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• Aug 31, 2023 provides "cheap" airline flights, that for an additional price can be changed. I attempted to change the flight I purchased today and received a confirmation email that my flight was changed, however, now when I visit the site and attempt to view my flight I receive an error message that states I have no pending flights. I attempt to access "HELP" however help is only provided to customers who have a flight.... to which it is communicating I do not have a flight yet. I have tried repeatedly to get a hold of someone regarding this flight and cannot get a hold of anyone, nor can I find a contact phone number for customer support and now am seeing several documents where people are describing the exact same experience. I am going to report the funds to my bank as well, and hope for a refund.

- Sandy, OR, USA • Dec 20, 2022

Booked a flight through this company in 2019 for 2020. Flights were cancelled due to covid-19. I requested a refund on multiple occasions and to date have not received my money back.

- San Jose, CA, USA • Dec 12, 2022

DO NOT trust This travel agency is deceptive.

My nightmare began when I booked a ticket from Istanbul to New York on because I got a coupon from them. I paid the price listed on their webpage with my credit card, and they immediately sent me a confirmation with an e-ticket in attachment. 2 days later, I found that e-ticket had no airline's reservation number. I don't think I can check in at airport without that number, so I messaged kiwi, and they replied ' Be patient, that number will be issued soon'. However, 5 days later, I still didn't that number, so I asked them again, and this time they said the carrier had increased the price, I had to pay additional $561 before they can issue the ticket. Can you believe that? First of all, I paid to Kiwi, and it is their job to work with airline for ticketing, how come I should be responsible for price change? Second, why Kiwi waited for a whole week before telling me the ticket was not issued? What they did during that time? And did they ever book the ticket when I placed order online? I don't think so. Third, the whole conversation with their customer service was a big joke, they were either hiding something or lying all the time.

This agency is a scam, stay away from them. will not give proper refunds when a travel itinerary has a major change by an Airline. Instead they will call it a minor change and deny a timely cash refund. Kiwi blames the Airline for the problem and then put the customers through a convoluted refund process that tries to force customers into receiving a credit rather than a proper cash refund (which is the standard US Transportation and industry policy). Again, trying to assign blame to the Airline, while the Airline has provided Kiwi with the refund due the customer. They then hold the customer's money hostage (earning interest) for 3-6 months while your dispute gets resolved. Their refund portal is extremely deceptive and the help desk useless. They did not let this customer speak with a manager to resolve the issue. This is a total SCAM that hurts the customers twice over and tries to place the blame on the Airlines! I am a stockholder of the airline in question and I believe all airlines, like Southwest has decided, not to do business with this company. This consumer is filing a complaint with US Department of Transportation.

KIWI is selling a fraud airline ticket to people who wants to buy the airline ticket with a affordable price.

They sold the ticket which final destination is Singapore for people who wants to travel Japan explaining Japan is a stopover place and you can get off at tokyo. That is why KIWI asked customers to bring only hand carrier bag. Also, it was the cheapest because of the condition. People like me took these risks to buy a cheaper one this high season. However, I found Japan airline said there were many people were rejected to check in and they refused me to check in either with the same reason. When I called KIWI at JFK to resolve this issue, KIWI said they would not refund it because i did not cancel within 48hours.

How could I know this ticket is not allowed to check in unless you are traveling Singapore as a final destination?

Also, KIWI said they would call me back to feedback my request but they did not call me back as yet.

I filed the dispute to my credit card company today and they recommended me let other people know this issue.

Yesterday I filed the refund process to KIWI as well but their feedback is awful. Not responsive, not responsible, and not reliable.

People should know KIWI is not a reliable flight ticket website.

Enter Kayak to buy tkt from Miami to Peru round trip, the cheapest rate was through, one way with Latam and return with Avianca.

