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Liveops Company Reports & Reviews (22)

• Aug 06, 2022

Country United States
Type of a scam Employment
Initial means of contact Not applicable

Thomas Robert & Keisha LaJane

I was reading throughout the complaints and it amazes me how everyone has similar stories about Robert and his scamming .
Keisha posted an ad for LIVEOPS data entry/customer service. She told me I had to communicate with the company through Telegram. It seemed legit until they were asking for my Facebook login and password. They said it was needed to put into the materials they were going to send me to start training for customer service .
Why would a company want my social media ? Makes no sense right ?
It concerns me because I gave them my address, city, state and zip code because I didn’t realize it was a scam . After I stated I wasn’t comfortable giving my social media passwords, Keisha deleted her post about the job and took down her account completely ! That’s when I knew !
This is honestly such a waste of time for us as people looking for jobs and it is just making the companies look bad. It seems there stealing money and getting peoples information with bad intentions. What if I get robbed for providing them my address ?
They should be held accountable .☠️
Thomas Robert & Keisha LaJane
Thomas Robert & Keisha LaJane
Thomas Robert & Keisha LaJane
Thomas Robert & Keisha LaJane

• Aug 06, 2022

Robert Stokes & Keisha LaJane

I was reading a lot of comments throughout here listed as complaints and literally the same happened to me. Keisha posted an ad for a job working at home and she sent me to telegram to talk to Robert and they wanted me to give my Facebook user and password. Like, they seemed really legit until that part… like why would a job need my social media information ?
I wish they could have accountability for fraud. It’s such a waste of time to do to people .☠️
Robert Stokes & Keisha LaJane
Robert Stokes & Keisha LaJane

• Apr 07, 2022

Scammer's phone 1-937-860-0458
Country United States
Type of a scam Employment
Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

work from home for a Data entry

there was a young lady on Facebook looking for people to apply for a work from home job. she hook me up with a with Mr. Thomas Strokes Robert as a hiring manager of LiveOps Company he said it a contact center company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. basically he copy what on the real website. He as me questions like he interview me. Than tell me to hold on he than said i was qualified for the position my salary will be $25 per hr. I will have 1 week of online training and orientation. Then he talk about the software I will need and I will receive an apple laptop. and that when he tell me I have to $200.00 for the installation of the software. I sent it to him through cashapp but not the company itself it was to bitcoin. So I ask him who getting the money he said the vendor I had to copy and paste this (19tMhczb5Yg3NRPkkZq8jpZPiy46jkwv) I also had to screenshot every thing so he can see it and tell me what to do. He never tell me who the vendor was .After all of that he said hole on again he came back and say I need to send another $200.00 i ask him why he say the vendor said there was an impromptu update on the company's software upgrade which will require more funds so I sent him another $200.00 the same way so I copy and paste again (19ttMhczb5dYg3NRPkkZq8jpZPiy46jkwv) The last step was he tell me that the vendor is done with the installation now my working materials will be mail to me soon. But now I required to make a payment of $300.00 which will be use for the delivery of my working materials through FedEx I said I never held no job asking for something like that so I said no. I will be reimbursed $500.00 back the next day. I still said no. So the next day I ask him were my $200. they own he said nothing but ask my if I going to sent the $300.00 I said no and he than said i must be done want the job. I said no but sent me my $400, 00 back to me. He than ask me for my username and password to get in my bank account. i said hell no. He than once again said well the next person going to get the apple laptop I say do what you got to do just sent me my money he said that why he need my information i said say no. He than came back and ask me to sent an copy of my license I said you done need that. I ask him what can you sent me my money back to my cashapp. I know I lose my $400.00 Please stop this people. There was another man who text me name Mr. James Peterson he said he the vendor in charge of the working materials that his number I give you. I save all of the text message there many it wanted let me send them if you want to sent them sent me an email [email protected]

Thank you again

• Mar 29, 2022

A scammer-Thomas Strokes Robert on Telegram and Elayne Toney on Facebook

A scammer-Thomas Strokes Robert on Telegram and Elayne Toney on Facebook
Elayne started in offering job in liveOps, i saw the job advert on facebook jobs, and sends me a link to speak with hiring manager, which i did. he interviewed me and congratulated me, but unfortunately due to my inability to send my required docments like ssn and driver licence, he asked me to pay for my shippings. i became very skecptical about the whole process and i started researching about him, low and below, i got to this page. i quickly deleted my school id and phone no sent to him and declared him fruadster. do you know he has an id of these company called LiveOps. please investigate these guy and put a stop to his criminal act. Please be wise !
A scammer-Thomas Strokes Robert on Telegram and  Elayne Toney on Facebook

