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Legal Action Team

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• Aug 08, 2023

My credit score was a 840 and around last year August I woke up to 550. My credit history has been stellar for over 20 years. Apparently there was an $8.00 charge 60 days past due on a chase account. Due to COVID 19 and a lost of job and relocation, I never received the letter saying that I typed in the wrong number on the routing and therefore the payment was never received. I immediately called in paid all the fees ( more than $8), paid it up to date and closed it but it had affected my credit very bad, I did all I could to get my credit score to normal but all effort didn’t yield any result for months until I met a Credit expert who had worked closely with Credit companies last year November on Youtube. I contact tom.lawrence114 @gmailCom} and explained to him I want to to buy a home and start a family but I was denied due to my low credit score, he told me he would fixed my credit and get me back or above my formal credit score, I taught it was all a joke until we both got a deal. I complied and work with him while he was helping me out, after he was done he told me to check my credit score, I was amazed my score increased to 850 on Equifax I checked Experian and TransUnion they are all increased as well. I will be spending the next 7 years telling people the story of how you help me restore my life filled with promise of a family, above all Thank you Tom!

• Jul 28, 2023

I took out a loan around 2015 with Today cash...Legal action team had my account and took it to court..i thought it was a scam...They will garnish you if your in a state that allows garnishment :( I worked with chase wells to stop garnishment and made a payment plan. NOT A SCAM!


• Jun 14, 2023

I got a call from "Miss WAtkins" and she is sending a garnishment letter Friday. She said I had made payments and stopped and now they will be garnishing 25% of my income. I have had a payday loan before, but as far as I know it was paid.
How do I know if legit?

I received a called yesterday from Chase Well he stated that I owed a cash advance expert place from January 2015 or before than so he did not have the exact year than he says that there gonna garnish my wages. He said that it was on my credit report which is a lie . In the email someone by the name of April Gat send something with a different year 2018

Received a phone call from Chase Wells from Legal Action Team. Told me that he could guarnish my Social Security benefits at 20 percent which I know not to be true. Refused to tell me who the creditor was, said he would send it over to be processed. I request verification through USPS which is my right. We will see if I receive any information. These people are unbelievable!

I have had the same experience as all of these people. They are 100% a scam. When I confronted them on it and told them I was getting a lawyer involved to get my money back they quickly gave me an exoneration letter stating that I don't owe them anymore money. Please don't fall for their trap

Scared me out of my socks, calling about a payday loan that I never took. They told me of a bank account I had and said now allied financial corporate attornies are filing criminal charges against me such as theft by receiving and fraud. The state that I'm in has a law against payday loans and I've spoken with three different companies in 2014, 2017, and 2018 in which I told them to send me the letters in the mail proving that I received the money to my bank account; information they've yet to provide. Then she said she is the mediator in a case for court documents or a summons I hadn't received. She had my up to date address, however the company suing me sent multiple letters to the wrong address. I asked her to email me a copy of the paperwork she is reading from and said she legally can't do it. I gave her my cc (prepaid card) so she didn't have direct access to my actual bank account and my card was in an old business name but the account is still good. after calming down, I called her back and asked if i could have the number to allied financials legal department and she got very rude, nasty and hung up in my face. This was after I told her that I found the number for allied financials, the only office they have is in NC, and the lawyer there said they don't deal with anything in my state on this matter. After I told her this information she said I must have spoken with a representative. Because I kept insisting that she give me the number she then proceeds to tell me that she is cancelling the restitution/debt validation plan and I will just have to wait for a sheriff to serve me or to go to jail. She said corporate lawyers don't want to talk to me. By the way, when i called back the main number for her office, instead of the extension she gave me, it went straight to her desk. I think it's a scam. I also looked up court records in my state to see if i would be sued and there isn't a court case for a payday loan

I just had the same experience a miss Margolis called me threatened me said I was facing fraud for an old unpaid payday loan or something and that she was an arbitration lawyer but couldn't tell me who the debt was for and I actually fell for it and it kept making me sick thinking about it until I went to research my credit report and everything else I realize what they were doing was illegal so I canceled the contract in writing got an answer back from them and I have copies of all of it but I noticed they're using different names Margolis is one this is another
Rebecca Wexler
Compliance Director and Michael Goldstein is who they sent my credit card and driver's license information to and I found out it is also against the law to collect money online there scare tactics are unbelievable but I noticed that every number I called back it was always Margolis who answered she said they didn't want money they were going to charge me but then in the end took money anyways be very careful I will let you know what happens I'm thinking about getting a lawyer to sue if anything comes of it numbers for them
214-612-7008 [email protected] margolis 8063370436 


What has come of the situation. They just called me a week ago.

I received a call from a “Ms. Margolis” with the same scenario that I owed a large amount from an unpaid debt from 2017 for a unpaid check and she was calling regarding a criminal complaint and I was listed as the primary where criminal charges was being filed if I didn’t pay $2,768 then offered to reduce it if I paid it all in full to $600 this is the number I was called from 806-337-2725. I knew it was a scam when she requested that I email my credit card along with my driver’s license to [email protected]


Did you ever hear back if this was a scam?