When I received the invoice, I noticed that my last name had an error, instead of saying Arevalo, it reads Arevano. I have tried to correct it with for 2 days and they even verbally admitted that it was their mistake and that I did not have to pay extra for correction. They asked me for a copy of my passport and my ID, I sent them a copy of my passport and driver's license, and today I received a message saying that Avianca does not accept changes and that Latam does for a fee of “38Euros”. But when I called Latam they corrected my reservation with the copy of my passport and license without any problem. But when I called Avianca they told me that only Kiwi can do/order that. Avianca asked me to file a formal request with proper docs, so I did. Also their address is: Lazaretní 925/9, 615 00 Brno - Zábrdovice, CZ

I purchased a flight via which included a "secret destination"....they say this technique offers cheaper flights but when I went to the airline I was told it's actually an illegal flight and was not allowed to board the plane. Now doesn't want to refund my money because they had a disclaimer on the ticketing page

They stated that my ticket will be at check in at the airport, agent could not find any ticket pertaining to my purchase. Sent a bunch of emails regarding the situation and no response.

- Oakland, CA, USA

I am currently trying to resolve this scam and have been for 2 months. This is a SCAM and neither can I get a refund, nor get on the plane they put me on. Here is a summary.

4/6/21: I bought my roundtrip ticket to Boston (which had the return trip going through Las Vegas — not that I care, but you’ll see the relevance in why I mention it below). My return trip had me leaving Boston at 2:34pm and arriving in Oakland 9:10pm — this is the timing I need on both ends.

4/11: Part of my return trip was rescheduled. KIWI changed the trip to go through Los Angeles, leaving later and arriving home later. I had no choice in this matter, nor to pay the extra $156.66.

5/2: Yet another "schedule change" — this time several hours earlier... which, I am unable to make this as I will be with a GROUP on a TOUR and will not arrive back in Boston that early.

5/20: KIWI finally responded to my first message 1 MONTH LATER that requested an urgent response and full refund. KIWI also acknowledged that they know that my flight was changed twice and are clearly not offering to refund the $ for a flight that I'm not even going to go on... Further, KIWI said that the change “does not affect my itinerary” — IT SURE DOES. It makes it so that I am unable to fly back because the flight is too early in the day.

- Andover, MA, USA

Flight was canceled by airline over 9 months ago. I was entitled to a full refund through Kiwi said it was in process then stopped all contact with me since Nov 2020. They allow no way to speak to live agent or send a service ticket via the website.

Don't waste your time and money with them, this is scam scheme.

Airlines refund ticket cost for any changes occurred, but will never pass it over to you back.

Instead they will sell a double or triple cost of regular ticket.

They say explicitly - their "policy" does not allow refund even the Airlines refund it. Because Kiwi is in the middle and use your money, Airlines cannot directly refund to the customer. This is a trick Kiwi used to retain all money with them Airlines passing back for re-scheduled/cancelled flights.

- Miami, FL, USA

hello purchased two tickets from this company for flights in avianca to colombia , due to coronvirus where unable to travel contacted Avianca for vouchers they have sent the vouchers to over three months ago , kiwi refuses to give us our vouchers stating they have not received information from the airline , have proof of conversation from avianca stating they have issued this vouchers and sent to them. we are do 368.00 each my husband and I totalling vouchers for 736.00.

- Egg Harbor City, NJ, USA

I have book a flight through them from Dhaka to JFK. However, when i went to the airport, there was no flight at all. They scammed me with a non existent flight, send me the booking number and everything. But there was no flight at all.

- Seattle, WA, USA

I was planning on taking a trip through South America and booked a flight through On March 15 the status of my flight as canceled (by the airlines) the next day I get a 11 dollar refund from, I thought this was a partial refund and the rest would be on the way soon. I call them a week later asking where the rest of the refund is they tell me the flight is still set to fly out and that I need to cancel it to get the refund. So I cancel the 29th of March and they say it will be up to three months before receiving the refund. It's now the end of june, I call them up and they say I have already received the refund in the form of 11 dollars. I tell them that doesn't even pay the taxes on my ticket and I would like the full amount that I was told I would be given in the 3 months. They tell me I made the cancelation voluntary (which I didn't I canceled on the 29th after being told to do so to receive my full refund) on the 16 of March and the 11 dollars was my refund. I ask them why would I cancel twice if I actually did cancel on the 16th? They were stumped with that question and brushed it off saying this is the way it is. I then ask what the 11 dollars represent from my refund; I looked online and saw others get the exact same amount in a refund no matter the difference in price of tickets. They again brush off the questions that this is what I "agreed" what the refund would be.

