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• Mar 01, 2024

I received this text on my business mobile phone, from a Ted Marshal on Monday, February 26th:

Hello (my name), this is Ted Marshal from the legal department. Could we please speak over the phone?

As a reminder, Logo Knox provided logo design and registration services for you in the past. (Yes, about 3 years ago.)

He even gave me a name and form to show me somone applied with the same last name as mine. It's below

There is a problem we need to discuss. We have received a notification from an attorney who works with us for registration purposes. They informed us that someone has applied for a trademark registration for a similar business name, (Tribble's Travel) for nationwide use. (See attached form)
We would like to confirm if it was you who applied for trademark registration with the Patent & Trademark Office recently.

Could you please provide me with more information regarding this matter?

So Ted called, and I told him I had not applied. It was bs from the start,
He tried to sound so concerned.
That he was not an attorney he needed to transfer me to David Arthur Aaron, the "toothless" shark,, um attorney, who didn't know I was a "Killer Whale"
And wasn't having any of his high level bs.

These ppl double down and try to throw you off your game.
I wasn't having any of it. and told him I needed to get back to him.

They called back again and again. sent threatening emails from "Jack Miller" Aarons so-called legal as-sistant! But got nothing.
Stay away, far away!
Trademark Registration Inquiry

• Aug 23, 2023

They created my website and then would constantly lie about me having to pay for the upkeep of the website. If I did not pay they would close down my website or render it incapable of functioning! They are the biggest scam artists in the world among internet website creators! WARNING DO NOT DO Business with this company. You cannot trust them at all. They are thieves working in America under false pretenses. The F.B.I needs to do something about this. I have lost hundreds upon hundreds of dollars trying to create a website for my business. They use American names such as Brad Hawkins, Sophia who lies and says she is from the Paralegal Department of Logo Knox and other American Aliasis. STAY AWAY from this company. This is a stern warning to all Americans! They are led by people from India who are mostly young males who appear to be professional.

This company is a giant scam. They lie about the work they will accomplish. They continue to push back deadlines. They submitted PLAGIARIZED documents for my blogs and apps. Sean Clark and Mathew Wilson were the principal designers assigned to create two websites and six apps for our company. The original timeline was one month for the first website, three months for the second website, and six months for the six apps. Sean Clark, Mathew Wilson, and all of their accomplices lied about returning my money exceeding $40,000. I will be following through with my lawsuit, reporting them to the MA Attorney General and the BBB.
I received phone calls from people who stated they were from Risk Management looking into my claim and would call within the week with a resolution. Those individuals have yet to return my calls, and I have left messages for months trying to get a live person back on the phone. They lie about deadlines and then say they need more money upfront because the work takes longer than intended. When they show you any work, it is a "canned" website with errors. They have you spend hours writing down the error, and corrections never follow through. I have been trying to get my money returned for more than a year and will now leave it to the courts. I use my story to deter anyone and everyone from ever using this company for any work. They are crooks and swindlers. Save your money and go elsewhere. Any deal or holiday break in pay is a scam. Anyone who wishes to read the email chains or see the 100% plagiarized blogs and content for our apps is welcome to message me, and I will share them with you.
I have added a screenshot of an email outlining the scam, the money owed, and the lack of customer service or accountability on the part of Logo Knox.
This Company is a Scam


I have had a very bad experience with this company, such a time and money waste. I have ordered the logo on a promotional rate and I got a preview of it, than they asked me to pay extra fees to get it in different formats. I was lucky to save a screenshot with promises to get the logo with all the formats with envelope and businesses card template included in the package. Than after we processed with the website design and development with promised completion time within 3 weeks, but it turns to be almost 6 month and end up with uncompleted project. They have also done charge on my card without approval. Please avoid this company, save your time and money


I thought I had a good experience but, months later, realize I was scammed. I came up with a design but suck at drawing and had presented my idea and asked them to draw it for me. Not only did it look like me, but it was just perfect. I paid for the design, I paid for the "copyrighting" which if I had done ANY research at all prior to paying I would have known this was a scam, but I acted out of character and trusted and paid and was happy. Until two days ago when I saw my design ALL OVER various products online with various companies. I have since traced it back to China or some other country, but I got scammed. Please do not use this company. I should have known better and never thought this would happen to me.


