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Legal Support Services

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Legal Support Services Reports & Reviews (20)

- New Glarus, WI, USA

This was a voice message left on my mobile phone account. A woman identified herself as Judy Fitzgerald from Legal Support Services. She said a case was pending attached to my name, drivers license and social security number. She further said they will be stopping at my home or place of employment to deliver my legal documents. I or my attorney must contact their office to verify my delivery address. Failure to respond may result in a default action being placed against my social security number. Question are to be directed to 1-866-299-0146.

- Clarksville, TN, USA

I received a call from a blocked number. The woman stated her first name only, that the purpose of the call was to inform me that there allegations against me. She then stated that by legal action xxxxxxx she was obligated to inform me that the call was being recorded. She asked that I verify the last 4 of my SS# were correct and proceeded to say that had she was my case manager with Legal Support Services, who is representing a company called "LTS Management", that they "provide underwriting services to thousands of major lending companies". and that she is responsible for informing me that I the allegations against me are for "Intent to defraud a financial institution" and "Theft by deception" for a loan that was procured on October of 2012. When asked her to verify the validity of the company, she repeated the bit about who she represented and what they allegedly do, verbatim. Then said that she could only give me my case number and their fax and phone number. She then suggested that I procure a pre-paid debit card to set up a payment arrangement to stop from being served at 4pm the following day with legal papers. I asked again for the company's information to verify it's validity. She stated that she had given all the information she was at liberty to disclose and that I would need to call back and set up a payment arrangement by the end of the day to insure that I would be able to resolve the matter and that I could ask for her specifically. (Again, only by first name)

I received several automated calls from 803-677-8731 (Camden SC shows on my phone). My name or no other name is ever mentioned. The recording that's the "individual" to be served needs to have state id when they are served at their home and to secure large animals and firearms. Also states that they maybe accompanied by a uniformed officer to ensure everyone's safety. The individual or their attorney may contact the office at 833-558-9510. I received messages from 803-677-8731 on 07/17/18 3:04pm, 07/19/18 10:13am, 07/23/18 11:36am, 07/26/18 4:49pm & 07/30/18 1:46pm. All my bills are current. So I don't know what this is all about. I'm reporting this in the instance it may help someone else or maybe useful in tracking down who these people are. The messages have been deleted & the number blocked. Although I'm pretty sure they'll call back on another number.

"Vince Moretti" keeps calling me to let me know I need to be home within 49 hours because I will be served with legal documents. I need to have all pets put up and the process server could be accompanied by uniformed officers. Asks me to call 833-558-9510 to get more information. I never do, as I assume this is a scam. This has been going on for 3 months or more.

- Broadway, NC, USA

Message I received: Hello this message is for _____(my name) and this is Shelly calling from Legal Support Services. The reason for the call today is we have been contracted to schedule the delivery of certified legal documents to your residence tomorrow between the hours of 10am and 2pm. Since your documents are certified, they do require your signature. If you are unable to receive the documents or need to reschedule or require further information, please contact 855-768-9080 reference file number_______. I returned the call to see what this was about and they said they were collecting a certain amount of money for Check N Go of TX. I NEVER used them before. These people had my name, SSN, and old place of employment. I called Check N Go and spoke with their collection department. They Don't have me in there system at all.

- Pensacola, FL, USA

A man named Michael called and said a services and law officer where coming to my residence to serve papers and to make sure to put all weapons and dogs up and when I asked what this matter was concerning he would not tell me and kept saying the only way to find out what the matter was about was to give him my phone number and my name and I didn’t give him this information

received a call from 615-821-1891, a male claiming to be with Legal Support Services, he gave the name of Joseph Garcia. He stated that there was an outstanding credit card debt of $5000 from his client and that I needed to pay a portion of the debt today or his client would be taking me to court. He knew the current address, former address that is 20 years old, and knew what kind of care that the victim was driving and the last four numbers of the victims social security number. He gave the business address as 1211 Southwest Greckburg Ave. Nashville, TN. This is a fake address. This is a scam. I do not even or have never owned the credit card that he mentioned.

