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Margaret Ocansey Johnson / Cedric

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Margaret Ocansey Johnson / Cedric Reports & Reviews (17)

Same experience as most. Placed ad on auto trader. Scammer is Margaret Ocansey Johnson and Mark Stephen Hutzler. They answered the auto trader ad and said they want to buy the vehicle sight unseen and they trust the pictures we posted as the actual condition of the vehicle. They asked us to pull the ad from auto trader immediately. They overnighted a fake citizens bank cashiers check by FedEx. The agreed sales price was $25,150 but they sent the check for $36,220. When we inquired why they sent over $11,000 extra they asked us to give a car hauler the extra $11,000 in cash. At this point it was clearly a fraudulent scam. We went back-and-forth and they tried to get us to cut a cashiers check to the car hauler or send the money via Zelle or get gift cards with it , anything to scam us out of money. Aftet googling Margaret’s name she came up on — we stopped all negotiations and have reported it to our local police department. Scampulse is a very valuable tool for the public -we need to incarcerate these criminals!
Car for sale// fake certified check

Posted a car for sale on I was answered a rick Leonard this person claimed to be satisfied by just the pictures i posted and offered to buy the car for 5300 and in addition wanted me to take the ad down. Never a phone call just email communications. I made it very clear that the car was already sold but they persisted. i received a FedEx envelope with a fraudulent certified check this morning with the name Margarete Ocansey Johnson, goggled the name & discovered a large list of check scams attempted by this individual and rick Leonard. I submitted this Fraudulent Check to the Sheriffs Dept & The Dept of Justice.

• Mar 14, 2024

Wow, Margaret!

I recently received a check in the amount of $2950.00 by FedEx. It was sent by a company named Zipcar. I foolishly deposited it into my bank account and of course the issuing bank did not cover the check. That caused me problems with my bank.
Today I received another FedEx envelope containing another check drawn from a different bank, also in the amount of $2950. There was no letter nor anything else stating what the check was for.
The first check I recieced instructed me to deposit it in my account and that $600 was intended as a week payment for me to allow them to place a decal on my truck. Then came their con. They told me to withdraw the remainder of the funds and purchase postal money orders with it and to ship it over night delivery. They knew quite well that my bank would place that check on hold while it cleared their bank. They intended for me to use my money to purchase the money orders believing the check they sent would clear soon.I believe I still have the emails they sent me.
Please advise me if there is anymore I can do to assist you.
Fake check
Fake check


Got this by FedEx

My wife put an item up for sale on Craigslist and was answered by an Elizabeth Henderson. She wanted the item and offered an extra $80 to hold it. E-mails were exchanged concerning price, sending of check, she was unavailable to pick up at that time. Last E-mail asked us to deposit check, take out what we were owed plus extra hold money and send back remaining cash...Ha Ha Ha..Have heard this one before. Check that arrived was for $3,850 for a $95 dollar item. Contacted Craigslist and our Oregon State Dept. of Justice.


I was contacted on Facebook by someone of the name Richard (the Twitter name is @Richard_Thom12 and asked me to be his sugar baby. Knowing it was probably a scam, I went along with it. They wanna waste my time I can waste theirs. The first check he sent me was through a WhatsApp message and belonged to a private school. It was for $3000. I contacted the school so they were aware of what was going on. I told him I couldn’t deposit it and found an imagine online that I could sent to him showing an error. He then sent a second check in the mail over night. This check was for $80,001. Doing research of my own, I took a wet paper towel and wiped it over the MICR numbers. Lo and behold, the ink smudged. I tried the same thing on a check I knew was legit (my paycheck) and nothing happened. According to a few different sites of the MICR numbers smudge when wiping with water, it’s proof that the check was printed. I had called Wells Fargo to ensure the account was real but no way of knowing how much money is in this “fake account”. Looking up the sender name led me here. Glad I didn’t really try to deposit it! DONT FALL FOR IT!
Different from the rest but the same


Thank goodness this site exists. I just received a check that was definitely too good to be true. I wanted it to be true. So bad.