I paid to have a Logo created and finally got one created. I approved the file that was in a jpeg format. Once I agreed on the final product they sent me the logo in 8 different file formats. Some of those files are wrong. Incomplete. Chopped. Crooked. I emailed the designer 4 times in a month and he wouldn't respond so I called the main Office and got someone who said he was the manager. This manager said there was nothing wrong with it and that I had approved it. Yes, I approved the jpeg version. The png version is incomplete, corrupted. Looks like a middle schooler made it. Told, too bad, I approved it. Calling my bank and filing a grievance to take my money back. Don't use. They don't care once they get your money!


[censored]. This is one of the modern versions of the foreigner Craigslist scammer. They claim their business is a US corporation (no secretary of state filings to be found), acquire faux American listing accreditations to prop the fake legitimacy of its foreign run organization (no listing on the BBB), and utilize American familiar names with employees clearly not. Their pay per click advertising engineers a false image of desirability. They have been trained and instructed on customer agreeability. I will give it to them. They clearly understand marketing and sales. Now you, American public, be aware that marketing without substance is a con. Here they are. In my specific situation, I have paid for a service I did not receive, and they will not make it right or refund my money. Like the rest or you enlightened reviewers, I will retaliate. A legal battle is expensive. I truly look forward to costing them as much money and hassle as possible.


I paid $3900 Canadian for a logo and website design with hosting with all the ownership rights and file types. I got a logo that will not open in any file format and no website. Company said it's because I have a virus on my computer. I tried it on 3 friends computers/laptops, and phones with the same results. A refund was refused. During these difficult times with Covid, I am disgusted with this company and there selfishness to steal all my savings that I invested into growing my new business. I trusted them and got nothing but ripped off

- Highland, MI, USA

We are starting a new business and we wanted to get a business logo. We basically designed our logo but wanted to make it a little more professional, so I looked on line for a company that does this. I found a few of them and went with Logo Knox in California. They used the logo I actually designed and took my money but have not provided a logo that we can use after for over a month after I contacted them and paid for their service. So far they have provided a logo that I cannot use it is

Address: 1 W Portal Ave, San Francisco, CA 94127

Phone: (323) 417-0188


I am disappointed with the quality of work and professionalism of Logo Knox. After months, exceeding deadline, Logo Knox designed a website for my business with numerous errors and inaccurate content and poorly designed labels that were unsuitable for professional use. In spite of the problem, they went live with the website and refuse to remove it in spite of my requests to take it down.


Correct the mistake in last reply:
please note , any dispute of credit card transaction in Chase should within 118 days, our dispute is over 118 days, so we could not get $4100 back now.

They did same thing to me. they did improper contents and indecent images on our website, they refused to remove it after we asked many times, the contents and image was not related to our business, our website is live now, but they have not complete all functions and app, we still can not start our online business to receive orders after 9 months waiting and after paid them $9100 ($5000 bank account wire transfer and $4100 credit card), we could not get our money back now.
please note , ANY dispute of credit card transaction in Chase should in 118 day, our dispute is over 118 day, so we could get $4100 back now.
But we still File a complaint to BBB, closed in 30 days without their reply, file a complaint to office of the attorney general , without any help after over two months waiting, we are going to sue them now in civil court.
We gave up their logo, website and app now, we are looking for some one to design for us now
Logo knox is a subsidiary of 360 Digital Marketing, stay away from them , don't give yourself headache

This company is a fraud! Please stay away fro’ this company! They use the name logo notch and you think you are dealing with logo notch and then you see a charge on your visa for logo Knox! They are bug time scammers! They took my money and I never got my website for over 2 months and there was always excuses! STAY AWAY FROM this conpany!


