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MAB Corporation USA

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I feel the need to report that I believe I was nearly scammed by some group taking advantage of my unemployment status. I was contacted last week via text claiming to be Mrs Dana Angel, Director of Human Resources of MAB Corporation in regards to a resume I had posted on either Indeed or Pure Michigan Talent Connect.

The text had instructions of asking for my email in order to proceed for the job briefing and interview using google hangout with a Mrs Rebecca Virgato, [email protected].

Becoming recently unemployed after 20 years, I am new to seeking employment using website postings and submission and didn’t think out of the ordinary of being contacted by text and why not google hangouts chat. Thinking this is all just preliminary, I entertained the invitation on google hangouts.

This is part of the introduction of the person I was now chatting with: To acquaint with, I'm Mrs Rebecca Virgato, 46 years of age, the Chief Customer Officer/Hiring Manager of MAB Corporation USA , A native of California and graduated with bachelor of arts degree from Saint Mary’s College of California. In addition, I am a member of the MAB Corporation USA Executive Committee .I have experience crossing the full spectrum of the HR discipline including talent management.

Please introduce yourself, What are your Full name, Sex ,Age and cell number ,where are you located ?

I should have known better than to continue after being asked Sex and Age. The chat continued on as I was intrigued at the prospect of employment. After a series of Q&A, and a brief pause for review, I was approved to be a staff of MAB Corporation! I was told to watch for employment offer letter and more instructions came where after further review, more of the red flags were and all seem too good to be true. An offer letter did show up in my email soon after the chat where it asked for me to sign and send it back to them with employment being contingent that I provide legal proof of identity such as driver license.

It wasn’t till after reviewing the chat transcript and what had just happened with my spouse and sisters that I came to realize that it was a scam. It is my hope that no one falls for the scam. I am attaching the agreement letter they sent for your review.

The following text is the google hangouts chat they sent.


Hello and how are you doing today ?

Very well and thanks for asking , Are you ready for the job briefing and interview session now?

OK, Provide me with your verification code to be sure i'm connected to the right person.

Good let's get started..... I want you to know that your quick response is highly appreciated OK ?

These are the requirements for the Job...

-National ID or Driver's License Card

-Must be fluent in communication and English / If you are bilingual it's also a good advantage

-Must  have a clear criminal charges

-Must be at least 30wpm average

-Must Have A Bank Account For compulsory Direct Deposit payments

-Must be 18 years and above

If you have issue(s) in any of the above, please indicate

Alright, welcome to this online interview and before we proceed I will like to explain the meaning of an online interview. An online interview is an online research method in which participants are asked a series of questions, given description of the company and the job position aided by the use of computer-mediated communication tools such as instant messaging, email, or video chat technology, but what we are doing now is the instant messaging method. I hope this is very well understood?

To acquaint with, I'm Mrs Rebecca Virgato, 46 years of age, the Chief Customer Officer/Hiring Manager of MAB Corporation USA , A native of California and graduated with bachelor of arts degree from Saint Mary’s College of California. In addition, I am a member of the MAB Corporation USA Executive Committee .I have experience crossing the full spectrum of the HR discipline including talent management.

Please introduce yourself, What are your Full name, Sex ,Age and cell number ,where are you located ?

Nice connecting with you ....The position available are: Data Entry, Clerical Admin, Administrative Assistant, Customer Service, Accounting, payroll Clerk, Book keeping, Management, Dispatcher, Front Desk Clerk position,Data Controller, Project Development,financial Manager.

Which of the above position is your field of specialty ?

Alright,Just follow the briefing and you can ask questions when i am through. Let me know when you have finished reading and understanding every line. You will be allowed to ask questions later.With each line just respond with an Done Ma'am?

Welcome to MAB Corporation USA

The name of the Company is MAB Corporation USA


With an unrivalled ability to deliver on complex planning outcomes for major projects and an established track record of creating outstanding public places, our people are committed to the vision of producing quality developments.

