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Little Bugzy

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Little Bugzy Reports & Reviews (24)

This advertisement was on my news feed on Instagram. I was expecting, so I ordered a Bugzy Hammock in May (2018), and my Visa was debited for the amount as advertised. I never received the hammock and I emailed a month later but got no response. So, I lost $38.95 and never got my product. I feel bad for the people that fell for the follow up email that gives you a promo code to keep shopping.

Ordered from what looked to have been a completely legitimate website off of Facebook. Immediately got an email saying it would be a 2-3 week long wait for the product because of back order. Never got any other information, now when I try their website, t doesn’t exist.

- Hartland, MI, USA

I placed an order with this company on 5/14/2018 for their baby hammock. It stated something like 3-4 weeks for delivery. When that time had passed I sent an email to them asking about whether I’d have this item in time for baby shower (it was a gift) after a few days they responded stating they were sorry and on back order and would ship mid June, I’d be placed as a “priority”. (Someone else made a complaint with BBB and the businesses response was verbatim what they sent me) June came and went and my gift was not at the baby shower so I emailed again, with no response. I then went to the website where they finically listed the hammock as back ordered and a message all orders would ship first week of July. I attempted to then call the phone number on the website, which is out of service. At that time I started to google this company and found a complaint on here and other websites that I’m not the only one they’ve pulled this on. I’ve continued to call the non working number and sent them countless emails which have all gone unanswered. They have continued to send me advertisement emails this entire time. It is now August and I have still received no communication from that 1 response, no order, and no refund.

I ordered the "bugzy hammock" on June 1,2018, they charged my card on June 13th. Invoice email on June 1st says "Hi Sarah, we're getting your order ready to be shipped. We will notify you when it has been sent." I sent an email on July 15th asking for someone to contact me or let me know when my order will be response. I've emailed "Sophia", sent a reply from my invoice email and tried calling all the phone numbers I can find on this business and I either get 'no longer in service' or recordings that give me the run around then hang up automatically. I definitely believe I've been scammed!

I ordered the baby hammock in April 2018. They said they would send out an email with shipping info as soon as it shipped. I never received anything so I emailed them the first time on May 9, 2018. They responded around May 24,2018 saying the hammocks were backordered and that I would be the first on their list to ship out when they came in. It is now almost August and I have sent many more emails with no response. They charged my card $38.95. I see others have had the same exact experience. This site needs to be shut down before more people are taken advantage of! What a criminal thing for these people to do...stealing money from people who just want to keep their babies happy and safe!

- Herriman, UT, USA

When I was scrolling through Facebook back in May 2018, I came across an advertisement about a baby hammock from a company called Little Bugzy. After 8 years of trying to get pregnant, I was now 4 months pregnant and looking to purchase things for my baby. The baby hammock was described as a natural, breathable, flexible mesh, designed to promote a healthy environment, regardless of a baby’s movement or positioning. It was to help reduce factors of SIDS, and fully compliant to CPSC product safety standards up to 30 pounds! The unique shape and function is to help newborns self-soothe and stay asleep longer. It is to create an ideal microclimate, which is apparently better than bassinets. The breathable mesh is to help maintain an even temperature while again, reducing the risk of SIDS.

This all seemed very worthy of purchase. I even clicked on the website and checked it out. It seemed like a legit company. I checked their website reviews which even seemed decent. So naturally, I decided This was an item I really wanted for my baby. So on May 31st, 2018 I purchased the baby hammock online. I received an immediate email stating my confirmation number which was only 4 digits. Then I received another email a few minutes later that my purchase went through and that due to high volume purchases they were a little backed up and I should receive my purchased item in 2-3 weeks. 4 weeks went by and I hadn’t received anything. I got on their website and noticed it said they were backed up with orders and that we should receive our purchases the 1st- 2nd week of July. I even checked my security cameras to make sure no one had stolen anything off my porch during all of these time frames. Nothing. It was now July 18th and still nothing. So I sent an email. I asked them where my purchase was and how long it will be before I receive it. Again nothing. No response whatsoever, not once. I went to my confirmation email and tried clicking on the tracking link, It doesn’t work. So I got back onto their website and tried clicking the tracking link there and to no surprise, that doesn’t work either. So i decided to email them once again, and to no avail, nothing. No response at all. So after being continually ignored, I did the only logical thing and got back onto their website to look up their customer service phone number. The number they have listed is 1-888-438-7490. I called this number and to my surprise it said (this number is currently unreachable, please try again later. ) then it hangs up on you. Try it and see what I mean.

I thought , maybe they are flooded with calls. I’ll keep trying. Well, I tried. Over and over again , especially at different times throughout the day. This went on for a week. The same thing kept happening. This number is currently unavailable. Hmmmmm. Clearly it’s a fake number. So I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and email again. I even threatened to expose them as frauds if they don’t respond to me within 24-48 hours. Did that work ? Nope. Still no response. In my personal experience with online purchases, if I have ever had an issue, I usually can call them or reach them by email and get a response back either that day or within a few days. In this situation it’s been months and no response whatsoever which leads me to believe it’s fraud.

When I purchased the item on May 31st, as you know as mentioned above, it said my payment went through. After 9 weeks of not receiving my item, i checked the website and now it’s stating they are backed up until October. Now I surely feel duped. This has to be fraud. It has to be. So no more games. I called my credit card company and decided to dispute this purchase. The credit card company then proceeded to tell me they took a payment from me on June 14th. What?? So I explained my concerns and reasons for canceling my credit card and the purchased item for fear they might take more money since they have all my information. The credit card company agreed this very well could be a fraudulent company or person.