My sister received a voicemail pertaining to me from this exact same number today but the name was “KYRSEN DONAHUE” of Collins & Associates. She said it was pertaining to a criminal complaint about me and she needed to speak with either me or the retained attorney immediately. I called back and it went directly to KYRSEN DONOHUE’S voicemail but it did NOT state any law firm or company name. She also sounded totally different. I am not racist in anyway but she sounded like a black women trying extremely hard to sound white I am glad I came across this post, it might have saved me from a scam even though I am still not 100% sure it is a scam I am definitely treating it as one since I believe a criminal complaint would have to be handled by the superior court Not a law firm. If anyone here has anymore information on this number, the representatives or “collins & Associate” please post it here to help people out. It’s disgusting what this women is doing and judging from these posts… she does it allot and is actually getting people to send her money. WE NEED TO STOP THIS !

I would like to know if they're legitimate also considering I gave them my personal info

My husband received a call this morning from a Theresa Collins with the offices of the Legal Action Team asking for me and stating she was in the process of garnishing my wages so I needed to contact her immediately. He gave her my phone number and she left me a voicemail from phone number 954-953-6046 asking for me to call her back at 800-358-1175 ext. 101 to discuss the matter.

I had the same situation happen in 2021 and spoke to a guy name Bobby who said to disregard the issue and apologized for the harassment about a law suit but I guess they are at it again trying to collect on accounts that are way over 10 years past. She claims to be collecting for either The Cash Store or Advance Fee Loans.

Please be aware and if possible change your bank cards just in case!

This was last year in June 2021. Someone called stating it was a debt collection from a law office. They were going to take legal action if I didn't resolve the debt I had with The Cash Store. They had information on me as if they were telling the truth. So I paid the debt with my debit card. I have a receipt and everything from them. When I would miss a payment date they were quick to call with the scare tactics. Now the debt is still on my credit report so I started calling the original debt today. They stated they never heard of The Legal Action Team and the debt was sold to NCA. So I need to look there for information.

got a call from, Teresa Collins stating she was from Legal Action Team that the company was hired by one of my creditors Advance Payday Loans and they were going to file garnishment papers, however she would like to try and help me work something out, then says that the amount from 2015 was 1500.00 and that the payday loan co was willing to settle for 555.00 Seems like this lady calls a lot of people the call came in on caller id as 954-953-6046 and voicemail says to call her back at 800-538-1175 ext 101. i did speak with this person she says she will hold the account until Friday and i should call her back and take the settlement I am desperately trying to find out about this legal action team which i have NEVER heard of and i have been in collections for 30 years

Did you ever find anything out

Informing me that they are collecting on an outstanding payday loan from 2012. I don't have any loan. Second call was to inform me of wage garnishment intentions and I'm to call to take care of it, she can't make any payment arrangements due to DocuSign paperwork not being signed. Paperwork that was never emailed. She has two numbers 18003581175 and the number she called from 19549636046 which goes directly to her.


I have received an email stating to contact them because their attempt to withdraw funds from account was failed. I had to change the debit card number so they would have access to my funds. I had previously gave them my debit card number but I contacted my bank to change my debit card.

I received a call from them and Theresa Collins stating they were in the process of filing a claim to start wage garnishment on me from one of their creditors they work with. Then she tells me at the end of the call wait I'm seeing that you are in good standing with this company. Please call me back so we can discuss. 1st I filed bankruptcy on creditors that I owed money to over 10 years ago. So I shouldn't have anyone out there. There is one that filled something on me. But they're Statue of Limitations ran out this year any 4 months ago for the state I live in. 2nd this woman sure gets around. I have received other calls from people using her name abs extension from other companies in other states. So from what I find doing research on those they were all a scam. She almost got me 3 years ago or should say she did get me and took any $600 from me before I stopped all withdrawals on my account. Unfortunately because I have them permission to do so. My bank would not refund any of that money.
So BE CAREFUL! ALWAYS look into the companies calling you and the person. Make notes on a tablet so you have them to refer back to.

- Rupert, ID, USA

A Seresa Collins (or Teresa Collins) claims that she is from a Legal Action Team that is investigating fraud with a checking account. Phone number 800-358-1175 Extension 101.


Originally got a call from a 866-691-8867 phone number claiming to be “Atlantic Recovery Group” who threatened me with legal action for a past debt. They told me their website was after searching online I finally came up with a number for legal action team that worked and a guy named Bobby answered said he was the owner and that he bought a debt and he was sorry the company he employs was threatening legal action and that it was a scare tactic. The owner Bobby said he would immediately call them and stop the phone calls. Bobby also refused to give his last name. This was a scam we almost fell for. Please do lot of research before giving anyone money.

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