The Kevin running the place is a con artist, Please I repeat don't do business with these people! All they give you is excuses after excuses! I hired this company to do a simple logo and they couldn't do it in the timely fashion that was agreed upon and they would not refund my money back! 4 days and still nothing! Never again would I would do business with these thieves!


They are crooks I got the promotion for $29 which said I would get a png and vector file with my logo and I would get four designs! Well they lied I only got a jpeg and nothing else and on top of that the [censored] that sounds like he’s from India tried to scam me by wanting me to purchase additional stuff talking about I would have more options and so on I told him either he deliver on his promise or refund me my money he said ok, after that which was yesterday he tried to get me to pay them $300 to copyright my logo hello you don’t copyright a logo you trademark it I told him hell no he tried so hard to get me to pay and I told him once again give me what I ordered or refund me my money! Stay away from these ppl they are crooks and will try to milk money from you!


The thing I most upset about is they sold my phone number and name. At least 6 times a day I get spam texts and phone calls. The next thing I'm upset about is they gave me 4 logo designs and only 1 of them didn't look like a child had done them. When I asked for revisions I had to wait 4 days and contact their chat before my project manager Alex would respond to me They say you can have unlimited revisions but I never got one. I emailed my project manager Alex that I would go with the nice one since it had been 4 days and I hadn't heard from him. Once again, another 4 days and getting on their chat before my project manager Alex contacted me back. So several days later I emailed Alex and customer service, I tried to get help from their chat. Which is also a fun ride, they get off the chat without notifying you or asking if you need anything else and your sending messages to no one. I asked to get my money back, which I still want. Wouldn't give me my money back. I did not receive what I paid for. They did finally give me the logo, which I didn't want.


Agreed! As Soon as I have them my phone. Number, that same day I started receiving text messages soliciting business.I have been waiting two months for my website! They know how to lure you in after their logo work!

If you have any complaint regarding about Logo Knox, please File a complaint to BBB , , Tel: 1 (703) 276-0100 and office of the attorney general ,, tel: 212-416-8433

''In my opinion, logo Knox is major in logo only, STAY AWAY FROM THEM IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR WEBSITE AND APP APPLICATION, they don't have enough human resources and technical resources, spend limited time to work on it, that is why my site and app has not been done for 3 months and half now.
Read review first before you choose any service from any company, it will
help you a little incase you make wrong decision, especially pay attention to any one star review that is really happen to someone get some bad experience

It is really bad experience from logo Knox, I wish zero star for them
I chat online for logo with one of their customer support on July, I contact them for my website and app at the end of July after logo was created, they are super active when they try to get new project, they will keep calling you and email you to make you choose them. Mathew wilson told me that my site will be complete in 4 weeks and app will be complete in 12 weeks, he started my site on August 3, it has been over three months and half already, both still not done yet.
They might have limited staff and doing limited project , whatever, according to this time experience, a agreement with the complete date is very necessary at beginning.
I have paid them over $9000 already, i have texted and called Mathew ask for refund, because website and app has been delay and I could not wait
for him.
He said he will not refund me, he started it ready, during this three and half months, most his reply is '' WORKING ON IT'' ''ALMOST DONE'' ''CALLING YOU BACK'' called and texted him without answer very often, called company phone no one knows what is going on, we have spent all our patience to him, he talked nicely that he spent his 100% on the project, but can't trust him, he is not doing what exactly he said.