If this company is real and not frauds, and they truly are that backed up with orders, they should at least have the decency to respond to customer emails that have been waiting a long time and address their concerns. Not ignore us or post a fake phone number to be unreachable. It is highly unprofessional to leave customers hanging, especially after taking their money a few months prior only to be ignored and receive nothing.

So I decided to get back online away from their website and look up reviews in other locations like google and Facebook. I couldn’t believe what I came across. So many people were scammed just like me. These people had their money taken and never received their purchases. These people also had the same issues with calling and emailing. Many of these people wrote complaints on Little Bugzys Facebook page, and apparently it was so many complaints that Little Bugzy has now decided to take down their Facebook page. They even created a new website apparently. YUP.

So if any of you decide to purchase from little Bugzy at DON’T DO IT. You will be scammed. You will lose money and never receive your purchases from them.

I have never in all my life ever had to come to to file a complaint against anyone before. Based off this experience I felt I had an obligation to make others aware of this scam so it doesn’t happen to anyone else. BUYERS BEWARE.

- Englewood, CO, USA

I placed an order for a baby hammock 1 month before my friend's due date. I received an e-mail that said the product would arrive in 2-3 weeks. The product never arrived before the due date, I have sent 2 e-mails to confirm delivery dae and the toll free Customer Service number is fake.

- Brighton, CO, USA

I ordered an item on their website, was immediately charged and received confirmation. Two months later, I have yet to receive item and all contact information is invalid or unreachable.

- Kennesaw, GA, USA

I ordered May 18th and it was supposed to ship in 2-3 days and then got another email saying it would be 2-3 weeks due to a high volume of orders. Still don't have it. Thank goodness I used AmEx. Got my $$ back and they are investigating.LAME..

These people are a JOKE! I's a scam. No response from latest email stating I wanted $$ back and was reporting them to BBB.

Purchased a product from this company. They had no problem taking my money. Received an email notifying me of my purchase and that they would contact me when my product was shipped. Waited a month and didn’t hear from them. Emailed multiple times and tried to contact them via their Facebook page but received no answers. Went to their website to call their toll free number and the number is not in service. No way to contact them. Do not purchase from this company. They will take your money and never contact you again.

Purchased merchandise February 9, 2018, and never received it. Tried several attempts to contact seller no response.

I purchased the baby hammock back in May and was told it would ship 1-2 business days and card charged the same day. Then came June and still nothing. I emailed multiple times no reply and continue to email finally got a reply saying it would ship and June, June passed nothing ever came it is July now no one is responding to emails their number is a fake number and address does not go to any building card was charged and received nothing.

I ordered a baby hammock gift on April 19 for $38.95. My credit card was charged through Amazon Pay but several weeks later I started getting a weekly email that the item was backorderd and would be sent the following weeks. Several weeks later it’s been 2 months since I ordered and they don’t answer emails anymore and the phone number is fake. Such a scam!

They advertise there products on Facebook. I purchased the Bugzy Hammock from the website and received an email confirming my order and stating that it would be delivered in 2-3 weeks. It's now been over 6 weeks since I placed the order. When I try to contact them via email or through the website about the status of my order I get no reply. The phone number does not work.

Saw the add on Instagram and purchased the bany hammock. Its been 3 months and we weren't refunded. The phone number is disconnected. Do not buy anything from the website.

- Little Rock, AR, USA

This advertisement was on my news feed on Facebook. I was expecting, so I ordered a Bugzy Hammock in May (2018), and my account was debited for the amount as advertised. I never received the hammock (5-6 weeks later). I called multiple times and the line was always busy, so I emailed thier customer support multiple times with no response. Now when I call it says it's no longer a working number. So, I lost $38.95 and never got my product.

I saw an ad for a product that I found interesting, several times on Instagram and Facebook. I decided to check out the website, and I made an order. Nothing about the process seemed off at first, but within 24 hours I had received 2 separate online coupons for different products in their store, at very high percentage discounts. Then, I never received any notifications of my shipment. I have waited over 2 weeks to receive any notifications at all, contacted them via 2 email addresses and phone, and there is no response. Yet, I continue to receive email "coupons" every day. This appears to be a scam. Unfortunately they do not offer payments via Paypal, so there is no way for me to get my money back very easily.

- Brandon, MS, USA

This company is not a legitimate company. I purchased two baby hammocks online and they stated there were two in stock and they would ship. Days passed and I inquired to their support email. They stated the item was it of stock and would ship whenever it was back in stock. I have inquired for over a month now and have had to get my credit card company involved because the company itself would not answer me. After I get my credit card company involved they send an email stating my order shipped after I asked many times for it to be canceled. Then I ask again for it to be canceled hen they send another email saying everything was out of stock again. Do not purchase from them. You will not get your product and you will also have a TON of unnecessary stress.

- Navarre, FL, USA

While on facebook an advertisement popped up for a baby hammock from this company. I reviewed the product from their website and made a purchase. They advertise a 2-3 business day delivery. My baby was due the following week so i was excited tp have it before the birth of my child. 2 weeks later the product still hasnt come in but they had already withdrawn roughly $40 from my account. I went to their website to locate a contact number to asl about the delay but the number has a voice message that states the the number is not a working number. So I basically have no way of contacting them or trying to resolve the issue. Later, when i Googled the website for conplaints i found there were other people with the exact same complaint as mine.

- Granite Falls, NC, USA

I clicked on a link to this business to purchase a crib hammok. I went through the purchase procedure (they used Amazon to get payment). It said 2-3 day shipping. It has now been 3 weeks and I have emailed, called and Facebook messaged them with NO RESPONSE! Also, their toll free number is just a bunch of recorded offers and then it hangs up on you. Someone needs to find these people and make them pay EVERYONE back their money!!!

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