- Mount Vernon, AL, USA

They call me from one of the above numbers. They know all of my personal info (name, number, address). They even know my moms number and address. They call about a bank account from the bank I used to deal with. Said that I got a loan and closed the account before the payments could be made. Said that they were going to serve me papers and asked if they had the correct address. They have been calling me for the past 3 years and say the same thing each time. Thinking I owed them since I did bank with the said bank and no longer do. I sent them money on 2 separate occasions. They have continue to call regarding said matter. They sometimes call and I will answer and they will hang up on me. This last time they called I told them if they hang up on me I will report them to the BBB and my local police station.

- Scottsdale, AZ, USA

I keep receiving calls saying I have a "legal matter" and the police will be coming to my door in the next 48 hrs and to put away guns and dogs for everyone's protection.

- Cleveland, OH, USA

I received a message on my cell phone. Call from Legal Support Services.The number in my caller ID was 202-866-0722 and 844-218-5711. They threatened to show up at my house with an officer in uniform. Deliver a Summons. Put away firearms and large animals for everyone's safety. It stated you or your attorney can call 844-218-5711. Caller said it is regarding a $300 Payday loan I took out in 2012 which I never did. I called the phone number back. They answered the phone Legal Support Services. I asked if I owed this loan. When I questioned him about my credit report he could not give a straight answer. Said his name is Michael Smith 844-218-5711 X 405. Put me on hold for about fifteen minutes to see if they could set up a payment arrangement. Said they could do a payment arrangement so I would not be summoned to court. He asked me for my E mail address and I gave it out. I was not sure if this is a scam. He knew my previous addresses. Also the las four digits of my social security number.

- Albuquerque, NM, USA

On 10/24/16 I received a call at my office and the person "Ashley" asked for me by name. She said she had a delivery scheduled for me and wanted to know if I wanted it delivered here or at my home address. She had both addresses. I asked who she was and only said she was "Ashley." She said the delivery was from "Mueller & Associates." She said I should have received more information at my home address and asked if I had. I recognized the call as a scam and said "I'm not aware, thanks" and I hung up. She then called back and left a message: Hi NAME, this is Ashley, we were just speaking a few moments ago, you do have a delivery of paperwork, I have it scheduled out here for your place of employment with COMPANY NAME. It's addressed to ADDRESS for NAME. Any questions or concerns sir, please contact the filing office. I attempted to give you the information but you hung up the phone previously. If you would like any assistance, you can request it at 844-361-2766. Again, the telephone number to their office is 844-361-2766 and reference a six-digit number, ######. Once again, this'll be issued out between 10 am and 2 pm, it will require a hand signature. If you need to change the address back to your home address on STREET, contact the office and accommodations will be met. Thank you sir, good day.

They called again on 3/31/17. They called my work and asked for me by name. They claimed they had to deliver legal documents and they knew both my work and home address. They called again today at my work, and also on my cell phone and they also called my parents, all within the span of 5 minutes. The number they called from was 844-896-2447. This time it was "Shelly," claiming to be from "Legal Support Services." She claimed that she had some "documentations" that I need to "hand sign" that will be at my place of business tomorrow. She asked me to call 844-588-4866 with reference number ######. She left a message both on my work voicemail and my cell phone voicemail.

Phone call from 844-738-4025 on 3/14/17 at 6:07pm, which I did not answer and sent the call straight to my voicemail. Immediately after I ignored the call, they called right back and left me a voicemail. The person stated his name was Andrew from Legal Support Services. The phone call was not even for me, but he stated the name of the person (which is my sister and never mentioned my name at any time during the message) also stated that the company he was calling from needed to serve her for a certified document that required her signature. He said they were planning to be at the residence she had listed on file between 10 and 2 (didn't mention specific date). He left the number to return any questions and said this was for the filing firm, which was toll free 844-856-0292 and her case number was 357623. I spoke to my sister shortly after and she also received a call from the same company which she didn't answer and they left a voicemail with the same information.

- Miami, FL, USA

Legal Support Services was calling and Harassing all family members. Making threats to pay debts and saying they coming to my house to today.I don't know who these people are from legal supports services (never heard of them) and why they are calling family members and scaring them, I tried asking for a supervisor the man on the phone would not allow me to talk to anyone else or provide his information. He was trying to scam my family and threaten to come to my home to take legal action. No one should go through this. Please be aware of this number 844-738-4019. Please help them stop calling us. I am very upset and angry this happened.

