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Lending club Reports & Reviews (70)

- Garfield, NJ, USA • Nov 14, 2023

They said I could get a $3000 loan and at each step they kept requesting more money. I told them I wanted to cancel the loan and get my money back and they said I would have to pay another $250 to cancel the loan.

• Nov 08, 2023

Someone claimed that I was approved for a loan and to call him back at 214716-7821 and when I did they didn't answer but called back and wanted my personal information like social and bank information so I hung up.
Frank Wilson called saying I was approved

- Jackson, NJ, USA • Sep 10, 2023

The scammer claimed to be a lender, from a legitimate business (Lending club), Reached out via text now number 779-209-5139, I believed it at first due to the documents sent being from the lending club, with the lending club address. I told them I needed to borrow for medical expenses. They said it was approved. The man had a Middle Eastern dialect. First went by 'Austin Hall", and another called ' Alex Smith'. Said in order for me to get a loan my accounts needed to be verified. They asked for banking Info, which I sent via email. I Genuinely have been seeking help, just to notice the email address was a Gmail account. They also received from me my Driver's license, Paystubs, Social, and Account information. Shortly after, funds were in the process of leaving my account via Zelle to Someone named Crystal Reese at 504-358-1740. They'd also been in the process of changing contact and security information.

• Aug 29, 2023

Tried to get me to sign a loan and hand over my bank login and password

• Jul 24, 2023

I thought it was a loan company for personal loans. I applied online. When they contacted me they said I was approved and had to provide information to secure the loan via an ACH credit. After giving my personal information, I felt uncomfortable. I found the real company and they didn’t have any of my information in their systems. I called my bank and closed my account that they would have access to and opened a new one.

• Jul 22, 2023

This company Stated they were Lending Club with service uses through Priority Loan Services and they were through the Better Business Bureau. I was sent an email in the subject field : Loan Confirmation Letter, for a link to a poorly written Loan Agreement Contract that had my first and last name and a prefilled D.O.B for today's date as 7/22/2023. It wanted me to fill in all of my personal information, financial info, social security # and all my bank routing and checking account number, and username and password to sign into my bank account. They stated if my credit report is under 750 I could purchase a Payment Protection Policy for $240 "from the Liberty Mutual Fund". It stated this was all for an Already Approved Loan with the terms being for a $5,000.00 approval personal loan. Interest rate of 7% equaling $557.88 36 monthly payments of $154.99

• Jun 20, 2023

He originally offer you personal loan. Then He ask every detail information of yours. Then you call you back asking to purchase insurance for your loan. You force you purchase walwart gift card for him which he took out the money right away.He keep ask for more money, he even threat you to go to court if you cancel the loan. He forge a big amount of cancel fee trying to scare you. He has a big Indian accent. Beware don't fall into his trap.

• May 15, 2023

Thank you for showing your interest in the Loan with our Company Lending Club LLC and this is the confirmation Email to let you know that the loan application you applied for has been approved.
Your loan has been approved for the minimum of $3000.00 and the maximum is $7000.00 and your Loan Application Approval Number is NP-00019 and customer id no is 1908.
Please call us back on our number+1(209)881-7629 or reply to this Email so that we can call you and explain the terms and condition of this loan.
Also we have mentioned below the monthly installment plan for the loan of amount from which you can choose any of the following you are comfortable with and you can pay up your loan back with easy monthly installments.
For $3000 Loan, Total Pay back $3,240.00, Monthly Installment $90.00 for 36 Months
For $5000 Loan, Total Pay back $5,472.00, Monthly Installment $152.00 for 36 Months
For $7000 Loan, Total Pay back $7,488.00, Monthly Installment $156.00 for 48 Months
To know more about monthly installment plans for this loan amount please call us back on the number below.
In order to get this loan there are No Upfront fees, No Security Deposit etc. In order to get these loans you don’t need to pay a single penny from your pocket.
Furthermore, we would like to share that once the loan is transferred into your account the first monthly installment will be due within the first 30 days on the date you will give the authorization for.
Here we are affiliated with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and BBB (Better Business Bureau). So here we will not ask you for any money.
For more information you can get back to us on our email id is [email protected]

Rick Harris
Loan Agent

This is the same email they sent to me. Thank god i caught it before the fraudulent check cleared. Do not trust them. And close the account you gave them access to. Also put a block on your social.

- Gold Hill, OR, USA • May 09, 2023

I was email saying I was approved $8000 then they deposited $800 in my account that I had to return for insurance reasons before I could get my loan.

