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Lean Time Keto

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Lean Time Keto Reports & Reviews (3)

• Mar 04, 2022

Victim Location 84663
Total money lost $225
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Early January

My wife saw ad for ‘free sample’ and tried to sign up.

Ad asked for credit card information, then said the cost was $39 per bottle.

Then the website then told her there was a problem with the credit card information.

At this time she closed the website, as she became frustrated and did not complete the order... or at least didn’t think she did.

10 January 2022

Email from Lean Time Keto (LTK) saying order was on the way.

Listed “Lean Keto - 5" quantity “1" for $199.99

Gave email address and phone number for customer support

I noted that the address listed was incorrect. (1250 South and not 1150 South)

That same day, our checking account charged for $199.99

I attempted to call the phone number listed a couple of times, and finally got someone to answer. The woman said her name was “Bella.” I explained to her that we had not completed the order, that they had the wrong billing and mailing address and that their website had rejected the order because of that. I told her I then (on the 10th) got an email and my account was charged $199.99 for a free bottle of supplements even though they had said the credit card was invalid. She explained that she would deduct $100.00 from the bill, and only charge me the remaining $100.

I told her that was unsatisfactory and asked why they would continue with the ‘sale’ when the credit card information was rejected. She repeated that they would deduct the $100.

I requested information on how to return the product for a refund, as they had deducted almost $200 from my bank account. She said she checked on the order and that it had been shipped, so it was too late to cancel. I again asked for an RMA (return merchandise authorization). She said I would have to wait until the product arrived in the mail and then I should call them back. I explained that they had an incorrect mailing address on the package, so how would I know if the package was delivered. She said I would need to contact the US Post Office to redirect the package at my own expense.

I made certain that “Bella” knew we did not want any product from Lean Time Keto. She continued to offer me a ‘discount’ of $100.

18 January 2022

Having no luck getting anyone to answer the phone after 35 or 40 minutes of waiting, I sent an email to Lean Time Keto’s support. I explained the issue and the phone call to “Bella.” And I requested an RMA and instructions on how to return their merchandise.

26 January 2022

A follow up email was sent to LTK as I had no response from the Jan 18th email. I again explained the entire thing to them.

2 February 2022

I finally got a response to my emails. The company advised I needed to send them a photograph of the unopened bottles and the original packaging and tell them how many bottles I was going to return. I opened the original plastic shipping bag and took photographs of the unopened bottles, and of the shipping bag. I sent an email with those photos attached and with the information they requested. There was no response, and no instructions on how to return merchandise.

9 February 2022

I noted a second charge to my bank account for another $199.98 from LTK, this apparently for another order of their supplements.

10 February 2022

I was able to speak with customer service later in the evening. The woman told me that they would not accept a return of the first shipment, nor offer a refund because I had "waited too long." I gave her the dates etc. from my attempts since first discovering the first $199.99 charge on my account. She said she would (again) refund only $100.00 to me. I told her that was unacceptable. That I would have returned the product immediately as they instructed, but no one would tell me how to get an RMA number, nor where to send the package. I also asked why I was sent a second shipment, when I had clearly indicated to “Bella” that we did not want any shipments from them. She told me that I would need to ship those back when they arrived, that it was too late to cancel the order (again). She again offered a $100 credit on the second shipment.

I asked to speak with her supervisor. I told her I did not understand how they would think it was okay to refuse to allow someone to return unwanted merchandise when they would not provide an address nor an RMA in order to do so, and now they claim that I waited too long.

I was then told I could return both shipments for a full refund. She said they would refund $100.00 now, and would refund the remainder of the funds once they were received and inspected by the company to make sure they weren’t tampered with. I was instructed to send both shipments back to them at their address in Florida, which they finally provided.

I was sent three emails at that time. One for each of the two shipments and one with a “sorry to see you go” message.

I was told the second unordered shipment would arrive on 14 February 2022.

I also noted that their RMA emails gave me 15 days from the date of the email to return the product, or they would not accept the product. (So by the 25th.)

Before hanging up I confirmed that we would receive no more shipments, and that they would not bill us for anything else. They said they had cancelled the service with them and sent me a cancellation number. (Both verbally and via email.)

13 February 2022

I got another email stating they would refund our money once the return was ‘verified.’

14 February 2022

The second shipment finally arrived. I immediately packaged the both (two) shipments of supplements in a “priority mail” box, along with bubble wrap packaging and copies of the two RMA notifications. I took the box to the post office and they said the priority box should arrive in two days (by the 16th). I took home the tracking number so I could confirm when the box arrived. It arrived as expected.

4 March 2022

I sent an email in re: to not seeing any refund from this company. I then decided to try calling instead. I spoke with “Andres” who had a fairly thick accent and was difficult to understand. Andres told me that the company had refunded me $100 on each of the two orders for a total of $200. He also said they were charging $49 restocking fee on each order.

I explained (or tried to) that I had only received one refund of $100, not two. He told me I was wrong, that they had refunded $200.

I also explained that I had cancelled all orders on January 10th, and asked why I would be charged a restock fee for something I did not order, and in fact had specifically told the company not to send.

He told me if we couldn’t resolve this issue he would hang up on me. I asked him how to contact a supervisor, or someone who could help me resolve this issue. He said if he gave me a number it would just ring at the customer service center.

He suggested a three way call with them and with my bank so they could tell the bank they had refunded two hundred, not one hundred dollars. I told him I was looking at my account and could send them a copy of the 100 dollar refund which he was claiming was 200. He said a three way call was the only thing they could do. He then offered to charge a restock fee of ½ the ‘normal amount.’ I asked again why I had to pay a restock fee on something that was shipped to me in spite of my specific instructions to cancel all shipments.

He put me on hold and initiated a refund of $74.98...

I told him I ended up paying them $225 plus postage to send their product back to them... and that wasn’t right. He repeated the entire sales pitch over again. That even if they had paid me the second 100 dollars along with the first one making it $200 they had refunded that they claim they’ve paid me, I was still being charged for returning a product I hadn’t ordered. He refused to give me contact information for the company to resolve the issue with them.

I sent another email to them, copied the $100 deposit refund they actually had sent, and again explained the issue.

• Jan 05, 2022

Victim Location 37857
Total money lost $200
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Order through what looked to be legitimate company. When purchase was posted it went from 69.99 to over $200. Tried to contact through website and my security on computer blocked site as scam. After being on hold for an hour finally got through and was told Oder was already shipped, even though it was order roughly an hour before. Asked to talk to supervisor and was told there was no supervisor and they hung up on me.

• Jan 03, 2022

Victim Location 33953
Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered Lean Time Keto which was supposed to be same product endorsed by Shark Tank. Web said TODAY ONLY 3 bottles of Lean Time Keto for $39.99 It asked for all information upfront including payment when you click submit it charges you and additional $199.99 for detox which I pressed No Thank You called customer service immediately to cancel order and lady said it was already processed when I explained it was only submitted a moment ago that it could not possibly be processed she argued with me and said there was no cancellation.. Ion asked her where she was located and she said Southeast Asia This took place on a Friday evening when bank was closed so i immediately called after hours and cancelled my credit card and ordered a new card with a completely different card number then my old information was sold to another company and McAffee tried charging me $299.99 luckily at that point my credit card was cancelled and they could not get any money. I sent back what was sent to me on 01/03/2022

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