• Mar 17, 2022

Scammer's phone 959-456-2781
Scammer's email [email protected]
Country United States
Type of a scam Employment
Initial means of contact Internet messaging (e.g., WhatsApp)

Work from home

I was told I was accepted for a data entry work from home position. The person used the name Thomas Stokes Robert. I’ve attached a portion of the text messaging with Thomas. Unfortunately I did give my phone number and a picture of the front of my driver’s license.
What should I cancel?
Work from home

• Feb 24, 2022

Victim Location 46227
Type of a scam Employment

They told me I was gonna get a job got all my information for me not to receive anything in the end except my bank account won't let me do any transactions and I have no access to one of my accounts I have had for years. They need to be stop

• Jan 26, 2022

Thomas Robert stoke liveops company

I inquired about data entry from home and got a message from "Chris" at liveops and I was told to message "[email protected]" via Google chat to get more information. I did this and went through a supposed "interview" with this guy. I was stupid enough to provide personal information such as driver license and SSN. I was told I'd get a laptop and what not but I began to get weary of this. I have not heard anything else from this person because I told him that I think this is a scam. I will be putting a fraud alert on my credit bureau info and luckily I never gave any bank info or anything. I already have a pin on my SIM card on my phone so it cannot be hacked.

• Sep 17, 2021

Victim Location 43609
Type of a scam Employment

It was a mutual friend that sent me the link to get in contact with the company to find new employment, I have more pictures because it’s through an app . They said I had to apply through an app which I found weird but did it , they weren’t answering my questions like when do I get an email with details of the job with how I can go about scheduling they just kept ignoring my question by saying to trust them that I needed to give them my login in for my bank account so they can start the payment process which I know for a fact no job asks for your login information.


Scammer's website Porshe Halsey
Country United States
Type of a scam Other
Initial means of contact Social media (e.g., Facebook)

I inquired about a work from home job. The scammers got my facebook info, my address, my phone number, and my identification... They did not get my
banking info... Unless they hacked into my phone. Which is why im here..

Im trying to find out if anyone has had their phone hacked by liveops?

They interviewed on telegram... I was very skeptical about giving my facebook info... But they talked me into it... They asked me if i knew someone... By a weird name.. Then edited the message twice. Changing the name 3 times. Now someone named michael is supposed to be delivering my "work materials" totally freaked out. I deleted telegram created a new fb. But super worried they hacked into my phone


Victim Location 36003
Total money lost $100
Type of a scam Employment

The name of the persons ****** ******. He said I was qualified and pick for data entry position. He told me I had to send $200 but I will get reimbused that $200 plus $200 sign bonus. I told him I did not have that so he said he see what the company say. He told me if I had $50 and the company would pay the rest. After I paid the $50 he said I had something to pay for to get started. I told him why you ain't see that early. So I sent another $50. So the next day he saw supposed to send my materials for the job. He going to tell me I had to pay for shipping. I told him you didn't say that. He told me we going to reimbursed Thursday. I said you told me Tuesday. He said sorry Tuesday. Then I knew I was scam. I sent him my driver license.

What happened after you sent the DL? I sent my DL too

Victim Location 35542
Type of a scam Employment

***** ******* ***** posted on Facebook Marketplace about a job offer. I asked for information on the job in the comments and she advised me to Private Message her. I have more screen shots but it only allows me to add 1 photo. She says the company name is LiveOps Company.


I fell for Liveops Company scam. I started getting leery when he tells me about the check they are sending . Told toTake $150 for a sign up bonus and the rest was for the software. So I decided to check Thomas Stokes Robert @ Liveops Company and this is what I found. I'm going to cancel my debit card, cancel my cash app. They have all my info. I'm so stupid. They are diffentenly going to be pissed.