My conclusion is that if they know that they are going to need to refund someone for their tickets that they automatically refund 10 euros to prove that they gave you something and keep the rest. This is a scam and I dont care how much the ticket is worth they should not be allowed to continue to do this to people.

So far I have the name of the manager as FRAHEEM? not even sure that's her real name since I mentioned that we got disconnected, after being on hold for more than 2.5 hours, and the other caller said "so you were disconnected with MR. Fraheem" (I think you would know who your boss is). Basically everything said seemed shady and again I dont think this is a reputable business I think it's a scam.

I bought flights x 2 from SLC to London for May 2020 (via a connector in Denver) for a $1620.00 round trip 14hour ish flight. I received notice Feb 2020 that the airline (Norwegian) had changed the connecting flight (because 3 hours was not long enough to make the connection in Denver between 2 different airlines; Kiwi booked that). The flight connector was changed to the day before we left SLC! We were given some other options to change to a different flight for free under the Kiwi guarantee? if we did this in under 24 hours or the guarantee was lost. But all flights were over 45 hours!!! for a 9-14 hour flight! OR we could choose to pay an extra ~$300 per person to have a flight of less than 45 hours. We called Kiwi and asked instead for a refund as the flights were unworkable. I received a refund of $10.95. I have lost $1609.05.

I used sky canner that took me to I booked at midnight and they charged me 2179 Dlls. But I used my ex boyfriends debit card not mine.

So I called them they didn’t answer. I sent a refund request and explained I did fraud and used my ex boyfriends card. I wanted to cancel the transaction because it’s not my money to use. They responded and said they would only refund 1657.16. I told them you can’t charge a 3rd party for a mistake I did. That’s fraud. And his bank is probably going to dispute this. They didn’t care they never again responded and charged the money to my ex’s card which I now have to explain and not seem like a crazy person trying to use his money even though it was an accident. They said I had to submit a refund request again. I’m not going to do that, I already alerted them I used someone else’s card and that’s fraud. They can deal with him and his card now but I want to alert people this company didn’t respect anything. I contacted them than 2 hrs after booking when I found out.

- Temple, TX, USA

This is a complaint against the company This summer I booked my tickets from to fly overseas because the flights were cheaper thru them, but they never stated thru my booking process neither they post any statements on their website that the flights I booked were guarantee, in other words you might or might not have a flight when you get to the airport or at last minute they would change your complete schedule and reroute your trip any way they fit.

This is what happen to us; we had booked a flight for 3 people, myself, my boyfriend, and my 3 years old son. We were supposed to flight out of Austin on May 31st at 15:05, see attached documentation, when we got to the airport we were told that we missed our flight that was schedule at 7:30AM in the morning. Since we missed the first flight out of Austin, our connecting flights were also missed. We had to buy another ticket to get to our destination.

On our return flight we had a similar scenario, we had booked our return from Barcelona to LA, and our connecting flight from LA to Austin the same day; this trip was already a long trip for our son, but this why it was cheaper. This time the day before our travel, we received an email from Kiwi that our flight schedule was changed and now we would flight from Barcelona to LA, wait in LA for 5 hours to flight to Las Vegas, then wait another 3 hours to flight to Austin; we would arrive to Austin one day later, increase the travel time by 6 hours and added another connecting flight. I contacted Kiwi and explain that this schedule change was not feasible for us with our 3 years old son; we couldn’t put him thru another additional flight and that I had to go back to work. They told me that they would try to find a better route and to wait 8 to 12 hours to hear from them; after waiting almost 6 hours I received another email with another route not different than the previous one, then changed the additional flight from Las Vegas to San Francisco but same time table. At this point and we only hours left to departure, I decided to buy another ticket and request a refund from the company.

