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Liberty Financial Incorporated

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Liberty Financial Incorporated Reports & Reviews (10)

I got a letter in the mail postmarked Witpos, South Africa. The letter said I had won a 2nd prize in the category of North American Consumer Sweepstakes in the amount of $250,000.00. In the envelope there was a check for 3,650.00, I was to call them and receive instructions on what to do with the check. The processing fee for my winnings was 3,500.00. I was to deposit the check into my bank account and then wire the 3,500.00 to Rita Adams and then I would receive my winnings of $250,000.00 via courier. I was not to call any other telephone number other than 877-889-0121. The check was drawn on Bank of America against the account of Gordon Research Conferences 512 Liberty Lane, West Kingston, Rhode Island 02892. I did not enter a lottery and I know this is a scam. Also wording in the letter was very strange.

- Amarillo, TX, USA

I got a letter telling me I was a second prize winner in the European, African and North America Consumer sweepstakes. I never entered such a lottery. The letter included a check for 3,650.00 drawn on JP Morgan Chase Bank, NA Syracuse New York. The account on the check said Duke Engineering Corporation Charlotte, NC. I was to call Rita Adams at 877-218-5285 to start claim processing and to activate my check. I was to never call any other telephone number. The check I received was provided to help pay for the processing fee so I was to call the telephone number deposit the check and follow instructions on where to send the processing fee. I was congratulated by David Hull , Production Manager for Liberty Financial Inc about my good fortune. I was warned that if I lost the letter I might not receive my 250.000.00 US dollars. I contacted the and discovered this was an elaborate scam to take my money and the check was no good.

- Wausaukee, WI, USA

I received a letter in the mail (clearly a photocopy probably because it's a mass mailing) from "Liberty Financial Incorporated." has no report. It lists a "USA Office" at 377 Main St., Los Angeles CA 90014 (and also lists an "African office", "Ireland Office" and "England Office.") It says I am 2nd prize winner in the European, African and North American lottery. They enclose a COUNTERFEIT check for $3,650 made out to me to "help me pay for the processing fee" of $3,500. It says I must contact my "claims agent" David Hull at 877-212-5586. At the end of the letter it says "Congratulations, Rita Adams, Promotion Manager: and lists a foreign phone number as "global head office emergency number" : 44-745-227-6520. This is the overpayment AND the foreign lottery scam!!!

- Richland, WA, USA

Received letter from Liberty Financial Incorporated saying I had won 2nd prize of $250,000.00 (Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars). Letter included a check from Chase JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A. , Dallas Texas for $3,650.00. I was supposed to call the 877 number to activate the check to help pay for the processing fee, which is $3,500.00. I haven't done anything to activate this check, if it is a legitimate. I believe it is written for $150.00 over the processing fee as a incentive to cash it and have $150.00 left for self. I also have a scanned copy of the letter which was mailed from South Africa.

I received a letter today, says the claim number, that I am the second prize winner of second category European, African and North American Consumer Sweepstakes. Gives serial number and first 5 lucky winners and you won. US $250,000 the lottery was held on August 3rd. They act like the prize money would be certified check brought to the house. There is a check in the mailing that looks to be from JP Morgan Chase Bank NA, at At&T 560 Madison Ave New York, NY 10022 for $3,650 and the processing fee is $3,500. They said don't call any other number than this 1-877-212-5586.  I called and asked for David Hall (the name is on the letter) and a woman answered, and says Monday-Friday 9a.m.-5p.m. and he says he wasn't available, and she asked is this about the prize you won, and asked may I have your name please, and she said what you need to do is go and cash the check and then call me back and we will tell you what to do. I hung up and knew it was a scam. 

Consumer received a mailing from Liberty Financial, Inc stating he was the 2nd prize winner in the second category of the European, African and North America consumer Sweepstakes.He won 250,000.00. The mailing inlcluded a check From AT&T Bank- JPMorgan Chase Bank for 36500.00 to help him pay the processing fee.

On July 5, 2016, I received a letter from Liberty Financial Incorporated informing me that I was the 2nd prize winner in the second category of the EUROPEAN, AFRICAN, and NORTH AMERICAN Consumer sweepstake, in conjunction with Departmental Stores. A check for $3,500.00 was included with the letter, which stated it was to help me pay for the processing fee of $3,650.00. I was instructed to call my agent Rita Adams at 1-877-208-6299 who wouldgive me instructions about processing my claim (2nd prize is $250,000.00). When I called the number, the recording stated that my account had been discontinued.

I received a letter and a check for $3,650, stating I won a North America Consumer sweepstake, in conjunction with Department Stores. My "winning numbers" matched and I won $250,000 as of June 7, 2016. The check I received would help pay for the processing fee of $3500. I didn't have to disclose any banking details at any time, but I needed to call the claim agent Rita Adams @ 1-877 208 6299. I called this number, the telephone ring was odd, a man answered, foreign sounding, I asked to speak to Rita Adams, told him of the letter, and he said "yes, a courier would deliver your check, take it to your bank, deposit it, and you'll get your check for $250,000." I told him I have a check, it came with the letter. He paused, I heard a baby crying in the background, and he hung up.

Received a check for $250,000.00 with a letter in the mail. States a claim #084129. States the processing fee is $3,500.00. It states "You are advised to contact your claims agent: DAVID HULL@ 1 577 209 7254 Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm. to start your claim processing and to activate your check. Please adhere to his instructions."

Received a letter, which informed me that I won US$250,000.00 from the consumers sweepstakes lottery held on May 18th, 2016. Included in the letter was a check in the amount of $3,650.00 to help pay for the processing fee.

Copy of the letter is attached to the report.

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