MAB is playing a significant role in reshaping the environments in which we live, work and play. Around the United States we have handled relivant government projects leading to our max recommendation across the States. 

DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITY: Prioritize, plan and coordinate project development activities according to customer requirements.

Supervise development team on daily basis to execute assigned projects within deadlines and budget.

Act as primary contact for customer queries and concerns.

Perform customer negotiations for contractual terms and agreements.

Prepare project proposals and develop project plan, schedule and budget.

Determine resource requirements and identify resources with right skills to successfully execute projects.

Assess potential risks and technical challenges and develop appropriate mitigation plans.

Perform cash flow analysis and process invoices in a timely fashion.

Develop business presentations for customer as needed.

Develop cost reduction initiatives while maintaining quality and productivity.

Interact with customers to clearly understand business needs and expectations.

Build positive working relationships with customers and ensure customer satisfaction.

Analyze and resolve project issues in timely and accurate manner.... Can you handle these duties effectively if trained towards it ?

Working hours are flexible, all activities and corresponding time are to be recorded in excel spreadsheet. As for your duties, i will assist you with any difficulties by email.

The working hours are flexible and you can choose to work from anywhere of your choice, the pay is $45.95 per hour during full working hours and the training is $28.75 per hour and will be getting your payment weekly via check or direct deposit working 30 to 40 hours weekly, if you are employed you are going to be working as a full employee and not an independent contractor. Let me know if you are interested so we can proceed.?

I believe working from home will not be a problem for you ?

Okay , We are going mainly into the interview now and I advise you should read any question I ask you.  After due examination,you are required to send back your answer back to me over here. Be quick with your answers and also ask questions if necessary.

1. What type of jobs have you had?

1b.Have you been interviewed online before

2. How did you get your previous jobs?

3. What were your main responsibilities? Achievements?

4. Have you been in the military before?

5. Are you currently employed?

6. Are you willing to work flexible or long hours?

7. Do you have a HP laser-jet printer, copier and scanner?

7b.Do you have an at&t postpaid account?

8. Are you seeking employment in a company of a certain size?

9. How long do you intend working for this company?

10. How would you like to be Paid ? Weekly/Paycheck Or Bi-Weekly/Direct deposit?

11. What Bank Do you Operate with to see if it tallies with the company's official salary payment account and how many years have you been with them?

12. Are you seeking a Full time or Part time Position ?

13. Tell Us why you feel you are the right person for this Job?

Honestly speaking, I must admit that I'm really impressed by Your performance so far. I like the fact that you were direct and also the manner in which You tackled the questions with good answers

I need You to hold on online while i send this interview session to my superiors for review and consideration. You will be reached within 5 mins.  I need You to be online and stay by Your device. Okay?

I am back now and your consideration stand is available now on my desk..Are you ready to know your stand ?

CONGRATULATION...... Your performance ensured you had a good score eligible for enrollment into our weekly routine training programmer. You scored 8.5 out of a possible 10  , This is to confirm that you have been approved to be a staff of MAB Corporation USA. having reached the requirements, passed the interview and recommended for the Job by the Board of Directors on employment. Also they will put you through our company's guidelines under US human Resources Laws and Regulations.

We hope to see your great spirit of excellence in work, hope you won't let us down

You will receive an employment offer letter via email anytime this week..This offer letter is just a ground stand, letting you know that the position has been offered to you...Make sure you check your inbox often

In the mean time i need you to provide the following requested info for verification purpose to  

Name :

Address : (PO Box not valid)

City :

State :


Cell # :

E-mail address:

so the secretary can put you on register, Once done let me know.

Documentation has been completed. Your employee profile has been created and your login to the database established. You will be provided that during training.

Your salary will be $45.95 per hour and you will be receiving your payment via Check/Direct Deposit which ever is fine by you.