• May 04, 2023

Had a man with a heavy middle Eastern accent saying I was approved through lending club for a personal loan up to 3k with a very low 4.6 APR. I had been applying for loans so I thought this could be legit. My payment would only be $100 a month. It sounded like an unbelievable deal. But in order for the company to release the funds they had to boost my credit score by depositing money into my account and then I was to go to Walmart to pay the money back to the lender, in theory this would boost my credit score to allow them to provide me with the 3K loan. But the man on the phone needed my personal user name and password for my online bank account. I told him I was not comfortable with giving him that information and he really put the pressure on me telling me that why would he risk getting fired if he was trying to scam me. I continued to hesitate so he became more impatient. I told him I would have to think about it because I did not want to give him my personal banking information and access to my bank account. After that He sent some bogus email about a loan contract but said I did not need to sign it. Just to provide him with my photo ID, which I did. He kept pressuring me for my personal banking information and when I refused and said I wasn’t sure, he hung up on me. He didn’t get my information so he wasn’t able to complete his con. But he stayed on the phone with me for over 40 minutes thinking he was reeling me in. Beware the scammers are at it.
His name is Joey saying he is with Lending Club. Phone number is 650-795-5004.

- Sacramento, CA, USA • Apr 07, 2023

I was called by a man that said that he was from lending club named Alex Cooper. He said that he approve me for a loan because I was applying for a loan through a website called personal He then submitted $1420 into my bank account and told me that I had to send it back to him or he would kill me. He asked me to send it through Walgreens I said no he then said to then send it through cash app, and because he threatened me again I did send it through cash app, my bank did not approve the whole amount that he put into my bank account so I sent him $750 he then put another thousand into my bank account and I sent $1000 then put another payment into my bank account and I sent $980 . They said they would now leave me alone but attempted to contact me again through text messages and’s. They text me hello then I block them and they text me through another number saying hello hello are you there? They then contacted me through another number because I blocked that number as well and said hello again I’ve been blocked that number as well . The email address that contacted me was lending club 800 [email protected]

- Bend, OR, USA • Apr 03, 2023

Sent a Docu Sign saying I was approved for a loan. Asked for personal bank info. Looked legit. They called and tried to access my bank account. Definitely a red flag.

• Feb 02, 2023

Individual went by the name of James Watson, claimed to be from lending club. Asked for social, bank logins, routing # and password, etc. Says approved for 5k loan. Said he would send 10% of loan to my bank BECU as "verification process". Wanted me to send the money via Zelle to a Sherry Gaugher, who he claimed was business consultant. When I started digging deeper and asked for my loan information and getting into personal questions (after doing some undercover research) this individual hung up on me and then blocked my number. Complete scammer, and I reported them to FBI, attorney General office, police, and lending club.

• Dec 06, 2022

Easy to apply and fast response

They told me I was approved sent approval documents and told me I had to provide my bank user name and login. I got on the website to see if I was approved or not and I was not. She said her name was Cynthia.

I was looking for a personal loan and I came across this guy and he called me and he offered me alone for the amount that I needed and then he sent me a loan contract that I signed and then I had to pay this insurance apparently because of the amount of money that it was, and because my credit score is not the greatest K made sense then he wanted me to send it Zelle and the person that I sent it to you it was a Russell jones. And I remember even asking him like this is weird why do I have to send to this person you’re not scamming me are you because that would be really [censored]ed up if you were when I am in a desperate situation looking for help and he was like no no no we’re a reputable company blah blah blah I was like you better not be [censored]ing scamming me And so I gave him sent him this money and he was like OK whatever agree to this loan and then will send you your money well if he called me back and he said that I needed to let him verify that there was the amount of money for the payment that I’d be paying every month in my account and I said you already know that I don’t have any money in my account that’s why I’m looking for a loan. Obviously I told you that I didn’t have enough money to even cover the insurance that you were so kind to drop the price on $20 , and so I don’t have that money and he’s like well then I can’t whatever and he sent me other thing and I was like listen. If you don’t send me this money I’m gonna [censored]ing lose it and I’m gonna report you and he was like well I can’t send you this money if I don’t know that you have the money in your account and I was like yeah you already knew I didn’t have the money in my account you [censored] and so yeah after that he got really weird. All of a sudden I get these weird text messages from a different number talking about their big black thing and saying how they wanted to have sex with me and you know more colorful terms and come to find out it’s the loan guy talking to me like that so yeah , don’t use them

Promised a 2000 loan in 24 to 48 hours,with no credit. Had me pay insurance on the loan of 199.00 thwn needed 20 points more to do the loan,299.00. Then raised the loan to 3000 at my request and needed 100.00 more for 5 points. Promised the loan in 24 to 48 hours and its been 3 days now. Im feeling scammed and his phone is ALWAYS busy.

I was attempting to apply for a loan of $5000 and they gave me accredited information so I provided them with what they asked now they are attempting to take my wages from work away

Company called saying they was with Lending Club and had me pay $115 for processing fee. After that they told me that i had to pay another $350 for the state tax on my loan. I did not fall for that part but unfortunately i did for the $115

The scammer called me bon stop telling me a filled out an application with lending club check n go and check easy. They did not have much of my personal information but they asked for money to get a $3,000 loan. They have asked and threatened me with legal action and things of that sort.

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