Victim Location 35216
Total money lost $12
Type of a scam Employment

They send you a 1850 check for "software" and the check doesn't clear & you pay your bank fees

Victim Location 39272
Total money lost $12,000
Type of a scam Employment

I was in a group on Facebook that post job opportunities and applications. The girl messaged me about the desired job I wanted. She send me a link to an app called telegram to do an interview through chat. There I was unaware of the person I was talking to was an scammer. They asked me questions and gave me information for the company they were impersonating. They told me they would send me a check and a bonus for signing up. They said the check was to purchase the items for the job I was applying for. All I had to do was to deposit the check and wait for the check to be paid to my account.

Victim Location 07936
Total money lost $1,000
Type of a scam Employment

On August 28, 2020, Ruth Webber from Pennsylvania posted on an FB group that there were job positions in Liveops Company for work-from-home Customer Care and Data Entry Specialists. I go the website: and get in touch through Telegram Messenger with Thomas Stokes Robert, their Hiring Manager, Cell: +1 (304) 460 5853 @liveopscompanyy. He asks me questions and tells me about their company and all the benefits, their company pays $20/hour. I get hired. He asks me for my Facebook account to log into the laptop they will be sending in order to conduct business. I give them my home address to receive the laptop since it would be needed to conduct business as a Customer Care Representative. Thomas sends me a picture of the Apple Macbook Pro Air that is assigned to me. I create a new FB account and I checked that it was logged on from an iPhone 6S in Secaucus, New Jersey. Thomas Stokes Robert talks to their accountant to prepare a check from L & K inc, 190 North Oval Mal, Columbus, OH 43210 a Chase check # 746439 of $1800 dated 8/28/2020 for software materials that I would be purchasing from their vendor, Kasandra Miller Janssens [email protected], Cell: +1 (682) 262 0856. I ask Thomas if I should deposit their issued check into a new bank and he instructs me to deposit it into my bank account. While waiting for the check to clear, Thomas asks me to send money to the Kasandra Miller, the vendor of software materials. I was resistant to send money since only partial of the $1800 was cleared. I send through Zelle: Kasandra Janssens [email protected] reflected on my account statement as: K Janssens ($500), Venmo/PayPal: Millerk and Cash app: $kassymiller96 increments of 100 and 200, Thomas instructs me to go to the nearest Wallmart (he spells it that way) and deposit $500 to Kasandra Miller Debit Visa card # 4403 9327 8400 7295 CVV 766 EXP 06/25. Thomas asks me to send it to "Family and Friends", assuring me that the company will reimburse me etc. etc. My bank blocks my account. Thomas insists that I send $100, $50 even $95 through Paypal, Cash app, Venmo and Zelle. Good thing my bank catches the scam and blocks my account. He suggests that I use my *******’s PayPal or borrow money from him to pay the “vendor”. He tells me to clear up my bank and go to Wallmart and pay $1000 or to go to my bank and send $1000 to Kasandra Miller: Sutton Bank Routing # 041 215 663, Account # 13 415 7689 5012. I was very worried that my checks were going to bounce since the $1800 wasn't fully cleared by their accountant and he said it would be cleared first thing Monday morning, it wasn't. He asked me to send $1000 because the money I sent through Zelle wasn't cleared, I insisted it was, and he sends me a screenshot from the "vendor" Kassandra Janssens Miller of names of people I didn't know, and I ask Thomas what it was, and he says my name wasn't on the screenshot just ******** **** *******, ******* ****, ******* ******. I decided to reach out to these people and one responded that she sent $1700. The person never received the materials they promised for her to start working from home and never contacted her after they got her money. I suggested that she report the scammers to her local police and other websites. September 2, 2020 the check L & K inc. issued to me “Return Deposited Item Refer to Maker $1,800 with a fee of $15. Right now, my account is -$1000! Zelle account is blocked, when I called them through my bank, Zelle denied my claim for reimbursement since the person I paid to is a scammer… that means it’s already a loss of $500. I am unable to do any transactions, even to buy gas, I am unable to use my card. I have been to the bank, I have been on hold for three hours So much disruption and aggravation these unscrupulous scammers have caused. I am getting non-stop calls/messages from Thomas Stokes Roberts. I never answered back after messaging the other victims. I am being harassed with non-stop calls. I blocked all calls and deleted Telegram messenger from my phone since he was calling since 7am. I get a text message from Kasandra Miller + (682) 262 0856 that their “Hiring Manager” needs me back on Telegram, he has some important news for me. I feel like I’m being harassed and threatened. I reported this Fraud to my local **** ******* PD. Case #*********. Officer ID#***. *********. And to FTC

Did you ever get your money back?