You will be attached to one of the company's supervisor in your region. The (I-9, insurance, W-4, company rules, regulation and guidelines, etc). will be brought to you by your attached supervisor, when you are about to commence training. Also your attached-supervisor will schedule your one week training and your daily duties when you start working.Clear?

BENEFITS at MAB Corporation USA. has significant experience in providing accounting and auditing services to established: Pension, profit sharing and health and welfare plans. Benefits for eligible worker include:  excellent benefits and supplemental compensation including Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance, Life and Long-Term Disability Insurance, Paid Time Off, Tax-Deferred Annuity 403 (b) 401 ( k ) , Tuition Assistance, Comprehensive In-House Training Program, Employee Assistance Program, Relocation Allowance (for some positions), Sign-On Bonus

You would be eligible to Benefits after 1months of working with the company.

You will be undergoing a (1) one week training and orientation which will commence as soon as you have all working materials and you are rest assured that you will be paid for it...

You will be getting your paper work and HR document during your orientation and training from your supervisor once you have all your working materials ready, you are to fill,sign and send back to us..Okay ?

You will be needing some Accounting software's for this job.

Here are the name's of the software's you will need to start working with: Intuit QuickBooks Accounting Software,Sage Simply Accounting  AccountingSoftware,Peachtree Complete Accounting  Software,AccountEdge Accounting Software for Windows,AccountEdge  Accounting Software for Mac,Sage 50 Premium Accounting2013 (formerly  Simply Accounting),Business2Go software,Bookkeeper software,QuickBooks Pro 2012 software,The General  Ledger,software,9.5,BottomLine Accounting software,Balance Sheet Basics  software.

I believe you are familiar with these software's program?

To be honest, I am not. 

But could more than likely learn to use it.

That will not be a problem 

The company will provide you a free Apple laptop with a fast internet connection and your W4 form will be coming along with the working materials you need to start working with, you are to purchase all your materials from a certified vendor we have been patronizing for years now. You will receive a paycheck for the purchase of the working materials, the company's accounting dept will issue the check and have it sent to your house via FedEx or USPS , they will have it sent to the address you have just provided.

This is a world class company that is offering you a job that will benefit you and your family and not to take anything away from you and you will receive all Hr-Document to sign as a ground stand that you have been employed by the company and this offer are only given to the first few employees 

NOTE: All Equipments and softwares are to be purchased from the company's accredited vendor.. We have been buying from this Vendor for years now...That's because all materials will be Customized in your names and the Company Logo and shipped to you via FedEx or USPS

As soon as the check its been issued out to you i will notify you and provide you with the tracking number so you can keep track of it and be on look out for it, report online as soon as you have it so i can give you further instructions and i will refer you to the vendor you will be purchasing the materials from...Okay ?

Can you briefly explain to me what you will be using the Company Check for and Where to get your materials from ?

How would you like your name to appear on your start up check?

All we require from you is good work, commitment, loyalty, the desire to have work done efficiently, trust and a problem solving mentality to create solutions to customer problems and at the same time promote the company by being its brand. With all this in check, We will enjoy every moment working together. 

I believe that will be all for today, you are to report back online 9am your time tomorrow morning for  tasks, updates on the check and how to get started with work ...Bye and have a blessed day! God bless!!!    

- Detroit, MI, USA

The person never provided a job code number which if legitimate would have been provided no problem in order to be verified via

- West Bloomfield, MI, USA

I was contacted by text to go to google hangout to do a online interview. They keep saying you need to have a bank account for compulsory deposits. I told them I would not deposit company checks in my bank account, She, Katie Weingarden, I think, told me not to waist her time if I don't understand what they asking me. Google hangout is a weird way of doing an interview. Also, offering $45/hr for $20/hr clerk accounting functions also raised my guard. They got my contact info from MI Talent Bank. I did not send me I9 to them, only my address and phone and email. The other report I read on Scams is exactly the same people or story. They wanted to know where I would get checks to send out, I told them they would have to provide them to me. Another odd question.

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