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Le Reviva

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Le Reviva Reports & Reviews (19)

- Stevenson Ranch, CA, USA

On Facebook an ad showed in my feed, I inquired and requested the free trial for $4.95, this was on 8/17/18. I was then billed $45.00 on 9/15, and $89.99 on 10/1 and another $89.99 on 10/30. On 11/8 I called Customer Service, was told they do not issue refunds. I asked to speak with a supervisor and spoke with Ron, Operations Manager #16, after quite a discussion, he agreed to authorize my return and full refund. I asked for the return address and was given: Fulfillment Center 11661 E. 46th Ave, Ste C Denver, CO. 80239 and a return authorization labed of: ***  I mailed all 3 back and have never received any sort of refund or contact. My invoices say Le Reviva, however my CC statement shows, the customer service number on my invoice is 888-264-2897 and the number on my CC is***. On my Facebook feed, the name used was Young Forever Skin. Clearly, this is a HUGE SCAM and NEED TO BE STOPPED.

Le Reviva advertised a "free sample." However, a month later a charge appeared on my credit card account. I contacted the company and they explained it was really a 30 day free trial. Fortunately they were very cooperative and credited the account and cancelled the "contract." I believe I spoke to an actual company employee. Months later a charge appeared on the credit card account. I disputed the charge, and I think I was probably speaking to someone at a "call center" rather than an actual employee. She said there was nothing she...or her supervisor,,,could to because I called more than 30 days after the charge, According to her, they had sent an e-mail to former customers with a "click here: offer to reactivate the account. She said I had clicked it so they reactivated the account. I received no such e-mail. I have a record of all the e-mails received on this computer and there is none from that company. Bad scam, beginning with the false advertising. They made 2 charges by the time I figured out what was going on and was able to dispute. This is the beginning of March and just yesterday I received 2 packages from them. I will send them back tomorrow. I see there are several of these BB complaints.

Le Viva offers a "free trial" of skin care. They have you enter credit card information to pay a minimal amount in shipping. Then two weeks later they start billing your credit card hundreds of dollars and continue every month. Even after a call is placed and the victim is assured they are being "unsubscribed", they wait a few months and bill you again. If you try to get a refund, they refuse. They claim to send the victims emails to resubscribe and that the victim clicks to enroll again but this is a lie. The only way to stop the charges is to cancel credit cards or close bank accounts. There are dozens of complaints on the about this. Why hasn't this fake company been stopped?

- Missouri City, TX, USA

Received beauty products. Supposed to be free sample, sent full size and paid shipping. They continued to send product unauthorized and charge my bank $200 each time. I cancelled in Sep 2018. In Feb 3029, another box showed up. I called they claim I reinstated my membership when I opened an email from them but I honestly did not receive an email and after all the trouble I had canceling the first time I never would sign up again. So, today I am out another $90.

I never ordered any product called "pure muscle upgrade" and I believe this company is operating under several names. I received a product from them called Le Reviva, but was billed to my credit card under There is a telephone number associated with the charge on my credit card for PureMuscleUpgrade and a different one on the packing slip. The number for LeReviva on the packing slip is 1-888-310-2768 and the one on my credit card is 866-772-0496. I called that number to say that I never ordered the product and wanted to return it and they refused to take it back.

In August I signed up for sample eye cream and face crème, I paid the full amount after the 14 day trial and then contacted the company to cancel my subscription, I had subsequent charges to my account in September and again contacted the company to cancel, returned the product and received a refund, in December I again had another charge to my account however never received product, I contacted the company and after several conversations and requesting to speak to a supervisor, it was confirmed my accounts were cancelled and I received a refund. In January I had another charge to my account, I contacted the company they said when I received the product I could return for refund, I never received product after 3 weeks, I contacted again they said they could not give a refund and I would need to email customer support, I did so and the response was a confirmation that my account was cancelled but not confirmation that I would receive a refund.

- Spokane, WA, USA

This company offers to send you a sample product, for shipping fees only. Then they send you the product and charge you full amount, declaring you agreed to this when you signed up. After challenging them they refund partially and say they've closed the account, without sending email or other notification that they did so. A couple of months later they will re-charge the credit card, saying you agreed to open the account from a text or email that they sent. They will not refund any of that money.

This company keeps sending me a face cream I did not order and charging my credit card. Not sure how they got my card number. Have to call credit card company each time to get this charge removed from card.

- Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, USA

BUYER BEWARE!! I saw an ad on Facebook for a free trial of a face cream by Le Reviva (just pay $4.95 for shipping). On August 13, 2018, I discovered two charges on my bank account (one charge for $89.99 for, and another for $89.99 for Because I didn't recognize these companies, I thought my credit card info was stolen, and I disputed the charges with my bank. I then called the company's phone numbers that were listed on my bank statement (it took me 4 days to get someone on the line. I listened to their recording for at least 20 minutes multiple times, finally gave up and left my callback info, but never received a return call). On the fifth try, I finally reached a live person. They told me that because I disputed the charges with my bank, my account was "blacklisted", and the company would no longer have anything to do with me. Even though I returned the product, I received NONE of my money back. (Chase Bank wouldn't refund my money either, because they said I voluntarily gave my credit card number to the company). This company is purposely not disclosing that you will be charged $89.99 in their ads! There is no way I would have ordered the free trial if their ad showed the $89.99 prices. The company is unethical, unprofessional, and should be put out of business. I'd be willing to participate in a class action lawsuit against this company. BUYER BEWARE!!!

