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Marketpro 247 Reports & Reviews (22)

• Apr 08, 2021

Don't feel bad I was scammed also which is messed up cuz I'm like so pissed off. And also basically when I called UPS also I live in Houston Texas and a they said that the tracking number was did not belong to me and that it was someone else the package. It wasn't even under my name. It was understood someone else's name so they purposely gave me the wrong tracking number. they're scamming people I am I so pissed off cuz PayPal ain't doing [censored] about it and the thing is since there's more than one person getting scammed these b[censored] need a refund us our money or something cuz these m[censored] here talking about the case is closed cuz he said that we got a package I never got nothing I have surveillance of no one even showing up here at my Apartments no package no nothing no UPS driver pulling up to my nothing. You would think PayPal would flag it for there being more than one person saying that they're not getting their package I reported that website. PayPal needs to close their account or something

• Apr 08, 2021

If y'all can see this sorry for the misunderstanding on my paragraph I'm using talk to text and it sucks LOL

• Apr 08, 2021

Ordered a mini fridge on March 2nd. Got notification on March 9th that merchandise had arrived at a ups facility in my area. After 1 week no delivery. Called UPS and was told that the delivery address was unverifiable and I would have to contact the originator for any help. Tried numerous times to contact Sean Bagge, the contact of record for the sale. Phone number for this person is always a busy signal. Emails, 7 times to no avail. Scam!

• Apr 08, 2021

I see I am in a big pot of phish on this one. Out $43.98 for the game I thought I was buying. I now see after a lot of searching I should have just looked here. I also tried to email and call this company, with no success, got the "Proof of Delivery" from UPS but when I called them they told me it was delivered to my zip code, but because of their privacy policies they couldn't tell me what address. I told them it wasn't my address, as it should have been. Either way, the statement they gave me said the package weighed 4.10 lbs., and there is no way a Nintendo Switch game would have even weighed more than one pound, so whatever. I hope this scam is encovered at some point.

• Mar 28, 2021

I ordered a game for $44.98 and paid via PayPal. I only ever received confirmation of my order through PayPal; I did not receive anything from the website/company itself. A tracking number was provided through PayPal, however, when I spoke to UPS they said the item was delivered to someone else with a different name and address. PayPal will not refund my money, since the seller provided a tracking number. UPS will also not do anything to help. I have been scammed.

• Mar 27, 2021

The item ordered never arrived. Julia Kepler claimed it was delivered. I'm now out $54.98 for a Rainbird valve box that was never delivered. Paypal refused to investigate this matter. I have a Ring doorbell camera that confirmed that no delivery by Marketpro 247 ever took place.

• Mar 26, 2021

Scammer's phone 2526256256
Scammer's website
Scammer's address 323 East 78th. New York NY 10075
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Website

I bought an item from this website and paid via PayPal to be safe. The purchase came through from "Lori J Sauer" and not the website name. The seller then posted shipping info (UPS tracking # and delivery date), but I did not receive the item. I attempted to contact the seller, but both the email address and phone number do not work. I filed a dispute with PayPal, but they closed the claim because they said the seller sent the item. I then filed a claim with UPS, which is still pending. Like others have said on this site, I believe MarketPro247 is a scam - they sell items, provide fake shipping info, and make themselves unreachable so there is little the buyer can do. Thankfully all I lost was $30.

• Mar 26, 2021

I bought 3 boxes of Pokemon Shining Faith boxes and never received them. No order confirmation but just an order number. The seller sent a tracking number to make it appear that the package was mailed and delivered. Called UPS to verify package and was advised that the package was not for me. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS WEBSITE! ALL SELLERS HERE ARE LIKELY SCAMMERS!

• Mar 23, 2021

I had bought a shining fates elite trainer box and was hoping that the reviews were just mistakes, my package was sent to a different location and I am unable to get in contact with the shipper ,all my emails I send keep bouncing. Do not trust them with your money! Lost 60 dollars on this they need to shut this place down.

• Mar 21, 2021


• Mar 16, 2021

Purchased x2 Booster car seats at $30.00 each. Thought it was weird when I got an email from "Paypal", when I didn't purchase with my PayPal account. Click on tracking info, couldn't verify. Left a message on the # they one called me back and emailed two different people and emails got bounced back as un-deliverable.