Victim Location 65202
Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

theres a company called liveops, they claim to employ you and send you money to get started and a computer and then they ask for access to fb, bank account, email. they have currently hacked mt entire facebook and turned it into all spanish and telling me to pay money to get access back. dont get involved.

Victim Location 37122
Type of a scam Employment

A posting was made about working at home doing data entry and/or customer service. I replied. They sent me info and had me download Hangouts to talk to the boss for interview. After being approved they asked for name, address, and phone number. After getting that they asked for my bank username and password. I said I needed to look into things first and the person started up about me not being skeptical. After the 2nd time of saying I was going to pass on the job the person gave me a long spill about them being a legitimate company then a Bible verse and then said "you are going to have to trust us if you wanna work with us". I said again I already said I was going to pass on the job. Then I was blocked on FB from the person trying to find people for this.


Victim Location 78704
Type of a scam Employment

I was reached out to by Fred Morgan via AngelList/email for an online interview with the hiring manager, Julie S. Boorse, and told to email her at [email protected] I was told to join a Google Hangout *immediately* to speak with her; I wasn't available and scheduled time for the following day. She reached out an hour and a half early on Gchat and began the interview which much to my surprise, was conducted via a chat. After telling me about the company and asking some traditional interview questions, it got weird; first red flag was that she asked me to hold while she took our chat to the "Head Dept" for review. She came back 15 mins later to say I was hired for a Manager of Support, earning $55/hour, with full time work; suspicion ensues. I was told that it was a step-by-step process when I asked if an offer would be emailed since she was asking about me meeting a local supervisor in Austin, TX to receive "materials" - I didn't want to accept anything until I'd seen an offer. We went back and forth until she asked me to email [email protected] with basic contact info and references. I expressed my suspicions about her not having a LinkedIn profile and her poor grammar, considering she's a recruiter. She said that she lives in Scottsdale, AZ, at headquarters and would be a personal friend, going as far as recommending we connect on Facebook, and that her LI profile is private for security reasons. She went on to say how excited she was that I would be joining the team for a "simple job that you can even do on your phone" - suspect! When I confronted her and asked to speak to a member of the team that had an online presence, she immediately shut down and accused me of being "rude" after she put me on the best department of the team. This is not typical of any interview scenario for a legitimate job and it wastes about 3 hours of my time as she expected me to be readily available via chat, yet wouldn't provide a phone number for contact.

Don't waste your time :)

Victim Location 17003
Type of a scam Employment

I was initially contacted through text message. Told the interview would be through google hangouts. The interview proceeded where I told information about my employers and previous employers including references. I was briefed by the same person: Mrs. Shawnee Cochran. I had my suspicions but I could not be sure since this was the first time this hasn’t ever happened after creating a profile on from an Ad on indeed for military and veterans job fair. The person did not want to contact me over the phone when they asked me for my address and email which I gave an old address. They said they would send a check in my name to buy a Mac book air from the company and had to go to a vendor to have softwares installed. I checked this website for their credibility but the persons name did not match anyone listed. Every potential job that has contacted me has been through text message and I believe they are using the ad on indeed to target military personnel and or veterans. I messaged today after being contacted by a different company that I did not want to proceed with any employment and to cancel anything in my name.

Victim Location 34785
Type of a scam Employment

O ffered 3 at home answering calls from my home for large companies chosen by Live.Ops. I chose the field open in my area Wildwood, Fl of inbound Sales. Taking orders from customers from people who see.products on Tv. I pick my own hours and paid .25 cents by minute.. Have to pay $65 for background check. Have to have headset phone and proper computer requirements. Took phone test. Got email I passed and ready to start training after background check done. Started Background and figerprint test.on computer with First Advantage.. If any info on background check different than my application to LiveOps I cannot continue the background application until I contact Live ops. otherwise automatically denied job, Started filling out background check and my name and address was automatically auto filled in. The house number was wrong I could not change it so stopped filling out any further the application and

several times emailed and called LiveOps leaving messages every day for a week as what to do with no response. No one has called me back yet and class to start Feb 21. tried to log in with my account number ID and password says I dont exist. Its a scam. Looked into how the company Sitel answering business works and they warn you not to pay anything up front.they pay your training and background fee and you are paid by hour and considered an employee not independent contractor and money put in pay pal.I am disabled.

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