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MANGO LOGISTICS GROUP, US Reports & Reviews (20)

• Sep 28, 2022

Victim Location 73110
Type of a scam Employment

Company advertised on Indeed and emailed victim. Victim gave their personal information. Information given back to us about the job included a base pay as well as commission. After 1 month, company locked victim out of their website login as well as blocking the contact number.

• Sep 27, 2022

Victim Location 36611
Type of a scam Employment

I was selected to work for this company they said I would be paid in a month for delivering packages and at the end of the month they changed the numbers and wouldn't answer.

• Sep 22, 2022

Victim Location 12303
Type of a scam Employment

They offered me a job as a package inspector. They sent me couple packages in the mail to send back out. After a couple packages and conversation with the supervisor I decided to look up the company online and found out it was a scam. Since I have told them to stop sending me packages that I wasn’t to be sending anything out for them again.

• Sep 20, 2022

This is so messed up how someone can do this to anyone.

No they do not pay you and they make it seem real but shipping you these packages. Don't go for this. It just waste your time and some money. They don't answer after you ask why you haven't got paid.

• Sep 18, 2022

I think I’ve been scammed too I have not received my first paycheck from them I was supposed get paid yesterday and nobody is responding I get it’s closed on the weekends but no one is answering what should I do they have my bank info and my home address

• Sep 16, 2022

Scammer's phone 8016094634
Scammer's address 4985 Colorado Blvd #7, Denver, CO 80216
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Employment
Initial means of contact Email

Beware of these [censored]s

They just got me with the same [censored]ery. Been waiting on forever to get a package that's been in my house for WEEKS and still haven't gotten it out yet. These [censored] cut my login out just for me to call them this morning and give a bull[censored] excuse on how they would have “reset” my password. I know that this place is a huge scam, and they won't be satisfied until someone hurts them badly. Like you can't play with people for a whole month and then cut them off AFTER they done shipped out the boxes and [censored] for you. Smh never again.

• Sep 15, 2022

Scam steals money

These 4 individuals ,Open a company in Colorado in a empty warehouse spoke to building owner and her said he never heard of this company Mango Group. They took all my personal information and I don’t know what they will do with it now sent packages to my home that did not have my name on it to forward to someone else so I would stake the fall NO Way file a police report and find these people. Stealing credit card info and personal information!🚔

• Aug 31, 2022

They find your information on Indeed/LinkedIn. They offer you an "employment opportunity" for which you never applied. In my case, they noticed my job search filter specifying Part-time, and offered me this "job." A few years back, I fell for the same type of arrangement with an outfit called TRANSERVION. I was promised permanent employment and $2,000 after the initial "probationary" month. There were impressively articulate "managers" with whom I emailed and had phone dialogue on a daily basis. At the end of my probationary month, my last assignment, which always included me doing the following:
1. Receiving a parcel.
2. Opening parcel to check the condition of contents
3. Photographing the contents
4. Email them the photograph.
5. Receiving address label from Transervion
6. Transporting the package to FEDEX, UPS, or USPS
7. Sending Screenshot of completed transaction
8. My receipt of recognition and praise for doing a "fine job."
The last and final parcel was a Mac Desktop worth almost $2,000. It took them a couple of days longer to arrange "their customer's" receipt of the package. It remained in my home for 3 days before it was sent out. Those 3 days were a huge red flag that I simply ignored.
They went as far as to send me a certificate of satisfactory probationary completion. When I reached out to them on the following day, all email addresses and phone numbers were non-existent.
I was heartbroken.
I also neglected to Google the company.

• Sep 07, 2022

So did you actually ever work for Mango Logistics or just the company you worked for a few years ago?

• Aug 31, 2022

Scammer's phone NONE
Scammer's website
Scammer's address 4985 Colorado Blvd #7, Denver, CO 80216
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Employment
Initial means of contact Text message


I've asked them to STOP texting me. I told them that I was scammed by another so-called "Logistics" operation a few years ago. They pursued me with an emailed rebuttal that included a typo: Big Red Flag, not to mention no inclusion of a phone number where they can be reached.

See correspondence:On Wed, Aug 31, 2022 at 4:33 PM Jeff Hairston-Smith wrote:
I fell for a similar scam 4 years ago…

On Tue, Aug 30, 2022 at 3:23 PM Mango Group wrote:

Hi Jeff Smith!

Mango Group is a global shipping and logistics company with over 100,000 customers worldwide.
We provide purchasing assistance and we ship worldwide. We carry out a thorough check of each product, and we accept a variety of payment methods.

And now, Mango Group is looking for a qualified candidate for the position of Packing Inspector.

Position Summary

As a Packing Inspector your duties would be:
-Monitor incoming shipments.
-Receive and inspect all incoming packages.
-Report package details on your team manager.
-Communicate with your team regularly.
-Deliver the package on the designated logistics hubs.

-Reliable and Responsible person
-Valid Driver License or Valid any Government Issued ID
-Active Smartphone with Internet connection or a adequate Data plan
-Printer or Access to any Printer were you can print out shipping labels

Salary:$2,400 per month
Bonus:for every package that you will send on time, you'll receive an additional $45 bonus
Overall:$3,500 per month

Job Type:Work From Home (WFH)
Work Hours:within 24hours

If you like to continue, please fill up the information below:

Complete Address:
Contact Number:
Employment Status:

We look forward to having you part of our team.