I was selling my car. We agreed on a price of $8600. I got a check for $14,000. Needless to say, it was far beyond what I expected. In emails and texts this person had terrible grammar and many spelling mistakes. He threw up red flags all over the place. He identified as Rick Leonard. The cell phone number he gave me, with a Jersey area code, led me to a Rick Leonard in Chicago. The check is from a company in Pennsylvania, and the envelope was mailed from a GM factory in Buffalo, NY. Nothing lined up. I had him call me, and he did. The conversation was brief, but I talked to a live person. I held on to hope until I googled "Margaret Ocansey Johnson." The only thing that landed it 100% as a scam was this site. I called the company, but had to just leave a message. I was ready to go to my bank and have them verify, but now I have to figure out how to report this...
Same ol' scam


Basically, the same as above... selling item on Craigslist, she offers extra $ in a cashiers check to hold, while a 'buyer' will pick it up. Sounded fishy. Asked for references, no response. THEN 3 days later I receive a cashier's check in the mail from a random business for $2,150! My dad taught me years ago "If it seems too good to be true, then it really is not true." The check looks perfect: water marks, silver seal with laser cut, real company name, etc. This check will soon become fire fodder. If you check look up this person's Facebook page, you will notice that her 'friends' likely don't to really live in the US.


Same here got an overnighted package from a Margaret ocansey Johnson in Lansing MI. With a check from allied painting Inc in New Jersey in the amount of 1950.00. The person messaged us about a vintage video game put on Craigslist by my boyfriend. He asked us to remove the post that he wanted said game and he'd pay us extra if we put it on hold. So we took it down and he asked us for our address said he was going to mail a check.. my boyfriend thought nothing of it until i said something. Then after the address was sent the person mentioned sending extra for us to pay someone to pick it up for him.. my boyfriend said nah I don't agree to that.. got the check anyway it says 1950 and Said game was nowhere near 1950 dollars. I'm half tempted to be like yeah where do we send this extra money and game too to see if we can get a location on this crazy person. I'm sure there's more to it then that though. The stupid lengths people go I swear. Smdh.


We got the exact same thing except this one is for $2950

Same experience as the others. $70 hold fee, pay the movers, etc. I have not received the check yet, but as soon as I saw that I had a package with a return address to a GM factory in MI, but the check had been picked up in Mechanicsville, VA and the name of the individual (Margaret Ocansey Johnson) was different from who I had been corresponding with (Roberta Bettly) I knew something was fishy.


I received a check today via FedEx in the amount of $2950. There was nothing else in the envelope. No explanation what the check is for. I’m sure I’ll be hearing from them soon. This is the second time for me.

Please help me the same thing happen to me today December 29,2021 too I made the mobile check deposit 2,950.45 in my account .Now the money is available.This personn contact me to take the money and buy google gift card to her with the money .Please can they block this check after a while if I send them the card for the money

I listed an item on Craigslist for $185. Got identical replies from 2 people with the exact same deal ($70 hold fee). The promised a certified for $225 and I was to give the $70 to their pick up guy. The check arrived- from a third party, not certified and for $1755.00! Was I supposed to give the difference to the pick up guy only to have the check bounce the next day? My radar went off big time. The odd part is- all of the texts between me and these parties have disappeared from my phone. I didn't delete them, but they're now gone. I called the company on the check- allegedly the checks were stolen and the account closed, but I forwarded all of my information to the NY State Attorney General's office along with the check and envelope (Margaret Ocansey Johnson of Valparaiso, IN).


I also had similar experience. Except from a David Fuentes for a truck I put up on Craigslist. Same $70 to hold truck for him, but full price sight unseen. Would have movers come for truck and extra money from certified check go to them for pickup of truck. Certified check from General Motors Cami Assembly/ Margaret Ocansey Johnson, Lake Orion MI. But that GM Cami Assembly when googled is in Canada. Certified check is from a Tashdjian Trading Company Inc, Novatex International in Vernon CA. Definitely a scam and this report confirms my suspicions even further.


On October 5th I listed a bike for sell on Craigslist. I was contacted by a Cedric, he said he wanted to buy the bike and would send a certified bank check. He stated he would be responsible for picking up the bike. He sent a check for 1,950.00 and said when it cleared he would send someone to pick up money minus an extra 70.00 plus the purchase price of the bike. This didn't sound right. A FedEx package arrived on Oct 7th, with a return address in Indiana and the name of the sender was a Margaret Ocansey Johnson. The business name on the check was Old Philadelphia Associates, Inc in West Chester, PA. I know anytime you are asked to cash a check and give money back to the issuer of the check, it's a scam!!

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