Scam business call Legal Support Services I was working there for a couple of weeks and find out this a scam they run a fake Debt Collection office on 6011 Rodman Street, Ste 104, Hollywood FL 33023 and force client that never own loans before to pay them by telling them they will be showing up at their house and place of business in 48 hours with the police and act like they are a attorney office which is not true. The owner of this business name is Richard Tracy and his girlfriend name is Jade Torres which everything is under her name because he have an open case for child abuse, he also smoke marijuana in the office and bring their kids there. I am 100% sure that they don't have a business license for what their doing and will like this to stop ASAP and already contacted city of Hollywood mention they don't see anything on file and they will be charge taxes. And I also did a police report on them for taking all my stuff I bought for my desk. The Hollywood police dept also told me to report this to BBB and FTC which I did and I have evidence as the script of the business which is illegal and pictures as well as the personal check their were paying me with police dept also told me to report this to the FBI with the evidence I have. And last if you called the business number press #2 or any number they all use fake name in the office as Miss Riley who real name is Shaunte Ariana Fairclough, Sophia Martin who real name is Camry Wilson, Stephanie or Jessica who real name is Jade Torres and Brian O'Connor who real name is Richard Tracy.

Received telephone message from "Legal Support Services" regarding being served with legal papers within 48 hours of the phone call, to have large animals and firearms put away, and that the person would be accompanied by a police officer to assure safety. I should have official ID at hand. If not available, please contact.......

No phone number was given and when I back-dialed the phone number that called, the only response was recorded music. A scam!

person called said my is pete juliano (from a different number 888-662-6153) I am calling from legal support services, I am calling in regards to a legal notice scheduled to be servicesd to an individual at this address on file. Will be stopping out without next 48 hours individual to be served will need to have one valid form of state issued IDon their person we will be accompanied by a uniform officed just to ensure safety. Animals and firearms need to be put away. If you are not available then please have yourself or attorney call the above number.

They keep calling from various numbers and leaving messages at my work stating they are calling about a sealed court summons from Mecklenberg county they received under my name and social security number. They state they are going to send an officer with a representative to my office and apparently arrest me. As I stated they have called several from different numbers not just to my work but to my friends and family. They called on the 720-240--2046 but leave the 844-240-2046 to call back on. They generally have what sounds to me like an indian accent but use American names when they leave one. This last one she did not leave a name and did not appear to have an accent but I believe it is the same people. I have informed my work, friends and family that it is a scam but they keep calling. I have previously tried to deal with them but they just want money and get quite nasty when you refute what they are saying. I read on line the best way to get them to stop is to ignore them but they just keep it up. What should I do?

I've been getting calls on a regular basis from an outfit calling themselves Legal Support Services. The first time I spoke with them they said I was being summoned to court over a payday loan 4 years previous and had cancelled my bank account to avoid payment. In the conversation the man said I was to be served with court documents within the next 48 hours, and I must be home to receive it. He also said that my bank records had been subpoenaed. He knew the name of my bank, and my full name and e-mail address. He gave the date of the alleged payday loan which was March of 2011 (according his his scam). He said that I owed $500.00 and that they'd settle for half if I sent the money immediately. he said that only by sending money would the court summons be dropped. He gave me an account number and said that was my bank account number. Unfortunately for him, he did not know that under Texas law, the statute of limitations on a debt is 4 years. Thus, if he was legitimate, he'd know he can't take me to court over a bad debt. He also didn't know I had cancelled that account with that bank in 2009. I checked with my bank: the account number he gave wasn't a number that bank used. Once I performed my own investigation over this debt, I refused to call them back. No one came to my door to serve me papers. Yet they still continue to call about once a month and I delete their voice messages.

- Gainesville, GA, USA

I received a call from 888-237-5141 threatening that they are with Legal Support Services and that they have a summons for me and that I need to return their call and if I don't within 24 hours, they will assume that the address and employer are verified and the documents will be issued." The girl that called left her name which was either Ellie, or Lilly Hendrix.

- Leominster, MA, USA

They leave you a mug stating you will be summons with in 48 hrs or they will go to your work. I called this number back 8448194894. Didn't have much info on me and asking for more info. I Google the number and the name they are using and it's coming up a scam. They won't answer ant of my questions. I even got 2 people give me different towns. I called their bluff and now when I call them they just hang up on me. I guess they don't want to Talk to me now.

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