• Mar 16, 2021

Victim Location 78614
Total money lost $63
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased an item off this site before doing my due diligence and when I tried to reach out to them for a shipping update days after receiving my email from PayPal saying the store had been paid, my email was returned with a rejection notice. Their phone number is not in service. You cannot register for their site to see any tracking information, so once you spend money, you are stuck without any way to contact them. Everything about this site is a scam. I’ve already reported them to PayPal.

• Mar 26, 2021

I reported to PayPal about them last night unfortunately I found what I needed on the internet and ordered it. I didn’t look at reviews. Mine was almost $300. Was PayPal able to refund you?

• Mar 14, 2021

Lost $ 63.00 this is a Fake website fake paypal receipt and no confirmation email no tracking number pay pal payment show a womans name order number says not found tried emailing them no luck there either... wouldnt recommend buying anything from this fake scam artists worst experience ever will keep posting bad reviews everywhere i see this fake website...

• Mar 11, 2021

Country United States
Type of a scam Online Purchase
Initial means of contact Not applicable

Made online purchase for my daughter a few days back, no email confirmation of the sort, went on their website to try and locate order and nothing. I paid via paypal because they don’t except credit cards directly and got some fictitious receipt with a woman’s name on it instead of the company. I tried calling the phone number listed and to my surprise it’s disconnected. DO NOT BUY OR TRUST ANYTHING ON THIS WEBSITE!

• Mar 11, 2021

I purchased 2 Pokémon Shining Fates Elite Trainer Box’s for $63.97 I paid through PayPal because they didn’t accept anything else. I didn’t receive a text or email about my order confirmation I also didn’t receive any form of shipping/tracking information. marketpro247 is a scam do not recommend

• Mar 09, 2021

Same experience as the rest of the victims. Ordered an Xbox Controller for $29.99 and paid through PayPal. Package shipped and showed delivered via UPS, but I never received it. Filed a claim with UPS, who apparently had been given a different name and ship-to address. UPS simply resolved the claim as lost and unrecoverable. However, they refund the money to the sender! I then filed a claim with PayPal but they said the seller and receiver confirmed shipment and receipt (?). No one ever called me so I have no idea what contact information they are using. When I tried contacting Marketpro247 the emails bounce and phone numbers are invalid. Lastly, I filed a complaint with the FTC with all the information. Maybe they'll shut the site down.

• Mar 06, 2021

I purchased an item for $18.99 on February 15, 2021. I then received email showing it was delivered. When I called UPS with the tracking number, they showed it being delivered to a different address and a different name. They could not give me that name or address. All of the websites email addresses came back to me as undeliverable. PayPal rejected my dispute because they said it was delivered. I then called PayPal and told them what UPS said. They were going to call UPS to confirm and then refund me my money back.

I ordered an item back on 2/11/2021 for $19.99. It was supposedly shipped out and delivered on 2/17. I never got it. I checked all around my house, with neighrbors and with UPS. The seller is the one who needs to file a claim for a missing item so I tried contacting the seller through email several times and received no response. This place is a complete scam. Do not trust it.

• Mar 06, 2021

This is a fake website that uses fake UPS shipping!

I experienced precisely the same scam as Private1614413382. I ordered a product, and it was "shipped" to some random person and address in my ZIP code. I disputed the transaction with PayPal, but it didn't resolve in my favor because there was proof of delivery in the UPS system.

I reported my incident to the FBI, via the IC3 form.

• Feb 21, 2021

Victim Location 27006
Total money lost $100
Type of a scam Online Purchase

This website is a scam. They are providing fraudulent tracking numbers so it appears that a package was delivered to your home when it was delivered elsewhere.. They also only accept PayPal as payment so you have issues disputing not receiving the package because of the fraudulent tracking number provided.

• Feb 18, 2021

Victim Location 46835
Total money lost $65.98
Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered 2 items and received a tracking number.. When the tracking number said the package had been delivered it was not outside my home.. I contacted UPS and they informed me that it was blocked I had to go through the seller to file a claim.. When I contacted the email on the website, my email was returned as undeliverable l.. Then, I called the phone number listed on the website and it was a cellphone that does not have a voicemail set up.. I then sent an email to the email provided by PayPal of the person who received the money and did not get a response.. I then contacted UPS again to obtain proof the package was not delivered to my home and was informed the tracking number provided was delivered to another address and that I was provided a fraudulent tracking number..,

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