HR Department

You may unsubscribe to stop receiving our emails.
Jeff Hairston-Smith

Today, 8/31/2022 3:52 pm:

Hello Jeff Smith,

We offer perfectly legal and simple homework. No advance payments or fraudulent activities associated with any kind exist. You will receive the parcels at home and check for damage.
If you view work as an income on the side, it will be a great opportunity. You will work about 2-3 hours a day. However, we need you to have excellent time management skills to carry out your duties.
If you can work from home and would like to get this job please send your following information in reply to this email.
1) Full name
2) Phone number
3) Residential address - you must leave at this address, because we will send you wrapping papers and packages.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
Wishing you a very nice one!

HR Department

Mango Logistics Group US
4985 Colorado Blvd #7, Denver, CO 80216
Phone Support: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm EST
Email Support: 24 hours / 7 days

• Sep 08, 2022

I think I just fell for this scam, can you please contact me, they have my banking information..calling my bank tomorrow!

• Aug 30, 2022

Victim Location 44706
Total money lost $2,400
Type of a scam Employment

I was offered a job working from home with this company. So far I have received 2 packages to my home address. Today I was just sitting around and I asked myself’ when I ordered online I wonder do they send my packages to someone’s home” so I began to research and what I found was shocking and deeply upsetting. I’m a single mom trying to find work to provide for my children not get scammed for my time energy and money. Hopefully this can reach the higher authorities because it’s unfair and down right wrong. I have given them all my information and everything. I pray this website and overall scam is taken down and removed permanently. And I am also thinking of filing for a lawsuit.

• Aug 30, 2022

Victim Location 38118
Type of a scam Employment

Received a phone call from Mango Group offering a work at home job. Where they ship packages to my home for me to inspect. I then take a picture of the package and upload it to a dashboard and then Mango Group sends a shipping label to print and repackage. Also, I can go to FedEx to pickup packages to inspect. Upon trying to retrieve a package from FedEx, I was told this was a suspicious package and they will not release to me. I became suspicious of this whole process and that's why I'm filling this.

These are emails received:

Our fast growing company is in need of Packing Inspector that can work with minimum supervision and can work at the comfort of your home, eager to meet the average monthly income up to $3,500 and have the most flexible schedules you can choose from. Please let me know so I can help you with the next step of application by providing your full name, phone number and email.

If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them.



This is an important reminder of the steps to take in case you receive any correspondence or letters, PayPal or any others:


* REPORT as an UNKNOWN PACKAGE on the dashboard.

* KEEP LETTER SECURE until further instructions. We will provide a special company pouch once a month. You need to put all mails received during the month and send it to our corporate office. You will get the pouch within 3 days after you payday.

We provide this mail forwarding as additional service for our customers. They might received promotions , statements and notifications about their purchases. Make sure You don't open them and keep SEALED.

For any questions or concerns, reach out to your supervisors.

Thank you for your cooperation.

• Aug 24, 2022

MAngo Group Packing inspector SCAM

First Off I Didn't Even Apply for No Packing inspector. So How And Why Are You Coming At Me With That Any Ways. Also Looking Up That Company and Location You Won't find Any Thing That Matchs Up So The [censored] Fake To Me

• Aug 24, 2022


Did you get paid? Did you get a call from Mel Marva | HR Department
Direct number: (720) 722-1403) / (720) 715-9259
Mango Group
4985 Colorado Blvd #7, Denver, CO 80216
Mon-Fri 09:00AM-06:00PM EST Sat-Sun Closed

• Aug 24, 2022

They trying to give me a job don't go for it

• Aug 24, 2022

Victim Location 32819
Type of a scam Identity Theft

They find your info on indeed then email you & send you these links to their website to check it out etc they make everything seem legit all the way down to you filling out paper work & signing documents with E -signatures. They have multiple emails one for HR telling you to fill out a W4 form & an accounting department telling you to send them your bank information.

They send packages to your house or apartment then have you print out shipping labels from a dashboard they had you sign up for or & send them off via fed ex or ups or usps all under the pretence that your getting paid a base pay of $2400 a month plus $45 bonus for every package shipped & $100 for every package you pick up 10-15 packages & they say for a combined total of about $3500 a month. Once packages are all shipped you dont get paid. They have multiple numbers & tags at the bottom of each email to make it seem so legit.

They also have a Toll free number etc & keep saying "they" because it has to be a team of individuals because I talked to atleast 4 over the phone. Probably used fake names but here they are Branson Shane, Ivy Brooks, Zac Hall, & Drake Jewell

• Aug 17, 2022

Victim Location 48205
Type of a scam Employment

I was offered a shipping position, but nothing made sense.

• Aug 14, 2022

Victim Location 48240
Type of a scam Business Email Compromise

I was offer job at home as packing inspector for 2400. I had to log in this website to login time for attendance. Shipping supplies mailed to my home. Severely different people contact me over the about some thing. Then I started getting random text from different people

• Aug 22, 2022

Is it a real company do they pay you?

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