If they had a disclaimer in their web site where they state that the fight we book are not guarantee to happen and that they can change our flights any time they want, I would never have bought the tickets from them. If I buy a ticket and have a schedule and route for my trip, I expect to happen; specially traveling with a kid and have to return to work on time.

I’m requesting a refund for my tickets in the amount of: $3,737.19; This amount includes:

Invoice: *** for $1389.00

Invoice: *** for $139.67

Invoice: ***  for $1886.63

Invoice: *** for $139.67

All documentation is attached to this complain and request of refund.

I appreciate your assistance.


Dear sirs,

I am desperate. I have been in contact (and I am right now) with KIWI.COM, which seems to be nothing but a scam travel agency. I book a flight through them from BARI to CHICAGO for August 22 (BARI-MILAN-LONDON-CHICAGO).

I paid the flight about 700 dollars and then I was asked if I wanted to add a checked baggage. I did it and I paid 200 dollars. Now, the problems are several:

1) First, I noticed that they never added my baggage to my flight and so I have been calling them and asking them in many ways to do that. They postponed my calls and put me on hold without giving any answer. Thus, I started recording my calls to protect my self, of course saying them that I was doing that. I have many calls in which they say that they give weird reasons for this delay. I called British Airways directly and they said that there is no problem for them to register the baggage: they just need the IATA code from KIWI. KIWI said that the IATA number that they provided is not good for British Airways, so I'm sure that they do not have a real IATA and they are just teasing me.

2) Second, while trying to make them book my checked baggage that I had paid (I have the invoice for that), I also realized (through cross-checking with the airlines) that they did not even booked my flight, even though on my ticket the flight was confirmed. I forced them to book my flight and they finally did it. They got scared because I am calling them every hour of the day and because I am recording the calls. Also. I am protected by a consumers organization so, as I said to them, I am not going to give up.

3) When they finally booked my flight, British Airlines found that KIWI had also add a flight that I had never booked (CHICAGO-MADRID-MILAN), maybe just in order to get some percentage of money from it.

4) After several (several!) calls, the operator were prevented by the company from giving me their ID numbers. I told them that it is my right as a consumer, but I imagine that workers are trying not to be compromised by the problem of this company. Before they stopped giving me their numbers, I had collected already a lot of them though. So, if you need them for any checking, please just ask.

The web is full of bad reviews on KIWI.COM, but I didn't know that. I would like you to help me somehow to make this company disappear from this planet. They tease people all the time. I have been spending a lot of time at the phone because I want them to do what they have to. It's a political thing! No one deserves this nightmare!

Now, I am waiting for the call of their team manager (a lot of operators have ended my calls or have just put me on hold for hours). I know she won't call me but I will and I will talk to her about everything again. This thing has been going on since june.

I hope you can help me somehow. I would like to do something.

Thank you very much for your time.

All best,

Bibiana Tangari

P.S Please find attached the invoice for a baggage that has never been registered.

- Huntington Park, CA, USA

I booked a flight on and received a email confirmation of my flight and transaction. Four hours later, I received a second email stating that there had been "technical difficulties" with my booking and that the price had doubled. Unless, I was willing to pay the difference my transaction would be cancelled and I would receive a reimbursement within 10 days. Other family members had also booked the same flight within five minutes of each other. Three out of the four bookings were cancelled due to the same reason. We called customer service and we were told that they would not honor the original price because the airline had increased their prices. This made no sense because one booking had been processed and confirmed even though it had been booked . We were on the phone with customer service for one hour and half. While on the telephone, we viewed the prices on and it showed the prices were even lower than we had originally purchased. We asked the supervisor why is still advertising those rates when they had just stated that the prices had increased by the airline to double than what we had booked them. The supervisor only apologized and repeated the company's policy. When you go on this website and book at a price, the company will try to extort you to pay higher prices after the transaction has been made. It puts customers in a predicament where they are forced to pay the highest rate.

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