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• 7 h ago

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• Aug 24, 2023

Scammer stated IP address security was compromised and the Hulu account would not unlock unless the issues were cleared up by the security team. The security team would cost $250 for their work. Payment was required by a GooglePlay gift card from one of the big box stores (Walmart, Target, etc.). Scammer wanted a photo of the card with number information sent via text message to number (530)296-0770.

• Aug 17, 2023

Scammer intended to get potential applicants to purchase products from stores as well as ask questions about specific companies and their business.

• Aug 17, 2023

I applied for this remote position through LinkedIn on 8-10-23. I received an email from someone posing as the owner on 8-12-23 asking for a cover letter and my salary requirements. I provided these details On 8-15-23 I received an email stating that they had filled the position I applied for however, they still wanted me for a position opening in October of 2023. In the meantime, they offered me an Executive Virtual Assistant job because as the owner they were busy and about to leave for a trip to Canada within the week. I expressed my interest and waited for the scheduled interview. I received the next email on 8-17-23 saying that they had no time for an interview at this time due to the trip they had previously mentioned when offering the EVA role. Along with this email they provided a list of canned interview questions. The scammer also mentioned that an employment agreement was being drafted which is what prompted me to call the actual business. While the email correspondence was going on I verified the email address ([email protected]) the scammer used which did not directly match the website domain the actual owner has set up for their business. The email address was also hosted by another company from the actual business website. I also reviewed the phone number (630-492-0751) the scammer used and found it to be a VOIP number based out of Chicago, the actual business is outside of San Antonio, TX.

8-17-23: After calling the actual business number on their site I was sent to voicemail and that had a message stating that the job offer was a scam.

• Aug 16, 2023

Enclosed is a copy of the email sent to me:


I recently came across your profile and your background appears to align quite well with what one of my direct financial services clients is looking for in as Global Service Desk Analyst.

If you are in the job market and are looking for a new opportunity, I'd love to take a few moments of your time to speak with you about your background, the positions I have available and the client.

**This is a 12-24 month contract /fully Onsite opportunity. **

Start Date: October 16th

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please let me know a good time that works for you for us to connect. Also, if you could please send me your updated resume as well, that would be greatly appreciated.

I look forward to connecting with and enjoy the rest of your day.

Bhoopendra Singh

Lead Recruiter (Experis- Manpower Group)

C: 414-662-2014

E: [email protected]

• Aug 11, 2023

I was contacted about the job through email. [email protected] gave me an initial technical evaluation. After passing the evaluation, I was told to wait for my results. Two days later, I had passed and they wanted to move forward with the position. [email protected] then sent over the offer letter and asked to sign and attach front and back of drivers license. I complied and was then told we would have a meeting at 3pm that day after signing to discuss logistics. At the meeting which was on google chat, the person named jessie had no profile picture and only sent messages. It started to feel weird from there. They then reiterated the same thing multiple times as if I was talking to an AI. They said they would be sending me a check for a workstation and that is when I dipped. I then proceeded to block and report that account to google and the respective emails to microsoft outlook. I tried contacting the company through their website after, they had no phone number listed and they never responded with email. However on their site, down below their careers they had a warning saying they are aware of scam using their name. Any further assistance of information would be amazing, I am unsure what a scammer can do with the information on a drivers license. Thank you for any help.

- Belton, MO, USA • Jun 29, 2023

I have had my phone number for over 10 years and up until about 6 years ago had no issues but recently this scammer has been Handing out my number to others. , for license info of scammer.


Prestige Plaza Properties LLC

Principal Office Address


Limited Liability Company

Charter No.




Home State


Registered Agent

Filippov, Arseni

1543 East 50th street

Kansas City, MO 64110



Date Formed




1543 East 50th street

Kansas City,, MO 64110

And of course leaves no number to contact, have tried calling the police and they will do nothing, this guy needs to have his license pulled as a legit business for identity theft.

- Greenville, NC, USA • Jun 14, 2023

I was contacted via l email about a remote administrative position job I applied for with World Wide Technology. I accepted the job offer following an interview questionnaire. I received the email from ******* ***** (Talent Acquisition Specialist for World Wide Technology) via the email [email protected]. I was then connected with Ann Marr (HR Manager) via Skype for training. I have been completing training tasks for her for the past week and a half over Skype chat (not video), and I was not paid for my training. I signed an employment contract with this person, submitted my W4, and submitted my direct deposit form. Therefore, this person now has my name, address, date of birth, social security number, contact information, bank account information, etc. Ann informed me that a provisional check was deposited into my account for the procurement of work materials. Following this deposit my bank account was shut down for fraud, and I was advised by the bank that the check was falsified. Furthermore, I called the number on Google for World Wide Technology, and they confirmed that they are aware of the scam and that I am not employed with them.

• Jun 12, 2023

I applied for a job at Norton and Associates (North Carolina), When I got on the call for an intervene it was lady from a different company advertising something completely different company (away from home travels) and over 200+ people on the call. It felt extremely scammy. They go by Norton and Associates on Linkedin, also by NAMER INC and Away from Home inc.

- Temple City, CA, USA • May 26, 2023

This person made a connection with me on and impersonated as a Director of Technology working with Qualcomm in San Diego, then invited me to chat privately in WhatsApp.

First we shared our common interest in loving pets and animals, he mentioned that he was a member of a animal protection group. Then he showed his interest in making intimacy relationship and told me about his divorce, praised me as amazing woman and said how lucky he was to meet me.

When I was not ready to make a move and wanted to remain friendship, he continued showing his love and care as if the two were lovers, and invited me to visit his parents when he had a chance, and shared his desire to travel to Europe with me later. Next he talked about Cryptocurrency and how big he has gained which was about hundreds of thousand dollars from each trade on crypto by showing the screenshots of his transactions on the trading platform AscendEX where he and his team operate the trades.