The offer came via Facebook for a shipping fee of $4.95 you could try an eye serum and a facial cream. NO Where did the terms and conditions show up with this offer. I was charged $4.95 from on one date and then 2 days later I was charged $4.95 from even though both products came in the same box. 14 days later I was charged $89.99 by and then 2 days later I was charged another $89.99 by Both of these products are only 1 oz each. Since I was out of the country I did not catch this. Then 14 days later I was charged another $89.99 by Again, I was out of the country so I did not catch this charge. One month after that last charge I was then charged $89.99 by and then 2 days after that I was charged another $89.99 by, When I returned to the country I had a call from my credit card company on my voicemail at home questioning these charges. I called Le Reviva (number on my credit card account) to try to clear up this confusion and told them I would return the product since they were never unpacked from their boxes. They refused to accept the product back or to credit my credit card. This company is a SCAMMER!!!! Beware!

- Brooksville, FL, USA

I ordered what was meant to be Free Samples but ended up getting billed for both items 89.95 which was ridiculous. I called them to see why I was billed and they said It was a 15 day free trial, if I didn't cancel within the 15 days I would be billed. I received the Product early in June and was billed June 25 for Sparkling lip plu and June 26 for Cndygloweyes. No where did I read that and it didn't say anything on my billing that I received via email. Beings I did not cancel before the 15 days I ate the $179.90 but I cancelled it at that time on the phone with a very rude customer service rep the last week in June. She told me it was cancelled. All of a sudden on Oct 9th I received another charge of $89.95 and did not receive product. This company is a SCAM. I sent them an email to [email protected] today Requesting a full refund and an email confirming cancellation from them, how can they get away with this 4 months after cancelling.

- Dayton, OH, USA

Website states that a FREE 30-day sample will be sent to the customer to try. Customer only pays shipping and handling. What the customer is not told is that there is a 14 day trial period within which the customer can return the product. However, the customer does not receive the product until the trial period is almost over. Online receipts do not contain terms and conditions. Shipped packages do not contain a receipt for return. Once the product is received, a charge appears on the credit card statement for full price. The customer is automatically entered into a program whereby product is automatically sent each month without the customer's approval. Recurrent charges then appear on the customer's credit card. Charges also appear under the names of companies that are entirely different than the company LeReviva. Customer service states that LeReviva is not the parent company and that is why the charges appear from the different sources. Contact via phone requires waiting extended periods of time; emails are not answered or returned.

Its a trail size eye cream from Le REVIVA.

They said pay for shipping only than 2 days later they charge my account 90 dollars and another 90 3 more times within a week even after I called to cancel within the 14 days. Its a huge scam. Fyi I did can cancel 3 days after I ordered it and spoke with Mary agent 415. Now they dont even answer your call you can only leave a message. On working with my bank today to stop the payments. I also didnt receive the product.

- Pompano Beach, FL, USA

I received a message on Facebook saying Lara Spencer (GMA) was cutting back on her job to work on her skin care line. I clicked on the message and I was taken to the Le Reviva site. I had ordered skin care items before for the price of shipping. I did not read the ad like I should have. I placed the order for the skin care and eye serum ($4.95 each/$9.80 total). I received the items at the beginning of the month. Yesterday, August 21, 2018 I noticed an $89.99 charge on my checking account. I got a phone number off my bank site (888 309 4336) and called Le Reviva. The number did not work. I found my packing slip and called a different number (888 264 2897). After a heated discussion with Nicole, she finally decided to reimburse me the $89.99. In truth I threatened to report her company to BBB. My complaint is the fact that I did not realize I would be charged $89.99 (Nicole claims I was sent emails with the fact that I would be charged. I believe those emails went to junk because I check it everyday and did not see them); the next thing is the Facebook message I received which had nothing to do with Lara Spencer; and finally I want others to know that if you go to the Le Reviva site you will not find any mention of the $89.99 charge unless you go to Terms and Conditions (14 days after shipment) at the bottom of the second page. I will wait for my reimbursement (3-5 days claims Nicole) and return the item to Le Reviva.

Several months ago I saw an advertisement for a skin creme called Le Reviva and it was endorsed by the Shark Tank. By paying only for shipping you would receive a bottle of the product. When I looked at my credit card statement I saw I was charged $89.95 and not the $4.95 as I had thought I was paying. It is impossible to call Customer Service as it never is answered and I have no address to return anything. I have blocked charges but it is still ongoing. Don't do business with this company

They sell a face cream for $4.00 and they took $78.99 from my checking account

- Olathe, KS, USA

Ordered a face cream in 2017 for 4.95 trial only. Received a different product and then received another box and a charge of 89.99. Contacted them from my bank and they refunded me immediately and said they were removing my account. In Feb. 2018, they stated I reopened the account for 4.95 and they sent me two more boxes for 89.99 each. Called to complain and demand a refund. Talked to a lady with children playing in the background (said she was at work) who said I would not be credited until product returned. After complaining for 15 minutes, I received a supervisor (in Florida) who states he credited my account for both 89.99 and I would see it in 5-7 days on my account. Once received I will go through the process of cancelling my credit card. I argued for another 15 minutes for my $4.95. "That is for the shipping and we cannot return that". Asked repeatedly for the full amount and once I mentioned we had been on the phone long enough to trace the call, the call was disconnected.

- Rice Lake, WI, USA

After 3 phone calls from Le Reviva asking for missing information from an online purchase they said I had made, of which I had NOT and told them so, they proceeded to send me a container of ageless face creme. I called them and told them I was sending the product back to them and never to contact me again. They then proceeded to tell me that they would cancel my "membership" but would have to charge me the $4.95 shipping for the product. What upset me the most was MY Wasted Time for their SCA M!

- College Station, TX, USA

Kept getting calls stating I have items in shopping cart ready for delivery. I never returned their calls. I blocked their number but somehow it keeps going to voicemail now. I didn't shop for this item. Then about a week later, I receive this box with face cream and no invoice only a packing slip.

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