Aboved contents was posted on 11/11, then Mathew called me said his team told him i posted review, he said he is working on my project ask me to remove, so finally I removed it and update " they did a logo for me , but... ...
I asked for complete date on 11/6, then they send me a screenshot with date of sign up:01-07-2020, date of completion:30-11-2020, my project was started on August 3 and i negotiated with Mathew set complete date on 11/30, look at what they did, what kind quality they have, anyway my site and app still not ready
It has been four months now, my site and app still not complete, during this three three weeks, get in touch with Nick Taylor and Henry collins for my payment intergration, two times phone call with Nick, he is not nice and patience, login is not functional , he doesn't mention about it
Called them today to find out they have been to contact Payeezy or not, first person said henry is in the office, then phone was transfer to Thomas, he said henry is not in the office, they not telling the truth, they act like a actor, it might happen to you if you have any business with Logo Knox
Today is December 17,2020, update my review, I rather to work than write a review, but there poor quality , worst service and response make me spent time to write it.
It has been 4 months 3 weeks from begin, my website and APP still not ready, these big liars , or like any other reviewers call them scammer
During this 6 weeks , their development work for my site and app, the changes I was sent by email, with explain and images too, easy too understand, half of the changes need keep telling them again and again, they don"t use their mind to work, some of the pages was two same contents on it , some of them was add in wrong place, they just copy and paste without thinking , of course without any quality design and make you wait for many 48 hours, so six weeks passed now.
I need call them many times everyday to remind them my project

I heard Mathew said they have three office , good luck to your guys



I am so with you. Started mine in May 2020. It's Jan 2021. still not complete. I've pretty much designed myself. Everytime I turn around they are trying to force me to purchase additional "items" that were supposed to be included. Finally told them I'm done today. If I don't get a refund I will continue to tell everyone how horrible they are.

I am so hurt and pissed at the same time. I have paid them so much money most of it I had no clue I paid or had to pay. Back in October I contacted them and it is now December 10 and I still do not have a website. I have repeatedly asked for a refund and have been denied, I have contacted the BBB which they are not accredited I have and will again contact the FCC, as well as various other companies too who I can report this. It is crazy because I am a nonprofit with limited income which I said from the very beginning and as of today they have stolen well over $1,200 from my company and we still don't have a working website and have lost perspective investors because of it. I am pissed and just want my money back because of the lack of production of products ordered.


They started take my project for website and app on 8/3/2020, today is 12/19/2020, both still not done, I spent over $9000 , we are so upset and angry
Have you file a complaint to office of the attorney general? contact:212-416-8433, meanwhile you should post google review and any other social media as much as you can to let more people know about them, this is what I need to do today, good luck to you.

Upon filling out the form indicating what I would like done I had two instructions for the "team" Logo Knox. Change the color of one element and return the artwork to me in a higher resolution. Neither instruction was followed. I received artwork I did not want and cannot use. A person named Henry Collins was the person I was corresponding with. Names that the emails were copied to were: Mathew Wilson, Melissa Shanefelter, Sam Wright. Since then, I have not received anything. Logo Knox took my money for nothing.


They did end up providing me with the artwork. It isn't any higher of a resolution and I still need to go elsewhere. I did not get my money back because they claim I agreed to the art the way it was. Live and learn. I will not be a repeat customer.

I am a non-profit organization that is a reentry program for women. I was initially looking for getting my logo done I was given a price for that but not told that there would be subsequent charges such as registering the trademark and a few other things, and was also looking for help building a website. I advised them that funds were extremely limited and everything was coming directly out of my pocket. I was told they would take care of me I was showed packages after which I selected the package I was told would best fit my needs. I was also told that they would build the website but after that, they would transfer it to the company I currently have, I was ok with that that was perfect I already had my domain name so I was set.. so I thought. I was never told that I woujld need need a server and that was becasue I was originally told they were going to send over to who I currently had they keep well kept adding fees and when I asked about their refund policy I was told there was no for being unhappy with services. I asked to speak to the supervisor they person I spoke with very mean and indignant said he was I then asked to speak to the owner and was told he would let the secretary of the owner know I wanted to speak to him.


i had a chance to chat online with one of their customer support agent for a webdesign package his name is jack miller and then i asked him how do i know if their business is real and existed and he gave me that page they designed that has your exact logo and form to convince me they are accredited by Better business bureau , and all the links of this page redirects you to your page however i noticed that the address he gave me has 4 B's not 3 ! so i asked him how many B's are in better business bureau , he closed the chat and apparently its a scam and they are using your name as well and here is the page he gave me and since they are good at design they also secured it and everything, he closed the chat so fast that i wasnt able to take a pic that he actually sent me this link because he knew i caught him so i am not able to attach an image ***

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