Next he showed his plan to buy a 3 million-dollars-house in San Francisco, then went on his investments in different areas such as real estate, and horse farms in Kentucky.

As I was not interested in Crypto, he continued inducing me to this business by creating my wallet and told me to put in 1K using BTC ATM to see how well it gained. Then he persuaded me to invest $20K to get around $4K gains. The results showed high returns and my capital in account increased quickly, then he convinced me to put more money in to $50K then $100K, He even transferred $20K from his account to mine to earn more trust. All of my cash was put into the exchange account, he always assured me not to worry as he took care of it to get more wins for my trades as he is a professional financer and he supports government in finance aspect. However, when I need to withdraw a small amount to pay my monthly mortgage and other bills he became upset and did not let me to withdraw. When I insisted, he let me to withdraw only $5K and advised me to wait for 2 more trades to withdraw all.

On 05/13/2023 and 05/14/2023 he put almost of my capital into trade to leave only $9K in my account, then next day he told me the bad news was the trade on 05/13/2023 was at risk and needed $75K more to cover. Since I have $9K left in my account he told me to put $66K into my trade account, I let him know I had no more money. He became upset and threatened me to leave my account go free and the trade would lose that I would not have any penny left including $20K he lend to me which terrified me. I had to close my CD and used up my last saving to put the total of $17K more into my exchange account. The next day he said the trade was no longer at risk but did not let me to withdraw the last $17K that I have recently put in.

On 05/20/2023 and 05/21/23 when both trades were over, I applied to withdraw part of my money then AEX platform froze my money and required me to pay the deposit of 10% of the amount I wanted to withdraw which is $31K . No matter I have asked to reduce the amount of withdrawal or extend a week they still asked me to pay the deposit amount on the due date, otherwise my funds will be frozen plus the penalty.

Then my financial adviser from a reputable bank checked on this platform to find out is a fake website and obviously I am a victim of this crypto fraud . I was advised not put more money in as I would not get any money back from them instead they will require me to put more money in with different reason. The money I wired to the bank METROPOLITANT COMMERCIA under the name MCB Foris was already withdrew to the scammer's account.

I hope the information I report here prevent further potential victims into this type of Crypto scam, is legit but the trading website in my case is fake. As I have learned from a banker whose client has lost 1.6 million to Crypto scam that any skilled developer can mirror the code to create their own fake trading website. All I have seen as trading activities and high returns actually are fake to lure victims to put more money into their account. Be vigilant!

• Jul 18, 2023

Sad this happened to you my friend,I too fell victim to such.
They stole $10,000 of my crypto funds from me.
If not for the help of an investigating firm i found on here that helped me get it back I would have been left completely indigent.
Try reaching out to them they may also be of help to you,a complaint form can be filed to them by scanning the Q.R code below.

- Young America, MN, USA • May 26, 2023

The ceo of ready4player has put out multiple job listings on sites for employment. And misleads people until getting a few weeks of work from them, where he clarifies it’s not a paid job. He tries to entice people to work for free by saying he’s got celebrities, venture capitalists, and High profile people working for him.

- Mckinney, TX, USA • May 23, 2023

the scammer used the name Sue and requested to provide full name, address, social security number to upload the back and the front of my driver' s license. Last, Sue requested y credentials to access my ID. account.

I reported this incident this morning to LinkedIn support.

- Manchester, NH, USA • May 17, 2023

I applied for a data entry position through LinkedIn. Received a follow up job interview form. Told I was hired, sent me an offer letter and an I-9 to be filled out. I filled out the I-9 along with a copy of my passport. Only communicated through email and Skype, using the names of two employees whose company profiles had been compromised, confirmed this with a current employee from the legitimate company. Was sent a check for "office supplies", mobile deposited into my second checking account, then was asked to wire to a "vendor". Received an "invoice" after the wire was completed. Was sent another check for a laptop, I deposited the second check but stopped the wire transfer because I realized it was a scam.

• Apr 17, 2023

this man is claiming to be a licensed electrician but is NOT. Charging absurd prices that dont coincide with actual pricing.

- Potomac, MD, USA • Mar 19, 2023

Wanted to alert you to a very shady seeming ghostwriting outfit called Hydra Productions Online LLC. It is based in Plano, Texas, and apparently owned by a couple named Eric and Raven Heidrich. They are hiring writers to ghostwrite romance fiction in 10,000 to 20,000 word blocks, at a rate of $0.003 to $0.01, or perhaps $0.02 per word. I was very dubious because I figured that at best, I could perhaps make $20 an hour at that rate, but I thought I might take 1 project and see how it goes. I was put in their Facebook IM chat, and I messaged a few other writers I saw on there to ask if they were able to make this arrangement, and if so, how so. Someone told them I was doing this, and Hydra fired me within minutes. This seems like more than a red flag.

• Feb 14, 2023

I applied for a job on LinkedIn, for a work-at-home customer service position. I received a message back from the person who posted the job advising me to contact "[email protected]" to proceed. As that seemed suspicious, I googled trustemd and found that another person posted on scam tracker that this was a scam. I did not proceed with contacting anyone else regarding the supposed job, and wanted to warn others also. This is the person who posted the "job"

• Nov 28, 2022

They messaged on linked in that they reviewed my application for a job and that they wanted to interview me and needed me to email them my resume to proceed. once we began emailing they sent a pdf "written interview". Then when I filled that out sent me another email saying I got the job and a link. Didn't tap the link but tried calling the number from their alleged company website and the number goes to a recording saying you won 100 gift card

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