar momma but she don’t really know how. She then told me that she's never had to worry about money, she just want someone who can be faithful to her. I believed her. After that we text ever once in a while. She said that she was on business trip or out with people. I felt that this was actually legitimate. So after while, I bought into the whole sugar mamma offer. I sent her a picture of my ID with the incorrect address (recently move) and we exchanged more pictures. She said that she needed to get with her financial management to work out the allowance, she needed my banking information. I said okay. Far enough. I sent her my account and routing number. Marsha declined stating that she needed my banking log in to wire the funds. Reluctantly, I said okay after some clarification. I didn’t get to send her all my information until later that night (she’s usually ‘asleep’). I started googling the requirements to transfer money. You really don’t need the log in, right? Thank goodness for two step authentication. My bank have to send me a code via text or email whenever I log in my online banking on a new device. I immediately changed my username and password, called my bank to report my account compromise, and move my funds. I finally googled her name and found someone post about losing 5k plus to her.

- Middletown, DE, USA

It didn’t occur for long but she was extremely pushy and kept asking for my bank account information after the website said that was not allowed. I was concerned because I read something about her and once I mentioned it, she claimed she gets upset easily and cries so she was “hurt”. I’m concerned for anyone my age falling for a person like this because it is dangerous and can lead you somewhere crazy if you’re not careful.

- Redwood City, CA, USA

To whom it may concern,

I met a woman claiming to be "Marsha Ann Spencer" on an online dating website on June 5th. I now suspect this may be a stolen identity. We have never met in person. She claims to live in Beverly Hills, but her alleged CA driver’s license lists her address as a P.O. box in San Carlos. She claims to currently be in Dubai on a business trip, for the past month and until July 15th. We entered a virtual relationship where she promised to send my money online if I bought her gift cards (iTunes, Walmart, etc), which she could not purchase from her location outside the country. She promised to pay me back for these favors as a reward. She insisted I give her full access to my bank account, including account number and online username and password, which I foolishly agreed to. After spending close to $2000 in debit money for her, she sent me a check on 6/8 for $1995.77(through my banking app, which I had willingly given her access to-- this is why my bank told me they cannot proceed with this case as a Fraud). But the check bounced back, and I was charged for that, bringing my total debt to nearly $4000. In addition, her “attempt” to pay off my credit card ($1900) was also reversed. In total, I am owed $5900 by her and have no means of retrieving it, locating her, or accessing her bank account or information, which she never disclosed to me, despite my numerous pleas. Hopefully we can track her down retroactively by identifying the account(s) she used to deposit money to me on my account, via my banking app, even though they were either declined (check deposit on 6/8/18). However, I’m worried the account and routing number maybe be false, stolen or invalid-- for what it’s worth, the rejected check was from *** bank with a routing number of 009537 and account number of 111001150. Marsha kept promising to pay me back, but came up with many excuses for her delays. I finally realized I was being scammed and decided to cut her off. I changed all my account numbers, bank information, etc. and told her it was over. She began threatening me and my loved ones with financial retribution and physical harm beginning the afternoon of 6/27. She had access to my bank account and potentially recorded my billing (home) address; she also knows my full name. I am very worried about my and my family’s security, and also am now in an extremely precarious financial situation, having lost almost all my money. I am truly desperate for any help in this hour of need.

Her associated phone numbers are 409-213-4421 (area code for Port Arthur, Jefferson Co., TX), 424-238-1628 (Santa Monica, CA), email [email protected], and instagram @marsha_world190. Given the remote (virtual) nature of these incidents, and the fact that some of the associated phone numbers/addresses are outside your jurisdiction, I understand if you are not able to proceed with this case. However, I would deeply appreciate if you could forward this to any agency or official who you think could, or if you could tell me any possible steps I can take to bring whomever is responsible for this to justice, and to retrieve the money that is rightfully owed to me. I can provide full access to all my text and email conversations, financial transactions, etc., upon request-- I have nothing to hide. The screenshots selected for this case are simply the most relevant ones to illustrating the crime.

Thank you.

I had two different people claiming to be this Marsha Ann. The numbers that were used are 213-986-8457 and 609-664-0991. Both said they would help pay my credit card debt because they wanted to help put some good back in the world.

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